Chapter 827 – 828: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 827: The Changing

Does this boy really have the fighting power of Epoch Realm?

When the idea came out, many people were shocked.

How is that possible?

Kris Chen is just a Practitioner in the early stage of Dao Emperor.

“That’s impossible. It must be that our shield had gone through too much fighting, and the shield’s power had gone down, so he broke it with one punch.”

“That’s right.”

A lot of people found a legitimate reason and they thought that’s the truth.

It’s impossible for a Practitioner in the early stage of Dao Emperor to break a shield of Epoch Realm.

They didn’t believe it anyway.

“Junior, you are the best!”

The Nine Stooges shouted in unison, louder than others present.

Run Qian and others from the cooking room were cheering and shouting.

Jianfei Zhan walked up to Kris and said, “Good apprentice. You are really my Good apprentice. I’m so proud of you.”

“Awesome. As Kris steps into top five, I have two apprentices who are the seeds of Rank. When I go to the Elders Pavilion, my status will certainly be greatly promoted. Who dares to underestimate me? Everyone will certainly treat me with respect for the sake of my two apprentices.” Jianfei thought.

“Go to get some rest.” Jianfei said proudly.

“Fuck, the son of bitch is lucky.”

“That’s right. His apprentices are usually at the bottom of the match, but this year his apprentice are dark horses.”

“It’s difficult to cultivate a seed of Rank. But he has two seeds of Rank at a time. There’s a battle ahead. If his apprentices make it to the top three, they are really something.”

Envying glances were cast at Jianfei from all around. It’s soon for them to go to the Elders Pavilion and the Rank Battle has a direct impact on their status.

There’s some awkwardness in Bixiao’s eyes. She wanted to walk up to Kris to congratulate him, but Kris didn’t look at her the whole time.

This made her feel sad.

“Hum, just ignore me.” Bixiao thought.

With a snort, Bixiao turned her head away from Kris.

By that time, many female disciples looked over at Kris. Kris is actually quite handsome. He now has strong power and he is an ideal mate.

Every woman wants to be the practition partner of Kris.

A few brave female disciples even gave Kris their personal belongings. If Kris accept these things, they can have some intimate contact at night.

Bixiao grinned her teeth when she saw female disciples come up to Kris. “Kris, if you accept those things, I swear I’ll never speak to you as long as I live!” Bixiao thought.

But Kris turned his nose up at such commonplace women. Are there no women around him?


Without question, he could change a woman a day if he wants.

But there’s no need for him to do that.

He’s not a lovelace.

Seeing Kris turn these female disciples down, Bixiao stretched out her twisted brows.

In the livestreaming room, Bingning Li saw Kris kick Yun Zheng fly by a punch. She curled her lip and said, “He is a hypocritical person.”

She thought again of what had happened at Wandao Tower that day.

Yun flew hundreds of miles, and then he was caught by a big hand. The one who caught him was the Taoist Master of Yuzhou Palace.

“Won’t you wake up?” The Taoist Master of Yuzhou Palace said.

Yun then opened his eyes and said, “Master, I am sorry. I am incompetent. I…”

“Well, stand up. It’s not your fault.” The Taoist Master of Yuzhou Palace said.

“Thank you, master.” Yun said.

Yun stood up and clenched his fists. He’s disgraced. “Master, I will…” Yun said.

Before he had finished speaking, the Taoist Master of Yuzhou Palace interrupted him and said, “You took the enemy lightly. That guy is strong. It’s his psychological trick to treat you with barbecue. You have a bad mentality. After the battle, go to Heart-refining Cliff to practice Taoist magic art alone. You can’t leave there for a hundred years.”

“What? Master, I…” Yun said.

“I know you’re not convinced, but do you know how easily he kicked you fly by a punch? I didn’t even see a change of facial expression on his face. What does that mean? It means that he can kick you fly by a punch when you got on stage.” The Taoist Master of Yuzhou Palace said.

After hearing that, Yun was stunned. The master’s words exploded in his ears and his mind went blank. “How is that possible? If he has the ability to knock me fly by one punch, why he still used so many moves?” Yun said.

“You’ve seen him fight before, haven’t you? He won by a narrow margin always. But where are so many close wins? He just doesn’t want his opponents to lose badly. That’s to say, he’s helping his opponents to hide their weak points. If I guess it right, he should have the fighting power of Practitioners in the Epoch Realm.” The Taoist Master of Yuzhou Palace said.

Practitioners in the Epoch Realm?

