Chapter 821 – 822: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 821: Exercised Magic Power

“You’ll die!”

Han Lin could not stand this kind of provocation. Countless attacks fell on Laosi Lu’s body, and the damage was getting higher and higher.

Laosi’s face turned red and there was blood in his throat, but swallowed by him.

“Han, is that all you can do? I just stand, you can’t even beat me, if I were you, I’d find a piece of tofu and crash to death.”

Han was almost mad at Laosi’s words, “Lingxu Finger!”

He pointed at Laosi, the Lingxu Power, which could erase thousands of stars, burst out from the tip of his finger, if this shot hit, it could directly shoot Laosi.

Even if he could not be killed, he could still break his defense and defeat him.

Moreover, the sect has a rule that you can’t kill people, but you can injure them.

This man provoked him in front of so many people, if he didn’t teach him a lesson, what face would he have?

“Come on, let me know how strong the Lingxu Palace’s mastery really is.”

Laosi gritted his teeth, a trace of ruthlessness flashed in his eyes.

he knew the Lingxu Finger, it was the main achievement method of Lingxu Palace, theoretically, the attack power was not limited, as long as the user was strong enough, the more powerful the Lingxu Finger would be.

“Immovable Xuanwu!”

Laosi was surrounded by a faint green flow of air, forming a thin shell, and this was the Xuanwu Divine Shield!

One of his ancestors was a Tortoise, but that was tens of thousands of generations ago, to him now ninety-nine percent were human blood, but the luck could not be stopped, he awakened the Xuanwu divine body.

Until a few decades ago, he managed to unlock the suppression which human bloodline on the Xuanwu bloodline.

This was also the reason why he hadn’t been famous all these years.


The huge impact directly made Laosi fly over the edge before he managed to stop.

Han had thought that this would definitely break his defense, but what he didn’t expect was that not only did Laosi’s shield not break, but it became even tougher, the green light flowing, as if it could block all attacks.

“Han, you are weak, it’s only scratching my itch!”

Laosi suffered a serious beating while taunting, but the angrier Han became, the heavier the strike, the more sarcastic Laosi became.

“Han is a woman, beating people softly and powerlessly.”

Lin Han was so angry that he almost spat blood, but he couldn’t break his shield!

The audiences on the stage were bored.

“Senior brother Lin is not deliberate, right?”

“This is too bad, the opponent didn’t fight back and let him fight, he couldn’t even break the defense!”

“Well, the best disciple of the Lingxu Palace, the name falls short of the reality.”

The crowd whispered, “Look, what else can he do but rage?”

“Although Laosi is a bit sarcastic, what he said is the truth.”

Hearing the words of the onlookers, Han almost spat blood!

He was really so angry, he couldn’t break his shield.

“Break it!”

“Break it!”

The attacks were endless, and Laosi was passively taking it, rolling around like a ball.

But the smile on his face became thicker and thicker.

In fact, the most powerful thing about the Xuanwu Divine Body was not only defense, in addition to transforming attacks into defense, it could also transform them into attacks!

“Zhentian Xuanwu!”

Laosi bounced up suddenly and then fell from the sky.


It smashed down with the momentum of an ancient god.

Laosi sat on Han’body and Han directly passed out.

When the smoke cleared, the crowd looked clearly at the center of the explosion and were dumbfounded.

“This… This…”

“God, I can’t believe that Laosi sat on Brother Lin and he fainted!”

“It’s… It’s too strong, right?”

After the farcical battle ended, Laosi wiggled his big ass and walked away.

The Taoist Master of Lingxu Palace covered his face, disgraced, it was really too disgraced.

His most beloved disciple had actually lost by being sat on his body, what a disgrace, he didn’t even want to see!

He thought Han would be able to enter the top ten, but now his hopes were dashed.

Sighing, it looked like their Taoist rite’s ranking was going to go backwards in this year’s Sequence Battle.

Kris laughed, Laosi was really astute.

When Laosi got out of the ring, everyone in Jingyang Palace jumped up.

“Senior Brother Lu, you are so handsome!”

“Senior Brother Lu, your ass is really awesome.”

Laosi was so happy, “Keep a low profile, keep a low profile.”

On the other hand, after Han was dragged out of the ring, he learned that he was knocked out by Laosi’s ass, he left the Lanting Immortal Palace at that time, it was too humiliating, it was too humiliating!

