“What work you have with Chuck Cannon?” Coach Qiushui asked.

“Oh, it’s okay, it’s okay, coach Qiushui, you are busy, I’m going back.” Ashley Whitney shook her long legs and went out.

Coach Qiushui shook her head, thinking about continuing the training settings for Chuck Cannon.

Ashley Whitney ran back.

“Ashley Whitney, haven’t you seen Chuck Cannon, you are such a big beauty, and he must be very happy to take the initiative to find by his hanging silk nature!”

“I didn’t see him.”

“You didn’t see it? What is he doing?”

“He was training, do you know? What did I know when I went to coach Qiushui this time?” Ashley Whitney looked excited.

“What you got to know?”

“Yes, say it!”

“Chuck Cannon’s mother is actually Karen Lee!!” Ashley Whitney said!

The girls were stunned for an instant, and their faces were shocked!!

“No? Is it possible?”

“Maybe, Chuck Cannon can play so well, so he must be highly talented. Isn’t this inheriting Karen Lee’s abnormal gene?”

“Oh my God, no wonder he can defeat Luke Carter! So it is!”

“Last time we mentioned Karen Lee, Chuck Cannon still laughed. Did he laugh at us stupidly?”

Several girls were like chickens, chirping and wow.

“He must be laughing at us! I didn’t expect Chuck Cannon to have such a powerful mother, and Karen Lee is such a powerful woman. Isn’t that Chuck Cannon also a rich second generation?”

“Absolutely, he is so low-key! Ashley, so you are satisfied with Chuck Cannon?”

Ashley Whitney’s face blushed, “I still imagined that there is a mother like Karen Lee, I didn’t expect…”

“What are you doing? Do you need the training to learn?” Liu Li appeared angrily!

Chuck Cannon was gone, she has only four students left.

She vowed that she must train these students to be even more powerful than Chuck Cannon!

“Coach, let me tell you, Chuck Cannon’s mother is…” Ashley Whitney didn’t finish.

She has been interrupted by Liu Li!

“From today onwards, if anyone raises Chuck Cannon in front of me! I will drive her out of the martial arts! Did you hear that!!” Liu Li scolded!

“No, I mean Chuck Cannon’s mother, she is…” Ashley Whitney was speechless.

The same goes for a few girls.

Chuck Cannon didn’t want her in public, and Liu Li was a little bit perverted, which was reasonable.

“What the hell has anything to do with me? I say it again. You’re not allowed to mention anything about him. Remember, it’s anything! If anyone doesn’t listen, I’ll kick her out now! Don’t wanna follow me then what do you mean by training?” Liu Li finished speaking and left.

“Liu Li hates Chuck Cannon in anger!”

“Of course, Chuck Cannon lost all face to Liu Li in the freshman competition.”

“I want to know if Coach Liu Li learned that Chuck Cannon’s mother is Karen Lee, the myth of Wumen, what would she look like! Would she dare not mention Chuck Cannon?”

“Haha, I want to know too!!”

Liu Li went to her brother Liu Ge angrily.

Liu Ge was knocked out by Chuck Cannon, and his swelling disappeared until today. Liu Ge was so angry that he couldn’t do it!

“Liu Li, I can’t swallow this breath. I must find Chuck Cannon who troubled. I want him to regret everything he did to me!!”

“Brother, Chuck Cannon has entered the gate of Qiushui. You don’t know Qiushui’s abilities. She will train Chuck Cannon more and more. There is no chance for us to fight him together!” Liu Li knows herself!

To know the result of the last time, Liu Ge was killed with a punch.

And she was even pinched by Chuck Cannon!

This is molesting!!

How can Liu Li tolerate it?

She was so mad that she couldn’t sleep, and she dreamed that Chuck Cannon pinched her face in her dreams, and she woke up with anger every time!

She hated Chuck Cannon already!!

“I’ll find a way, don’t worry, I will get back your shame!” Liu Ge sneered, he had already decided in his heart.

“Miss Heidi, Chuck Cannon went to Wumen for further study.” When Heidi Hudson was bored, her bodyguard reported Chuck Cannon’s situation at any time.

“Training? Why study? I won’t do anything to him!” Heidi Hudson was lazy and even more bored.

Because she hasn’t seen Chuck Cannon for a long time.

She was thinking about Chuck Cannon.

Even if she was attacked by Chuck Cannon, she wants to see Chuck Cannon.

She has been to China for so many days. .

“This should be what Karen Lee meant.”

“Huh, Karen Lee is really troublesome, will I let Chuck Cannon die?” Heidi Hudson’s beautiful eyes flashed through the long-lost murderous intent!!

“I also think this Karen Lee is too intrusive. She wants to train Chuck Cannon against you in a short period of time! Is this OK?” The man seized this opportunity, but he still remembers Karen Lee punch till today. It hurt him and made him almost ashamed in front of Heidi Hudson.

“Karen Lee tried her best to improve Chuck Cannon’s strength to turn Chuck Cannon and you. Without Karen Lee getting in the way between you and Chuck Cannon, I think you and Chuck Cannon have a great opportunity to be together!”

Heidi Hudson’s beautiful eyes flashed!

The man was delighted. This meant to move Heidi Hudson, “Miss, you think, Karen Lee is still standing today, thus Chuck Cannon’s confidence is still there, you have to force Chuck Cannon, in fact, the best way is to stop Chuck Cannon’s confidence…”

Heidi Hudson felt more murderous, “I don’t need your majority, I already meant that. With Karen Lee in today, she would never agree to go with Chuck Cannon. Now I don’t need her to agree or disagree. Because…I can’t hear the opinion of a dead person, and Chuck Cannon can’t hear it either!… Let her come out!!”

“You mean, the one who made Hudson the strongest…” the man asked.

This one hasn’t done anything in Hudson for a long time!

Because no one challenged the majesty of Hudson, how could the strongest make a move?

“If you don’t let her take the shot, can you kill Karen Lee unconsciously?” Heidi Hudson said coldly.

“I…” The man got stuck in his throat.

He knew from Stewart’s side that Karen Lee had already killed that Stewart’s strongest bodyguard!

“You can’t kill, only let her do it! Now it’s our young people’s world. Karen Lee should lie in the coffin. Do it! Say I let her out!”

“But, only the owner of her can mobilize her!”

“I’m about to be the head of the family, can’t I still mobilize her? Pass my original words to her. If she is still not obedient, I will tell my grandfather to let her go!!” The domineering of the head of Heidi Hudson’s family was revealed. !!

The man trembles, do it right away.

“Remember, you must be clean. Don’t let Chuck Cannon know that I asked someone to do it. Last time you killed Logan, it was not clean at all!”

“Don’t worry, I will tell her all these words! Don’t worry!”


Heidi Hudson became lazy, “Chuck Cannon, don’t blame me, blame your mother. Your mother Karen Lee gave me a bad sense of threat. As a woman, she is so terrible. I hate threats most in life. Nothing, a slight threat is not enough! It is my favourite thing to kill this threat in the cradle… Kill her, just doing something I like… Chuck Cannon, you have to understand. , I like you…”

Heidi Hudson smiled slightly, but her smile made people tremble!

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