Chapter 815 – 816: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 815: Jin Lian Got Depressed

“My apprentice, come here!” Jianfei Zhan waved at his apprentice.

“Master, what’s the matter?” Bixiao said.

“Tell me; did you hide the fact that you are a God’s favored one that appears once in a million years?”

Bixiao was stunned, and then she knew her master’s meaning.

How to explain?

She knew her strength before. If Kris Chen was not so generous to give her Smelting Art, she would not have the strength she had now.

“Master, I have experienced some special things in recent days, and my strength improved.”

“Oh, that’s the reason.”

Jianfei nodded, “That’s great, you can enter the eighth round with the strength you have now.”

The ninth round included the top 200 people. The higher the ranking, the better the reward.

Now, three people of Shaohua Palace entered the eighth round.

And three people of Sacred Palace also entered the eighth round. Sacred Palace didn’t lose face.

“Beidou Luo, your palace rose this year. We have the same number of people to enter the eighth round.”

“Things didn’t come to an end. I have another apprentice who hasn’t entered the competition!”

Zongtian Tan looked at other side, “The apprentice who is roasting meat?”

“He is good at roasting, but I don’t think he has strong strength.”

“How about we make a bet?”

“We have already made a bet.”

“I mean, let’s make another bet!”

Beidou pointed at Kris Chen, “This apprentice can enter the tenth round.”

The tenth round?

Zongtian laughed, he thought Beidou was joking. Only the top 50 can enter the tenth round. Even Zongtian didn’t expect that he could enter the tenth round.

It was great to be the top 100.

The Lanting Immortal Palace has 108 palaces, and the top 50 palaces are strong. They are almost in the top 50 every year.

“No kidding.”

“Bet or not?”

Beidou gave a grunt; he knew Kris Chen’s power.

If one can surpass a big stage, at least he/she is a God’s favored one that appears once in 100 thousand years, even a God’s favored one that appears once in a million years.

It would be impossible for a God’s favored one or who practices Time Methods to fail to be top 50.

“OK, let’s make a bet.”

Tianzong said: “You decide the bet!”

“I heard that you have got Eternal Fruits recently. If I win, you give me one!”

Beidou said.

“OK, if I win, you give me some Fountain of Youth.”

They soon made the bet.

Eternal Fruit is a kind of eternal medicine with strong efficacy.

Fountain of Youth is the same efficacy as eternal medicine.

Kris Chen did not know that he was once again taken as a bet.

Soon, it’s time for him to fight. His opponent is the senior brother of Ziyu Palace, Jin Lian, a God’s favored one that appears once in 100 thousand years.

Ziyu Palace is ranked 68th and above average, it is powerful.

Jin has Jinchen Holy Body and this body is in top 2000.

The battle began, and the arena was full of golden light and the Gengjin Energy. Kris Chen was still the same as in previous battles, attacking while defending.

Kris Chen had no pressure and others were not strong enough to make him feel stressed.

He was a little bored.

At the same time, Bingning Li, who was watching the live broadcast, was surprised, “It’s him, the rogue!”

She had been looking for him for so many years and she didn’t expect to see him in the live broadcast.

He belonged to the Lanting Immortal Palace!

Bingning looked at the person who was defending in the live broadcast. She was happy for she finally found that man.

“Wait for me; I won’t let you live happily.”

She didn’t stop watching the live broadcast and she flew southwest.

She opened the practitioner navigation, “Now the navigation stars. You are 10 thousand light years away from your destination!”

It would take her several months to fly 10 thousand light years.

So she would not fly, she could use the transmitting array.

Kris Chen didn’t know that he was recognized by Bingning.

After fighting with Jin for a while, He was so bored that he wanted to sleep.

Jin was a little tired; this guy was as slippery as a catfish. The attacks were supposed to hit him, but he dodged them in a strange way.

The unknown boy could fight with Jin for such a long time. Besides, his perfunctory expression and performance all made Jin angry!

“Are you looking down on me?”

Jin was so angry that he scolded Kris Chen.

Kris Chen stretched, “What did you say?”

Jin was angrier!

How could he not concentrate on fighting?

This proved his contempt!

“Brother Jin has not defeated that guy, which is surprising.”

“Look, that guy is been defending. I don’t think he can hold on for a long time.”

All the people under the stage were talking, and Jin was angrier.

Kris Chen felt strange that Jin was angry. In order to protect Jin’s self-respect, Kris Chen didn’t beat him with a punch.

Of course, the most important thing was that Kris Chen was afraid of hurting Jin’s Taoist Heart.

“Beidou, are you ready to give me the Fountain of Youth?”

Zongtian smiled and said.

