Chuck Cannon’s five-day load-bearing running training has ended.

In fact, Chuck Cannon didn’t carry 150 kilograms on his back. In these five days, no day was lazy, and even Chuck Cannon broke through his own limit and changed the 20 kilometres per day set by Coach Qiushui to 30 kilometres per day. !!

On the last fifth day, Chuck Cannon had already broken through forty-three kilometres. This was Chuck Cannon’s physical limit. When he came back, Chuck Cannon had never experienced it before. His body was exhausted to the extreme!!

But Chuck Cannon was happy. He didn’t know what the forty-three kilometres was, whether there would be any records, Chuck Cannon didn’t know at all!

Chuck Cannon only knew that in five days, Chuck Cannon broke through the limits of his body again and again!

Every time he adds more kilometres, Chuck Cannon’s physical fitness has been improved by the same quality!!

It is no exaggeration to say that Chuck Cannon himself feels that before entering Wumen, and in the past few days after entering Wumen, Chuck Cannon’s strength has been improved by himself!

This is the result of breaking the limit again and again!!

Chuck Cannon was very excited!

Inherited the super fighting talent of his mother plus Chuck Cannon’s death training to break the limit every time.

How strong is your current self?

Chuck Cannon didn’t know it himself, maybe playing Luke Carter would not take half of the time or even one-third of the time!

But now, it is necessary for Coach Qiushui to start teaching Chuck Cannon what she has learned and studied fighting over the years.

The next three days of teaching is the real purpose of Chuck Cannon’s visit this time!

After three days, it was time to breakthrough!

After breaking through the barrier of Wumen, then it is called a true postgraduate graduation!!

“Chuck Cannon, you can put down the load on your body first. In the next three days, I will explain to you my knowledge of fighting and fighting skills!” Coach Qiushui suggested Chuck Cannon to put down the heavy objects.

“I want to carry it all the time, and I have become a little used to it,” Chuck Cannon wanted to race against time to improve his physical fitness!

“Get used to it?” Coach Qiushui was astonished. He is indeed the son of Wumen record holder Karen Lee. What kind of abnormal physique is this?

One hundred and fifty kilograms, are you still getting used to it?

“Well, Coach Qiushui can start!”

“Okay then! By the way, your legs, shoulders, and arms have varying degrees of strength. I don’t think you have trained as I said 20 kilometres these days!” Coach Qiushui’s beautiful eyes are solemn!

Chuck Cannon’s arm muscles, especially his legs, have a feeling of bursting clothes.

This is the ultimate state of muscles!

“Well, I added a little myself.”

“How much? Twenty-five kilometres?” Coach Qiushui felt that this was Chuck Cannon’s limit.

How much can he add?

Chuck Cannon shook his head.

“Twenty-eight, thirty kilometres?” Coach Qiushui was so surprised and surprised.

Chuck Cannon still shook his head.

Coach Qiushui was astonished, “Thirty-five?? Isn’t it? Forty kilometres?”

She was surprised!

One hundred and fifty kilograms, it can carry forty kilometres?

How abnormal is this?

“Forty-three kilometres!” Chuck Cannon said truthfully.

Coach Qiushui has sluggish eyes, “You? Are you kidding me?”


What Chuck Cannon and Coach Qiushui doing joking about?

How much is it?

It has only been five days, and Chuck Cannon is confident that if the lessons are trained for one month, 60 kilometres may be possible!!

“It seems that I underestimated your physical fitness. As expected, genes are really important,” Coach Qiushui already muttered to herself.

Chuck Cannon’s endurance comes from abnormal genes!

If others knew that Chuck Cannon could run forty-three kilometres with a heavy load, it would not be a simple surprise!!

To be honest, Coach Qiushui was envious!

If your child wants to have this kind of abnormal gene in the future, how good would it be?

“Well, in the next three days, I will teach you everything about me! Start!”

Chuck Cannon was excited, waiting for this day is too long!

In the next three days, Coach Qiushui gave Chuck Cannon a lesson!

Some moves, techniques, and coach Qiushui all covering up, and Chuck Cannon learns with speed.

Forget about it!!

“Well, sure enough, you are Karen Lee’s son. In three days, you have learned 80% of walking! The remaining 20% is for you to understand! When fighting, the situation is ever-changing, but remember, Observe the first opportunity, be quick and accurate, and kill the opponent in the fastest way! This is the essence of fighting!!”

Coach Qiushui made the final words of graduation!!

In three days, Coach Qiushui felt what a fighting genius is!

Just teach it!

Just one click!

Anyway, Coach Qiushui has deeply remembered Chuck Cannon. She taught some students, but Chuck Cannon has such enviable qualifications!!

“Well, I will remember!!”

“Well, you take a rest for the night, and you will start to break through tomorrow! Your mother only spent fifteen days in total, and you still have two days! It’s up to you to see if the blue is better than the blue!” Coach Qiushui, to be honest, she has expectations with Chuck Cannon!!

She also hopes that her students will be better than each!

The record created by his own mother, broken by her son, is also a special kind of inheritance!!

“Okay!” Chuck Cannon went to rest.

The next day, the news that Chuck Cannon, who had only been in for 13 days, was going to break through the barrier was communicated in Wumen. Everyone knew that Chuck Cannon was about to breakthrough!!

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