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This man in the ring is a tall man!

The muscles in his body tell everyone on the scene that he is as powerful as a cow!!

Maybe it can compete with Luke Carter!

“This is Zeng Ke? He just k!lled his opponent in a second!?”

“No wonder he dared to play! He must be unwilling in his heart, I see, he might even have a fight with Luke Carter!”

“Then we have a blessing! Haha!”

Excitement appeared on everyone’s face!

Zeng Ke stepped up!

“Luke Carter, I know you are strong, but I am not reconciled to lose to you if I don’t fight with you! I am not reconciled! So, I want to fight with you!” Zeng Ke said!

Yes, it’s a realm!

What is needed is the right opponent!

Regardless of winning or losing, you can improve your strength in battle!

This is the most direct method for everyone who urgently needs to improve their strength!

He is not willing to give up this good opportunity!

“Whatever you want! But you are not my opponent!” Luke Carter said straight!

“That’s not necessarily true! Take it!” Zeng Keli was as big as a cow, and attacked in a rampage!

He must be good at using his body, his body is hard!

His Own strength is great, use this, maybe there is a possibility of victory!!

“You are as powerful as an ox, so rare, but are you really an ox! How do you fight with people? Fighting requires a combination of strength and sk!ll!” Luke Carter was disappointed.

He thought he finally had an opponent who could barely take a look!

But yes!

At the end of the day, when Zeng Ke shot, he still disappointed himself!

Too poor!

He is not a dead fish, how could he be defeated by rampage?


Luke Carter clenched his fist and smashed it out!

Hit Zeng Ke’s face!

This punch was too delicate.


Zeng Ke screamed, and the person was knocked into the air and fell to the ground!



It’s a spike again!!

The audience was stunned!

This has to be served!

“This freshman is too good, brother, could it be him?” Liu Li also doubted.

She can’t beat this strength as a coach.

Liu Ge had a sullen face.

“Maybe he hit me, just replaced me with a punch, maybe he can’t receive it! This freshman is proficient in the essence of one-stroke k!lling!! What a damn!” Liu Ge envied!

“This freshman is good, really good! This time he will be ranked the first one!” Coach Qiushui did not singly praise!

She felt that Luke Carter might solve Zeng Ke with three punches and four punches, but ah, one punch k!lled him!

She has missed it!

Not easy!

“That’s great. Among the freshmen, absolutely no one is Luke Carter’s opponent. What a pity, Zeng Ke can’t hold a punch. Will Luke Carter be a fighting genius!”

“Who is he? I think my coach can’t beat him!”

“The strength is shocking!!”

After the scene, there was nothing but exclamation!

“I can give you a chance to play with any of three of you at the same time!”

Luke Carter said such a word suddenly!

The audience was shocked!!

Three people versus one?

This is water!

“He, I’m going! I’m going! Three people can’t beat him?”

“If you beat him, the three of us will fight again. That’s a lot more sure! I’ll go too!”

In an instant, three people rushed up!

“Luke Carter, you said it yourself, then no one can blame us! Let’s go!”

Three people step forward!

The three besieged Luke Carter!

The audience was boiling!

Will Luke Carter win?

“This student is interesting! Want to show off your strength?” Coach Qiushui became interested.




After three beeps!

It’s as quiet as death!!

The three of them fell far away, so they couldn’t move in an instant!

Actually, three people were k!lled instantly!

This is the devil!

The audience was in shock!

Who could have imagined that three people full of self-confidence were quickly solved by Luke Carter as soon as they played?

“Really good!” Coach Qiushui was satisfied.

It’s been a long time since she received such a powerful student.

“Is anyone else coming up? I can continue to accept your challenge!!” Luke Carter smiled slightly!

He hasn’t enjoyed it yet, even the one just now doesn’t even count as a warm-up.

“It doesn’t matter, three people can’t do it, five people, seven people, ten people do, as long as you dare to come up? I won’t mind! Come up!”

Luke Carter was so confident, who would dare to come up?

Hit three people is a spike, what about ten people?

Can’t it be solved in three or four seconds?

Even if there are twenty people, defeating Luke Carter is not easy. Besides the number of people, they are all children. How can they beat adults?

The gap is here.

“Nothing? Ten people are no one? The twenty are all right! All are fine!” Luke Carter shrugged!

“Not yet? No wonder I am!” Luke Carter smiled slightly!

It’s really disappointing to relax. In this freshman contest, he didn’t even warm up!

It’s so easy to win without any challenge, even if it’s not at all, it’s really meaningless!

“There is no one, then the first place this time is…”

“Let me try it!!”

When there was no sound, suddenly, a voice faintly sounded in the crowd!

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