Beidou shook his head. He knew Kris Chen. He did the same in the Houses’ battles. Actually, Kris Chen was playing.

If Kris Chen took this battle seriously, he would win easily.

“Don’t hurry, the battle is not over.”

Beidou pretended to be unhappy.

“You are stubborn.”

“Keep watching.”

At this time, Kris Chen found a chance and he attacked Jin with a punch without using any methods and techniques.

Jin didn’t respond timely and was knocked down by Kris Chen; Jin fell down the arena.

He was stunned when he fell on the hard stone.

He fell down the arena because of one punch?

He looked at Kris Chen. Now he didn’t look down on Kris Chen anymore!

Kris Chen had strong power. Now he was just pretending to be normal.

“Good job!”

Several people surrounded Kris Chen and said.

Bixiao also wanted to come. But an idea came to her so she stopped.

“Sister, I win!”

Kris Chen walked to Bixiao.

“You can win the battle easily, why did you fight with him for such a long time? Do you think it’s interesting?”

Bixiao said.

“I do it for him. I am afraid of hurting his Taoist Heart.”

Bixiao looked at him, thought for a while; she found that Kris Chen was right. Kris Chen was not famous now. If Jin was defeated by a punch from Kris Chen, he must get depressed.

“Sister, let me continue to roast the meat for you.”

Kris Chen smiled and continued to roast the meat.

He was happy, but Zongtian was not.

Beidou said happily, “Zongtian, where is my Eternal Fruit?”

“Don’t hurry, there is still another battle.”

Zongtian snorted. The ninth round had not started yet!

“You are doomed to lose!”

Zongtian didn’t agree with Beidou, but he could do nothing. “Let’s see whether your apprentice can enter the tenth round or not!”

“OK, you will give me the Eternal Fruit willingly.”

Beidou laughed. He was very happy to get Eternal Fruit later.

Eternal Fruits can increase the intensity of immortal breath. If you take a large amount of immortal Fruit, you can even purify your immortal breath.

Eternal Fruits are real treasure; they are not only rare, but also expensive. Even if someone owns Eternal Fruits, they won’t sell them.

Zongtian was not happy, Shaohua Palace’s four apprentices entered the next round of competition, but Zongtian’s Palace only had three!

He was going to lose?

According to his estimation, Zhongzhe Qu or Yuzhong Shan could enter the top 50!

In this way, the ranking of Sacred Palace could be raised to a higher level.

It’s a little bit difficult to get into the top 30.

Soon, the ninth round started.

The two hundred people were the direct disciples of the Great Tao Palaces, they were also the Diyun.

Da Niu’s Bull Battle Technique had been improved in a hundred years, but it was still not as good as the real Tianjiao.

As expected, Da was eliminated. He had successfully entered the top 200, but the ranking is relatively low.

His resources would be very good in the future.

At least his resources would be better than those who didn’t enter the top 200.

Ziping Meng was not lucky, his opponent was Guangjia He. Guangjia used San Sword and he used his hands as swords.

Magic weapons were not allowed to be used in Sequence Battles, so he used his hands as swords.

After defeating Ziping, Guangjia said, “You are very good. You can take my three attacks!”

His words made Ziping more sad.

Ziping thought he could at least enter the top 100.

But he was so unlucky that his opponent was Guangjia who was going to be one of the top 3.


Ziping went to Beidou and he was very sad.

“It’s not lucky for you to fight with Guangjia. But remember, one failure does not mean that you will fail forever.”

“Although Guangjia was powerful, you still have the chance to catch up with him.”

“Yes, master!”

Chapter 816: Regain Dignity

Then Ziping sighed, it turned out that there was a huge gap between he and a real genius.

He had tried very hard to improve himself.

Although he could also be seen as a genius, he really felt awkward.

He was defeated in such an easy manner. No way, he had to elevate himself, so he said to his Master, “I want to see more about the world after the Rank War.”

Hearing this, Beidou nodded, “Fine, it’s a good way to practice, you have to learn from Bixiao, I don’t know her strength now.”

After looking at Bixiao who was sitting beside Kris, Ziping felt weird, he knew Kris must have helped her.

Kris was really a genius, when they were on Lanting Immortal Boat, he had shown his strength. He had become a Taoist Emperor now.

The gap grew bigger.

“Senior, it’s your turn.” Kris reminded.


When Bixiao walked up, Bin said, “Look! It’s Bixiao! Your dream lover.”


“She is really pretty!”

“Anchor, can you beg her to hold a live broadcast as well?”

The bullet screen were full of such comments.

Then, Bin touched his nose and said, “Don’t embarrass me, if she wins again, then she will be a rank that among top 100. I have no chance to talk to her.” Obviously, he knew the fact clearly.

