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Chapter 82: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

The Rise Of A Poor Husband – Chapter 82 Kill him!
The man who led them looked thuggish and had a scary scar on his face.

After Scar came in, he knocked on the table in the conference room with a stick, “Who the hell stirred up trouble in the Martin Group. Step forward!”

Barr laughed when he saw that Scar was here, “Ha-ha…”

“Colin! You are not going to get out of here alive!”

Colin turned to talk to Alan, with his back facing Scar. After hearing Barr’s words, he glanced at Barr sullenly before turning around with a frown.

At this time, the others present were shocked and horrified.

“Bastard, you got these people here? What are you up to?” Alan pointed at those people with trembled fingers.

Barr smiled hideously and got up from the chair he was sitting on, and wiped the blood off the corner of his mouth, “Dad, stay out of this. Leave it to me!”

After Gerd broke into Martin Group’s Light Steel last time, Barr contacted Scar to kill Colin. In his opinion, no matter how powerful Gerd was, he couldn’t knock down Scar and his men.

So not long after Colin arrived here, he sent a text message to Scar, telling him to rush over.

Alan was even angrier when he heard this, “What the hell are you going to do?”

“Dad, think about it. We have offended the Marquis Group, and we may not be spared in the future. Why don’t we just put an end to this today? We’ll have a new chairman of the Marquis Group, and the Marquis Group may be ours in the future!”

With that, Alan froze for a moment, his eyes drooping slightly.

What Barr said made sense. They had offended the Marquis Group, and it would be difficult to repair the relationship between them. They might as well get the Marquis Group a chairman who could bring them benefits.

Seeing that Alan kept silent, Barr stuck out his chest like a victorious rooster, and said proudly, “Colin! You get yourself into trouble. Don’t blame others!”

“You actually asked my dad to beat me! How dare you order him! You son of a bitch!”

“I’ll kill you and then tell the public that you are missing. I’ll ask someone who looks like you to drive your car away and then put your body into cement and sink you into the river. No one would know where you are!”

“There are so many people missing every day. Who will care if you die?”


Barr got more excited as he talked as if what he said had happened and as if he had seen a bright future, such as after Colin died, Doris would be his woman.

Upon seeing this, Alan covered his chest and said, “You, you…”

He couldn’t say a word, but his lowered head meant that he had acquiesced to Barr’s actions. He was merely pretending to be too angry to speak.

Barr said to Scar, “Brother Scar, kill this bastard. I’ll grant you whatever you want.”

After saying this, he took a look at Colin triumphantly and then looked at Scar with a fawning smile.

Scar looked dumbfounded at the moment.

When Colin turned around, he found that the person Barr wanted him to deal with was Colin, so he froze.

Hearing Barr’s words, he felt he was going to be finished.

“Bo…bo…boss…” Scar swallowed and forced out a smile.

After saying this, he involuntarily glanced at Gerd. He didn’t want to appreciate Gerd’s strength anymore. Would he anger Colin this time?

How come he met him again? He was a real troublemaker!

Colin glanced at Scarface lazily and said nothing.

Barr over there thought that Scar was calling him boss. After all, he paid Scar to kill Colin. It was normal for Scar to call him boss.

Barr said to Scar, “Don’t worry. I will give you the money you want. Just do it cleanly.”

Scar looked gloomy, “Damn you! Shut up!”

Saying this, he cast a stern glance at Barr with ruthless eyes, as if trying to cut him to pieces.

Barr was stunned.

So were the others.

Scar ignored Barr, but walked up to Colin and said with a fawning smile, “Boss.”

After leading the gang for so many years, he naturally knew who was the best choice. The Martin Group was good, but the Marquis Group was the most influential in Tianbei City. Its owner was generous, which was simply incomparable.

The people of the Martin Group were dumbfounded when they heard Scar’s words.

Wasn’t Scar hired to kill Colin by Barr?

Why did Scar call Colin boss?

Why did he fawn Colin?

Barr was even more confused. It was him who called Scar here, and it was he who hired him to kill Colin. Why did he call Colin boss?

Did Colin also know Scar?

At this moment, Barr was completely confused.

Colin glanced at the several people from the Martin Group, chuckled lightly, and said slowly, “I was going do you a favor to let you go, but you don’t want it.”

Seeing this, Scar immediately asked, “Boss, do you want me to kill him in the way he said?”

People like him had always been revengeful and cruel.

Barr was instantly scared when he heard this, and said in a trembled voice, “Colin! You will break the law! Don’t you dare!”

Colin looked at him leisurely, “You won’t break the law if you kill me, but I will if I kill you? And why don’t I dare?”

Barr took a few steps back in shock when he heard this. His heart was beating quickly in fear.

John’s eyes flickered when he saw this, but he didn’t say anything to dissuade Colin.

Alan had to say, “Mr. Ward, don’t be so cruel!”

Barr was his son. How could he watch his son be killed indifferently?

Colin smiled.

“You can’t be more shameless. If I’m cruel, what about you guys?”

Hearing this, the several people from Martin Group were embarrassed.

Alan was speechless.

Colin intended to let them go, but Barr called someone to kill him and wanted to take over his company!

Colin was just dealing with Barr as Barr dealt with him. Moreover, Colin didn’t really intend to kill Barr. He was a law-abiding citizen anyway.

The reason why he didn’t refuse Scar’s advice was just trying to scare Barr and make him behave himself.

Colin snorted softly and said to Barr, “Barr, you asked for it. You can’t blame anyone else. But don’t worry, I won’t kill you. Even if I want to deal with you, I will destroy your companies first.”

“So… be prepared to close down!”

After that, Colin glanced at Gerd and Scar and walked out of the meeting room.

Seeing this, Gerd followed.

Scar waved to his men and they followed out of the meeting room.

Barr was still panic and scared. Hearing Colin’s words, he slumped into a chair next to him like a deflated ball.

The others looked at each other.

Alan was shaking with anger, and his chest heaved.

“Slap!” Alan gave Barr the loudest slap.

Barr finally sobered up.


“Don’t call my dad! You are not my son! You moron!” Alan furiously said.

Originally, Colin was going to withdraw his order of attacking the Martin Group, but Barr messed it up and made them offend the Marquis Group thoroughly!

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