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Chuck Cannon didn’t mean to argue, later he would tell them with his fist that he didn’t speak big words!

He will definitely be the first in the freshman competition!

He will use that wish to let Coach Qiushui teach himself!

“You don’t think Chuck Cannon has said anything, I know he was bragging just now, and he said that he will win the first place? Oh! I have seen it today, how shameless a person can go!” Ashley Whitney said with a smile.


Several girls especially despise Chuck Cannon.

Chuck Cannon turned his head, squinted at Ashley Whitney, and was surprised that the mockery on her pretty face stopped.

“What’s wrong? Ashley?”

“No, it’s nothing. Why do I suddenly feel that Chuck Cannon’s back is very familiar? It seems that I have seen it somewhere, which makes me particularly impressing…” Ashley Whitney said intermittently.

“What impression?”

“I don’t know, just when he turned his head, I felt a little familiar, which gave me a sense of security… Yes, yes, a sense of security!” Ashley Whitney knew how to describe it.

“Isn’t it? Ashley Whitney, Chuck Cannon has a sense of security in him? Where does the sense of security come from?”

“I never think he has any sense of security. Yesterday in the forest, Coach Liu Li encountered danger. He is not a man, he who runs away directly. This kind of person who chooses to run away in danger, do you still expect him to feel safe?”

Ashley thought and said, “Maybe, my feeling is wrong! Yes, he is not as strong as us, I know that he will brag, I really feel wrong, there can be no sense of security in him, alas, It’s just that, the moment he turned his head just now, made me, alas! It feels like he saved me yesterday and led the big black bear away…”

Ashley thinking about it, she said something she didn’t believe, she laughed at herself, she was thinking about it all!

“Haha, Ashley Whitney, you have been thinking about it too much day and night, but don’t fantasize about Chuck Cannon!”

“If Chuck Cannon really saved you, how do you explain that coach Liu Li was besieged by the big black bear yesterday, and he chose to escape!”

“I don’t know, I should have been thinking too much.”

“It must be!”

“You must have felt wrong, don’t think about it.”


Ashley Whitney and others said that they followed Liu Li and Liu Ge with a smile to the competition site!

Ashley Whitney didn’t look at Chuck Cannon anymore. Just kidding, how can she think of someone who was impossible?

Am I blind?

Chuck Cannon came to the scene. This was actually the same as when he was studying, the freshman meeting, there were many people on the scene.

Maybe more than two hundred!

There were more men and fewer women.

According to this situation, one-on-one competitions may not have results until the afternoon!

She just don’t know if it’s the way Chuck Cannon thinks this way.

When she said that, Chuck Cannon was a little excited, he was observing so many freshmen, who might become his opponent!

“Ah! Luke Carter!”

“I heard that he is the strongest among freshmen!!”

“I heard that when he was eighteen years old, he killed a bull with three punches. His power is terrifying!”

“Really? It’s amazing, so I think it must be Luke Carter to be the first position holder this time!”

“I think so too!”

Among the freshmen, discussions have already begun.

Chuck Cannon found a muscular man with sunglasses in the crowd!

Chuck Cannon becomes solemn, he can!

It can be seen from his callous hands that this may be his strongest opponent this time!!

“Oh, people have accepted students like Luke Carter, and we have accepted so many rubbish, alas!!!” Liu Li has no strength.

In her opinion, this Luke Carter is absolutely powerful!

Liu Ge’s eyes were cold, “Liu Li, did you think this Luke Carter stunned me?”

Among the freshmen, he is the only one who has this ability.

“Impossible!” Liu Li denied, is it possible?

“I hope it’s impossible, so you can say it. In this freshman, the one who will win the first place may be the one who stunned me!” Liu Ge was annoyed.

Last time he was not ready and was stunned by a punch, to a large extent there was a sneak attack, taking advantage of the reason he didn’t know it!

Want to stun yourself with a punch when you are not ready?

“Ashley Whitney, I see, maybe that Luke Carter saved you! Look at his muscles, don’t you feel more secure than Chuck Cannon?”

Ashley’s eyes stare, too!

This guy is bigger than Chuck Cannon, but, but. . Why not have the familiar feeling after seeing behind?

Ashley Whitney puzzled.

The freshmen are all talking about Luke Carter, and Chuck Cannon was not paying attention.

Chuck Cannon doesn’t matter, he will be a blockbuster later!

“Be quiet!!”

At this moment, among the crowd, a beautiful woman appeared to be suffocating. Liu Ge’s face was hot!!

“Wow, it’s the most beautiful coach in Wumen, Coach Qiushui!”

Her appearance attracted too many people’s attention.

She was the focus!!

“Today’s freshman competition is hosted by me! There are not many rules, but you must abide by it! The absolute points stop there! Who dares to hurt people’s lives, don’t blame me for being impolite!!” Coach Qiushui said coldly!

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