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“You guys, be careful. If you encounter danger and you can’t solve it, just come out! Or find a place to hide and ask me to help you solve it!”

Liu Li didn’t want her students to have any problems. At the very least, Ashley Whitney and these other students, like Liu Li, were women.

For the sake of being a woman herself, Liu Li will take care of it a little bit.

However, Chuck Cannon was an exception!

It is best to let Chuck Cannon learn a lesson in this deep forest!

If he lacks an arm and a broken leg, then he can find an excuse to leave Wumen!

Chuck Cannon, you can’t let me down!

Liu Li’s beautiful eyes looked at Chuck Cannon, who had disappeared in the deep forest. Let alone one night, it would be difficult to survive till evening!!

“Yes, coach!!”

Ashley Whitney and the others were also a little excited, how can they say that since they learned to fight and also entered the martial arts, even they are female.

It is also a challenge to live in the deep forest for one night!

They also went in.

Liu Li finds a place to rest by herself.

“Why did Chuck Cannon go so fast? Isn’t he hiding somewhere?”

“Haha, maybe! He was alone and thought about it all night? It scared him to death.”

“I also think that he found a place to hide, you see, he hasn’t been here long before us, he can’t be seen anymore!”

“Forget it, what the hell is he doing? I’m very excited, we must fight the past tonight!”

The cute girls laughed, and they had plans and goals.

They went deep into the forest and encountered some snakes, insects, mice and ants that made them get goosebumps.

A venomous snake almost bit them just now, but fortunately, Ashley Whitney among them reacted quickly.

They will not get hurt.

“Just now, that snake was terrifying. What Chuck Cannon said just now is definitely a lie in Amazon for a week! How can it be possible to survive for a week!”

“Wow, bear, I saw a bear, mine! Run!” Ashley Whitney suddenly found a huge black shadow in the dense grass.

She was terrified, they are all human, how could they be the bear’s opponent?

Several girls were also terrified.

Run crazily!


A big black bear rushed out of the grass, desperately chasing Ashley Whitney them.

The speed of the big black bear is too fast, and a few girls are not enough for it to see, and they have caught up in a short time.

“We are dying, run!” The girls were frightened.

Ashley Whitney gritted her teeth, “We have a chance to run separately, you guys run over there!”

The three of them can join forces and have a great chance of surviving. Ashley Whitney, who runs the fastest, may also survive!!

Ashley Whitney did a sacrifice!

“Ashley,” the three girls cried.

“Hurry up? Waiting for death?” Ashley Whitney screamed angrily, these idiots.

At this time, life is important!

“Ashley Whitney, take care, let’s call the coach over!” Several women ran away.

Sure enough, the big black bear continued to chase sweetness.

Ashley Whitney’s face turned pale in shock, and she regretted the sacrifice.

But, at this time, what else can be done?

She can only run.


The big black bear, who had been chasing for a long time, became angry. It rushed over, took the big bear’s paw, and caught the cutie’s backpack.

Ashley Whitney fell to the ground, her body was in severe pain, and she almost vomited blood.

“Ah, am I going to die? It hasn’t been for two hours. I can’t stand it all night!” Ashley Whitney was desperate.

You know, she thinks she can resist the past night, rest tomorrow, and then the day after tomorrow she can participate in the competition of new students.

Unexpectedly, she would die under the paws of a big black bear.

“Who can save me? Please, who can save me?” Ashley Whitney closed her eyes in despair.

Can’t escape, where else is there?

Why is she so unlucky? Why doesn’t this big black bear go to Chuck Cannon!!


Ashley Whitney thought she was going to be slapped to death by the big black bear’s paw, but suddenly, she heard a movement!

Opening her beautiful eyes, the big black bear touched her head with his paws, as if he had been hit by a stone just now!!


The big black bear was angry.

“Who is it?” Ashley Whitney was busy seizing the opportunity to get up.


Another stone flew out of a bush, she saw a figure behind the bush. Who is this?

Did he save her?


It was smashed again, the big black bear was completely angry, gave up the cutie that could be easily obtained, and plunged into the dense grass.


There were running figures in the grass, and the big black bear was taken away by him.

“Hey, who are you? Why saved me?”

When Ashley Whitney yelled, this person had already left here with the big black bear, one after another.

Only some big black bears roared.

“Ashley Whitney? The coach is here!” The three girls who had just left brought Liu Li over.

Liu Li ran over, Ashley Whitney was fine, her brows frowned, “Where is the big black bear?”

“It was led away by someone,” Ashley Whitney murmured, pointing to the direction where the big black bear was leaving.

She was in Wumen and she has no acquaintances. Who would give up his life to save her!

“Who led away!”

“Damn, isn’t it Chuck Cannon?” A girl said in disbelief.

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