Yun was dumbfounded.

“The younger generation will suppress the older. He is more fearsome than Nie Yun, and is bound to be a mainstay of Lanting Immortal Palace in the future.” The Taoist Master of Yuzhou Palace said.

It was the first time that The Taoist Master of Yuzhou Palace had such a high evaluation of a disciple.

“Master, how is that possible? He is just a Practitioner in the early stage of Dao Emperor. How could he be in Epoch Realm? That’s impossible.” Yun said.

“I hope I guess it wrong.” The Taoist Master of Yuzhou Palace said.

The Taoist Master of Yuzhou Palace took a look at Yun and then disappeared in the air.

Yun wanted to leave directly, but he was not convinced. So he walked back to the ring. He wanted to see how far Kris Chen can go.

He wanted to know if Kris is really in Epoch Realm.

Kris’s entry for the next round of competition surprised many people.

Shaohua Palace was, of course, a hot topic this time.

Wentian Nangong, the Taoist Master of Lanting Immortal Palace, called Beidou over and asked him some questions and knew what had happened.

“It’s an extraordinary battle because it crossed a Stage. Needless to say, the disciple must be a God’s favored one once met every one million years. What’s more, he must be the top among God’s favored ones once met every one million years. He is just as good as Yun. The battle later must be a fierce struggle between two evenly matched opponents.” Wentian thought.” Wentian thought.

Although he hoped that Yun would win, he was really not sure this time.

Wentian looked at the stage and the fourteenth round competition had begun.

Bixiao directly entered the final. Then the competition was between Yun and Xuanqing, Guangjia He and Kris.

“Don’t worry. I’ll fight with him soon. I’ll show you who the real swordsman is.” Guangjia gently stroked the quivering blade and said.

Then Yun and Xuanqing went into the stage.

“Junior Xuanqing, don’t show any mercy later.” Yun said.

Xuanqing smiled and said, “Senior, you are so awesome. I am not a match for you so I won’t show any mercy.”

“That’s good.” Yun said.

Yun was very interested in Xuanqing’s spell. It took time for the spell to work, but he was willing to wait.

“Fali Spell, the first spell of Nailhead Seven Arrows.” Xuanqing said.

Yun also had a certain understanding of spells. He knew it’s a magic art.

It was mainstream in ancient times, but now it’s a sideshow.

But spell has some merits as it’s mainstream in ancient times.

Seeing the arrow shot by the god of death coming towards him, Yun smiled.

With magic breath around Yun, the arrow disappeared directly.

The moment the arrow disappeared, Xuanqing’s face turned white. The fishy sweetness of his throat was pressed down by him by force.

“Junior, it doesn’t work.” Yun said.

The Mother Breath of All Things in Yun’s heart can assimilate everything.

“Fali Spell, the second spell of Nailhead Seven Arrows.” Xuanqing said.”

In fact, this magic art is incomplete. It misses Sacrifice Doctrine, so Xuanqing could only find a new path. He made a god of death, and then offers the sacrifice he has collected to the god of death.

On the downside, he’s easy to be assimilated by the god of death.

This arrow is more powerful than before. Yun transformed the magic breath into a long knife, which directly split the arrow.

The second spell was also broken.

This time, blood oozed from the corners of Xuanqing’s mouth.

He knew the Nailhead Seven Arrows didn’t work.

Xuanqing summoned his three incarnations, each is ten times stronger than him.

Good body, evil body, self body.

“This is where it gets interesting.” Yun nodded his head and said.

The expression on Yun’s face became serious.

Xuanqing is also a God’d favored one once met every one hundred thousand years. His fighting power is also extraordinary.

Yun was not flurried when four Xuanqing attacked him at the same time. Yun transformed three wisps of magic breath to three incarnations.

Yun’s incarnations fought with Xuanqing’s incarnations.

“Senior Yun is so powerful.”

“Senior Xuanqing is also good, but Yun has practiced Lanting Immortal Sutra into a supreme level.”

Wentian nodded his head. Lanting Immortal Sutra, as the top-one sutra, is quite special.

One can assimilate all the Dao of the world when he practices Lanting Immortal Sutra to the ultimate stage.

Theoretically speaking, the Dao of Lanting Immortal Sutra is to devour and assimilate.

Every battle with the opponent is an opportunity to strengthen the one who practices Lanting Immortal Sutra. The opponent’s Dao and magical power will leave some breath on the magic breath.

