Chapter 825 – 826: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 825: The Fat Guy Admitted Defeat

The first spell has already made Laosi Lu unbearable, and he would definitely get hurt if he were attacked by the second spell.

“Oh my god!” Laosi thought.

Laosi hurriedly jumped out of the ring and said, “I quit. How can I resist such insidious tricks.”

After hearing that, Xuanqing waved his hand and the second spell disappeared in the sky. As a matter of fact, he only mastered the fourth arrow of the Nailed Seven Arrows. Because the further he practices, the more he has to pay. Rarely does he use such a vicious magic art.

Xuanqing didn’t expect that Laosi’s so coward that he couldn’t even resist the second arrow and jumped out of the ring to admit defeat.

Xuanqing saluted with joined hands and said, “I feel lucky to have won the match.”

“It’s a shame of Jingyang Palace. How could he jump out of the ring to admit defeat?”

“Yes, it’s humiliating. Even though he made it into the top ten, I still feel ashamed?”

As the second spell was gone, Laosi heard the murmur of others and he was very angry. “If you are bold enough, you can say that direct to me. Why are you talking behind my back? If you are ill-affected, we can have a one-to-one hit. Are you all big talkers? Who said I must not give up? Do I have to force my opponent to hurt me when I know I can’t defeat him? Isn’t that a stupid thing to do?” Laosi said.

After hearing what Laosi said, many people glowered. “I’m not afraid of having a one-to-one hit with you. Don’t think it’s a big deal that you’re in the top 10.”

“Come on, let’s do it. Who cares? I’ll stand and let you fight me to see if you can break down my defenses.”

“Bros, he is too arrogant. Let’s fight with him.”


Laosi suddenly stretched out his hand and said, “I will fight with you when the match is over. I will keep you company to the end by then.”

Laosi then grunted and turned to leave.

Xuanqing’s magic spell killing is really powerful, and impossible to guard against. There is also a drawback to this kind of magic spell killing, that is, when you use it to kill others, you will also get hurt.

No magic art is truly invincible. All magic arts take a lot of effort.

Just take Kris Chen for example, the reason why he can be so invincible is not only because of his efforts, but also countless resources.

It is no exaggeration to say that it is impossible for another person to collect the resources Kris needed to improve a Stage in a lifetime.

This is no exaggeration.

“Senior, it’s your turn. Be careful.” Kris relaxed his hold and said.

Bixiao gave Kris an angry stare and said, “You are the one who needs to be careful.”

As Bixiao spoke, she walked to the ring.

“Ah, Bixiao, my goddess is on the ring again.”

“The more I look at her, the more I like her. Abin, if you can get Bixiao’s Practitioner ID, I will give you 1000 gifts in your live streaming room.”

“I will also give you 1000 gifts!”

Abin found this’s both funny and annoying.

What qualification does he have to ask Bixiao for her Practitioner ID?

Although he is an anchor, he is not good at fighting at all.

He couldn’t have something to do with the seed of the future Rank.

But as there’s so much support from fans, Abin gritted his teeth and said, “Well, I am ready to risk anything. I will go to get Bixiao’s Practitioner ID when she wins the match. Please give me a pep talk.”

“Abin, you are a hero!”

“Abin, as long as you can get Bixiao’s Practitioner ID, I will give you 2000 gifts.”

Bixiao went to the ring. Her opponent, Hongyan, who ranks tenth and is the disciple of Fire God Palace, is also very strong.

He has Zhenyan divine body and is made of the fire in the earth’s core. He is a Fire Spirit who practices Scripture of Fire God and can devour all the flames in the world.

Kris thought of Yanyang’s Tao. In order to become a saint, he is also constantly devouring all kinds of spiritual fire to strength his own foundation.

So there is some truth in all paths lead to the same end.

“I am Hongyan from Fire God Palace.” Hongyan said.

“I am Bixiao from Shaohua Palace.” Bixiao said.

They two saluted with joined hands and then fought immediately.

“The burning Fire God!” Hongyan said.

Hongyan turned into a raging fire, and the temperature of the site rose sharply.

The scorching heat made even those watching took three steps back.

Sweat trickled down Bixiao’s chin.

“Time Methods, rotation!” Bixiao said.

Bixiao’s fist was wrapped by the power of Time Methods. Though she got hurt, she restored to her previous state in an instant.

However, although Time Methods are very strong, they are very difficult to practice, and they belong to the kind that is easy to understand and difficult to master.

“World-destroying of Fire God!” Hongyan said.

