When the audience regretted, Luke Carter was unmoved, he smiled slightly and took away the dagger!

Did not look at Chuck Cannon in the ruins!

What else needs to be seen?

That kick, Luke Carter made the strongest blow. Luke Carter was confident that Chuck Cannon will break all his ribs!

Can you stand up after being seriously injured?

“Is anyone still challenging!?” Luke Carter asked proudly.

No one answered!

Luke Carter smiled slightly, “Coach Qiushui, please announce it!”

Coach Qiushui frowned, “Yes! This time the freshman competition’s first horse…”

Luke Carter feels relieved!

First, as expected, no one can threaten to be the first place in the freshman competition!!

“Look! Inside the ruins, it’s moving!”

But suddenly someone screamed!

The cry revealed that he saw an incredible thing!!

All eyes shifted!

On top of the ruins just now!

Got up alone!

Like a sculpture!!

“He was kicked by Luke Carter and he actually stood up?”


At the scene, everyone was shocked for an instant!

“Is he okay?”

Ashley Whitney was stunned, and several girls also fell into horror!

Luke Carter didn’t kick them, but the power frightened them! Chuck Cannon can actually stand up?

“I, I think, Chuck Cannon, is it the one who saved me?” Ashley Whitney thought again.

Chuck Cannon was so powerful that he can fight Luke Carter, and he can get up even if he is kicked. These all represent Chuck Cannon’s strength!!

So did he lead the Bear away by committing a risk!

Why did he do this?

Does he like her?

Ashley Whitney was lost!

“Oh, I said it wasn’t Chuck Cannon… But, Chuck Cannon made me look at him this time!”

Several girls said negatively.

“This freshman is good, can stand up!”

Coach Qiushui was surprised again.

“I played well with you, you attacked like this? What is this? I was wrong, I shouldn’t have thought you as my opponent!” Chuck Cannon walked out of the ruins.

He wiped off the blood falling from the corner of his mouth himself!

This blood is a testimony of his being attacked just now!!

Luke Carter widened his eyes and fell into horror!!

“How could you still stand up?” Luke Carter kicked him, he still doesn’t know the power?

The tree with the thick mouth had to be kicked off, but Chuck Cannon actually carried it down?

“You will see me more!”

Chuck Cannon walked step by step!

The momentum is pressing!

Luke Carter sneered, “How about you being able to get up? Just now my foot has hurt you badly, and now you are a frightened bird, and you have reached the point of hard support. Okay, you want me to hurt more seriously, why can’t I do it? What about you?”


Luke Carter punches!!

This was an instant speed!

The audience was horrified!!

It’s so fast, Luke Carter moves really!

Can Chuck Cannon, who has just been seriously injured, come down?

Impossible to carry it!

“Hey, I didn’t expect that Chuck Cannon actually let Luke Carter sneak attack!”

“It’s useless to get up, Luke Carter’s punch, Chuck Cannon can’t hold it!”

The freshman has denied Chuck Cannon!

It’s useless to get up!

It’s better to continue lying down, and you won’t be seriously injured!



A wide slap was thrown at an incredible angle, avoiding Luke Carter’s fist!!

Luke Carter’s eyes widened, he felt his whole head heavier, and his body almost fell to the ground.

Threw up?

Luke Carter let out a mouthful of blood, his entire face was numb!

He was so surprised that he was slapped in the face?

Was spiked?

Impossible, how could Chuck Cannon be better than him? He is the ranked first freshman!!

“You can have speed and strength, but I have seen through your moves. When you meet ordinary people, you can make them vulnerable to one blow, you can fly them with one punch, and you can kill them with one punch, but there are too many flaws. Encountering me… my attack methods will make you rubbish!!”

Chuck Cannon spoke expressionlessly, and the movement of walking along was absolutely indifferent!

Luke Carter seemed to see the illusion walking towards him, it was incredible!


Luke Carter roared, he is the first ranked freshman, how could he lose to him? Slapped by Chuck Cannon!


He blasted out with a punch, with a terrifying power that could kill people!

If Luke Carter wanted Chuck Cannon to pay, he dared to slap himself in the face!


Chuck Cannon raised his fist and the two fists banged against each other!

Luke Carter was full of pain, he felt his fist hit the steel plate!

Chuck Cannon was still expressionless, his whole body seemed to be rooted, like a sculpture!!

Luke Carter was stunned!

He himself knew that he could smash a rock with his own punch, but Chuck Cannon took it easy at this moment. How could this be possible?

In an instant, everything in Luke Carter’s heart was overturned by this punch!

The audience was shocked!!

It’s incredible!

Chuck Cannon got up and was not beaten by Luke Carter. He actually slapped Luke Carter and was evenly matched with Luke Carter!

Is this an illusion?

Nobody knows!

Just knowing this scene, it’s horrifying!!

“You are not worthy of being my opponent!”

Chuck Cannon walked over, Luke Carter gritted his teeth, his body was like a wind, and he leapt forward like a beast, “Go to death!!”

He waved his fists and smashed it airtight!

The horrible afterimage is enough to shock countless people. This is his ultimate move. With five punches per second, he wants to crush the shame just now!!


Chuck Cannon just raised his hand suddenly!

The sound of a beating of flesh rang!

Luke Carter’s head was very heavy, and he was completely uncontrollable staggering to the side, he vomited blood, his hideous face was full of shock!

What’s wrong with me?


Chuck Cannon raised his big hand and threw it out again!!

Luke Carter snorted and fell to the ground, blood in his mouth again!

“Get up!!!” Chuck Cannon said upset!

Luke Carter got up in shock instinctively, how could this be?

“You angered me!!”

Chuck Cannon slapped again as he waved his big hand!!


Luke Carter let out a scream, fell to the ground, howling!

Dizzy, can’t climb it at all!

Chuck Cannon was coming!

Luke Carter was horrified, “Stop fighting, I surrender!!”

Yes, Chuck Cannon’s terrifying strength shocked him, and if he continues to fight like this, he will be seriously injured!

“What did Luke Carter say? He gave up?”

“Mine, Chuck Cannon scared Luke Carter?”

Here, there was another exclamation!

This was the first one just now. He lost his dignity at this moment, he is now begging for mercy!!

All this was given to Luke Carter by Chuck Cannon!

“Giving up, surrendering can make up for your sneak attack on me just now? It’s not that easy!!” Chuck Cannon moved!

His feet kicked!

Luke Carter was afraid to get up!

Want to hide!

But it’s too late!


Luke Carter flew out ten meters and crashed into the ruins!

One second passed, two seconds passed, ten seconds passed…

One minute!

Luke Carter didn’t get up, he was motionless!

The freshmen in the audience realized that Luke Carter lost and Chuck Cannon won!

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