Chapter 813 – 814: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 813: I don’t Know Him

Zongtian Tan didn’t pay any attention to him, he waved at Kris, “Come here.”

Kris pointed to himself as he’s not sure Zongtian was calling him.

“That’s right, you, come here!”

Kris walked over.

Zongtian asked him, “So, you should know who I am, right?”

“I don’t know you!”

Kris said honestly.


You don’t know me?

Zongtian was puzzled, yet Beidou Luo couldn’t help but laugh out loud, “Mr. Tan, shame on you! Let me tell you, don’t put on air in front of Liangchen, this is the youngest disciple of our Shaohua Palace, he’s the apple of our eyes, pick on someone your own size! Don’t bully him, we don’t agree that!”

After he said that, Jianfei Zhan and the others looked over together and nodded at Zongtian.

“Fuck you, I’m not that petty-minded, okay?”

Zongtian grunted, although he objected that, he didn’t need to bother with a disciple, especially when this disciple seemed to be a special existence in Shaohua Palace.

The Taoist Master and the five House Masters all value him so much, could it be that he’s an extraordinary man?

“I’ll tell you who I am, bear it in your mind, I am the Taoist Master of the Sacred Palace, got it?”

“May I ask, what do you want from me!”

“Serve me the roast meat you made! Oh, and I give my praise to that wine!”

“Oh, I see, you want to eat and drink, right? That’s easy!”

Kris stretched out his hand, Zongtian was startled, “What do you mean?”

“Give me money!”

“What? Why do I need to pay?”

Zongtian thought he had misheard, Kris also drew attentions of all House Masters of the Sacred Palace!

The Taoist Master wants to eat your food, how dare you to charge him?

Who do you think you are?

“Of course, all these ingredients were hunted by the disciples through hard work, they went through fire and water, especially Kui Beef and World Swallowing Beast meat, our disciples paid a high price for them!”

Kris said as if it’s a natural thing, “Certainly you need to pay if you want to eat, otherwise the disciple would not have worked for nothing!”

Zongtian didn’t look happy, but a little embarrassed.

Beidou couldn’t help but laugh heartily, “Tan, you want to eat idly without paying anything? No way! These are Liangchen’s gifts to us.”

“Kid, think about it, those ingredients are just nothing, think of what you can gain from appealing me.”

“Taoist Master, should a disciple feel honored by sending his food to you for free?”

Kris said, “Small business, tabs are not working, please forgive me, Taoist Master!”

After saying that, he walked away, leaving everyone behind in shock.

Within a second, many people laughed, “Hahahaha ……”

Especially Beidou, he got a huge laugh as he’d like to see that, “Tan, how dare you to eat disciple’s food brazenly, I feel ashamed for you!”

“It’s you, you must be the one who’s behind it!”

Beidou didn’t deny it as he didn’t want to let Kris take the blame, although he didn’t incite Kris to do anything.

It was still not appropriate for an ordinary disciple of his to offend a Tao Master.

“Humph, I knew it!”

Zongtian snorted coldly, he knew that a personal disciple wouldn’t have the guts to offend him.

Sure enough, it’s Beidou’s masterpiece!

“All right, it’s just a joke, take it!”

Beidou divided half of his Kui Beef and Drunken Immortal Wine to Zongtian.

“That’s what I wanted to hear.”

Zongtian took a bite of the meat and a sip of the wine, and he felt an incredible experience on his plate.

“Mmm, it’s good, it tastes really good.”

Zongtian was used to eating delicacies of every kind, but his taste buds rose to the occasion and he felt so satisfied.

The wine is extraordinarily good, he’s a Practitioner of Epoch Realm, yet he felt a bit spicy once he drank it.

Then there is a pure Lingqi (aura) running inside in his body.

“Good wine.”

Zongtian took a breath, and a stream of Lingqi was released from his mouth.

“Brother, make some more, I’ll eat it later!”

After Da Niu said that, he went on stage hurriedly!

The third round of the competition brings on the heat, and those who remained on stage are the elites of all the palaces and schools!

Da Niu has reached to Taoist Emperor, he improved his Bull Battle Technique, so it’s an easy job for him to get promoted.

“Da Niu, Da Niu, you are the strongest, Da Niu, Da Niu, you are the best!”

“Don’t say that, don’t say that!”

Da Niu came over, sat down on his seat and continued to enjoy the roast meat and good wine!

