Chapter 819 – 820: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 819: Battles Among Tianjiao

Kris Chen smiled bitterly and went straight to other side.

Shaohua Palace was awesome this time, which came from the last ones to the top ones, because two of its disciples successfully entered into the eleventh round.

Even disciples of the Lanting Palace did not enter.

More than two-thirds of the 108 palaces are occupied, and Shaohua palace occupies two places.

Many people cast their eyes over there. Beidou Luo raised his head with his face red for his highlight moment.

Of course, Jianfei Zhan was the proudest, because he is the master of Bixiao and Kris.

After a short time of rest, the order of the 11th round competition had been arranged.

This time, Kris’s opponent was the eldest martial brother of Tianwang Palace in the third place.

This man was the Taoist emperor of the middle period, with the chaotic body of Yin and Yang. The two vitality energy of yin and yang were very powerful, and his Yin Yang Great Grinder could crush thousands of Taoist methods.

Kris had paid close attention to him, who was a once-in-a-million-year talent with excellent combat power, so he should be able to kill half-step immortal.

It was a little bit interesting to fight against such an opponent.

After they fought with each other, Kris could know whether he could compare with the practitioner of Zongdongtian.

Yun Nie was naturally the first one to fight. His opponent should not be underestimated, Lingru Cha, who was a once-in-a-hundred-thousand-year talent and Tao emperor of later period.

This time, Yun Nie defeated Lingru with ten moves.

Chao’s analysis of Yun Nie’s battle showed that his cultivation was definitely higher than Tao emperor and could definitely be compared with Zongdongtian’s practitioner.

Interestingly, he passed the Tao into his opponent’s body in a special way, and then detonated it in that person’s body.

Kris remembered the attack method he liked to use when he was in devil land. At that time, he liked to detonate sword energy to burst out earth-shaking lethality.

However, Kris detonated outside. If he could detonate inside, it would be stronger.

As long as Yun Nie stuck to the end, they would surely have a battle. At that time, Chao would be able to analyze and figure it out.

The sub-system of super power chip had no such powerful function, and only the parent system had.

Lingru vomited a mouthful of blood. Although he was upset to lose, he knew that Yun Nie was merciful to him. “Thank you, elder martial brother Yun Nie.”

No way, he, even as the eldest martial brother of Tianwang Palace, could only bow his head down, calling Yun Nie elder martial brother.

After all, the stronger one was the elder martial brother.

Yun Nie nodded and jumped out of the challenge arena. Countless female disciples yelled, “Elder martial brother Yun Nie, look at me, look at me!”

“How handsome! I want to have sex with him!”

Heijei’s live broadcast room: “Yun Nie, my God, I got to find a way to invite him to say hello to you guys, OK?”

“Once-in-a-million-years Tianjiao was really strong. I’ve decided to register to Lanting palace in a few days!”

Audience was crazy to send bullet chats, and Heijie’s face was slightly red. “In fact, I’m quite into elder martial brother Yun Nie. But he is the elder martial brother out of reach, and I’m just an ordinary female disciple. It is too far away for me to touch him.”

“What are you afraid of? If you like him, tell him. If you can’t get him, give him some aphrodisiac medicine, or you should not call yourself like him. “

Seeing this bullet chat, Heijie covered her face. What did this person say? It was too shameful, but it sounded a good idea.

Now Heijie was a famous broadcaster with hundreds of millions of followers. The gifts she got in her single broadcast were enough for ordinary disciples to practice for hundreds of thousands of years. Even ordinary small sects didn’t have as much resources as she owned.

Frankly speaking, she was a woman with numerous resources. Should she be able to chase Yun Nie?

Just when Heijie made blind and disorderly conjectures, the second game of the eleventh round began.

Guangjia He, who was fond of sword, therefore used it to enter the Tao. When fighting, he was like a sharp blade coming out of its sheath. However when calm, he was just like the water in an ancient well without any ripple.

His opponent was a knife man. As the two people stood together, they war intention between them was boiling.

As for the battle between a swordsman and a knifeman, either the sword was broken or the knife, without a second way to finish.

This reminded Kris of Knife Addict. If he met Guangjia, they should be well-matched in strength.

“Tiandao, Dao Palace!”

“Guangjia, Taoist palace!”

Compared to Guangjia, Tiandao’s eyes were sharper and more arrogant, full of overbearing.

“I’ve always wanted to fight you.”

“So your dream comes true.”

