Chapter 817 – 818: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 817: Still Three Moves

Kris Chen successfully advanced to the tenth round of the competition, and he was somewhat embarrassed to bully these disciples of the Taoist Emperor stage.

Ziping Meng was a bit lost, although his score was not bad, he had thought he could be in the top 50.

The 108th palace, he completed the account of his master, and his father was previously the three hundredth in the Rank, he was the hundredth, so there was nothing to complain about.

At the moment his father was looking at him with a relieved look, which made Ziping feel much better.

The ones left in this round were the most talented and strongest disciples of each sect.

Kris was in the 40th place, which was relatively high, and Bixiao was in the 30th place, but these rankings were only temporary, and if they were eliminated in the 10th round, they would definitely have to move back.

Although it was unlikely that they would fall out of the 50th place in the back row, that meant they were far from the most core Rank seed.

Only the top ten had the most core Rank seeds, and the resources they received were so many that beyond imagination.

They had merit achievement methods, cultivation resources, and status——lower than the Taoist master and higher than the elders.

What really surprised Kris was that an obese man also entered the tenth round of the competition, although they only met once, he impressed Kris very much.

He was Laosi Lu, the man who sold him the Zhongmiao Door fragment as Spirit Weapon fragment.

Jing Yang Palace ranked seventy-second, Laosi had been little known before, and even now he stood there looking very different.

Just as Kris was sizing him up, he was also peeking out with his tiny eyes.

Just then, he looked over towards Kris and grinned, reached out to greet Kris, and transmitted his voice, “Brother Ye, congratulations, I didn’t expect you to have successfully advanced as well.”

“Maybe I’m luck.” Kris said with a smile.

Laosi said: “Being able to enter the top 50 is not based on luck alone, Brother Ye, don’t be modest.”

“I hope we won’t be the opponents later.”

Kris pointed to the big screen, “Don’t worry, we won’t.”

Laosi nodded, “Yeah, your opponent is Changming Liu of Taiyi Palace, he is the body of the War King, the blood flowing in his body is very powerful, he is ranked fifteen hundred among the heaven body, he’s very powerful, brother Ye, you must be careful.”

“Thanks, Brother Lu.” Kris arched his hand.

After saying that, the two did not talk any more.

The body of the War King, Kris rubbed his chin, he was suddenly curious about how he came to have so many physiques in the heavens.

What’s the secret in it?

It was like the Supreme Demon Bone, which completely could be artificially created, then the Upper World body could be created artificially too?

In fact, the Smelting Art was to change the qualities of the Practitioner, even in a full range of transformation, so he could definitely rank the top ten.

Even an ordinary person could become a rare Tianjiao on earth, or even a supreme Tianjiao.

If you could understand these qualities, it would be helpful to improve the Smelting Art.

For example, if you had the Chaos Supreme Body, your flesh was a hundred times that of a normal person, and then you practiced the Smelting Art at this time, the upper limit of power you could withstand would be very high.

An ordinary person may only be able to withstand a hundred times or two hundred times, but the Chaos Supreme Body could withstand higher, like three hundred times or five hundred times!

That’s a huge gap.

It was simple to study, he gradually controlled these Tianjiao that had a lot of innate physique acquired physique, and he just needed to get more blood, and then used technological universe in the body to resolve it.

Maybe in the future, only one shot was needed to create Tianjiao.

“Junior sister, come on, I trust you!”

The Nine Stooges surrounded Bixiao and kept nagging, which made Bixiao a bit annoyed.

“All right I get it.”

Bixiao stood up, “I’m going on stage.”

Bixiao gently tiptoed and floated down to the ring.

Originally, Bixiao was just an unknown disciple, but now she had impressed many people.

The Shaohua Palace was also the center of attention once again.

The most fundamental reason was that this low-level sect had produced two disciples who entered the top 50 at once.

A total of fifty disciples, if one disciple was promoted from each sect, that meant more than half were eliminated.

