“Um…” Chuck Cannon was surprised.

The accident is always at the next second, Chuck Cannon must know!!

Because no one in this world can predict the future. Everyone speaks of ordinary people who continue to be born, old, sick and die.

However, his mother’s fighting strength and physical fitness are absolutely top in the world.

You know, Stewart’s strongest bodyguard, he lost without his mother’s two tricks!

Although there were reasons for it like the difference in age between the two, the biggest reason is that his mother’s fighting strength was excellent.

Otherwise, try someone else?

This kind of strength is rare in the world.

It’s just that, Heidi Hudson’s Hudson, the strongest bodyguard has not yet appeared, this person, who is better than his mother?

Chuck Cannon doesn’t know, because Hudson is the real first family!

“My mother is so strong, she shouldn’t be surprised by what you call it?” Chuck Cannon said, also getting serious.

“I’m not cursing how your mother is, no, you heard it just now, I admire your mother, I just want you to be nice to your mother, don’t bother her.” Coach Qiushui was envious.

“Um.” Chuck Cannon was speechless, and he didn’t do anything to his mother?

“Then I will not say it.” Coach Qiushui shook her head and let Chuck Cannon rest tonight and start training tomorrow.

“Hey…” Coach Qiushui’s words made Chuck Cannon want to call his mother and ask.

In other words, his mother’s pressure in the United States is much greater than his own. As a son, he should really care.

He was a bit unfilial just now!

Chuck Cannon regretted it. He should ask about his mother’s situation. It seemed that his mother had always cared about herself, but as a son, he had not cared about her.

Chuck Cannon felt more guilty as he thought about it.

“What are you doing?”

“Forget it, after I get out from here, I’ll call my mother again,” at that time, it happened to say goodbye to my mother.

It’s only more than ten days. What will happen to my mother at this time?

Surely not, what can happen to my mother’s strength?

“Well, it’s up to you. Go and rest. Starting tomorrow, you will know my training method.” Coach Qiushui returned to the room, not to go back to rest, but to give Chuck Cannon a special training method.

She had a tentative fight with Chuck Cannon today, and already knew Chuck Cannon’s weakness in the fight.

She wants to make a training plan.

Specifically for Chuck Cannon, it is best to remove all the shortcomings of Chuck Cannon’s current fighting!

Chuck Cannon was also tired and went to sleep in his room.

He also expected that he could surpass his mother and become a new record in Wumen.

“From today, you will be tied 100 kilograms on your hands and feet. You have to tie them wherever you go. You can unlock them when you leave Wumen!” Coach Qiushui knew that Chuck Cannon’s contact with fighting was for a too short time due to some reasons.

Chuck Cannon’s physical constitution has always been flawed.

Talent is one thing, and the physical gap was still obvious.

So, with so many weights, Chuck Cannon’s physical limit was pushed hard to make up for the vacancy of only one year in combat.

“Then I would be carrying 130 kilograms.” Chuck Cannon didn’t care much.

There are some heavy metals on the ground, but they are not as small as the special metals studied by his mother.

“You have always carried 30 kilograms?” Coach Qiushui heard what Chuck Cannon meant.

“Yes, this ring was given to me by my mother. It is very heavy.” Chuck Cannon has been carrying it for a long time.

He is used to it, and even Chuck Cannon is thinking about asking his mother to increase his usual weight to 50 kg!!

In order to improve his strength, Chuck Cannon, as a man, can bear the pain.

“No wonder you can defeat Luke Carter, so you… Okay, you don’t have to do anything else in these five days. You run 20 kilometres for me every day! After five days, I will give you five more. Ten kilograms, and then the training really begins! I will teach you all that I can.” This is to re-attach what Chuck Cannon didn’t hit before.

This is a training plan specially customized for Chuck Cannon by Coach Qiushui!

Chuck Cannon’s strength will surely advance by leaps and bounds.

Because Chuck Cannon’s current shortcoming is his physical fitness. If Chuck Cannon has been involved in fighting since he was a child, of course, he wouldn’t have this shortcoming.

The physical fitness has improved, and everything else is easy to say.

It’s like the foundation is stabilized. Isn’t building a random building?

“Okay,” Chuck Cannon obeyed.

Her mother had such a high opinion of her, Chuck Cannon trusted her 100%!!

Chuck Cannon tied the load and went for a run.

Coach Qiushui continued to think about the plan, how reasonable, how can Chuck Cannon be able to break through and graduate in the next ten days?

“Coach Qiushui, are you there?”

This was a little voice, yes, this sweet voice.

“Yes, what are you doing?” Coach Qiushui went out.

“Is Chuck Cannon here?” Yes, Ashley Whitney came over to find Chuck Cannon.

She was sure that Chuck Cannon saved her, and she wanted to thank him!

“No, he has gone for a run with a heavy load.”

Ashley was disappointed, “Oh, when will Chuck Cannon be back?”

“It depends on his own speed, 150 kilograms, 20 kilometres, how long can you come back?”

“Huh?? It’s so heavy, I can’t come back, absolutely can’t come back.” Ashley Whitney’s chin was startled.

Chuck Cannon is so desperate!

“What is Chuck Cannon doing so desperately?”

“Because he wants to surpass his mother, and his mother is the same, she is better than blue!”

“Is his mother good? Why he wants to surpass?” Ashley Whitney couldn’t figure it out.

“You don’t know who his mother is?”

“I don’t know, he never told me,” Chuck Cannon didn’t mention this at all!

How could Ashley Whitney know?

“His mother is our martial arts myth, Karen Lee!”


Ashley Whitney was shocked in an instant!!

Undoubtedly heard a piece of shocking news!

She knew why Chuck Cannon laughed when Liu Li mentioned Karen Lee that day, when she and several other girls talked about Karen Lee.

A few girls adore talking about his mother, can he not laugh as a son?

She suddenly felt embarrassed to the extreme. That day, she and a few other girls laughed at him!!

At that time, did Chuck Cannon despise her?

“Is this true?” Ashley Whitney heard Liu Li’s introduction. She also admired this martial arts record holder, because it was too powerful, and the key was a woman.

“Really, I also had a video call with Chuck Cannon’s mother Karen Lee.”

Ashley Whitney feels incredible deeply, Chuck Cannon hides so deeply!

With strength, his mother is still a martial arts myth, and Chuck Cannon is so low-key, incredible!!

Ashley’s eyes glittered, a few friends analyzed, did Chuck Cannon save her because he liked her?

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