“Time Fist, the collapsing of mountains and rivers.” Bixiao said.


When hot fist collided with soft fist, people automatically assume that the hot fist would win.

However, it’s this soft fist that easily blocked the fierce hot fist.

“The third gear!” Bixiao opened her mouth slightly and said.

Bixiao then gather all her strength and Hongyan’s fist was broken and his body was scattered.

Sparks streamed all over the sky. Amid the outcry of the crowd, sparks reunited into a human form.

This time, Hongyan looked at Bixiao in a more cautious way. Actually, he was cautious from the beginning.

If he had not been the Fire Spirit, he would have been badly hurt by that blow.

“Time Fist, destroying everything!” Bixiao said with a sweet girlish voice.

At the same time, she said in her heart, “The sixth gear.”


A force a hundred and fifty times stronger than before swept toward Hongyan. Hongyan used all his strength and it’s still difficult for him to resist.

When Hongyan stood firm, he was already offstage.

“Senior, thank you for being lenient to me. I feel lucky to win the match.” Bixiao saluted with joined hands and said.

Then Bixiao jumped out of the ring.

After hearing what Bixiao said, Hongyan’s face flushed. “I should thank Bixiao for being lenient to me. I clearly felt that Bixiao withdrew most of her strength at the critical moment. Or that one punch could have hurt me badly.” Hongyan thought.

“She is so strong!”

After a brief lull, there was a round of applause.

“Bixiao! Bixiao! Bixiao!!”

Hearing the shouts, Bixiao could not help but being excited. In all the years she has been at Lanting Immortal Palace, it’s the first time she has heard the shouts of so many people. Some of the people in the front row used to be at the same level as her, and some are even more powerful God’s favored ones than her.

But at that moment, they were all calling out her name.

The Nine Stooges were also very excited. “Junior Bixiao, you are the best.” They said.

Jianfei Zhan stood up and said, “Look, that’s my good apprentice.”

“OK. I have seen her.” Liunian Feng said helplessly.

To tell the truth, Liunian was really envious of Jianfei, who has Liangchen Ye before and Bixiao now.

As Bixiao ranks the top five, she is a real Rank seed. As long as she does not die young, she must be the real ruler of Lanting Immortal Palace in the future.

Who doesn’t envy her?

Sandao Bu’s mouth was almost running watering.

Beidou Luo was excited too. He patted Zongtian Tan on the shoulder and said, “Zongtian, I am the winner this time. But I’m sure you’re convinced, right?”

With a surly face, Zongtian didn’t say anything. Zongtian really wanted to say to Beidou, “Please leave me alone, will you? By the way, please be a kind person.”

No one expected that the dark horse this time if from Shaohua Palace. Ever since Lanting Immortal Palace was established, it always lingers between the tail of all the sects and the area near the tail of all the sects.

But now, for sure, it’s time for it to get into the upper seat.

How could Zongtian accept it in his heart?

Beidou, on the contrary, was very happy. He held his head high. If Kris also steps into top five, he will have more honor.

If two of his disciples are among top five, one of them might step into top three or even be the winner.

When Kris looked at Bixiao and wanted to walk up to her, someone suddenly appeared in front of him. He looked at him carefully and found that he’s a tall and thin disciple.

Dressed in the clothes of Exterior Group disciples, the eyes of the disciple were full of adoration and excitement, as well as a little timidity. “Hello, senior Bixiao. I am Abin, a disciple of Exterior Group. I’m also an anchor with 300 million followers. I like you a lot, and so do my fans. Can you tell me your Practitioner ID?” Abin said.

After hearing that, Bixiao was stunned for a while and then looked at Abin.

“Senior Bixiao, I set up a backup group for you. The fans will give gifts to me regularly in the future and I will give all the gifts I receive to you. As I have a lot of fans, you can get considerable gifts in a month.” Abin said nervously.

Bixiao smiled. She had not expected to be treated like that. She actually watches live streaming frequently, especially these days when Kris’s in the Practicing Room. Besides watching TV dramas, she also watches live streaming. She even has her favorite anchors.

She was about to say yes when she saw Kris’s surly face. She then changed the words on the tip of her tongue and said, “Thank you, but I have no Practitioner ID.”

As a shareholder, her monthly bonus is more than she can use up. She didn’t care about the gifts. “Say thank you to your fans for me.” Bixiao said.

As Bixiao spoke, she walked up to Kris.

