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Chuck Cannon squinted!

This Luke Carter is indeed his strongest opponent today!

What the result will be, this can only be known when there is a wheel fight!

To be honest, when Chuck Cannon met such a master, there was a kind of heart-to-heart excitement!!

Because at the point of Chuck Cannon, he is not the kind of top master like his mother, it is not easy to meet a suitable opponent!!

Luke Carter is a suitable opponent!

When everyone in the audience was watching Luke Carter, Chuck Cannon strode to Ashley Whitney.

Ashley Whitney was still in shock.

“Hey!” Chuck Cannon called her.

Ashley Whitney forced to turn around and screamed, “Ah, you attack me and I will kill you!!”

Chuck Cannon was speechless, you are like a fool, who is this to blame?

Besides, Chuck Cannon walked right in front of her and didn’t attack her either!!

Why did you attack her?

Sweet kick!

Chuck Cannon shrugged, not moving his hands or feet, only his shoulders!


Ashley Whitney was hit by Chuck Cannon’s shoulder, and she fainted for a moment when she fell to the ground.

However, there was no shock at the scene.

There was an uproar!



“What is he doing? How did this man sneak attack a girl?”

“The girl was watching Luke Carter just now, and he took the opportunity to sneak attack. There are such people!”

“It’s shameless!”

“I don’t know how to pity others, attacking people, and pretending to be dizzy. Alas, how can such a person appear in this new life!”

“Luke Carter beat others in second, but he is fair and honest, and he? Is he doing sneak attacks, so unscrupulous?? Oh, shame on us men!”

The audience despised Chuck Cannon!

Chuck Cannon was not armed, and Luke Carter’s punch is a sec-kill, this is a verdict!

Chuck Cannon was in the bottom!

Even, the voice of discussion has become a condemnation.

“That’s right, Chuck Cannon is a wicked pen. A sneak attack? A sneak attack on a woman? He’s still not a man!”

“He wasn’t a man in the first place. He didn’t help Coach Liu Li yesterday! In my heart, he is no longer a man. What’s the surprise if doing such insidious things with Ashley Whitney?”

“Oh, poor Ashley, you can obviously beat Chuck Cannon, but Chuck Cannon won with such scheming! Not reconciled!”

Several girls were full of disgust towards Chuck Cannon.

Liu Li was annoyed, this policy is really not human!

Liu Ge didn’t bother to look at Chuck Cannon this rubbish!

Luke Carter glanced at Chuck Cannon, smiled sarcastically and went to the waiting area!

Coach Quishui also looked at Chuck Cannon, “Be quiet, everyone! Your name is Chuck Cannon, right?”


“People of martial arts, you are not good at learning art, first learn to play tricks! I hope you don’t do this again! It’s not fair to other girls!” Coach Quishui said coldly.

“I didn’t attack her, she also attacked me just now, I just…” Chuck Cannon was speechless.

This was being scolded for no reason!

“Stop it! When we are blind?” The crowd was angry!

“Don’t tell me, you won this time, but if you still use this insidious method, I will disqualify you!” Coach Quishui has no feelings.

“Oh, I see,” Chuck Cannon didn’t have the energy to explain.

Ashley Whitney was carried down.

Is she too casual?

Chuck Cannon didn’t use much strength on her shoulders, she had been knocked into the air.

Chuck Cannon went to the winning zone.

“Don’t come near me! I feel ashamed to have a classmate like you! Sneak attack? How do you want to win?”

“I tell you, it’s useless for you to play in front of Luke Carter. In front of absolute strength, all tricks are futile!”

The person who won just now despised Chuck Cannon.

Chuck Cannon doesn’t care, just get scolded when scolded!

The second round was over!

Start the third round, the fourth round!

Until half of the people come out!

Liu Li was speechless, but out of her five students, only Chuck Cannon was on the winning list, and all the others were screened out.

Then there is no more hope!

“Okay, it’s halfway through the screening, and the next step is much simpler. Whoever thinks he is strong can enter the ring! Whoever you just won can challenge him! As long as the last one to stand in the ring will be ranked first in the second freshman competition!!” Coach Quishui said loudly.

“Oh, I haven’t been screened in the first round. I’m already satisfied. I don’t plan to play anymore. Because how I play, Luke Carter will be the first place in the end!”

“I don’t plan to fight anymore!”

“Luke Carter, you can just go up there, this time you are definitely number one!”

Everyone discussed!

Luke Carter took off his sunglasses, but went to the ring disrespectfully!

“Who will come? I’ll be with you at any time in the ring!!” Luke Carter said.

No one was coming up!

Coach Quishui was astonished, so there is no suspense. Luke Carter should be ranking first place this time!

She didn’t expect this to be the case. Luke Carter was on the court, and she was so shocked that there was no challenger!

Luke Carter’s first job was too simple!

“Huh, no one is here, then I’ll do it! Why don’t you have a fight with Luke Carter today?” A man entered the ring!

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