Chapter 823 – 824: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 823: A Mouthful Of Immortal Breath

Five people would be promoted in ten! This match was destined to be highly anticipated, and all the Taoist Masters looked this way.

“The order of the match has been arranged, the first team is on the field!”

Without surprise, it was once again Yun Nie who took the stage, and he was up against the second senior brother of the Lanting Palace, Qing Gu!

Qing was also a strong man, but of course, without Yun, he would have been the brightest star.

All these years, he had been suppressed by Yun, and Yun was like an insurmountable mountain.

“Senior Brother, please enlighten me!”

Qing arched his hand.


Yun nodded, “Let me see how you’ve progressed over the years.”

As Eldest Brother, he was the role model and goal for the senior brothers.

The Lanting Immortal Sutra, an advanced eternal method.

This sutra was metamorphosed from the Huangting Taoist Sutra, and its wonders were extraordinary.

And it only needed to cultivate a mouthful of immortal breath, which could refine all things, and the name of this immortal breath was ‘The Mother Breath of All Things’.

It cleanses the sun soul, cleanses the acupoints, the physical body, and even the magic power could be cleansed to the stage of supreme purity.

“Swallow a mouthful of immortal breath into the belly, my life is up to me, not up to heaven.”

Qing lightly shouted and opened his mouth to spurt out a sizzling breath.

“Dragon’s Breath?”

Yun nodded, “Yes, even Dragon’s breath can be refined!”

“This breath should be the Dragon’s Breath of the Ancient God dragon, very good.”

Yun similarly spewed out a breath, not the Mother Breath of All Things, but a breath of supreme cold.

“Icy Phoenix’s Breath?”

The two breaths collided together, neither one able to beat the other.

“Shh shh shh shh…”

Smoke and fog surrounded.

“Divine Dragon Transformation!”

Qing’s body suddenly changed, his face and neck and hands, were covered with fire-red scales, and two antlers on his forehead topped and grew through the skin.

The fingertips were sharp.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Each clash caused the protective shield to tremble violently.

“Combat is being included.”

Kris Chen was still down there using the super power chip to include the battles.

The more battles there were, the stronger the database became.

He could even integrate many martial arts techniques through the database.

Sparring hundreds of moves, Yun was still relaxed, “Good progress, but to beat me, it’s not enough.”

Qing’s mind exploded, yes, his talent was indeed inferior to Yun’s, but he was more diligent than Yun.

When Yun practiced for three hours, he doubled his practice for six hours or even nine hours.

Yun had killed a thousand dragons at Ten Thousand Dragons Pond, so he had tried his best to kill two thousand, wasn’t that enough?

“Ancestral Dragon Form!”

Qing made move again and his form changed once again, and it had to be said that he became more like a red dragon at this point.

The aura on his body also became stronger.

The Mother Breath of All Thing and Dragon Breath condensed together with first-class killing power.

“Don’t you get it yet?”

Yun shook his head.

“Understand what?”

“It was never those breaths that made me powerful, it was the mouthful of immortal breath in my belly, the purer the immortal breath, the greater the killing power, you’re on the wrong path.”

Yun also knew that he had been aiming for him, and really didn’t want him to continue, and why surpass him, just surpass himself.

“There are countless ways in the world, how do you know my way doesn’t work?”

Qing’s voice became thick, his teeth became sharp, and the saliva in his mouth turned into scorching hot lava.

“You swallowed the dragon pearl? Turned into a human dragon?”

Yun frowned, “Do you know that by doing so, your immortal breath will be completely impure?”

“Immortal Breath or Dragon Breath, it’s essentially an energy, it’s all the same in essence, it doesn’t matter, as long as I can prove my way, anything is fine.”

“You’ve become a demon.”

“You can’t live until you’re crazy!”

Qing said madly, “Senior brother, actually I envy you, even if you do nothing, you are the existence of all the people’s attention. And I, no matter what I do, everyone turns a blind eye, even if I do well, I’m just your appendage.”

Yun shook his head, he knew it was useless for him to say anything more.


Yun’s body boiled with battle intent, his mouthful of immortal breath transformed into the sharpest sword, and even his aura became stern.

“The Lanting Immortal Sutra, one of the teachings of the Lanting Immortal Palace, that mouthful of immortal breath can evolve all things in the world, it’s powerful to the extreme.”

