“What does this sneak attack dog say? What did you say, do you want to win by fighting? He has the face to say such things? If you don’t want to win without fighting, why did you attack the girl just now?”

“I’m so shocked!”

The scene is lively!!

This is contempt for Chuck Cannon!

Chuck Cannon’s words, like a joke, amused them!!

In their opinion, Chuck Cannon has become a clown!

“F**k, this silly pen is enough to pretend, just now he was punched by Luke Carter. What is it? Want to be fair!!” Liu Ge laughed!

Liu Li rolled her eyes!


Your fairness will let Luke Carter knock you off in the next second!!

“Oh, don’t want to win without fighting?”

Coach Quishui, who was handling the matter, was astonished, and put down the announcement in her hand, and looked up!

Luke Carter frowned, “You still need me to punch you??”


Luke Carter punched out!

This is the power of Luke Carter’s punch!

Chuck Cannon has serious eyes!

That’s it!


The fists of the two of them collided with each other like a bullet!

No one showed weakness!

Luke Carter narrowed his eyes, “Actually, there are still two more shots!”


Luke Carter grinned grimly, raised his leg and blasted out!

Chuck Cannon resisted one by one!

In such a moment, unexpectedly everyone had hit seven or eight punches!

Chuck Cannon was still standing?

Haven’t lost yet?

“Isn’t it possible? I’m dazzled, it’s definitely my dazzling! This sneak attack dog actually fought with Luke Carter, and hasn’t lost the wind?”

“Unbelievable! I thought Luke Carter could hit him with two punches, so many punches now! Isn’t this evenly matched!!”

“Absolutely, I didn’t expect that in our freshman, there is actually a master hidden!”

The audience was in an uproar!!

Stuck in awe!

Luke Carter’s fists were like steel!

Chuck Cannon’s fist was like steel!

The two men are fighting in the same battle against each other.

Who thought of this?

No one in the audience thought of it!

Chuck Cannon can actually last for so long. You must know that whether it was during the screening match, or in a wheel fight, or when Luke Carter was one-on-three, Luke Carter had one way to solve one person!

One punch!

But at the moment!

Not only did Chuck Cannon not get a second kill, but he also fought head-to-head with Luke Carter!

“Ashley Whitney, did you see that Chuck Cannon, who attacked you just now, was so powerful!”

Ashley Whitney also saw it. She was slowly shocked after Luke Carter’s three punches hadn’t hit Chuck Cannon!

How long can Chuck Cannon carry?

This is not only a question from Ashley, but also a question from many people on the scene!

“This student?? Attack, speed, strength, is actually on par with Luke Carter?” Coach Quishui was astonished!


This is a head-to-head punch!

Separate the fighting Chuck Cannon and Luke Carter!

Luke Carter’s face began to look ugly, he used most of his strength, but it was useless to take Chuck Cannon?

This is a situation he has never encountered before?

Luke Carter was thinking about it!

In this situation, Chuck Cannon jumped out halfway. Is this really going to compete with himself for the first place in the freshman competition?

He was bound to win!

No, absolutely can’t let this guy who jumped out halfway to take his first place!

The first is your own!

No one else can take it away!

Luke Carter shot crazy in his eyes!


Luke Carter rushed over like a beast. His speed is what he is most proud of. He wants to actively attack so that no one can resist, including Chuck Cannon in front of him!!

The sturdy leg is lifted up, this is a flying leg, the tree can be kicked off, he would definitely be seriously injured!

The insult just now!

Yes, it would be an insult to Luke Carter if he didn’t get a person in one minute!!

This insult from Chuck Cannon, Luke Carter must double back!

Chuck Cannon squinted!


This leg kicked Chuck Cannon seven or eight meters!

Luke Carter was fierce, fighting was his strong point. He has never met an opponent, and he actually chooses to fight empty-handed. Well, to satisfy you!

Luke Carter’s grinning smile reminded the onlookers that he was number one.

Chuck Cannon came out, and he was just a defeated man!!

“It’s okay, after carrying it for so long, Chuck Cannon will definitely not be able to get up with Luke Carter!”

“I think so too, ah! Impossible, Chuck Cannon got up?”

The audience was in an uproar!!


Luke Carter raised his leg and kicked it out again, still swift and violent, and still heavy gravity!

“This is a little bit like!”

Chuck Cannon stood up from the ruins, leapt and appeared in front of Luke Carter at an incredible speed!

Luke Carter has a grinning smile, so close, kicking you to death!

Kick out with a terrible foot, this kick can break your ribs!


Chuck Cannon actually avoided!

Luke Carter was angry, then kicks again!

It was still avoided by Chuck Cannon!

Luke Carter felt bad in his heart. This was his strongest attack. No one had the right to let him use it before!

Now it’s used, it’s useless to Chuck Cannon!

Luke Carter thought fiercely, no, if this continues, Chuck Cannon may have the upper hand!

Then Chuck Cannon might beat him!

Such an incident is absolutely not allowed to be discovered on oneself!


Luke Carter took out a sharp dagger from his waist!

This is a weapon used by ordinary mercenaries!


The dagger stabbed Chuck Cannon’s shoulder!

Chuck Cannon frowned, he was disappointed!

He fought with Luke Carter openly, but he was actually a shame?

“What more clothes are you wearing? But ah, it’s useless, soldiers are not tired of fraud, do you know? Haha, you learn it!”


Luke Carter’s swift kick was shocking, and he kicked Chuck Cannon’s chest!


Chuck Cannon flew out eight meters, landed, and plunged into the ruins again!


The audience was silent!

No one thought that the powerful Luke Carter would attack him?


They were stunned and couldn’t recover their heads!

Coach Quishui frowned, “Luke Carter, how can this student be like this?”

“Chuck Cannon was attacked! Luke Carter actually did it!” Ashley Whitney muttered to herself, unable to believe this scene.

How could a person like Luke Carter make a sneak attack!

“Hey, Luke Carter actually attacked! I didn’t expect it! He might still be able to fight, I didn’t expect it!”

“Maybe, we misunderstood just now. He has this kind of strength. During the screening game just now, there is no need for a sneak attack!”

“That’s it! We made a mistake, it seems, Luke Carter is the sneak attack dog!”

“What about the sneak attack? Anyway, Chuck Cannon can’t get up. This time the freshman contest’s first place, and it is still Luke Carter’s!”

Onlookers were discussing!

Ashley Whitney was surprised, yes, Chuck Cannon was strong, there is no need to sneak attack on her!

Ashley Whitney thought about it. Chuck Cannon suddenly appeared in front of her just now, but he didn’t take any action. Instead, he waited for her to take action before doing it…

Also, Ashley Whitney saw Chuck Cannon’s fierce fighting appearance, the familiarity in her heart unexpectedly came out again!

The freshmen onlookers regretted Chuck Cannon for the first time, but the regret was useless. With Luke Carter’s knife and kick, Chuck Cannon flew so far away, he definitely couldn’t stand up!

This time the freshman contest, Luke Carter was beyond doubt!!

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