It’s especially hard for those top ranked sects.

The ranking of Lanting Immortal Palace was not fixed, but changed with the Rank battle.

The higher the ranking, the more resources they would get, and vice versa.

You had to earn everything you wanted by yourself.

It could be expected that Shaohua Palace had developed this time, and for a long time to come, it would be able to obtain a lot of resources.

Beidou Luo smiled from ear to ear, and there were other house masters who nodded satisfactorily.

Among them, Jianfei Zhan was the most pleased.

“See, this is my apprentice, he will definitely be able to enter the top twenty-five.”

The people around were jealous, Zongtian Tan looked gloomy the whole time, and this time they encountered their Waterloo, and those house masters and disciples were also silent.

Some people were happy while some people were sad, this was the norm in the cultivation world.

” Buyu He from Qingyun Palace!”

“Bixiao from Shaohua Palace!”

Qingyun Palace ranked twenty-eighth, Buyu was the eldest brother of Qingyun Palace and the eldest disciple of the Taoist master.

His original body was a cloud in the innate-power stage, and after the birth of spiritual intelligence, he was accepted as a disciple by the Taoist master.

He was in the middle period of the Tao Emperor with great talent.

Buyu looked at Bixiao with a serious expression, he knew that she’s very powerful.

Her physical body, magic power, and sun soul were all the best in Tianjiao.

He was just confused why he hadn’t heard much about her before.

“Spirit Cloud!”

“Time Fist.”


Buyu’s flesh directly turned into a cloud of smoke, the general damage could not hurt him at all.

Time Methods could damage him with strength, after all, the Qingyun Power was also a very powerful achievement method, which was not worse than the Time Methods.

Pure physical attack was directly immune, because it simply could not hurt him!

“Qingyun Strike!”

Buyu looked very calm, he used smoke to gather a fist and attacked Bixiao from a tricky angle.

This angle was difficult to dodge, but Bixiao seemed to have eyes behind her back and directly avoided it.

The importance of Chao came to the fore at this time.

Bixiao backed up to the corner, Buyu a bit difficult to deal with, because his original body was cloud, coupled with the weird Qingyun Power, not to mention hurting him, she could not even touch his body.

“The Spell of Time!”

Bixiao bent a finger, then the fingertip burst a white light, Time Methods were very strong, especially The Spell of Time, and the surrounding space and time flow suddenly became slow.

She was not very familiar with it, after all, she got the Time Methods only less than a hundred years, and that’s not complete, she still needed two moves.

But it was enough for her to restrict opponent’s movements.

“Very well, right now!”

Bixiao shouted and directly opened the sixth gear, raging mana and strong physical body strength was extremely powerful under the augmentation of the Time Fist.


No matter what he became, the intense attack blew him straight out of the ring.

The protective shield above the ring was shaking violently, the ring was shattered inch by inch, and the hard diamond floor was directly twisted into pieces.

Buyu only felt himself like a small boat sailing in the sea, and his body was nearly shattered by the shocking waves.

He spent a lot of effort to stand firm.

But after that, he had already appeared outside the ring.

He had mixed feelings, three moves, Bixiao used only three moves to knock him out of the ring, and at the critical moment, Bixiao stopped.

This meant that she had not yet used her strongest attack.

He lost convincingly.

“Thank you for being merciful, Sister.”

Buyu arched his hand and left directly.

The scene was suddenly quiet for a few seconds, then followed by an overwhelming shout, “Sister Bixiao!”

“Wow, my goddess is so strong, that’s senior Buyu, she actually defeated him in three moves.”

“Oh my God, my Goddess Bixiao is so strong, if she’s in live stream, I will give her gifts every day.”

“You stupid, will the goddess care about your little gift?”

The scene was lively, and so was Abin’s live studio.

Or maybe all the live streams that were going on were buzzing.

The Nine Stooges even shouted in unison: “Sister, Sister, Sister, you are the best, we all love you!”