“I’ve been wandering outside all the time before. It’s interesting to hear about your reputation. As a swordsman, it’s boring to have no opponent. I think you are the same.”

“You’re bored, but I’m not. I’m fond of swords. How can I feel bored?”

They two seemed to be talking, but the invisible sword lights and knife lights collided and the challenge arena was cut out with countless scratches.

“Let’s see if your sword is as powerful as your mouth.”

Tiandao made an immaterial knife by his hand. A giant knife cohered with his Tao.

It was simple battle between knife and sword as they were talking, and the next was the real confrontation to decide the outcome.

It always only took a few moves to decide the winner no matter for swordsman or knifeman.

Guangjia stood there, like an unyielding sword to pierce the sky.



The two men attacked almost at the same time.


No wind around, but everything was moving since the powerful energy couldn’t be released as it was blocked by the protective cover.

The light curtain trembled.

“Click, click!”

The condensed weapon was broken, with cracks appearing in the body of that immaterial knife.


The next second the knife was shattered, and an invisible sword was on Tiandao’s neck.

“You lost!” Guangjia put down his sword with such words, and walked down the stage.

“Wait!” Cried Tiandao.

“What’s the matter?”

“Please stab me with your sword here!” Tiandao pointed to his chest!

Everyone was confused. It was just a battle, it was unnecessary to abuse Tiandao himself.

Guangjia nodded, and then waved a sword light to chop it on his chest.

All of a sudden, a wound appeared on his body, which was very deep with blood rolling. Even his ribs and the beating heart inside could be seen.

“Thank you!”

Tiandao said to Guangjia, “Next time, I won’t lose to you again. I will keep this wound for a lifetime.”

With that, Tiandao jumped off the challenge arena and left without looking back.

He was a pure swordsman, so for him, nothing was more cruel than putting a weapon on his neck.

Kris smiled for such an interesting thing. It was rare to encounter such a pure swordsman and knifeman.

No matter for a swordsman or a knifeman, their weapon was used to kill people, not for competition, so Guangjia really chopped Tiandao as he requires.

The head of the Dao palace sighed, “Why a knifeman was born since there was already a strong swordsman?” Guangjia was highly appraised in his speech.

The audience was burst of cheers, and Guangjia got many fans.

“What a powerful knife, and what a powerful sword! I didn’t expect to see the battle between a pure swordsman and a pure knifeman on a live broadcast.”

“My hands are itching. Can I have any brothers to Lanting Immortal Palace to have a see together?”

“I’d like to. I want to see the legendary Tianjiao.”

With the live broadcast, the reputation of the pure knifeman Tiandao and Lanting’s little king of sword Guangjia were also widely spread, and soon they were on the hot topic.

This was definitely a good opportunity for Lanting Immortal Palace to become famous.

Zhoudao came as the third, and his opponent was Zhaoxuan, the second elder martial brother of the Sun Moon Palace in the fifth Taoist rite!

This man was practicing the Tao of circle. It was said that he had reached the third level of Sun and Moon Technique, coupled with extraordinary strength and strong starry body.

Although the starry body ranked after 2000 among different bodies, it was marvelous to match Sun and Moon Technique.

The acupuncture points in his body had all lit up the stars, so his every move contained the Tao of heavens with terrible strength.

Nobody knew how the competition was arranged that Zhoudao met such a strong opponent in the eleventh round.

If two tigers fought against each other, one must be injured.

“Zhoudao, Changsheng Palace!”

“Zhaoxuan, Sun Moon Palace!”

Both of them had natural expressions. Zhaoxuan was surrounded by the sun, moon and stars. Standing there, he seemed like a universe with ultimate mystery.

Kris got interested if he extrapolated the way of stars?

Was that the combination of the starry body and the projection of Taoism?

This opened up Kris’s mind. Really interesting.

“Long love!”

“Falling Moon!”

Zhoudao waved his fist lightly, so did Zhaoxuan.

These two punches seemed to be normal, but in the eyes of outsiders they saw that two stars collided.

Thousands of life died, and everything collapsed.


The power of the explosion collided and then disappeared in silence, which showed that they could control their power to the extreme.

It was not true power that two people hit each other with punches, and their released power tore up everything.

It was harder to control power than to release it!

“The sun is the main, and the moon is the secondary to rotate Yin and Yang.” As Zhaoxuan said so, a sun and a moon suddenly appeared in the sky.

Zhoudao was tied up by a great pull, which was an important killing move, using the pull of the sun and the moon as the base of the seal.