Abin ran after Bixiao and said, “Senior Bixiao, do you not have a projector? Let me send you a latest one…”

Chapter 826: Being Kicked Fly By a Punch

Somehow, Bixiao felt very happy in her heart when she saw Kris Chen’s facial expression.

“Senior, he harbors evil designs.” Kris said.

“How do you know that? Is he harboring evil designs because he asked me for my Practitioner ID?” Bixiao said.

Bixiao then snorted and said, “I think you are the one who harbor evil designs.”

After hearing what Bixiao said, Kris was embarrassed.

“What’s the boy’s name? Abin? Well, I will limit his live streaming. No, I’d rather not do that. Isn’t that a little narrow-minded?” Kris thought.

Kris thought for a while and didn’t do that finally. After all, Abin is a middle class anchor.

An anchor with 300 million followers is in the middle class. Currently, the most famous anchor in the Practitioners circle is called Xiaoxiao with more than 8 billion followers.

The rewards of a live streaming is very substantial.

The amount of money Xiaoxiao earns in a year equals to the amount of money someone else earn millions of years.

Withdrawing that idea, Kris shook his head. Once again, he pulled away from Bixiao.

Bixiao bit her lip, wondering why Kris stayed away from her again. “Did he really give up?” Bixiao thought.

When Bixiao was confused, Kris stepped into the ring.

“I am Yun Zheng from Yuzhou Palace.” Yun said.

“I am Liangchen Ye from Shaohua Palace.” Liangchen said.

“You are strong.” Yun said.

“You are not weak.” Kris smiled and said.

Yun is permeated with the breath of the Great Tao, which is very similar to cosmic flow.

But Yun’s cosmic flow is much weaker than Kris’s.

“I am ready to fight.”

“Come on!”

They two started fighting in an instant.

“The coming of wind!”

“The Yuzhou fist controlling birth and death.”

“The coming of rain!”

“Chaotic fist!”

Kris played magic arts while stalled for time. That’s a good idea.

At least it’s a lot easier for Kris than it was before. By standing in the corner and pulling his finger, Kris could make Yun be in a great bustle.

“The Yin of the moon.”

“The pour of Dao.”

Kris only used the way of Yin, because he’s afraid that he would cripple Yun by using both the ways of Yin and Yang.

Yun frowned. “This man is a real fighter. Both his fighting skills and magic arts are excellent. But why have I never heard of his fame?” Yun thought.

“Heaven, earth, people, god, ghost, evil spirit, Buddha, demon, monster.” Yun said.

With each word Yun uttered, there came an incarnation, which is somewhat similar to him.

Heaven represents the realm of heaven, earth represents the realm of earth, human represents the realm of human existence, and so on.

As Yun has created nine realms, the nine incarnations are the kings of the nine realms.

It looks like a bluff. They’re actually just nine incarnations. Kris is very familiar with such things. He himself has countless actualized spirits.

He has numerous actualized spirits in the sky. Without thinking about it carefully, he couldn’t remember.

Kris then grabbed a handful of rubble and said, “Throwing Stones into Soldiers.”

Didn’t Yun want to compare with Kris who has more men? Kris was willing to keep Yun company.

“The Creater!”

Kris moved his fingers and employed Spirit Scripture of Heaven and Earth. Kris then drew a great deal of soul power from the Zhongmiao Door and poured it into the stone soldiers.

For a moment, it was as if they had souls.

There were exactly nine soldiers to fight with Yun’s nine kings.

“Come to fight with them. Make the fight a litter longer.” Kris said.

Instead of controlling the soldiers himself, Kris let the super power chip control them. Kris wanted to see how far the Super Power chip had grown.

Yun looked surly. He didn’t expect Kris would use the magic art Throwing Beans into Soldiers. What’s more, the soldiers are very strong, no worse than Yun’s incarnations at all.

Kris’s soldiers and Yun’s incarnations stood in a circle. With Chao at the helm, combat was much easier. Every move was out of deep consideration and even the strength was used to the extreme.

What Yun wanted to see didn’t appear indeed. On the contrary, the nine kings were beaten too badly that they were powerless to fight back.

Yun was very shocked. “My nine kings have their own consciousness and the soldiers are just puppets. Can Kris manipulate nine soldiers alone? Is that possible? The soldiers even beat my incarnations so badly.” Yun thought.

When Yun looked at Kris, he almost vomited blood out of anger, because Kris’s eating a skein of barbecue in his hand. Yun thought Kris’s not here for the fight, but for a vacation.

“You… you…” Yun pointed at Kris and said, but words failed him.