Chapter 818: Invincible

Nine people in different colors with the same looks cheered up loudly, which was quite hard to describe.

Bixiao was a little embarrassed. They were really funny.

Jianfei Zhan kicked them away, “I am so proud to be your teacher!”

Bixiao entered the top 20. It was the first time since he became an elder for so many years!

And Kris would probably enter the top 20. And at that time, he could be arrogant in Lanting Immortal Palace.

As for the Sandao Bu and others, they were totally jealous.

Disciples in other sects were envied him, who even gained worships of some female disciples.

“Nice, Bixiao. When the competition is over, I will build you a semi immortal weapon for you.” said Sandao.

“Bixiao, if you are free, come and see our magical pills house. Recently, I had made a pot of immortal pills, and I can give you some.” Said the Shangyang, stroking his beard.

“And also our Yanwu house. You can’t only visit them but forget us. ” Said Liunian Feng

“Well, Bixiao has just finished fighting. Let her go down and have a rest. There will be hard fighting for a while.” said Beidou Luo, who was both happy and sentimental.

Although Ziping Meng did not win out, he didn’t lose face either. However, Bixiao was different, since she won honor for Shaohua house.

After this competition, Shaohua house’s rand must be raised, and therefore got more resources, so all the disciples should thank her.

It seemed that it was time to give her the remaining two time methods. He didn’t want Bixiao to some unfriendly impression on him and therefore lost more important things.

“Congratulations, elder martial sister!” Krisn said with a smile.

Bixiao nodded with great joy in her mind, “Elder martial brother Liu is very powerful. You should be careful. “

She knew the strength of Kris who would never lose, but she was still worried about him, even more than herself.

“Elder martial sister, I know.” Kris laughed.

Kris could feel that Bixiao’s was slowly abating, so everything would be fine.

Nieyun, Guangjia He, and Zhoudao, came to the competition successively.

Without surprise, Kris beat them easily.

Then Laosi Lu, a flexible fat man came.

He was really good at defense instead of combat, so his opponents could not break his body defense anyway.

Kris got interested in him. Could he have a special constitution?

His body was harder than the shell of the tortoise. The practitioners of same level couldn’t hurt him with all their strength. Then how could they win?

Unexpectedly, after hundreds of attacks, his opponent became exhausted. With one attack, Laosi beat him off the arena.

“Sorry for that!” Laosi arched his hand and grinned down the arena, when he also looked at Kris.

“Interesting.” Kris, with a smile, stood up preparing for his turn to fight.

“Kris of Shaohua palace!”

“Changming Liu of Taiyi palace!”

Kris looked at the man in a white robe with jade hair accessories in front of him. The man with star-like eyes and sword-like eyebrows was quite a handsome man.

But the fighting desire in his eyes was particularly hot. Even if they were separated by a certain distance, Kris could hear the sound of his heart beating and blood flowing.

Were these the body and blood of the king of war?

Before fighting, his desire to fight rose steadily, and his intention to war was like the essence, quite startling.

Kris seemingly saw the giant tearing the sky apart, the spear pierced the universe, and Changming did all these with that spear.

“So bloody?”

Kris was also infected. He was happy to have fun with him.

It was just strong desire to war, come on!

Next moment, Kris’s momentum changed, and his intention of fighting was boiling and full of air.

From devil land to main universe, from main universe to supreme universe, then chaos, and finally into the cave world, Kris launched directly or indirectly numerous wars.

Changming’s war intention was nothing in front of Kris.

Kris would like to ask him, “have you ever seen a war of millions of people!”

As Kris released infinite war intention at will, Changming was hit and totally became blank, showing a confused expression on his face.

And the war intention he released was squeezed into a small space, so blood inside his body began to cool down, and his heart beat began to slow down.

The protective cover could resist attack, but it could not resist the war intention!

Many people were frightened by the war intention released by Kris. Some disciples from exterior group were so scared that they could not support themselves, and some of them were even peered their pants.