Bixiao said in a small voice: “It is said that when cultivated to the extreme, with just a hint of breath, you are able to cut down thousands of stars.”

“Isn’t that similar to sword cultivator?”

Kris rubbed his chin, this was similar to those ancient sword cultivator in the Devil Land, with the Sword Fetus to condense the sword pill and then became a sword.

That sword could also evolve all things.

“Right, but it is more powerful than sword cultivator.”

Bixiao seemed to realize that she had said too much and said in a hurry, “Well, focus on the game.”

Kris laughed and quietly held Bixiao’s hand while everyone’s attention was on the ring.


Bixiao was furious, this bastard, didn’t she say that he was only allowed to hold hands when no one was around.

“Senior sister, watch the game, do not trifle.”

While saying that, while rubbing gently on the back of Bixiao’s smooth hand.


Bixiao was so angry that she pinched Kris’s waist, which made Kris grimace in pain.

Of course he faked it, with his body, even a Zongdongtian Practitioner would not be able to injure him.

“Serves you right!”

She was angry, but Bixiao still let go of the hand, but also incidentally gently touch him. She didn’t withdrew her hand which was held by Kris.

Well, this bastard.

After turning into the Ancestral Dragon Form, Qing’s combat power had increased a lot, even if Yun, it was difficult to beat him for a while.

Only then did the disciples below suddenly realize, “So, Senior Brother Gu is also strong.”

“It seems we’ve all overlooked Senior Brother Gu’s excellence!”

Their feelings are complex, and it suddenly occurred to them that they had seen Qing practicing assiduously in the practice room.

He really worked hard.

It was just a pity that there was Yun.

Sometimes, hard work does work, but talent can easily wipe out your efforts.

Moreover, Yun also worked hard, how can one chase someone who is more talented than you and just as good?

“Battle armor!”

Immortal breath transformed into battle armor, and Yun’s combat power increased again, “This is the end.”


A fist blasted out, and the tremendous force swept Qing directly out of the ring.

Qing wasn’t injured, looking at Yun who had effortlessly knocked him down, he froze and then smiled bitterly, “You won.”

He actually felt bad in his heart, why, he worked so hard and still lost!

Yun shook his head and walked out of the ring.

This battle, there was no cheering, the whole place was very weird.

Except for a few people who didn’t understand applauded, the scene was very quiet.

Kris called Liu Ma over and whispered in his ear, and Liu nodded, “Yes, leader, I’ll take care of this.”

This person named Qing had good talent, just a bit of bad luck, if he was willing to hand over his soul source, the simplified version of the Smelting Art should suit him well.

Then if he wants to beat Yun, it’s very easy.

The second person to take the stage was Guangjia He.

His opponent was a disciple of the Ming King Palace, Yu Mo!

The Ming King Sutra metamorphosed from the Buddhist Magic Power and melted into Taoist Power.

The cultivation is the way of Heaven and Earth Dharma.

The Immovable Ming King, into which can be defensive attack.

And Yu was the Divine Jade Body, or rather, his body was a piece of chaos jade that had absorbed the essence of the sun and moon for billions of years.

Not a divine body, but stronger than a divine body.

Coupled with the Immovable Ming King Sutra, the battle power was extraordinary.

The strongest sword, met the strongest shield, it was very interesting.

Guangjia’s gaze was sharp, he felt a threat from Yu.

“Junior Brother He, you… can’t break my defense!”

“That’s not necessarily true.”

“Sword Drawing Technique!”

Guangjia quickly drew his sword, and in a millionth of a second, the sword light cut out.

The simplest Sword Drawing Technique is enough for a true expert with a sword.

No matter what achievement methods you have, one sword will destroy you.

This reminded Kris of Hongxue Fu.

Any move cultivated to the extreme will produce a qualitative change.


The Sword Energy was blocked by an invisible layer of Breath and made a crisp sound.

“I said, you can’t break my defense!”

“Angry Ming King!”

A Ming King appeared behind Yu, who was full f anger and slapped his palm down with an unstoppable stance.

“Sword Drawing Technique!”


The sword light chopped on the palm, the Ming King’s palm could not come down, and the sword light could not chop this arm.

“Sword Drawing Technique!”

“I chop again!”

“Suppress and kill!”

Yu exerted Ming King Sutra and constantly clashed with Guangjia, Guangjia’s face unchanged, no matter how powerful Yu’s moves were, Guangjia always had only one sword.

