There was a lot of excitement in Wumen, and Chuck Cannon was going to breakthrough today, there was a lot of uproars!!

Chuck Cannon came in Wumen for a few days!

Thirteen days, how about going through the barrier?

Many new students who came in with Chuck Cannon sneered!!

Thought it would be great after defeating Luke Carter?

In thirteen days, this is the first time since Wumen opened the door, only two of them have achieved the first one. This is Karen Lee, the record holder of Wumen to date!!

Successfully broke through in two days!

The second one is Coach Qiushui!

It’s also for thirteen days!

Unfortunately, it took five days to breakthrough!

These two are fighting geniuses!

Only in such a short period of time, to breakthrough!

What is your Chuck Cannon?

Didn’t you just agree to Luke Carter?

Are you, Chuck Cannon, a fighting genius?

How can there be so many fighting geniuses?

“Master, have you heard of it?” This is a subordinate from Luke Carter’s family, disguised as a new student in Wumen.

“What did you hear?”

Luke Carter was not spending time in wine, he was training with weights!

In the same place as the gym.

“Chuck Cannon is going to break-through!”


The two-hundred-pound barbell was thrown to the ground by Luke Carter!

The floors are cracked!

Luke Carter took a sip of water, particularly disapproving, and ridiculed, “Are you kidding?”

He knows the fastest record of breaking through!

Chuck Cannon?

Luke Carter doesn’t think so!

“No kidding, the whole martial arts community is going viral,”

Luke Carter frowned, “How is this possible? He came in with me, only thirteen days! Does he want to challenge Karen Lee or Coach Qiushui’s record?”

“Should! Otherwise, why would he be so anxious to break through?”

“Hmph, I thought he would take at least a month, but I didn’t expect it would be done in thirteen days. I have heard of the several levels of Wumen one has to pass through. It is similar to hell. This kind of place is not pretentious. It’s okay! Chuck Cannon, he definitely can’t!” Luke Carter immediately reached a 200% conclusion after analyzing it.

“I also think it’s impossible! Master, do you want to go out and have a look?”

“What will I be going to do?? He can’t succeed. It’s possible to be trapped in it for more than ten days. He finally came out begging. What’s so interesting about it? Don’t delay my exercise time. Go and see? Don’t give me a report everytime! , There is nothing to report!” Luke Carter was still so disapproving!!

He picked up the heavy barbell again and began to continue his exercise program.

His men went out.

“Chuck Cannon, I mean you are ignorant or something? You want to breakthrough the barrier in thirteen days, you are too pretentious!!” Luke Carter laughed and continued to exercise his body.

He has already decided, and will start to break through the barrier ten days later!!

Chuck Cannon will definitely fail this time, so be the third record holder yourself!

Luke Carter was excited!

“What, Chuck Cannon is going to break through!”

Ashley Whitney was already boiling.

“Yes, everyone in Wumen knows that Chuck Cannon is crazy!”

“I think so too. Even if Chuck Cannon is Karen Lee’s son, he is not so fast. Is Chuck Cannon breaking the fucking record?”

“I think it is, but I am very optimistic about Chuck Cannon!”

“Me too, too impatient! The preparation is definitely not enough, just a few days? Only eight days, even if you learn the skills of Coach Qiushui, how much can you absorb in eight days? This is completely brave!”

“Hey, Chuck Cannon is too uncontrollable!” Ashley Whitney shook her head, and she also felt that the chance of success in this level was basically zero when he was not prepared enough!

It is also 100% zero!!

They are not optimistic about Chuck Cannon!

Liu Ge and Liu Li here also learned the news.

Liu Ge’s first expression was not surprised, but mocking!

Because this is a big joke!

Who do you think Chuck Cannon is?

Planning to break the record of Wumen for so many years, don’t look at what Chuck Cannon you are!

Has this one broken record?

“Brother, this Chuck Cannon is too self-righteous. Go inside and he has to suffer a lot,” Liu Li hated Chuck Cannon. Because Chuck Cannon pinched her face and molested her.

“Sure! Just watch it, Chuck Cannon, will beg for mercy to let the person in the door let him out!!”

Liu Li smiled slightly, “There is no suspense! I think it should be particularly interesting to see him begging to be embarrassed after being tortured!!”

In Wumen, all freshmen were not optimistic about Chuck Cannon, and many coaches were the same!!

Chuck Cannon was not affected by such words!

The coach Qiushui has already arrived, the place to break through in Wuwen!

Coach Qiushui has already introduced in detail the difficulty of these three levels!


A hundred people fight!

The third level is also the most difficult!

Composed of the three most powerful coaches in Wumen!

Only after defeating these three coaches can you truly graduate from Wumen!

This breakthrough has attracted Quanwu Sect, many new students, don’t take it seriously, because of what!

Normally, there is no need to break through the barriers. By that time, after a few years of study, you will graduate!

Graduation! Isn’t this just pretending!

It depends on how you Chuck Cannon continue to install it!!

“Okay, Chuck Cannon, you are at the door of the barrier, you can go in!” Coach Qiushui was optimistic about Chuck Cannon, and Chuck Cannon will definitely be able to successfully breakthrough!!

But how long would it take?

There are too many people here!

They were all paying attention to Chuck Cannon’s breakthrough!

They want to see, when can Chuck Cannon be released?

“En!” After taking a rest, Chuck Cannon strode in toward the gate of Wumen Climbing!!

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