Then Er Niu and others came on the stage one after another. Unfortunately, Qi Niu and Ba Niu got dropped in the third round, Jianfei Zhan brought them aside and slashed them furiously.

“The third round, this is only the third round, you guys were actually ousted, shame! Utter shame!”

“Ah! Ah! Ah!”

Their hands and feet were tied up, and they kept screaming miserably.

People who saw this scene all felt scary.

The population of disciples in the Penalty Academy was the smallest, but they were treated extremely strictly. Look at them, they were ousted in the third round yet they suffered such a fierce punishment.

What about people who left the competition in the first round?

“Master, you’re tired, please have a drink!”

Kris served him a bowl of wine.

Drinking it all in one gulp, Jianfei said, “These two bastards, if you are eliminated in the fourth round, I can’t even make it to the Top Ten Thousand! What a shame!”

“Master, I watched the game, seventh and eighth brothers are unlucky to run into aces.”

Kris said.

“Hmph, when you meet a strong opponent, you’ll show your best, have you heard of it?”

Although Jianfei said so, he stopped beating them.

Bixiao walked towards them, “Master, don’t be mad, it’s a competition, elimination and promotion are born with it!”

“Well, let them both hang here to reflect on themselves!”

Qi Niu and Ba Niu wanted to cry, because Guiying Liu glanced at them disdainfully, she’s their Mrs. Perfect.

Their hearts broke when their Princess Charming looked at them like that.

Soon it was Bixiao’s turn, her opponent was not someone to be dealt with easily, he’s at the early stage of Taoist Emperor, and a once-in-a-million years genius.

Seeing that Bixiao was a woman, he said, “Little sister, you are not my opponent, you’d better get off the stage by yourself, don’t be knocked out by me later ……”


Before he could finish his words, Bixiao knocked him away with a punch.

Blowing her fist, Bixiao said, “The villain dies from talking too much!”

Although she learned from Kris, she felt what Kris said is reasonable.

The power of Smelting Art is reflected here, she is not a totally qualified practitioner that she barely steps into the threshold of once-in-a-million years geniuses.

But with the Smelting Art, her ability could be promoted 300 times, yet she only adopted an argumentation of ability in 150 times!

Promoting 300 times of ability comprehensively. It’s an awful argumentation, she even wonders whether she’s formidable in her Stage.

Of course she needs time to adapt to this kind of power, but the invincibility has been highlighted.

Jianfei looked at Bixiao who blasted off her opponent once again, feeling puzzled too, he knew well how strong his disciple is.

She could crush everyone at her same Stage, is it really Bixiao?

Could it be that she had a strange encounter outside these years?

Not only him, the others were also somewhat surprised, but soon they started to praise Bixiao.

“Senior sister, you are mighty!”


Bixiao smiled, she felt so good.

“Senior sister, you look stunning when you smile.”

“Is that so?”

Bixiao snorted, but her mood was getting better and better.

Soon it was Kris’s turn, and Kris still did as before, he fought with his opponents for dozens of rounds and then defeated them in a sudden move.

They are so weak and lame that he didn’t have any interests to fight with them seriously.

He can suppress practitioners in Saturn Realm with one punch, let alone these disciples who are not even a Tianjiao (God’s favored one).

The resources and power of Lanting Immortal Palace is still far from those big sects.

This can be seen from the population of Tianjiao.

Soon the fifth round started, people who still remained on stage were less and less, and the fight was raging.

More and more people were eliminated, eighty percent of competitors from Shaohua Palace were dropped out, seventy percent of disciples from Sacred Palace were weed out.

Ziping Meng, Qilin Duan, Jin Cen, Da Niu, Er Niu, Si Niu, Bixiao, Kris ……

They are exactly those who entered the Top Twenty during the last faculty competition.

So it is necessary to have a faculty competition before the Rank war.

Zongtian said, “Not bad, Mr. Luo, many disciples of yours entered the sixth round, much stronger than before, but still, worse than us.”

Beidou smiled, “Really? It’s not the end yet, we don’t know who will laugh the longest.”

“Okay, let’s see then, who has the last laugh.”

Zongtian said.

“In the seventh round of the competition, you will encounter the top disciples of each faculty and rite, some of them are once-in-a-thousand years Tianjiao, some of them are once-in-a-hundred-thousand-years Tianjiao, and you may even encounter once-in-a-million years Tianjiao!”