“He is not sure to win either, so he keeps testing the opponent’s strength.”

Chapter 824: Nailhead Seven Arrows

Kris Chen said, “Guangjia He has met his match this time.”

Bixiao blushed and ignored him, at this time her hand was grabbed by Kris, the back of her hand was tingling, and she was ashamed and annoyed.

She was in no mood to watch the match in the ring.

“Sword Drawing Technique, Reincarnation Extermination!”

“Immovable Ming King. Divine Jade Ming King!”


The sword light and the big hand clashed, and the power declared from the collision was amazingly unbelievable.

It’s not that they couldn’t control the power, but the power that erupted was so huge that it was beyond what they could easily control.

“Sword Drawing Technique, Destroy the Lifeless!”

“Immovable Ming King. Great Hand Seal of Light!”

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

With each strike, they increased their power by a lot.

“Amazing, it’s amazing!”

“Their true strength is already comparable to a Zongdongtian Practitioner.”

“So, they are able to power up against a Zongdongtian Practitioner?”

The Taoist Master and some elders of Zongdongtian said.

It was too shocking.

An immortal body of a Tao Emperor, what kind of talent was this?

A once-in-a-million years man, as terrifying as this.

“Sword Drawing Technique, Void!”

“Immovable Ming King, Nirvana!”

The battle power was still raging, and the last the elders had to reinforce the shield.

“It’s so strong, I feel like I’m no match for either of them!”

“Terrifyingly powerful, without the protective shield, I’m afraid I wouldn’t even be able to withstand the aftershocks of their fighting.”

“It’s shocking, unbelievable, is this the strength of a once-in-a-million years man?”

The crowd exclaimed, and a hint of battle intent appeared in Yun Nie’s eyes, such an opponent could make his blood boil.

“Sword Drawing Technique, Playing Sword!”

This move was so fast, without a sword in his hand, with a sword in his heart, everything could be a sword.

“Immovable Ming King ……”

“Click, Click, Click …….”

The sword light chopped on top of the Immovable Ming King phantasm, cutting off the hand of the Ming King, not only that, the sword light also penetrated into it.

Yu Mo’s face lost color, this was not a sword light, it was clearly that Guangjia became into a sword move.

“I can not only cut through your Immovable Ming King, I can also cut through your Divine Jade Body!”


The index finger became a sword and pointed at Yu’s chest.

At that moment, Yu’s face turned pale all of a sudden, and blood seeped out from the corner of her mouth.

“What, you… You’re a woman!”

Guangjia hurriedly withdrew his hand, and his face became very odd.

After hearing this, the people around also exclaimed, “What, Senior Brother Mo is a woman?”

“Oh my god, has she been disguising as a woman?”

“My goodness, Senior Brother Mo, who I have always adored, is actually a woman?”

The Ming King Palace’s Taoist Master let out a bitter laugh, not expecting that he still couldn’t hide it.

“What’s wrong with a woman?”

Yu wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth, “I lost this time, I won’t lose next time.”

Guangjia lowered his head with a red face, looking at his fingers, not knowing what was going through his mind.

“Tut-tut, Senior Sister Mo is quite pretty.”

Kris smacked his lips, no wonder when she came on the field he felt wrong, that eyes, that nose and small mouth, it’s absolutely a woman.


At his time, Kris felt painful at his hand, he turned his head to see Bixiao looking at him angrily, “you like her so much, just ask for a Practitioner number, and hold me for what?”

Kris knew that Bixiao was jealous, quickly said: “Believe me, there is only one people in my heart, it’s you, I am just surprised, besides, Senior Sister Mo is indeed beautiful, I say she is beautiful, just out of the human desire for beautiful things.”

“Only me? When your wives come, I’m afraid I’ll be one of them, right?”

Bixiao withdrew her hand when Kris wasn’t paying attention, “It’s better for us to keep our distance, I can’t share my Taoist couple with others.”

“Well, split me and give you a half, okay?”


Bixiao put her hand behind her back, not giving Kris a chance.

Kris sighed, the road was long, it’s not easy to impress Bixiao.

“Senior sister, no matter what decision you make, I support you.”

Kris looked at her, “As long as you are happy.”

Saying that, he left straight away, taking the initiative to pull away from Bixiao.

