“Chuck Cannon, are you going to the mountain of coach Qiushui?” Ashley Whitney asked while talking with a few girls.

“Yes, something?” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

“It’s okay, by the way, was it you who saved me that day?” Ashley Whitney asked nervously.

When she came back, she had already figured out the situation at the time, and felt that Chuck Cannon was more and more!

It just didn’t show up at the time.

“No, how could I save you? As you said, I will only attack you!” Chuck Cannon went up the mountain with his luggage.

“Chuck Cannon, stop, hello…”

Ashley anxiously stomping!

It is a pity that Chuck Cannon left without looking back.

“Ashley Whitney, is it he?”

“I think it’s him! He saved me that day!” Ashley Whitney was sure.

What Chuck Cannon said just now was obviously being angry. Doesn’t it make it clear that he was the one who saved her?

“But why did he save you? I see, did he see Ashley Whitney you beautiful, so he secretly saved you?”

Ashley was embarrassed, “Not really!”

“I think it is. I didn’t expect Chuck Cannon to like you!”

Ashley Whitney was blushing and she shook her head, “Don’t talk nonsense, he just passed by, so he saved me.”

“What about Coach Liu Li? He also saw that Coach Liu Li was in danger. Why didn’t he save Coach Liu Li!”

“Me, how do I know?” Ashley said while looking at Chuck Cannon who had left for the mountain.

What was your mood to save me?

“Hey, Chuck Cannon is very good at fighting, and he has a good heart. We misunderstood him before!”

“Yes, I suddenly saw Chuck Cannon a lot!”

“me too!”

Some girls talk about Chuck Cannon

Chuck Cannon went up the mountain with his luggage.

There was a person watching at the foot of the mountain!

“Master!! This person has beaten you Master like this, let me teach him a lesson!!” A man stood beside Luke Carter.

“Hmph, this guy actually surpassed me in the fighting.”

Today Luke Carter was too embarrassed. He has been hiding his identity as the rich second generation, but today he was so angry!

Being beaten by Chuck Cannon in public, he was irritated!!

“I saw him make a move, it is indeed fast and cruel!”

“Check all his information!” Luke Carter coldly ordered!

“This kind of person seems to know people with no background.”

“Huh, even if he has a background, would I be afraid of him?” Luke Carter said coldly.

“Yes, Young Master certainly doesn’t have to be afraid of him, I will check his information!”

“Give me to guard Wumen, I want him to lie down!!” Luke Carter became yin.

This kind of shame must be washed away with Chuck Cannon’s blood!!

“Yes, don’t worry, Master! I will do it now, and I will never let him live out!”

Luke Carter’s eyes flickered coldly, “Chuck Cannon? You shouldn’t slap me in the face in public!! I have to make up for it with your life.”

Chuck Cannon visited Coach Qiushui’s house last time, but he didn’t go in at night.

Knock on the door!

“Come in!”

Chuck Cannon shrugged and went in.

This house was the same as the dormitory. There are a lot of rooms. Coach Qiushui lives alone on the mountain and also lives in such a big house. Isn’t she afraid?

“From today until you graduate from Wumen, I will teach you and you will do what I say!” Coach Qiushui was expressionless, with the majesty of a coach.

“Well, where will I live?”

“You can live in the rooms on the first floor! Without my permission, you can’t go up to the second floor. Once found, I will expel you from my school!!” Coach Qiushui became cold.

Chuck Cannon shrugged and agreed, what will he do on the second floor?

Chuck Cannon came here to study combat!

“Today you rest, and tomorrow I will start training you and will teach you!”

“Oh!” Chuck Cannon was in pain and wanted to sleep.

He randomly found a room and went in and took off his clothes. Fortunately, his mother’s clothes blocked Luke Carter’s cut. Otherwise, he must have bleed too much.

Chuck Cannon lay down and fell asleep.

Coach Qiushui heard the sound of breathing and went up to the second floor!


Chuck Cannon stepped back and hit the wall!

He gets excited!

Early in the morning, Coach Qiushui really started to teach him to fight.

She taught a little differently from Logan and his mother.

But Chuck Cannon knows that this is definitely useful!!

“Your shortcomings are still very big! Too fast for quick success has caused your foundation to be unstable! When did you start learning to fight?” Coach Qiushui asked.

“Me? Mostly half a year.”

“You mean, you have only studied for half a year?” Coach Qiushui was surprised.

For more than half a year, he has been better than others who practised for more than decades. What kind of abnormal talent is this?

“Well, but it will be almost a year soon.”

“How old are you?”

“I am almost twenty,”

Coach Qiushui stared at Chuck Cannon, and she approached step by step, “Who is your coach?”

She was surprised!

Who can train a person to be like this in less than a year?

“I have several coaches, the first taught me boxing, and the second started teaching me to fight!”

“The second one? Who is it?” Coach Qiushui asked.


Coach Qiushui was familiar with the name, she remembered, and at the same time, Huaxia, she had heard that there was a strong woman in Beijing called Logan.

“You said Logan is your coach…”


“Why did she teach you?”

“She is my Aunt Logan!” Chuck Cannon thought of Logan.

He doesn’t know if Logan has come back to China at this time!

“Well, relative?” Coach Qiushui understood.

“So there is a third one?”

“Yes! It’s my mother!” Chuck Cannon said proudly.

This pride is sincere. If there was no mother then he was no one!

Without a mother, he still doesn’t know what he would be doing!!

“Your mother is also a master of fighting?” Coach Qiushui asked in surprise.

“Yes, my mother is very good. Logan helped me open the door to fighting, and my mother taught me all the skills and methods of fighting!”

That’s true.

Logan trained him at that time. Without Logan laying the foundation for him, he would not have the current fighting strength.

Mom’s sternness, give everything to you! Created the current fighting strength.

Also, that’s talent!

This is really important. Without inheriting his mother’s fighting talent, it is impossible for Chuck Cannon to have such strength at this time.

“This is my mother’s.” Chuck Cannon took out what Betty Bernard gave.

Coach Qiushui looked at it for a while, but couldn’t understand and asked, “Then who is your mother?”

“You know too!”

“I know? I don’t know.” Coach Qiushui shook her head, definitely denying it.

She had never met Chuck Cannon, so how could she know who Chuck Cannon’s mother was?

“You know, you mentioned my mother yesterday.” Chuck Cannon smiled slightly.

“Me? I didn’t mention your mother, nothing…you, you mean?” Coach Qiushui was suddenly astonished, thinking of what, she suddenly asked, “Are you Karen Lee’s son?”

“Yes, my mother is Karen Lee.” Chuck Cannon said proudly.

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