Chapter 829 – 830: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 829: Bravo

Kris Chen gave her an agreeable nodding quietly, not even a sign could be read from the expression of his eyes.

That nonchalant attitude really hurt Bixiao.

“Why?” She thought aggrievedly, biting her lips, “Can’t I be angry with you lying to me? Besides, you have so many wives, does it mean that I could only be your concubine?”

Thinking of this, a wave of sorrow surged over her mind, but at the same time, surprisingly, the idea of breaking-up had never really entered her mind.

Her life had long been a backwater for over ten million years, how could she be willing to give up this man who was the very first to inspire her passion and let her heat keep pounding in her ribcage?

“I’m Yun Nie from Lanting Palace!”

“ I’m Liangchen Ye from Shaohua Palace.”

The two on the ring saluted to each other as usual. Kris was rather curious about the magical art that enabled Yun to attack others by his amazing techniques, he would no doubly be much stronger once he had the chance to gain access to it.

If he’d learned how to shoot his enemies with his condensed power and then made it explode in the other’s body, he could definitely launch an extremely mighty attack.

Sounds great, isn’t it?

“You’re really kicking butt,” Said Yun, “The style of your attack seems to be a salad bowl of those of many other sects, are you a follower of Wandao Sect?”

What? Wandao Sect? Nah—My attacks belonged to the far more amazing Universe Sect, bro.

But he didn’t say anything and just nodded, “Sort of.”

“Then you may have no possibility to win this battle.” Yun smiled, “All your attacks will only fertilize mine and make me stronger.”

“Are you sure?”

“Of course.” A smile curved his lips again and he suggested, “We can make a bet if you don’t agree with me.”

Kris’s eyes lit up at the words. As that magical art was still a riddle to him, the suggestion fit exactly as his wish to grab the chance to learn it.

“A bet? Okay, but what do you want to bet on?”

“Well, I bet that you’re bound to lose in one hundred rounds.”

“One hundred round?” A mocking smile was displayed on Kris’s face. Seems that you’re really thinking worse of me.

“Ok, what if you can’t bring me down in one hundred rounds?”

“Then you’re the winner.”


The striking conversation sparked exclamations from the crowds.

“Since it’s a bet, there must be something as the cheese, right?”

“Really?” Yun grinned at him and said, “Then you will be at the wrong end as you have to give me the cheese after the defeat.”

“What if I’m not the loser?” Asked Kris.

“Well, what do you want then?”

“If I win the battle, I want to learn your magical art that can shoot the enemies.”

Yun was stunned at first, but soon he came to understand it and laughed, “So that’s your intention, right? Young chad.”

“Ok, then,” He said after a while, “If you lose the game, you should be my follower.”


Kris nodded and said, “Ok, you have my words.”

Turns out that that’s the idea going on in his head. OK, let’s begin the game.

The fight was initiated after the negotiation was done.

“From Tao there comes one. From one there comes two. From two there comes three. From three there comes everything……”

A tint of ethereal temperament was taken on as Yun recited the spell, but to Kris, he could feel nothing but the guy’s eerily murderous intention.

So, that’s the so-called immortal energy.

Kris rubbed his chin wistfully and produced a ball of energy in his hand.

This was the energy of life that derived from the very beginning of the universe.

It was then reduced to be the energy of death, the energy of demon, and then reborn to be a beam of divine light.

The origin of countless Great Tao evolved in his hand.

Considering that any Tao would boost his rival as the man had said, he didn’t intend to use them at all, instead, he decided to exert the most simple and effective weapon—his fist.

In order to show his respect, Kris didn’t intensify his force.


A mighty swing was thrown out in a high arc, the man, who couldn’t even come to make any timely response, was directly swept out of the ring.

Yun’s mind went blank as he fell to the ground.

Even the spectators were also gaping at the scene. Wentian Nangong stood up and shouted surprisingly, “That’s impossible!”

How come this young chad blew his pride out by mere a punch?

Could it be that he had hidden his strength?

At the same time, the masters of all Taoist Palaces were also dumbfounded.

