“Who is talking? Who is saying I will try it?”


Everyone at the scene was watching. At this time, knowing that Luke Carter is unstoppable, there are people who come out to die?

A person came out of the crowd!

Yes, of course, Chuck Cannon came out!

How could he just give up in this competition?

Chuck Cannon stepped forward and got onto the ring!

The audience was in an uproar!

But they all despise and drool!!

“F**k, who did I think it was? It turned out to be the attacking dog just now!!”

“It’s really him! Hahaha, he wants me to laugh. He attacked the girl just now, and now he wants to repeat the trick on Luke Carter? Does he want to succeed on Luke Carter? Is there such a shameful trick with people?”

“He went up, didn’t he prove that there is such a wicked person?”

No one would have thought that Chuck Cannon would come up!!

“He wants to die?”

Liu Li was shocked!

She had already prepared for this shame, what did Chuck Cannon mean when he went up?

Is he tired of living and looking for death?

Liu Ge was stunned, “This kind of power is also going to be played. You will be be crazy if you want to show off!!”

“I think he’s just looking for death, it’s okay. I don’t want to make an excuse to bash him away.” Liu Li was expressionless, even mocking.

“Hey, Ashley Whitney, wake up, Chuck Cannon, who attacked you just now, is on the court. He is not afraid of death to compete with Luke Carter!”

The unconscious Ashley Whitney was shaken and woke up, “Chuck Cannon is going to fight Luke Carter? You fool me? You fools don’t do this, right? This is pure self-destruction!”

“Watch it for yourself!”

Ashley’s eyes saw Chuck Cannon stepping onto the ring, she was stunned, and said, “he wants to attack Luke Carter! Delusion! Luke Carter is not me, if you want to attack Luke Carter, he will teach you how to be a man!! “

She suddenly felt happy.

Ashley Whitney was already annoyed when Chuck Cannon attacked her just now.

At this time, Luke Carter can vent his anger for her!

She can watch a good show by herself!!

Every onlooker was not optimistic about Chuck Cannon, and feels that Chuck Cannon is killing himself!

Among these people is the coach Quishui who hosted this competition!

She was ready to announce the result, but Chuck Cannon stepped in when she was on the way!

“Although this student has a steady pace and a normal breath, he is a master of fighting, but compared with Luke Carter’s students, the gap is so big! What’s more…this student has a bad character… A sneak attack to that who is not armed, do you still want to do this now?” Coach Quishui was commenting.

She was not optimistic about Chuck Cannon at all!!

“Oh, you were the one who tried?” Luke Carter shrugged.

This Chuck Cannon, he just saw how to sneak attack a woman, a shameless person, really unworthy to fight him!

“It’s me!” Chuck Cannon stepped forward.

“Okay, I accept the challenge of all the new students, and I can barely include you!!” For Luke Carter it doesn’t matter, for him, it’s a punch!

“Well! You accepted it! Then, let’s start!”

Chuck Cannon said.

“No problem, I can let you do it first!”

Chuck Cannon doesn’t care about coming over!

Step by step, plain to the extreme!

“Hey, I guess, Luke Carter can hit him with one punch!”

“Undoubtedly! Look at who played just now. Will not he be solved by Luke Carter with a punch? Just like him, the sneak attack dog, he wanted Luke Carter to waste his energy and give him another punch?”

The new students on the scene have already predicted the result of the competition.

That is, Luke Carter would punch Chuck Cannon and will win the first place without any suspense!!

Where’s Chuck Cannon! Lost by a punch!

Coach Qiushui wasn’t in the mood to watch, she was about to announce the result.

Chuck Cannon, under a powerful opponent like Luke Carter, there will be no storms.

Chuck Cannon approached step by step, and Luke Carter was close at hand!

He didn’t make a move!

Luke Carter smiled slightly, “I don’t know what your name is, but, being so close to me, you are very dangerous!”

Chuck Cannon’s same smile!

“Stupid, why didn’t he make a move?”

“Want to wait for Luke Carter to make a move? What’s in the brain of this evil pen!?”

It’s boiling here.

Luke Carter frowned, “Forget it, don’t waste time, I will send you down!!”

Did he send it with his fist?


Chuck Cannon did not hide, did not dodge, and actually accepted Luke Carter’s punch!!

“Haha, it’s true, isn’t it? One punch to kill in seconds!”

“This is a waste of our time!”


Chuck Cannon stepped back!

It didn’t surprise everyone, what was the embarrassment of vomiting blood, and there was no way to return.

Ten meters away, Chuck Cannon stood still and stood firm!

Step by step, Chuck Cannon was back!

The audience was in an uproar!

“He? He received Luke Carter’s punch. Shouldn’t he faint? How could he still be alright? Am I right?”

“You’re not mistaken, I didn’t expect it, this shabby has a good ability to resist. But it’s still a shame. Just let Luke Carter hit, now go back and let Luke Carter punch again? Isn’t this a fool?”

No one knows what Chuck Cannon’s intention is!

After being surprised, they still despise!

Coach Quishui raised her head and glanced at that for a while, stunned, “Luke Carter’s punch is at least five or six hundred catties, he… actually can resist and still stand for next? What does he want to do?”

Coach Quishui didn’t understand either!

“Brother, what does he want to do!” Liu Li was anxious. Chuck Cannon was able to resist and walk after getting a punch. She was very surprised!

The trainees of other coaches, there was no such thing as the following, they can’t take a punch!!

But, if he punched Luke Carter for nothing, is his brain being hooves of a donkey?

“The ghost knows him? I didn’t expect this kid to be able to carry big, but unfortunately, it’s useless to carry and fight, and it is impossible to win Luke Carter. Luke Carter has no problem with his brain!” Liu Ge disapproved.

He would only laugh at Chuck Cannon’s actions.

“Oh, can you still give me a punch? It’s OK!” Luke Carter shrugged, his eyes flickering after the surprise to Chuck Cannon.

“I don’t want to win without war!” Chuck Cannon said, his voice was calm.

“Oh, what do you mean?” Luke Carter narrowed his eyes!

“You have hit a few people just now, and it took a little bit of strength. Now I have been punched by you, which can offset the strength you used. Then, it is fair for me to beat you, so the next step is the beginning!!!” Chuck made his eyes blink.

It’s not easy to meet an opponent. Chuck Cannon’s respect for an opponent!!

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