Chapter 820: Poor Man

This kind of master is almost matchless.

If Kris guessed right, the sun and moon around him should be some kind of special protection.


Dao Zhou said plainly, and punched once again.

Xuan Zhao felt a mournful roar was coming toward his ears, a sound that frightened him and even chilled his bone.

Even the deepest sorrow in his heart was stirred.

The traction was disintegrated, the sun and moon shattered.

Xuan Zhao retreated several steps, and the remaining attacks were blocked by the power of t he sun and moon in front of him.

He knew how powerful Dao Zhou was, and this man was willing to do anything and suffer anything in order to revive his wife.

As long as it can improve his strength, he will definitely do it.

He is not a Tianjiao, but he works many times harder than Tianjiao. He is not a talent man, but he pushes himself so hard and squeezes his lifespan just to indulge his potential.

This is the reason why half of his hair is already grey when he is in his prime.

Because he is not a Tianjiao, so his path is way more difficult than Tianjiao. It’s so hard for him to reach the Eternity, he must fight with all his might, and even his own life.

Dao Zhou’s face is icy, he can only go straight ahead, because he has no choice. It’s okay if he dies, then he can accompany his wife.

Although he admired Dao Zhou, but it’s impossible to ask him to surrender.

The Starry Body is powerful because it can borrow the power of the stars around his body to cultivate and improve his power and physical body.

With the special Sun and Moon Technique, Xuan Zhao’s true ability is indeed strong, and before coming to the Rank Battle, he had already defeated a semi-immortal level expert, and his was also a junior Tianjiao.

His ability at this moment should be infinitely close to Immortality.

At this moment, the Starry Power in his body exploded out like streaming river.

Thousands of stars emerged behind him, and the great Starry Power crushed in every direction.

He wanted to crush Dao Zhou, wanted to suppress him with the power of the Heaven.

Dao Zhou stood there, “If the stars want to crush me, I will smash those stars. If the sky obstructs me, I will break the sky!”

Manic power emerged from Dao Zhou’s body, that was the Changsheng Palace, the power of the Immortality Magic.

Immortality Magic leads to immortal, yet it’s not an easy job to live a long long life.

Dao Zhou walks from life to death, reversed the practice of the Immortality Magic, the pain of which is not known by other people, and the higher the level of cultivation, the faster the rate of decline of his life.

So he has to keep searching for treasure to increase his life span.


Dao Zhou shouted out.

Faced with the raging Starry Power, Dao Zhou fought back.

He had suffered too much in his life.


The terrifying death rendered the power of the Stars, and in the blink of an eye, all the stars dimmed, and the terrifying power seemed to want to suck away his age.

Xuan Zhao’s eyes were filled with horror.

Just as the death was approaching, Dao Zhou put his hand at his back, “You, lost!”

Xuan Zhao stood there, his body already wet with cold sweat, he said with a bitter smile, “Yes, I’m the loser!”

“Woah, woah!”

Suddenly, Dao Zhou coughed violently, even vomited blood.

He took out a Ganoderma and stuff it into his mouth like he has did it thousand times, which could increase his life span by three months.

After swallowing Ganoderma, Dao Zhou stopped coughing, which was the side effect of the practice Immortality Magic reversely.

Gaining great power, but the cost is his age has been plundered.

It could be said that Immortality Magic has turned from a sacred way to an evil way.

Orthodox practice of Immortality Magic is time-consuming, but once it has been cultivated, the cultivator will be extremely powerful.

Dao Zhou wants to improve his strength in a short time, borrows his future.

“Thank you for being mercy, senior brother.”

Xuan Zhao bowed down hurriedly.

Dao Zhou waved his hand and got out of the ring.

He was a lonely man, and other people always comment him to be ‘pitiful’, or a soulful man.

Kris, on the contrary, felt it’s good. In his previous life, he has been through numerous rounds of reincarnation to revive Mary’s true soul.

He did respect Dao Zhou, he felt like they can be friends.

He is a friend worth making if he didn’t go crooked.

“Abin, audiences are cheering when someone wins, why is everyone so quiet when he wins?”

“Yes, yes, is it that he is not a good guy?”

Abin gave a grimace and explained, “It’s not what you think, it’s a long story, I’ll tell you what ……”

After listening to Abin’s explanation, many people sent bullet screens, “Oh my God, there is actually such an infatuated man in the world.”