They seemed to see the mountain of corpses and the sea of and blood. The gods and demons were crying in a miserable way in the sky. Countless blood was scattered on the Milky way, gathered together, and become boundless blood sea.

All people looked at Kris. Nieyun frowned, since this war intention made him move.

Guangjia He stopped to wipe his sword, looking at Kris on the stage, with the sword in his hand shaking slightly. “Are you excited? Unfortunately, I can’t use you in the Sequence Battle! “

This was his self-contained sword, so they were connected by their heart and mind. Since he came into the battle, it was the first time for his sword to be excited so.

He knew that man was powerful.

“You mean that he is a swordsman? And a very strong one? “

Guangjia nodded, “Don’t worry. If I meet him later, I will deliver him a challenge privately.”

After calming the sword, Guangjia continued to wipe the sword.

Zhoudao was still expressionless, but his eyes were deadly bright.

Laosi made clicks, “His war intention had condensed into essence. How belligerent is he?”

“War, war, war!”

Changming’s face became red, and he had the thought to retreat a moment ago.

However, if he really retreated, he would completely lose, because his Tao heart would be thoroughly broken for this.

“No matter who you are, no matter how strong you are, I will fight you to the end.”

“Well, fight!”

As Kris’s powerful body shocked, the overwhelming war intention swept away and the two stood face to face.

In a blink, they fought hundreds of moves.

“Spear of war!” Thousands of spears of war pointed to Kris.

“First gear plus 30 times more force!” Kris punched him.

Click! All the spears of war were broken.

Kris was testing his own strength. His punch was so strong in the first gear plus 30 times more force. But he didn’t know how strong his foundation was.

Even in the first gear, 100 billion cells in the early stage of Dao emperor would fright together.

“What, they were all broken by only one punch!”

As Changming quickly moved away, the body of the king of war erupted, and the blood of the king of war was boiling. As a result, thousands of troops and horses seemed to follow him.

A general without face appeared behind him, which was a strange vision condensed by the body of the king of war.

“Kill him!”

The general, with a long spear in his hand, jumped down, who seemed to use his incomparable force to sweep down everything.

Kris, who neither moved back nor dodged, stood there, waving his fist, with 40 times more force in the first gear.

This simple punch integrated all kinds of heaven and earth.


The long spear was crumbled inch by inch, and then the general without face died. Changming became pale and spitted blood.


Kris once again hit Changming with his fist.

The whole audience became noisy!

“He is too strong, really too strong. Only one punch, nothing else.”

“He was unpredictable, and his fighting power is really terrible.”

Changming knew that he had lost completely from the moment Kris released his war intention.

Kris arched his hands and laughed down the arena.

Fighting of this level could not raise his too much interest.

Changming had a good fighting power. If he did not meet Kris, he should be able to defeat the Tao emperor of the fulfilled period. If he used all his power, it was not impossible for him to win a half-step immortal.

Kris was successful in the 11th round.

“Congratulations to brother Kris!” Laosi said to him.

“Thank you very much.” Kris laughed.

“Younger martial brother, you are the best and the strongest!” Nine living treasures very shouted loudly.

Qianrun and others were excited to watch such a competition.

“You are really strong. Our leader’s strength is too strong.”

“It is because our leader is so powerful that the Spark can develop so quickly!”

“Yes, the luckiest thing in my life is to meet the leader.” Liu Ma said emotionally.

Qian un and others did not speak, but they all added in their hearts, “So do I.”

“Good, good!” Jianfei patted Kris on the shoulder. Kris really brought huge honor to him. His two disciples ranked to 20, which meant he was an excellent teacher.

Beidou and others were also looking at Kris with a smile. “Kris, nice fight!” Sandao Mu thumbed up.

“If you are free, come to our magical pills house. I’ll give you some pills!”

“Bah, what are you talking about? He is my disciple!”

“Don’t forget, we made a deal. He is my disciple in a way!” They debated with each other.

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