“There is one thing you must remember, when you come into unavoidable confrontation, the brave one will win, no matter how strong they are, despite of the difficulties, we have to rise against them. It’s okay to lose, but at least we should have the courage to fight.”

Chapter 814: It’s Bixiao

Beidou Luo said to disciples who went into the seventh round of the competition.

“Yes, Taoist Master!”

All of them answered him together.

Soon, the seventh round started.

The first competitor was Da Niu, his opponent was very strong, a Tao Emperor at Middle period, a junior Tianjiao!

Da Niu used the Bull Battle Technique to defeat his opponent, but he was still slightly injured.

“Not bad!”

Jianfei was very pleased, he was already surprised to be able to enter the eighth round.

Da Niu grinned, took a magical pill to heal himself, then he started to rest on the side.

The second competitor was Ziping Meng, his opponent was also a junior Tianjiao, Ziping Meng was not injured and defeated his opponent unharmed.


Beidou Luo stroked his beard and gave Zongtian a smug look.

Zongtian Tan snorted coldly, as the seventh round began, and the disciples of Sacred Palace hadn’t advanced yet.

If he lost, it would be humiliating.

The third one was Jin Cen, who unfortunately met the eldest brother of the Lanting Palace, Yun Nie!

He’s a once-in-a-million years Tianjiao, an impeccable being who had killed a Tao Emperor of Middle Period as a Half-Tao Emperor.

Not to mention that he had now became a Tao Emperor!

It only took him two moves to force Jin Cen step out of the ring.

Jin Cen was very upset, the gap between them is so big that he even resisted to fight.

Yun Nie remained indifferent, looking at him as if he’s just an ant, the contempt in his eyes even made Jin Cen felt his Tao heart was unstable.

“Is this the true Tianjiao of our Lanting Immortal Palace? He’s amazing!”

“A once-in-a-million years Tianjiao, he’s definitely a once-in-a-million years Tianjiao!”

“Eldest Brother is looking at me, Eldest Brother, he’s looking at me!”

Many female disciples screamed off-stage, Yun Nie was handsome, and he’s the eldest brother of the Lanting Palace, who can marry him must be the real winner.

If they could get his affection, they would definitely not have to worry about the rest of their lives.

“If you guys meet him in the eighth round, be careful, Yun Nie is invincible.”

Beidou said.

Everyone nodded to agree.

Not only Yun Nie became the highlight, also the youngest senior brother of Wandao Palace, Guangjia He, who always defeat his enemies in one move, from the first round of the competition until now.

What kind of freaks are they? The differences between people are too great, aren’t it?

“Geez, I’m jealous, if only I were a Tianjiao.”

Countless disciples off-stage looked at the serious man in the ring with green eyes.

He was holding a sword in his hand, he’s emotionless like nothing in the world could make him touched.


He only showed his sword for a second, yet he slashed so quick that no one could evade his attack.

That little Tianjiao was instantly knocked away by him.

“Thank you for being mercy, brother.”

That Tianjiao ran away from the ring, but found himself uninjured, so he thanked Guangjia He hurriedly.

He knew he run into bad luck!

How come he met a Yama here, but it’s okay, at least he entered the seventh round, as long as he continued to fight, Rank was definitely not a problem for him.

Although his Rank must be disadvantaged, he could at least win a name. There is a disciple named Dao Zhou, he is the eldest brother of Changsheng Palace.

Speaking of which, he moved everyone into tears with his love story.

In addition to Yun Nie, Guangjia He, he and his Taoist partner went to visit a dangerous place yet ran into danger. Finally, his Taoist partner gave him the hope of survival, he escaped there with his partner’s dead body. Dao Zhou became a totally different person since then.

He visited various Taoist palaces to revive her, carried her dead body with him.

Finally, he really found a way, that’s simple. When he’s able to reverse time, maybe he can save her after him become the Eternity.

Now Dao Zhou is only a disciple of the early stage of Tao Emperor, not to mention the Eternity.

So he tried his best and practiced everyday like crazy.

He stood there indifferently, like nothing can arise his interest except his Taoist partner. Qilin Duan is somewhat hilarious compared with him.

To everyone’s surprise, Qilin Duan met him in this round.

Then Qilin Duan was crushed by him.

After being knocked out of the ring, Qilin Duan was dumbfounded that he kept muttering, “Do I choose a wrong way? Do I choose a wrong Tao?”

After being defeated by Kris, he had been downed for a long while. Now he met Dao Zhou who practiced the same Tao as him, he was really about to collapse.