“He’s really a good man, in order to revive his lover, he can abandon his own lifespan.”

“Yeah, I really respect brother Zhou and I hope that I can come across a man like him in the future.”

“Yes, I really admire senior brother Zhou, I hope I can be like him in the future.” Abin said.

Many female fans who were watching Jie Hei’s livestreaming were moved into tears, they kept donating online.

“Jie Hei, let’s crowdfund to buy Brother Zhou more treasures to increase his life span, okay?”

“Good, count me in!”

All of a sudden, bullet screens filled the whole screen!

Jie Hei said, “Okay, later I will discuss with the manager, let the company set up a special account for brother Zhou, so that it will also be convenient for us to donate to him.”

“Jie Hei, that’s you, you are beautiful and kind.”

“Love you!”

Jie Hei smiled sweetly and once again concentrated on the ring.

The fourth one to compete was Laosi Lu, as soon as he walked on the stage, the whole hall booed, “Shit, it’s him, the bloody fatty again!”

Laosi Lu was annoyed, “You can say I’m fat, but bloody fatty is too rude! Watch your language!”

“He really knows how to operate smartly, I’ve never seen anyone like him.”

“Fuck you, Brother Lu is good at defensing, are you jealous? If you are not convinced, come and face me!”

Laosi grunted, and the Taoist masters and Sect masters of Jingyang Palace on the stage all felt embarrassed.

No one had expected that Laosi, who was the least favored, had fought his way out.

Although he entered the top twenty, but still, a little bit awkward!

It’s just that he’s robust and resilient, and speaks so rude that make the competition ungraceful.

Disciples in other palaces are either handsome or upright.

He stood there like a ball.

“Taoist master, got it, Laosi is not that a chaos body, but Xuanwu divine body!”

“What? Xuanwu divine body? He is a human, how can he be a Xuanwu divine body?”

“This …… It’s probably because he has relatives who own Xuanwu divine body, he should be inherited it from his ancestors.”

Taoist master waved his hand, “Xuanwu divine body is not a problem, so it makes sense for his advancing.”

Laosi’s master muttered, “You guys still look down on him, if it wasn’t for my disciple’s good luck and awakening his Xuanwu divine body, can we be so smooth this time?”

Xuanwu divine body ranked after Top 1,000, the biggest characteristic of this divine body is resilience, and the more you fight him, the stronger his defense will be.

If you do not break his tolerance limit, then he will convert part of the energy to attack into defense, you attack while the opponent’s defense ability continues to improve, how can you win?

So there are people who call the Xuanwu divine body as the most rogue divine body.

However, because the bad ability to attack, one can only take a beating passively, so he ranked after Top 1,000.

“Why are looking at me? Don’t you want to come up and fight me? I’ll stand here and give you a fight, scum, only dare to scream from below!”

“That beauty, if not for your appearance, I would have punched you in the face, what the hell.”

It’s okay to call him fat, it’s definitely not okay to call him a bloody fatty.

Also, it is absolutely not allowed to say he is not handsome, he can’t accept that.

People under the stage looked at Laosi’s arrogant manner, they were so angry, but there was nothing they could do.

Nah… although Laosi is disreputable, he plays fair, otherwise he couldn’t enter the eleventh round.

“Laosi, you will definitely be blown away by your opponent in this round, I’ll wait for you down here.”

“Bullshit, only I can beat up others easily, no one else can defeat me!”

After he said that, senior brother Han Lin from Lingxu Palace who ranked sixth walked over, he was speechless to hear this, “Oh, I heard that you want to crush me, so come on!”

Laosi turned around to see who’s talking, then he said quickly, “Hey! Senior brother Lin, don’t get me wrong, they’re the ones stirring up trouble here.”

“Is that so? I don’t think so.”

Han Lin said.

“If you don’t think so, then that’s fine, if you want to fight, just fight, why are you making a pretence, do you really think I’m afraid of you?”

Laosi was arguing with the disciples under the stage, he didn’t want to see Han Lin putting on air now.

They were about to fight, his opponent couldn’t admit defeat if he tried to surrender.


Han Lin snorted coldly, and attacked Laosi without saying one more word. He couldn’t stand it!

In an instant, a fierce attack slashed at Laosi’s body, he was blown away!

Laosi climbed up from the ground and patted the dust, “Rubbish, where’s your strength? Too gentle!”

Hearing this, Kris couldn’t help but laugh out loud, “What he said is tough and cruel, yet he has been beating wo hard!”

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