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“Okay, now I will talk about the way of comparison! It is very simple. This time I decided not to waste everyone’s time. First, I will use one-to-one to screen of half of the people, and then! No more one-on-one, as long as the ring, Someone appears and can remain undefeated until there is no challenger, then it is who in the first place! Understood!!”

Coach Quishui’s cold voice came through!

The new students were getting excited!

In fact, many freshmen who come to the scene don’t want to compete, because they have the most basic knowledge and self-evidence!

With such powerful people as Luke Carter, they can never get the first place!

Then why to get beaten?

“The rules this time are different from the previous ones!” Liu Li frowned!

She thought that Quishui was unhappy, but she didn’t expect that Coach Quishui would change the rules this time.

She also thought that her students could rush into the top 30, so she wouldn’t be so embarrassed!

Liu Ge is hot to the extreme!

You know, Coach Qiushui is so beautiful today. Her favourite skinny jeans have revealed Qiushui’s perfect long legs!

It’s perfect!!

Liu Li was speechless, “Brother, is there a woman? Brother! She has changed her previous game rules! Did you hear me?”

“She is the host of this competition, she must have the power to change the rules very much! I think this is more interesting!”

“Brother, you’re a nympho!” Liu Li was annoyed!

Why do you have such a brother?

However, in this way, only the strongest one is selected i.e. the first one, and the others are not ranked.

At least she will not be so embarrassed!

Liu Li was not interested, it is necessary for those who didn’t watch it. It is not easy for a few of her students to stay in the first round of screening.

Count on others?

There is no other hope!!

“Now we will draw lots, and ten groups will be held at the same time! You will come up when I will call the name, and I will filter out half first!!”

Coach Qiushui was now hosting!

Everyone here held their breath!

“Yang Hong to Zhang Xiaofeng!…The one called the name!” Coach Quishui said coldly.

Twenty people began to compete in the huge arena!

Chuck Cannon became interested in watching!

Luke Carter who is most likely to become his opponent is not on the list of the first round of competition!!

The strength in the first round is not good, at least in front of a master like Chuck Cannon, really not enough!

Fighting pays attention to quickly end the battle, so in the first round, basically, ten groups solved the battle within ten seconds!!

Ten people were screened out!

Ten other people were eliminated. Can’t participate in the wheel wars waiting for the meeting?

“Well, the ten winners stand on the left, and those who lose go back! The second round begins! Luke Carter vs. Zhu Long!” Coach Quishui continued coldly!

“Ah, Luke Carter is on the court!”


Luke Carter comes on!

A tall man with a frustrated face, facing a perverted master like Luke Carter, there is no chance of victory at all!!

Why are you so unlucky?

“Liu Li, Ashley Whitney to Chuck Cannon!!!…”

Ashley Whitney and Chuck Cannon, Chuck Cannon shrugged!

This is a sub-question for him!

“Chuck Cannon, you are unlucky!” Ashley Whitney smiled!

“Oh,” Chuck Cannon shrugged and stepped onto the ring!

“Ashley, we must beat him!”

“I will!” Ashley Whitney also entered the ring.

“Chuck Cannon is not a sweet opponent!” Liu Li said analytically. In her analysis, Chuck Cannon was a speculative person.

Ashley Whitney still has strength!

Playing Chuck Cannon is still easy!

Liu Li was also happy. At least, one of her students can enter the wheel war!

It’s not too shameful!

As for who gets in, she is absolutely optimistic about Ashley Whitney!

“Okay, ten groups start!” Coach Quishui is preparing for the next round of competition places!

“Chuck Cannon, surrender yourself!” Ashley Whitney said coldly.

“Come here!” Chuck Cannon shrugged and waved to Ashley Whitney.

He doesn’t bother to attack her, waste time, let’s defeat her inadvertently!

“Hmph, this is your own fight, then don’t blame me!” Ashley Whitney was annoyed, she swayed her long legs to attack!!

“Ah! What! What happened?”


The audience was in an uproar!

They saw Luke Carter expressionless, Zhu Long who was fighting with him was already lying down!

Coach Quishui spoke just now, only a second has passed!

It actually killed a new student in one second!

This is too scary!!

“Oh my God, what a fast speed! Who can beat this? This time the first freshman is definitely Luke Carter!”

The audience was boiling!

Liu Li, Liu Ge was so dumbfounded!

This speed, let them put it, it is difficult to achieve!

His strength has surpassed many coaches!

Even Coach Quishui has beautiful eyes on him, “Yes, strength, speed, and attacking skills are all superb. There should be no opponents at the scene. This student, if given time, has unlimited fighting strength! This, is a fighting genius?”

She hesitated!

“It’s amazing!” Ashley Whitney’s chin was almost startled, “Has he saved me yesterday?”

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