Although Beidou Luo had learned the strength of Kris, he didn’t expect that he would be that unbelievably impressive. After all, the guy who was just blown out was Yun Nie, the top disciple of Lanting Immortal Palace who was doomed to be the backbone that had the justification to turn up his nose at anyone.

However, the pride of the Lanting Immortal Palace was defeated by a green trainee who had been practiced for mere one hundred years.

With only one stroke.

That was exactly too surprising to be true.

Zongtian Tan’s eyes widened in staggering amazement and turned to Beidou in anger, “Are you kidding me? He’s definitely a Tianjiao! That’s impossible for Yun to win the game!”

“He must be a Matchless Tianjiao! He must be!”

Liunian Feng leaped to his feet and said in a rapid tone, “We got it all wrong! He was indeed q Matchless Tianjiao who’s destined to head the trend of time!”


The others were also amazed at his words. “Seriously? You are not joking with us, aren’t you?” Said Jainfei Zhan.

If the once-in-a-million-years Tianjiao was the guarantee of the sect’s prosperity, then the Matchless Tianjiao was the strategic talents.

If they could attain proper development, they would certainly have their name known to everyone throughout history and performed as the driving force of the entire sect.

“Are you blind or something? Can’t you tell from his obviously exceedingly brilliant performance?” Said Liunian Feng, “I’m sure that he’s a Matchless Tianjiao.”

At these words, all of the others looked at Kris with fervent staring eyes. A living Matchless Tianjiao! It was said that the creator of the Lanting Immortal Palace was also a Matchless Tianjiao.

That means once he could get good care, he would definitely become that sort of big wig.

Jianfei could not help but shock and thought, for god’s sake, his disciple was a Matchless Tianjiao!

Run Qian and other disciples were cheering.

They knew the significance of this identity to them. Matchless Tianjiao was not only prior to the top of the Rank but also a default master candidate. Was there anyone who was more reliable than he a Matchless Tianjiao as their support?

Bixiao also felt proud of Kris when she heard their admiration because that was Kris Chen, her dear brother, and her dear love.

Laosi Lu was shocked at the fact as well, “What the hell? Even Brother Nie can not bear his punch? That’s really a tough guy!”

He decided to get closer to Kris and become his good friend. Thanks to their good relationship, he could gain the greatest respect in his sect.

Yun took a while to come back to his senses.

His mind was still full of astonishment at Kris’s mighty and unavoidable punch.

He felt completely crushed by that devastating power.

That was ridiculous. He even complacently bet that he could beat him up within one hundred rounds, but actually, he was the one who was beaten up by a mere stroke.

Shame! What a big shame!

“Thanks for your mercy, Brother Nie!”

Kris jumped down the ring and held him up, thinking with guilt that whether it was too disgraceful to him by giving him such a powerful punch.

He regretted taking that reckless action. He should have fought 100 rounds and then defeated him in the 101st found so that his face could be saved.

“No, I know that I can’t win the battle.” Yun smiled wryly, “I’m the one who should say thank you for your mercy.”

“It’s my fault, brother. I used a secret method to attain four-fold combat power, it should be accounted as a cheat, I think.” Said Kris.

Yun looked at him. No matter what Kris said was true or not, he felt quite comfortable at his words, “This is my exquisite magical art, keep it yourself and don’t tell anyone.”

Perceiving that there was a new magical art in his mind, Kris showed him his gratitude, “Thank you, Brother Nie.”

“Never mind. I just want to keep my words.” He waved and said. It’s fine. He realized that he was a bit too complacent, but now, Kris taught him a lesson and gave him a target of life.

Actually, it was quite boring to be a powerful Senior Brother, and now he felt more relieved.

He could tell from Kris’s performance that this young chad had been far more excellent than him.

Guangjia He stared at Kris with deep admiration—what an impressively strong guy he was indeed!

Even his physical power was as strong as his magical power!

I shall also exercise my body. Guangjia thought determinedly. Without a stout physique, he could never cultivate the Sword Drawing Technique to the greatest level.

The final battle was taken between Kris and Bixiao. This time, the girl just gave up the game directly without leaving a chance for him to give any explanation.