So Xuanqing would be defeated. Of course, if Xuanqing practices his three incarnations to the highest level, he won’t lag far behind Yun.

Xuanqing’s way of producing three incarnations is also a strong achievement method.

“Qixue Spell, the third spell of Nailhead Seven Arrows. Qiyun Spell, the fourth spell of Nailhead Seven Arrows.” Xuanqing said.

Xuanqing and his incarnations stood in four directions. The four gods of death opened their mouth wide.

Eight arrows were shot at Yun.

Chapter 828: The Final Began

The Nailhead Seven Arrows, each is stronger than the other.

The power of spells also grew. Now eight arrows in eight directions blocked almost all Yun Nie’s retreat.

Xuanqing did not believe that he could not defeat Yun as he had made so much effort.

A gleam flashed in Yun’s eyes. “That’s good. Lanting Immortal Sutra will last forever.” Yun said.

Yun laughed and The Mother Breath of All Things became divided, wrapping Yun in it. Eight great hands reached out and seized the eight arrows.

“Four heads and eight arms!” Yun said.

Yun cast the magic power. The palms of his hands were enveloped in the immortal air, absorbing the Tao of curse from the arrows.


How is that possible?

Xuanqing was very shocked.

“Click! Click!”

Yun exerted force and the arrows broke into flying ash.

“I am a strong fighter and I want to be the best.” Yun said.


Yun punched at Xuanqing, who was kicked fly.

Without any resistance, Xuanqing was kicked fly. This battle was won by Yun.

The audience shouted Yun’s name in succession.

“Senior, senior…”

Yun stopped using the magic power and he looked not too excited. He thought it’s normal for him to win. If he didn’t win, that’s a problem.

In the second round, Kris Chen took to the stage.

“May I make an ungracious request?” Guangjia He asked.

“Since it’s an ungracious request, forget it.” Kris said.

Guangjia was stunned for a while and then said, “You’re so funny. Be careful.”

“Sword Drawing Technique!” Guangjia said.

Kris stood there, not nervous at all. Kris started practice with sword.

Kris hasn’t used sword moves for a long time.

Cosmic flow, with all its myriad forms, is not confined to a single magic power.

Kris held out a finger to block the light of the sword.

Kris then poked the light and it disappeared. “It is not enough.” Kris said.

“Sword Drawing Technique, Reincarnation chopping!” Guangjia said.

Kris felt the breath of reincarnation and nodded his head. “It turns out to be a way of reincarnation. It’s not bad.” Kris said.

But it’s only not bad. There are numerous creatures in Kris’s body and the way of reincarnation in his body is the real way of reincarnation.

There are The Six Great Divisions in the Wheel of Karma, the Tao of Heaven and the Tao of Human behind Kris. The moment The Six Great Divisions in the Wheel of Karma appeared, the heaven and earth changed.

Guangjia, as well as those elders and Taoist Masters, looked shocked.

“What magic power this is? It manifested The Six Great Divisions in the Wheel of Karma. How is that possible?”

“Are human able to manifest reincarnation?”

There was much discussion.

Beidou Luo stopped showing off.

Jianfei Zhan was very shocked. “My disciple is really awesome. He can even manifest The Six Great Divisions in the Wheel of Karma. He can also influence the change of heaven and earth. It’s scary.” Jianfei thought.

In Kris’s eyes, Guangjia’s sword moves are nothing.

The Six Great Divisions in the Wheel of Karma appeared quickly and disappeared quickly.

It’s gone in two short breath breaks. The feeling of being repressed by reincarnation in people’s heart was gone.

“Sword Drawing Technique, Nothingness!” Guangjia said.

Guangjia constantly increased the power of his sword moves.

“Void Sword Tao!” Kris said.

Kris flicked his finger and another burst of sword light flew out.


The sword light disappeared.

“Sword Drawing Technique, destroying everything!” Guangjia said.

Guangjia felt great pressure. His sword move, which he was proud of, seemed not worth mentioning in the eyes of Kris. What’s more, he is like a child while Kris is like an adult.

Kris can easily take Guangjia’s sword moves. Guangjia thought Kris is a swordsman, a much stronger swordsman than himself.

The sword didn’t mistake that.

Kris though Guangjia is a good fighter and said, “It’s no use you fighting like that. Your sword is vain. Although you have a good foundation, you show off your skills too much. The sword is the king of all armies, and is essentially used for killing. But sword is also ominous. Taking it out will either hurt others or hurt yourself.”