Beidou frowned, but he didn’t ask for details. Qilin hasn’t practiced Time Methods, if not for his parents, he would not have taken him as a disciple.

Kris glanced at him, he told Qilin Duan before that his way of practicing is doomed to fail, he will have to kill his wife eventually. Why should anybody choose a path like that?

Er Niu and Si Niu were eliminated, they met once-in-a-million-years Tianjiao in the seventh round.

Lanting Immortal Palace is indeed powerful.

Kris thought about it, now that he has got so many Tianjiao under his control, if all of them are included in his sect, could he become the first sect of the Eternity domain?

That would be exciting.

How good it is to ask others to work for him, for free!

However, Kris still likes the feeling of making a fortune without saying anything, and he will never be arrogant until he has overwhelming strength.

Soon, it was Bixiao’s turn to compete, “Sister, cheer up, you can do it!”

Bixiao nodded, she got into the stage, her opponent was also a female disciple, and also the first senior sister of the Heavenly Sound Palace!

The Celestial Sound Palace is the most special palace in the Lanting Immortal Palace, because all disciples there are female, and they practice Tao of Sound.

Kris is quite familiar with it, because there are many female disciples of the Celestial Sound Palace who are on live streaming, they have many followers by their gorgeous appearances, euphonious singing and beautiful dancing.

Kris followed the eldest sister, Shengyin, she’s really good at singing!

“Celestial Sound Palace, Shengyin!”

” Shaohua Palace, Bixiao!”

They bowed to each other, and something flashed in their eyes.

Jiutian Sound Attack!

Shengyin didn’t reserve her strength. This kind of long-range attack is what Bixiao hates the most.

But it is useless, Bixiao can wield hundreds of protective shields in front of her body, nothing can harm her!

“Time Fist!”

When she punched Shengyin in a second, Shengyin’s attack was crushed by her enormous power, and to everyone’s surprise, she was forced out of the ring!


The entire hall was in an uproar!

“No… That can’t be possible! Is there something wrong with my eyes?”

“That’s Sister Shengyin, a junior Tianjiao, but she was blown out of the ring by her opponent with just one punch?”

“Could it be that Sister Shengyin has not been ready?”

The screen of live streaming was filled by questions from audience, Practitioner Abin explained, “Let me say something, the competitor who flew out of the ring is the eldest sister of Celestial Sound Palace, she is a junior Tianjiao, and the one who defeated her, I ……. I don’t know who it is, I’ve never seen her before!”

“Interesting, how can you be so confident!”

“Go ask what’s her name for me, now.”

“I’ll count to ten, if there is no contact information of this sister, I’ll unfollow you!”

Abin grimaced, “You guys wait, I’ll go ask her!”

Saying that, Abin rushed to ask the detailed information, not long after, he came back, “Dear friends, I’ve asked for you, she is a disciple of Shaohua Palace, it’s just that she has been lowkey and people seldom know her.”

“And I do not know how, she did extremely good today.”

“Good, good, but how can I contact her?”

“So her name is Bixiao, nice name.”

“So scary, I think I saw her on other live streams, she always defeats the opponent with one punch.”

Not only netizens were shocked, but also people off-stage.

Shengyin was dumbfounded, how could she know that she couldn’t resist a single attack from her opponent!

What kind of Tianjiao is her?

A once-in-a-million year Tianjiao?

Why hadn’t I heard of her before?

The Tao Master of the Celestial Sound Palace frowned, her most anticipated disciple has been eliminated in a second.

“Shengyin, come here!”

Hearing her master’s call, Shengyin walked over hurriedly.

“What’s wrong with you? Are you not paying attention to her?”

Shengyin smiled wryly, “Master, no, I used Jiutian Sound Attack as soon as I struck her just now, how could I have been careless and light-hearted, she’s just matchless!”

Immortal Sound Taoist Master sighed, “Many powerful and talent competitors hide in this year’s Rank Battle.”

Bixiao jumped down from the stage, at this moment, she was the focus of the hall.

Beidou, Bufan Zhuang, Yang Shang, Sandao Bu, and Liunian Feng all looked at Jianfei with astonished faces, as if to say, what the hell is going on here?

Jianfei looked at them and scratched his head, he was also puzzled, he had suspected before that Bixiao had done something, and now he was even more convinced.

But how did she improve her cultivation like that?

That is a junior Tianjiao, he knew well about his own disciple that Bixiao could only be called a small Tianjiao.

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