Watching Kris leave, Bixiao’s heart thumped, as if a piece of her heart was gouged away.

She wanted to call Kris, but could not open her mouth.

Especially Kris’s eyes dimmed down, as if he had made a decision.

The third person on the stage was Laosi Lu, his opponent was a disciple of the Sanqing Palace, Xuanqing!

The Sanqing Palace is ranked ninth and cultivates the Method of Transforming One Breath into Sanqing.

Xuanqing is the best disciple.

He was educated by natural Xuanqing Breath and stood there, very transcendentally.

“Sanqing Palace, Xuanqing.”

“Jingyang Palace, Laosi.”

Looking at Xuanqing, Laosi was not sure, this person attacked indistinctly and was very elusive.

But thinking about his own special physique, it was useless to think about too much, anyway, the passive one would be beaten!

Laosi thought so, Xuanqing struck.

“Hurt the Spirits!”

People have three souls and seven spirits.

The souls are, Heaven Soul, Earth Soul, Life Soul.

Spirits are Tianchong, Wisdom, Breath, Strength, Maincenter, Essence and Ying.

The core of the sun soul is the three souls and seven spirits, Laosi’s defense was superb, but the sun soul may not be able to protect him.

The moment Xuanqing made a move, Laosi was suddenly creepy.

He knew his own weakness, his physical defense was strong, but magic defense was not good.

Although the Xuanwu Divine Body is strong, but this point is still flawed.

This was why he spread the word to the public that he was a Chaotic Body.

It was because he didn’t want them to know about his flaw.

But Xuanqing attacked his sun soul, did he reveal himself?

Laosi’s face lost color, he patted on his stomach, Xuanwu Divine Shield appeared, in order to protect the sun soul, he also cultivated a special achievement method to protect sun soul.

Xuanqing’s first move was really easily defended by Laosi.

Feeling his shield getting stronger, Laosi breathed a sigh of relief, as long as he could take the first ten moves, the further he went, the easier it would be.

He could even rebound his moves and transform the attacks for his own use.

“Nailhead Seven Arrows!”

Xuanqing laughed, not caring, his spell was also very strong.

He was not good at physical attacks, but really good at magic art and spells.

He kept chanting something, as if to say some information related to Laosi.

A God of Death appeared behind him.

The God of Death had a big mouth and scarlet eyes with a red glow.

Kris sucked in his breath, spell!

He knew there were such malicious achievement methods, so he would not even divulge his name if he was not familiar with it.

You won’t know if you are killed by the spell in your sleep.

Xuanqing looked so moral but cultivated a sinister magic art.

Laosi felt so uncomfortable, his magic art had not yet been cast, he was already like this, if it was completely completed, he must die.

“Demon Suppression!”

Laosi stomped his right foot on the ground and rushed up to the sky.

“Here he comes, he’s going to make that move again, he wants to knock Senior Brother Xuanqing out on his ass.”

“So ruthless, although the damage is not high, the insult is extremely strong.”

As the crowd under the stage was talking, Laosi’s butt was about to collide with his face.

Xuanqing had been prepared for it and easily avoided it.


Laosi’s body crashed to the ground, like a meteor falling, and the ground shook.

“Spell, success!”

Xuanqing made his magic skill and an arrow erupted from the God of Death’s mouth.

Laosi used all means to try to resist, but although it was effective, the arrow still passed through the shield and stuck in his body.

In that instant, his body’s mana was stagnant, and it was ten times more difficult to operate.

Not only that, after one breath, his mana began to dry up.

Damn it!

He looked to Xuanqing, casting the spell required a sacrifice, only Xuanqing paid a smaller price, “The first spell, the mana spell, after you hit the spell, the mana in your whole body will be constantly depleted, the more you run it, the speed of depletion will be accelerated.”

“Although your defense is very strong, I do not believe that you can even resist the spell, obviously, I guessed right, although you can resist for a short time, you can not immune!”

What a terrifying spell!

Laosi was a little scared, the spell was just too terrifying.

“What a powerful spell, I never thought there would be such powerful sorcery passed down after the ancient times.”

“Yes, back then sorcery was suppressed for millions of eras, although the vast majority of sorcery has been cracked and has now become one of the Great Tao, it is undeniable that sorcery is strong.”

The Taoist masters passed their voices to each other.

“Te second spell, Sun Soul Spell!”

The God of Death spewed an arrow again!

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