Soon, it was the turn of Kris.

“Junior brother, go for it!”

“Junior brother, we will cheer you.”

They said in unison.

Kris touched his nose, “Thank you, senior brothers.”

Bixiao opened his mouth to say something, but finally just calmly said, “Be safe.”

Kris nodded his head and jumped into the ring.

At this moment, Beidou Luo and others kept making bets with people from the surrounding Taoist Palaces in an attempt to win something from them.

“You bastard, be a man, look at these two disciples, one is stronger than the other!”

“Shame on you, you’re robbing?”

“Bah, I just throw things down from here and reward all the disciples, I don’t even make bet with you.”

Hearing their words, Beidou sighed, Zongtian Tan lost a lot.

“The disciples are too good, it’s very unfulfilling to be the Taoist Master!”

The crowd raised their middle fingers in unison.

It seems that when these Taoist masters have nothing to do, they often watch the Practitioner’s circle and know what it means to put up the middle finger.

Kris got into the ring, and Shenglai Dong was already in the ring.

“Tianwang Palace, Shenglai!”

“Shaohua Palace, Liangchen Ye!”

After the greeting, Shenglai said, “I saw your match, you are hiding your strength, right?”

Kris laughed, “There is no one shows all his strength at once.”

Shenglai laughed, “That’s right.”

“You are a good opponent, I hope you can give your best.”

Shenglai said, “Remember it, be careful of my Yin Yang Great Grinder, if you touch it you will hurt, and even it will kill you!”

Kris nodded his head, he thought Shenglai was a good man, he didn’t have that overbearing feeling on him.

And he also told him to be careful, a bit interesting.

“Be careful too, senior brother, my fist is very heavy, you are easy to be knocked out of the ring.”

“Haha, then I’ll take a lesson.”

Shenglai’s hands blossomed with divine light, the Yin Yang Power poured into his hands, and the Yin Yang Great Grinder suppressed down.

Although he told Kris to be careful, he had no intention of showing mercy.

This was out of respect for Kris, and also out of recognition of Kris’s strength.

“Shaking Fist!”


As soon as the fists clashed, Kris felt the strong power eroding his fists.

The combat power was eliminated, and Shenglai smiled, “Good, junior brother is really strong.”

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

“Yin Yang Battle Technique!”

“All-Embracing Dharma!”


Shenglai retreated three steps and Kris retreated one step.

With this punch, Kris probably knew the strength of Shenglai, who was able to suppress a semi-immortal level expert, and also against an ordinary Zongdongtian Practitioner,.

He was really a once-in-a-million years man, really powerful.

But unfortunately, he ran into Kris!

“Yin Yang Upside Down!”

It had been a long time since he had exercised his magic power, and this time, Kris intended to use his magic power to defeat Shenglai.

As the words fell, Shenglai’s body levitated and his entire body lost its center of gravity; not only that, the Yin Yang Powers in his body gradually lost control.

A mysterious power attempted to master the Yin Yang Powers within his body.

“Good tactics.”

Not only was Shenglai not afraid, but he became even more excited.

If he wanted to improve, he had to fight with a master, he was a Yin Yang Chaos Body, controlling Yin and Yang, and Kris could actually invoke the Yin Yang Powers within himself.

This tactic was too strong, much stronger than the opponents he had run into before.


The chaotic Yin Yang Powers inside his body worked quickly, ejecting the mysterious power out of his body.

Just as he wanted to launch his attack, Kris attack came again.

“Five Thunders Magic!”

In an instant, the sky was as black as ink, and a bucket-thick divine thunder descended from the sky.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The dense divine thunder covered almost the entire sky, and tens of thousands of thunderbolts fell in a second.

The hair of the people around was influenced by the thunder and unconsciously set up.


Many people sucked in a cold breath, was this the real strength of Kris?

It was too strong, right?

This magic art attack was simply appalling.

If this kind of thunder fell on their own bodies, they would certainly be split into slag.

The Taoist masters of the Great Taoist Houses also had different expressions.

“What a terrifying thunder, a thunder art of this level can already injure a Zongdongtian Practitioner.”

“Look, he doesn’t even take a bit of effort to cast it.”

“Beidou, this disciple is remarkable!”

