Chuck Cannon personally admitted that he was Karen Lee’s son. This shock to Coach Qiushui was undoubtedly huge.

You know, as a student, Karen Lee is the number one legend in Wumen!

Twenty years ago, she successfully passed through the barrier in just fifteen days and left. This really shocked the whole Wumen at that time!!

After her departure, this record has not been broken until today!

Few people know where she is!

Appearing again, is it her son?

Coach Qiushui shook her head, Chuck Cannon looked a little different in any way!

She had never met Karen Lee, but she heard that Karen Lee was too brave twenty years ago, and the son she gave birth to is. . This one in front of me?

Coach Qiushui was surprised.

Chuck Cannon, let’s not talk about talent. He could be Karen Lee’s son, so he must have inherited Karen Lee’s abnormal fighting talent, but he looks good.

Not that handsome, but it’s still pretty.

This is inherited from Karen Lee’s talent, but not from her appearance gene?

“Are you telling truth?” Coach Qiushui asked carefully.

“Of course, it’s true,” Chuck Cannon shrugged, “Why, don’t you believe me?”


Coach Qiushui shook her head and said, “It’s not unbelievable. But…. Since you are Karen Lee’s son, you can learn from her, much better than from me.”

It’s not that Coach Qiushui is humble, but that she knows the gap.

She knew that the record set by Karen Lee could not be broken. Is this gap not obvious?

“My mother has something to do in other countries, I came to China, she asked me to learn from you, she said that you have been studying fighting, I can learn new things from you.” Chuck Cannon said.

His mother wants to build her business empire and exercise her every day, but the fighting is still under the career, and there is no more energy to study fighting.

Coach Qiushui was different.

She has no career delays. It can be said that teaching others to fight is her career.

After teaching for so long, there must be new fighting skills that his mother never expected.

Coach Qiushui was still astonished, “Your mother said that about me?”

Is this a compliment?

Being praised by such a powerful senior, Coach Qiushui was a little surprised, well, it was a surprise.

In a sense, Coach Qiushui still admires this, Karen Lee, who has kept the record until now.

“Yes, if you still don’t believe me, then you can say me, I will call my mother, and you can ask her, like video calls,” Chuck Cannon said.

The phone was put away when he came in.

“Okay, here you are,” Coach Qiushui also wanted to see what this Wumen legend looked like.

Chuck Cannon took the cell phone and called his mother. After explaining the situation, he handed the cell phone to Coach Qiushui.

Coach Qiushui was taken aback and reached for her mobile phone.

On the screen was a smiling woman with domineering temperament.

After coach Qiushui saw this woman, she was convinced!

This should be what Wumen Legend should look like!!

Coach Qiushui was like a junior, feeling nervous in vain as if he saw an idol.

“Hello, my son Chuck Cannon has already told me about the situation. I hope you will teach him as soon as possible.”

“No problem, you can trust me, and I will teach him everything!”

She has accepted Chuck Cannon as a student, and will surely teach, let alone Karen Lee’s son.

“Thanks a lot!”

“No, I actually admire you!”

Karen Lee on the screen was stunned, “Uh…”

“Really, your record in Wumen, still no one has broken it now.”

“Let’s see if my son can break it!” Karen Lee has expectations with Chuck Cannon!

Twenty years ago, she was of the same age as Chuck Cannon now. As her son, Chuck Cannon will be more blue than blue!!

“Don’t worry, I will try my best!”

“My son is playing late. In terms of training, you train with the most intensity!”

“Okay, listen to what you mean.”

Coach Qiushui gave Chuck Cannon the phone, but she also asked a question, “I want to ask you a question.”

“Well, just ask,”

“Your son, Chuck Cannon, has inherited his talent from you, but his appearance is just… it doesn’t seem to be inherited much.” What did Coach Qiushui say?

Really, Chuck Cannon and Karen Lee are like gods, and they don’t have too much inheritance. Otherwise, Chuck Cannon would be a beautiful man.

“Uh…” Karen Lee couldn’t laugh or cry over there. She was a mother, and she was already having a headache for Chuck Cannon.

If you are a little more handsome, how lucky is the peach blossom?

Karen Lee will die anxiously.

Because Karen Lee tried to instill traditional ideas in Chuck Cannon, but what?

More and more, Karen Lee wanted strict education, but it was useless.

Maybe Chuck Cannon hasn’t fully grown up yet!

“Hope you do not mind.”

“Will not.”

Coach Qiushui gave Chuck Cannon the phone.

“Mom…” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

“Chuck, you have to work hard when you arrive at Wumen. I came out in fifteen days, and you have to do it. You only have ten days now,”

“I know my mother.” Chuck Cannon’s eyes shone, and he built himself up.

“Okay, hang up, just say something, don’t hold it in your heart.” Karen Lee was afraid that Chuck Cannon was under too much pressure.

Because the pressure on the four words of the hidden family is already great enough, let alone facing two hidden families at the same time!


There are thousands of families?

Neither of these are easy to mess with!

“Mum, I know,”

“Don’t dislike me, I…”

“No, mom, I’m hanging up,” Chuck Cannon gave the phone to Coach Qiushui.

Coach Qiushui saved Karen Lee’s number. What if it’s useful?

“Chuck Cannon, you have such a good mother. You should say a few more words. Why are you so anxious to hang up her phone?” Coach Qiushui was speechless. As an orphan, she really envied such a mother.

Fighting strength, the world’s top and there is a lot of money.

She could see from the background of the video that Karen Lee was standing in a very good place.

“Uh, it’s not the last call, what are you doing with so much.” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

His mother wouldn’t mind these, besides, his mother’s strength and living ability, there is no need for Chuck Cannon to ask more.

People who can live a lifetime in the virgin forest, Chuck Cannon feels that there is really nothing to say.

“Don’t say that, when an accident comes, it will always be the next second, cherish what is right now.” Coach Qiushui was deeply moved.

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