Hearing this, the audiences felt upset.

“Aiqing from the Tao of Heaven!”

“Bixiao from Shaohua Palace!”

Another female opponent.

Aiqing was also a powerful woman from the Tao of Heaven who ranked forty seven.

With an Innate Taoist Body, she had cultivated the complete Method of Taoist Heaven.

She was a real genius! Thus, Bixiao didn’t kick her out in the first punch, she used three gestures to defeat her. She was finally attacked by the Time Fist.

Aiqing was shocked, she lost the competition and even had no chance to exercise her Innate Taoist Body.

It was a complete shame.

Bixiao was like a Divine Mountain.

Wow! The audiences were shocked again.

Jianfei also stood up excitedly and said, “Do you see it? That’s my disciple! She uses three punches to win the battle.”

Hearing this, people all envied him, especially Beidou.

Zongtian Tan was also shocked, how could it possible? Even Zhongzhe Qu and Yu Shan couldn’t defeat her. There was no his disciple now.

He suddenly had a feeling of being duped.

No wonder Beidou insisted to bet with him. He definitely knew this.

She must be a powerful genius.

“Is this your trick?” Zongtian finally understood this.

“Well, don’t frame me up.” Then Beidou continued, “We’ve already made the bet, you should trust your disciples.”

Hearing this, Zongtian gritted his teeth and said nothing.

Although Zhongzhe had won the current battle, he was also injured.

Then Yu Shan was defeated within ten movements. The man who won him was Dao Zhou!

The battle became more and more intense and resulted in a draw between Shaohua Palace and Scared Sect. Thus, Kris was the only hope.

“Liangchen, it all depends on you.” Ziping stepped forward.

“I will try my best.” Kris walked to the ring.

“Lu Liao from Jiuyang Palace.”

“Liangchen from Shaohua Palace!”

Then they greeted each other and started fighting.

Lu had a Divine Body of Gold Turtle, it was rare for a human. The heat he emitted was like the sun.

“Good, you are like a human-shaped heater.”

Hearing this, Lu was furious, how could he be so arrogant?

“Ten Suns in the Sky.”

Then the sun began to appear behind him, it was his skill which looked so magnificent. Besides, the Sun was aggressive. Just like the Magic of Heaven and Earth.

The temperature rose sharply, despite of the Battle Formation, the burning heat scorched the ring.

However, Kris didn’t care about it at all. He just raised his fingers and created some fire seed, which was more frightened than the Sun.

Seeing this, Lu was shocked. However, Kris just started his attack.

Lu had no time to escape, although Kris’s attack was stopped by his skill, it didn’t disappear and instead clung to them.

The next moment, Lu’s face turned pale and he spit out some blood.

Since lu used the fire, of course Kris would use the same skill.

The higher the cultivation, the calmer Kris became. He didn’t want to waste his on time on those normal people.

“Sop! I surrender.” Lu quickly said, such strength was horrible, he couldn’t put off the fire.

“Fine.” Kris nodded and stopped attacking.

Then the battle ended in a ridiculous manner. Lu was the loser.

Then, someone said, “It is the tenth round! He must be a super genius.”

The whole crowd became excited, now Shaohua Palace had two super genius, it was impossible!

Jianfei was very please, his disciples had all entered the final competition. He felt proud of them! They were the real inheritors.

He was so wise to instruct Kris. Besides, Sandao Bu and Liunian Feng also felt happy, although Kris was not their disciple, he had indeed learned from them.

As for Beidou, since Shouhua Palace had such a wonderful performance, he was the biggest winner.

However, Zongtian was very furious, obviously, he was fooled. Shaohua Palace was so lucky to have to super genius.

Then many people become jealous.

“Master Tan, where’s my Eternal Fruit?”

“Here you are!” Zongtian threw the silver Fruit to Beidou angrily.

After taking the fruit, Beidou was very glad, then he nodded, “It is a real Eternal Fruit.” Then he ate it.

“Cool!” After eating the fruit, Beidou continued, “How about betting a second time? Kris will definitely rank in the top three.”

Hearing this, Zongtian was speechless, he had already lost the bet, it seemed that Beidou didn’t want to let him go. He stilled wanted his Principle Crystal and Spirit Weapon.

How could he do that?

“You’d better shut up! I won’t be fooled again.”

Now, he only had two Eternal Fruit.

“Well, I won’t force you then.”

Beidou was so excited now, he had won Zongtian this time!

“Well, give the Principle Crystal and the Spirit Weapon to me as soon as possible.”

“I’ll give it to you after the Rank War.” Zongtian was really depressed.

“Don’t forget it!” Beidou said.

Hearing this, Zongtian snorted coldly, he didn’t even want to talk to him now.

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