“Oh, sorry, I forgot to give one to you.” Kris patted on his head and said.

Then Kris took another skein of barbecue and handed it to Yun. “You want to eat, right? I just cooked a lot. Here you go. Don’t be shy. There’s plenty.” Kris said.

Looking at the barbecue in his hand, Yun wanted to eat it inexplicably.

As soon as this idea came out, Yun was completely dumbfounded.

“You’re pushing me too far” Yun said.

Yun finally realized that Kris did not take him seriously. He threw the barbecue on the floor and stepped on it. “I won’t eat your food.” Yun said.

Kris frowned. “Is there something wrong with him? He wanted to eat it, so I offered it to him kindly. It’s not a big deal that he didn’t thank me, but why he threw it away and even stepped on it? What does that mean? Does he despise me?” Kris thought.

The disciples under the stage were also dumbfounded.

“”Is this a race or a barbecue?”

“It’s ridiculous. Liangchen is so arrogant and he clearly looks down on Yun.”

“But the barbecue smells good and I want to eat it.”

The Taoist Maters on the stage were somewhat dumbfounded.

How could they eat barbecue in the stage of Rank Battle?

They’re too contemptuous.

Liangchen’s psychological trick is so cruel.

Kris didn’t know that the Taoist Masters regarded his treat of barbecue as a psychological trick.

Especially when Yun exploded, they were even more convinced that this was Kris’s scheme.

“I must defeat you today to show you what I can do.” Yun shouted and rushed to Kris.

“Hey, do you have professional integrity? You should wait until I finish eating if you want to fight with me.” Kris said.

Kris’s dodged Yun’s attack with a single move. “Do you know it’s easy for me to poke my mouth while fighting? And it’s not easy to digest.” Kris said.

“Nonsense! It’s Rank Battle, so it’s unreasonable for you to eat on the stage.” Yun thought.

After hearing what Kris said, Yun felt more humiliated.

The Taoist Maters sighed and said, “What a clever trick. He just used a few words to disorder Yun’s state of mind. This may seem absurd, but in fact it implies multiple psychological changes and the vulnerability of the human heart. It looks like Yun is going to lose.”

The Taoist Master of Yuzhou Palace frowned and looked at Beidou Luo, saying, “Beidou, you disciple is so insidious. He played a trick.”

Beidou was stunned first and he soon came to his senses. “Bullshit! My disciple is not insidious at all. This is a battle and any method can be used to be a winner. Is there a rule saying that only my disciples can use tricks? If you disciple is clever enough, he can also use tricks.” Beidou said.

The Taoist Master of Yuzhou Palace was very angry. “You’re still quibbling. When the above behave wrongly the below will do the same. Conspiracy is vulnerable to real power.” The Taoist Master of Yuzhou Palace said.

“That’s not conspiracy, but intelligence. Do you see how you disciple are poor at state of mind? It’s a truth that all your disciples are poor at state of mind. What’s practition for? It’s to cultivate mind. As he can’t even see such a trick through, he just got what he deserves.” Beidou said.

No one knew that Beidou’s arguing with the Taoist Master of Yuzhou Palace.

When Yun looked at the stage and found his master’s clouded face, he was more anxious than ever.

“Why my master’s face’s clouded? Is he blaming me? Or is he not satisfied with me?” Yun thought.

Many thoughts flashed through his mind.

“Liangchen, you are shameless. I will knock you fly.” Yun said.

After hearing that, Kris’s facial expression changed. “Son of a bitch, I am kind enough to treat you to barbecue, but why you say I am a shameless person? Am I shameless for that I ate barbecue?” Kris thought.

Kris was very angry. “I planned to not to hurt you so badly and make a narrow victory. Now that doesn’t seem necessary. You are nothing.” Kris thought.

Kris stood there, still munching on barbecue.

Kris looked at Yun, who rushed to him with a ferocious look.

Kris then threw out a punch.


The punch blasted the air and the shield, even the nine kings were blown to dust.

Yun was kicked so far away that the clouds were scattered in the sky.

Kris took a bite of the barbecue and said, “Bah, he’s nothing.”

After saying that, Kris jumped out of the ring.

The disciples, as well as the Taoist Maters, were shocked. The Taoist Master of Yuzhou Palace, was the most shocked one.

The Taoist Masters who reinforced the shield were also shocked.

How’s that possible? This shield can only be broken by Practitioners in Epoch Realm. How could Kris break it with a single blow? What does that mean?

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