“Are you kidding? How could it be Chuck Cannon?”

“Yes, it’s not possible that it is him, his strength is not as good as us, he still dares to lead the big black bear away? I don’t believe him to drive it!”

“I don’t believe it either! Besides, how can Chuck Cannon save Ashley Whitney? It’s impossible at all!”

“Um, I just said it casually. Of course, it won’t be Chuck Cannon, but the possibility is only of Chuck Cannon! There is no one else here, Ashley Whitney, what do you think? Did you just see who this person is?”

All three girls were asking.

Only Liu Li smiled sarcastically, huh, Chuck Cannon?

This is really kidding!

Could it be him?

A man who can only make tricks!

Will do such a good deed to save others?

Ashley Whitney shook her head, “I haven’t seen this person, but I can be sure that it is definitely not Chuck Cannon!!”

Her tone was so authentic!

“Who would it be? Only we came here to train. By the way, coach, has anyone else came here?”

“This place is a place in Wumen, there must be other people coming, so it can’t be Chuck Cannon!” Liu Li said coldly.

“Well, it is definitely not him!” Ashley Whitney breathed a sigh of relief.

“Just his virtue, he doesn’t know where to hide! A coward who likes to lie!!”

“Okay, it’s just a black bear, it scares you like this, the day after tomorrow’s freshman competition, will you still participate?” Liu Li was annoyed.

The four women, not single-handedly, can besiege this big black bear!

Run screaming?

Liu Li was speechless and disappointed to the extreme. How could this kind of strength make herself a little bit face when the day after tomorrow?

The four women have no hope, and that Chuck Cannon, for him also she has no hope.

Alas, alas Ugh!!

She was embarrassed this time.

“Coach…” Ashley Whitney was originally in shock.

She felt aggrieved by being said so.

“Don’t call me, there are so many people, and you are chased by a beast. How proper is it? Go on!!” Liu Li said coldly, looking for a place to rest.

“Ashley Whitney, you really didn’t see who the person saved you was?”

“No, he ran very fast, just like the wind, and led the big black bear away,” Ashley’s eyes were full of admiration.

When she was desperate, someone suddenly appeared to save her. She wanted to know who this person was!

“It’s great, to save people without even leaving their names,”

“I think he must be a handsome guy!”

“No matter whether he is handsome or not, I can be sure it is definitely not Chuck Cannon anyway.” Ashley Whitney said.

“Well, let’s continue! Don’t waste time. This is a rare training!”

The girls have become bolder.

At the very least, after the shock just now, they were more confident!

This training will be effective. Being chased by the big black bear, the limits of all four of them have been stimulated.

Ashley Whitney and others, they continued.

Here Chuck Cannon was too lazy to fight this big black bear and led him to come over. The big black bear’s running speed was too far behind Chuck Cannon.

Before Chuck Cannon could run with all his strength, this big black bear was already far behind by Chuck Cannon!

Chuck Cannon saved Ashley Whitney.

Not because she is beautiful, but because she made sacrifices just now and caused the big black bear to run away.

This move tells Chuck Cannon that Ashley Whitney is not a bad woman either.

At the very least, there is humanity!

When it is dangerous, who can make such a move?

So, Chuck Cannon forgetting everything saved her life.

It can be regarded as Chuck Cannon’s soft side!

Don’t delay anything, sweat at most.

Besides, when Chuck Cannon fought with this big black bear, Chuck Cannon casually took out the dagger given by Alice, and the big black bear would have to die.

Chuck Cannon continued to go deep into it and enjoy it.

This kind of known danger is very attractive.

Chuck Cannon likes to take risks in such places!

Improve your sensitivity and be able to continuously discover dangers, and your sensitivity will increase.

With his last survival experience in the Amazon, Chuck Cannon knows how to find food and how to sleep safely.

He did it, and the whole night passed safely.

At dawn the next day, Chuck Cannon shrugged to leave.

Ashley Whitney and the women, what happened, Chuck Cannon couldn’t control it.

Leave here, go back to rest, prepare for tomorrow’s new students to compete, and recharge is the kingly way!

Chuck Cannon improved some of his things overnight.


“Roar, roar!!”

Suddenly, Chuck Cannon heard something!

Chuck Cannon was astonished and walked towards this moving place, touching his nose.

He found out that two big black bears were besieging a woman.

The big black bear had a bloody chest injury, and the other was also injured.

But the woman who was besieged was also more angry!

Liu Li!

When she was sleeping in the forest, she was spotted by two big black bears.

Siege directly and unexpectedly.

Liu Li also didn’t stand up for a while.


Chuck Cannon smiled, this woman also has today!

Chuck Cannon shrugged and watched the excitement. Liu Li found Chuck Cannon, and her beautiful eyes burst into flames!

She was actually watched by Chuck Cannon!

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