She had owed too many debts to him, besides, the top Rank meant nothing to her, she just wanted to be ranked in the top three.

Kris looked at her for a while and then shook his head and thought, well, help yourself.

So, I win the game.

He glanced through the spectators, finding that all disciples were staring at him with awe and wonder, as if they were witnessing a rising star transcended to be the supreme sun.

“Bravo, Brother Ye!”

Someone in the crowd shouted excitedly, and then everyone followed suit.

Chapter 830: Get Together in the End

Kris Chen was awarded the No.1 rank, and everyone in the Shaohua Palace felt proud of him.

Whether it was Jianfei Zhan or Beidou Luo, they all stood up in excitement.

No.1 rank was not something, but Kris Chen was a matchless Tianjiao.

Matchless Tianjiao was the one who governed the whole world.

Kris was destined to become the hero of the times, who would then become the leader of the Taoist Palace.

When people had all gone, Kris and others were also asked to come over by Wentian Nangong.

Five hundred Ranks stood in order. Surely, Kris was the first one, followed by Bixiao, Yun Nie, Guangjia He…

One hundred and eight Taoist masters and nearly a thousand elders stood on both sides.

“Liangchen Ye, Lanting Immortal Sutra, one billion Principle crystals and intermediate immortal Spirit Weapon. You will be the Daozi of Lanting Immortal Palace, leading the disciples. “

Hearing this, the crowd was surprised at this generous award.

Lanting Immortal Sutra, one billion Principle crystals and immortal Spirit Weapon all made others jealous.

Before, some said that this year, there would be Daozi among the Ranks.

Daozi should be the next Leader of the Sects.

Originally, Yun Nie and Guangjia were the possible ones, but now Kris suppressed them with his strong power and aura.

The head of the disciples meant that from now on, Kris was the leader of this generation. Even Yun Nie needed to show some respect to him.

“Many thanks to the Leader of the Sects.”

Kris expressed his great gratitude. How could he refuse such a good offer?

“Thank you, Kris.”

Others also greeted Kris.

Although Bixiao felt strange, she still did the same thing as others. Kris told her, “Sis, when no one is around, you will always be my sis.”

Hearing this, she trembled, and when she looked up again, her eyes turned red.

“You’re not angry with me?”

Kris sighed inside, “I will talk to you later after the award.”

“OK!” Bixiao nodded.

“Bixiao, your battle ability is superb, and…”

The process of award was quite long, but everyone was in high spirit. Their countless cultivation years was all for this moment.

Laosi Lu said, “Senior Brother Ye, congratulations.”

Kris smiled and said, “Brother Lu, thank you. I’ll always see you my pal.”

Kris liked him, for he got the fragment of Zhongmiao Door from him,

“Well, then, thank you so much.” Laosi was a little cheeky.

“In the future, please don’t forget me.”

The two chatted. Then was a grand banquet.

The dishes of the banquet were from the cooking room run by Run Qian.

Now even without Spark, Run Qian could still have a prosperous life, but he knew that without Kris, he was nothing.

The real leader of the cooking room was only Kris.

In the future, if Kris would be the Leader of the Sects, then with him as their backup, they wouldn’t be afraid of anyone.

Kris was naturally the star of the banquet, and all Tianjiao became dull in front of him at this moment.

He sat at a table with Wentian Nangong and others, and even Beidou Luo and Jianfei were asked to sit next to Kris.

Although their status was not very low, it was the first time they were so close to the Leader of the Sects.

This time Shaohua Palace would rank in the top ten. Awesome!

Kris thought that Wentian would say something to himself, but he just said something of congratulations and that’s it.

What did he mean?

Everyone at first admired him a lot, but then gradually left him alone.

Forget it. It’s useless to think too much.

When the banquet was over, everyone went back to Shaohua House, “I have nothing to give you now and those resources don’t deserve you. In the future, come back more often.” Jianfei said.

“Kris, please don’t forget us.”

“Yeah, don’t forget us. Your nine cute senior brothers.”