Chapter 822: Top Ten

Beidou Luo was startled for a moment, because he felt a hidden danger from the thunder.

He is a Practitioner of the Epoch Realm, and Kris is only a Taoist Emperor, he’s way stronger than Kris.

To put it bluntly, he could kill Kris with a finger.

Jianfei Zhan felt it’s hard to tell, he was lucky to be promoted to Zongdong Realm thirty years ago, but now his disciple’s ability made him feel pressed, if Kris continued to cultivate for a few years, could Kris defeat him easily?

As Beidou said, when the disciple is too outstanding, the master couldn’t have the slightest sense of gain.

Forget it, anyway, after this competition, he is going to that place, it’s better for him to leave a chair to juniors.

“Should the position be given to Da Niu, or to Bixiao? Maybe it’s for Kris!”

Jianfei Zhan found it so hard to choose, and finally he decided that it would be better to let the three of them rock paper scissors.

“Well, that’s right, let them rock paper scissors.”

On the stage, Shenglai Dong, who has been smashed by Million Thunder wildly, feeling extremely miserable.

What kind of magic art is this, it’s awful.

His Yin Yang Great Grinder can only be used for defense, but the thunder is too manic and restless, his Grinder was weakened by a third within just several minutes.

What the hell is that!

Just as he was about to use the Yin Yang Great Grinder to absorb the thunder, fierce rain and piercing wind came.

“Wind and rain, listen to my order!”

“The Mountain!”

Kris cast a spell and then, an Eternal God Mountain emerged in the sky, on the top of the mountain, Zhen Tactic integrated slowly.


The giant mountain fell down from the sky.


The world trembled as if it was an earthquake.

Everyone was dumbfounded, what kind of attack was this, why can he use this magic art at the drop of a hat, wouldn’t his magic power dry up?

Just when everyone thought that Kris had stopped, he once again performed his magical power, “Turn to Steel!”

After he said that, the floor of the ring became incredibly hard, even harder than steel.

“Dongtian Strike!”


Kris didn’t dare to borrow power from the universe, he only took advantage of part of the power of Ancient Universe.

Soon, the thunder scattered, fierce wind and rain were gone, the divine mountain disappeared, and Shenglai Dong was lying on the ground with ragged clothes, gasping heavily.

“Kid, you are too ruthless, you simply didn’t give me a chance to fight back!”

“Still want to fight?”

“Fight my ass, no more fighting, I lost!”

Shenglai Dong stood up, “You are really good.”

“Thank you for your kindness, brother.”

“I didn’t, I just can’t defeat you and I know that.”

Kris smiled. He likes Shenglai Dong’s character, maybe they can contact more often.

“Okay, that’s it, you can come to find me at Tianwang Palace when you are free.”

After said that, Shenglai Dong jumped out of the ring, and Kris stepped into the Top 10 successfully!

Run Qian, Liu Ma and others cheered for him, brothers in the cooking room exclaimed together.

Nine funny guys stood off-stage and shouted together, “Brother you are the best, brother you are the strongest.”

Jianfei Zhan kicked them away, pulled over Kris, and patted on his shoulder, “Boy, you did a good job.”

“It’s all because Master taught me well!”

What he said make Jianfei Zhan delighted.

“Good, this is a semi-immortal level divine pill, take it and make every use of it.”

Jianfei took out his treasured magical pills.

“Many thanks, Master.”

Kris didn’t refuse him, he took the magical pills, walked to the side, before he reached Bixiao, a group of people swarmed in and surrounded him.

“Senior brother!”

” Brother Ye, recently I had a problem with my cultivation, can you give me some suggestion?”

“Senior brother, I feel so stuffed recently, and I don’t know why, can you help me to find out the cause?”

“Senior brother ……”

Girls in Yanwu House, Magical Pills House and Weapons House all surrounded Kris, he felt like he has fell into flowers.

Beauties and cute girls crowded him, perfumes and fragrances filled his nose.

Kris didn’t know what to do, he didn’t dare to move a bit, because those girls were so excited that they pushed Kris with their bodies tightly.

Normally Kris will not resist those girls, but he must be a gentleman in public.

Bixiao was still watching him somewhere.

“Senior sister, senior sister …… I ……”

Suddenly, Kris was stunned, someone was touching him… that’s too wild.

Is this what a Tianjiao supposed to receive?

