Chuck Cannon entered the place where Wumen broke through!

This is a place like an abandoned building, but outsiders can’t see the situation inside!

Nothing to close your eyes to see!

Chuck Cannon will definitely ask for it.

Some people were already betting, what are they betting on?

Bet on how long Chuck Cannon can eat and last!

Coach Qiushui and some of the most powerful coaches in Wumen have this qualification to see the situation of the on-site clearance!!

“Several people, let’s go to the monitoring room!” Coach Qiushui said.

Several coaches entered the monitoring room.

Go slowly, not too slow or tight!!

“Qiushui, Chuck Cannon, if I remember right, you have only trained Chuck Cannon for a few days. Does he have the ability to break through the barriers?” asked an older, but still a coach with a lot of muscle.

The voice was faint, without any interest.

Yes, he was really not interested, if it is not for the duty, he does not want to come!

This is just nonsense!

Waste of time!!

“Yes, his talent is very good!” Coach Qiushui didn’t elaborate too much.

“I know, he defeated Luke Carter last time. The talent is not top-notch, it should be considered excellent. However, according to the eight-day training, plus the strength to defeat Luke Carter, he wants to succeed in the level. It is low, very low! Qiushui, this kind of student, I think it’s better to be safer! At the very least, you have to train for a month or two before you think about going through the barrier! Going through now, it’s too trifling!” Other coaches analyzed Chuck tackling things.

“If it is an ordinary student, I will do what you said, but Chuck Cannon is not, you don’t know, Chuck Cannon’s mother is…”

“Coach Qiushui, who his mother is, has nothing to do with us, besides, in my opinion, he is no better than the average student in the past!”

“Yes, we don’t care who his mother is. What do we care about? A housewife, no matter how bad, may be a rich woman? What good is this, can help Chuck Cannon pass? It won’t help!! So I don’t have any Interested in knowing about Chuck Cannon’s family affairs!!”

“Me too.”

Coach Qiushui didn’t say anything.

Several people entered the monitoring room.

Opened the first level, the monitoring screen of Shekeng!

There were thousands of snakes in this pit!

Various types!

Boa constrictors with thick thighs, all kinds of venomous snakes, anyway, people who are afraid of snakes must have fainted.

This is a test of courage!!

Coach Qiushui broke through at that time, this first level, she spent a long time!

Because of what?

She was not afraid of anything but snakes!

So, for the first level, she convinced herself for a long time before she dared to pass!

Now, when Coach Qiushui saw the snake inside the surveillance system, she still had a creepy feeling.

“The serum in the snake pit is still there!” Coach Qiushui asked.

This is the venomous snake biting the student who passed through the barrier.

This is a must!

Because the snake inside can bite people, and the poisonous snakes do not extract their teeth.

If you get a bite and don’t get the serum in time, you will most likely to die.

After going through the customs, Wumen still has to ensure the safety of the students!

“Of course, coach Qiushui, don’t worry! Hey, the serum is all there. Chuck Cannon can see the serum as long as he comes in! No matter how bad, we saw him bitten by a snake and lying down, could it? We still can’t save it?”

Coach Qiushui was relieved.

“Hey, why hasn’t this Chuck Cannon entered the snake pit yet? Is he afraid to enter at the door?”

“I think it’s very likely. Didn’t there be a student last time who was scared out at the door?”

Coach Qiushui was speechless, Chuck Cannon, are you afraid of snakes?

Dare not come in?

“Forget it, wait for him for a while, it’s okay anyway.” They found a place to sit down.

Coach Qiushui wanted to know the result, and she watched the monitoring unrelentingly!

Ten minutes passed, and twenty minutes passed!

Chuck Cannon hasn’t appeared yet!

The door to the snake pit was still closed!!

“Haven’t you come in? You got hit in the first level? Isn’t it?”

“This is too courageous!”

Several coaches were not interested in watching.

What are they doing here?

At the end of the third level, shoot!

Now he is stuck in the first level, and it is hard to move. How can there be the third level?

You can go back to rest.

“Chuck Cannon, what the hell are you doing? At the very least, you have to push the door and try it out, and convince yourself that it’s not that difficult!” Coach Qiushui was disappointed!

She holds hope for Chuck Cannon!

But never expected that Chuck Cannon could not even pass the first level.

With this kind of strength, you want to break Karen Lee’s record?

“Coach Qiushui, let him train for a few more months! Let him come out, and the few of us will go back.”

Coach Qiushui sighed. She clicked on the monitor screen with the mouse to see what was going on at the entrance of Shekeng!

But, after she ordered it, there was no one!!

Coach Qiushui was taken aback, “He is not at the door!”

“Hey, he is really not there!”

“The door isn’t there, nor is there in the snake pit, maybe you have already gone out? This is too bad, right!”

Several coaches shook their heads in disappointment!

What is this!

Retired in trouble!

Really has a spine!

If you don’t even try, you give up. Such a person dares to break through the barrier in 13 days?

Isn’t this a joke?

“No, Chuck Cannon won’t go out so quickly, there is no doorway, and there is no one in the snake pit, so would it be possible? During the few minutes when we came to the monitoring room before we saw it, Chuck Cannon already passed the snake pit and passed the first level? But we don’t know?” Coach Qiushui asked.

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