“Senior Brother Ye, come to see us when you’re free.” Ziping Meng said as he stepped forward.

Kris laughed, “Brother Meng, don’t say so. I will.”

The two didn’t have a happy start. Although it was very harmonious at first, they got along with each other then, at least Ziping followed the rules, and did help Kris to do a lot of things.

So, these years, his bonus was good, but he also didn’t care much about money.

Beidou said, “This time, Shaohua Palace finally holds the head high. Thanks to Liangchen and Bixiao. This time, Shaohua Palace has managed to rank third.”

From the last to the top three, everyone couldn’t believe this was true, so in the future the resources would be great.

At the very least, there would be no change until the next Rank.

Looking at the radiant man in the crowd, Bixiao seemed to love him more.

But soon, the love faded away.

They celebrated for a long time.

Holding Bixiao’ s hand, Kris and she just stood there.

“Go to your yard, or mine?”

“Mine…” Bixiao was inexplicably panicked.


Kris nodded and pushed open the door of her courtyard, because it was close to the courtyard of the nine, Kris re-set the Barrier, although this courtyard itself had a Barrier.

“Why Barrier again?”

“I’m afraid someone might eavesdrop.” Kris said with a smile.

“We are not going to do anything, so what are you afraid of?”

Bixiao’ s heart was beating so fast.

Holding Bixiao in his arm, with his hand around her waist, Kris sat on the time belt. He then said softly, “sis, you know my feelings and I know yours too. I do not want to regret and I also don’t want you to feel the same.”

“I admit that I am a greedy person, with rich feelings inside. I also admit I’m into you. I deliberately distanced you during the day and I was thinking that if you can’t accept this, I’ll just let you go, so as not to make you suffer more.”

When she heard Kris say so, Bixiao’ s heart ached, but she didn’t say anything while still in his arms.

“But I found that I could not do it. I’m afraid that the next time I see you, there is another man standing beside you. I’m afraid that you are saying sweet words in someone’s arms. When I think of it, my heart seemed to be stabbed hard by something sharp.”

“But I can’t be too overbearing. I want to know what you are thinking about. If two want to be together, one shouldn’t keep giving. It is meaningless. After all, we should end this right now.”

“So, senior sister, I ask you for the last time, are you willing to follow me?”

Bixiao was in a total mee.

Refuse? She felt sad just thinking about it, and how could she not be heartbroken?

But if she didn’t refuse, then how could she face it later? Share him with his other wives?

She thought for a while and still couldn’t deicide. Kris suddenly sighed, “I see, Sis. I wish you all the best.”

Kris let her go and left without looking back.

Seeing he was leaving, Bixiao felt numb inside. The next moment, she rushed to take him from behind, “No, don’t go!”

“Sis, don’t. We need to end all this.”

Without turning back, Kris was resolute.

“No, I… I agree, I’ll follow you, don’t leave me alone.”

She knew that if she let him leave today, then there would really be no chance in the future.

Kris was never the kind of person who liked to turn back.

“Don’t go, please. I just can’t accept it all at once. In fact, I’m very sad these days. I have no appetite and I can’t sleep while, but I keep thinking about you.” Bixiao said, “You’re too cruel. Do you want me to draw in sadness from now on?”

Kris turned around and gently wiped away the teardrops on her face, “I’m sorry.”

Bixiao buried her face in Kris’s chest, and her tears soon wet his clothes.

The two hugged tightly. In fact, Bixiao was the first woman who made Kris so into.

It was not because of her face. In fact, Poria Witch and Bingning Li he met were both beautiful women.

But he only loved Bixiao.

“Okay, no more crying. I won’t go.”

Kris gently stroked her hair.

“Tell me, how can you be so cruel?”

Bixiao looked up at him with slightly swollen eyes, “you hugged me and then you turned around and planned to leave. Who do you think I am?”

Kris said to himself, “I don’t know what to do, do I?”

Do you want me to be a simp?

He gently kissed her on the cheek, and then whispered, “I see you as my Taoist partner.”

This made her blush.

Taoist partner meant wife.

Somehow, Kris took her into her bedroom.

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