Just then, Bixiao could not stand it anymore, “Come here!”

She pulled Kris to her side, “Hey, don’t pester him, he has to take a rest, there is still a battle later.”

When they saw Bixiao, they did not dare to go forward, now Bixiao was not weaker than Kris.

“Senior sister, I ……”

“Feels good, right? So many girls adore you.”

Bixiao hummed.

“Senior sister, I just want you, you’re the most beautiful star.”

Kris grabbed Bixiao’s hand.

Bixiao’s heart trembled, “You’re crazy, Master is still here, what would people think of us?”

“Senior sister, then when no one is around, can I touch your delicate hands?”

“You …… You can’t do it either in private or in public! We are in the same Palace, that’s not possible!”

Bixiao struggled and wanted to break off, Kris grasped her hands tightly, “Sister, no one rules that disciples under the same Palace can’t hold hands.”

“You, you bastard, let go of me!”

“I won’t, I won’t, I won’t!”

Anyway, since she called him bastard, he’ll do what a bastard would do.

Bixiao was speechless, if they tangled here, other disciples would notice that, “Brother, I beg you, let go of my hands, otherwise I don’t know how can I be a senior sister in our Palace.”

Kris didn’t want to make Bixiao feel difficult, “I can let go of my hands, but when there’s no one around us, I want to hold your hand. If you don’t agree, I won’t set you free!”

“You ……”

Bixiao was both angry and shy, and of course, helpless.

After thinking about it, she thought she can agree to him first, then she can stay away from him in the future.


Bixiao nodded her head.

“Haha, good, you promised me. Don’t shake my hands off when I hold your hand later!”

Kris let go of his hand with a smile.

The eleventh round ended soon, and the top ten had come out.

In first place is naturally Nie Yun, the second place is Guangjia He, third Dao Zhou, fourth Bixiao, fifth Laosi …… Tenth Kris!

The ranking means nothing, the most important is the twelfth round.

This round will determine the top five.

And this round uses the way of drawing lots to decide competitors and opponents.

This is the fairest way.

“It’s the twelfth round, this should be considered a semi-final, right?”

“Exciting, it’s really exciting.”

“Dear friends, please send your blessings on the bullet screen, and don’t forget to donate!”

Abin said to the live chatroom.

This time, more than six million people followed the live chatroom, and many new faces were coming in continuously.

“Please send your best wish to senior brother Zhou Dao!”

Jie Hei said.

The scene was on fire.

At the same time, just out of the transmitting array, Bingning Li looked at the live streaming in the projector, she snorted, “Top ten, not bad.”

Saying that, she entered the next transmitting array.

The Lanting Immortal Palace is in the northwest corner of the Eternity domain, she needs to be transmitted twenty to thirty times.

Generally speaking, if there is no urgent matter, they prefer to fly themselves, although the transmission is fast, it’s expensive.

“I can’t catch the competition for sure, but I know where he is. He couldn’t run away this time.”


Meanwhile, Kris still didn’t know that he has been targeted.

He was now drawing lots on stage with Bixiao.

Bixiao said to him suddenly, “If I meet you later, I will abstain.”


Kris shook his head hurriedly, “No, no, no, I’ll quit, it’s better for me to quit.”

No joking, he didn’t need those resources at all. People who can enter the top ten is definitely a good candidate for Rank.

He just wanted to go back to the Cave World to pick up his family, it would be convenient for him to have a qualified identity.

“I abstain.”

“No, I abstain.”

Several people on the stage were speechless when they heard that.

That is the top five, abstain?

Is that a joke?

Laosi came over and said, “Brother Ye, if you picked me later, please be mercy!”

“Haha, I hope I won’t pick you.”

Kris said.

Laosi nodded, “That would be best!”

“Let’s start drawing lots.”

When Bixiao opened the paper, she felt relieved instantly, “It’s not you!”

Kris nodded and took a look, it was a disciple of the Yuzhou Palace, Yun Zheng!

Yuzhou Palace ranked seventh, cultivating the Universe Sutra, this sutra is an impeccable tactic, but it’s difficult to learn it thoroughly, it required whooping resources to master it.

Zheng Yun is a lowkey man, although he used to have certain reputation, but he’s a junior Tianjiao at most, he could be eliminated in the first round.

But now he has actually been scampered into the top ten, he’s a real dark horse!

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