“The sword of cause and effect!” Kris said.

Kris cut into the void, and Guangjia felt the psychological line of defense in his heart completely broken.

He stood and looked at Kris with a look that was complex and at the same time feverish.

Kris is really strong. Either in Stage or strength, it’s difficult for Guangjia to surmount Kris.

It’s the first time Guangjia’s inferior to others in all respects.

This kind of feeling even made it hard for him to lift the sword in his hand.

“The sword of reincarnation.” Kris said.

In a flash, Guangjia seemed to have gone through thousands times of reincarnation. When he regained his senses, he was drenched in sweat.

“The sword of Yin and Yang!” Kris said.

Guangjia saw the light and saw the source of everything. That is the source, and the light of the time when the universe came into being.

“The sword is used to kill, but it is also the vehicle of Tao. It depends on how you use it. If you use it well, it’s an invincible sword. If you use it badly, it’s just an iron scrap. Even if I give you the Spirit Weapon of the Eternity, you are still worthless in my eyes.” Kris said.

With a smile on his face, Kris looked like an elder who’s teaching his junior.

Guangjia was very shocked. He listened with his hands tied together.

The audience was dumbfounded.

What’s going on here?

“Senior He’s actually listening to Kris’s teachings. Oh my god, I don’t have an ear problem, do I?”

“The world has gone crazy. I must have seen too many battles and my eyes are blurred.”

Many people thought they had been enchanted.

Guangjia is a God’s favored one once met one million years. He is also the top among the God’s favored ones.

“Well, that’s all what I want to say. You can decide whether to accept what I said or not. I’m talking about my Tao and you need to find out your own Tao. Whatever it is, even the simplest Sword Drawing Technique, if you can do it to the best, you can get your own Ultimate Sword Tao.” Kris said.

As Kris spoke, he walked out of the stage.

“Is my sword Tao the Ultimate Sword Tao? Yes, that’s Ultimate Sword Tao. Why didn’t I think of that?” Guangjia mumbled.

As Guangjia spoke, the light in his eyes grew brighter. He stood on stage and bowed to Kris, saying, “Thank you, senior. You beat me.”


After hearing what Guangjia said, the audience was in an uproar.

What did they just hear? They heard Guangjia say he had surrendered.

The bow means he extremely admires Kris.

The world is really crazy.

Kris waved his hands. He just said it casually. All Tao in the world is nothing to him, because he has the infinite Tao.

Without a doubt, Kris won the match.

“Junior, you are the best.” The Nine Stooges shouted under the stage.

This time everyone was envious.

Shaohua Palace is the biggest black horse of the Rank Battle. Jianfei’s so lucky to have two disciples rank the first three.

Jianfei’s awesome.

Run Qian and others were very excited. The higher the status of Kris is, the more benefits they have.

From then on, Kris’s their backer and no one dares bully them.

And now Spark is a very powerful force. They already have the strength to be leaders and even to establish new sects.

Ziping Meng was envious. He’s only in top 100, but Kris’s in top three. Kris was also likely to be the winner.

Ziping’s no match for Yun, but Kris is not.

The winner is the first seed of Rank. Everyone will admire the winner and call him “Senior”.

Even Ziping should call Kris “Senior” when he sees him.

When they were in Lanting Immortal Boat, Kris was just a kitchen helper, but now Kris’s fighting for the first seed of Rank.

Things are so unpredictable.

His status, what he was once proud of, is nothing in the eyes of Kris.

Even his father is nothing in the eyes of Kris.

From now on, he was his own backer.

“Good boy. You have lived up to our expectations.” Jianfei smiled and said.

The masters of other palaces were also satisfied. It is worth their pains to teach Kris the Time Methods in advance.

“It all dues to you teaching.” Kris said.

“Ha, ha, I love to hear you talk, boy.” Jianfei said.

Others were envious before, but now they were jealous.

“Fuck, why he is so lucky? It’s not justified that he has two God’s favored ones.”

Hearing what they said, Jianfei was very proud. He held his head high like a proud rooster.

Back in his place, Kris kept his distance from Bixiao. Bixiao opened her mouth and wanted to say thank you to Kris.

But she didn’t do that when he saw Kris’ indifferent look.

“What does he mean? Is he going to break up with me completely? Why he is so mean? Can’t he say some sweet words to me?” Bixiao thought.

Soon the final began. The first round is between Yun and Kris.

Kris was about to go to the stage when he heard Bixiao say, “Junior, go for it!”

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