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Chapter 83 – 84: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 83: Our marriage is a mistake (1)

Venus nodded gently and said, “Thank you for taking care of me, but I can’t always live here.”

“Where are you moving to?” Hao Nangong took a deep breath and said.

Venus thought for a moment and said, “Hotels or renting a house. There are plenty of places to stay anyway.”

“You are worried that Kerry will misunderstand you if you live here?” Hao asked.

Venus didn’t understand that he was jealous of Kerry, only understood the literal meaning. She nodded lightly and said, “It’s not good for me if he misunderstands me.”

As soon as she finished her words, Hao gripped her shoulders tightly with both hands and spoke in a low tone, “Why? You just want to go back to Kerry?”

Venus was so intimidated by his attitude that she shook her head and said, “No, why do you say that?”

Right now Hao only felt sad inside. He just wanted to keep her.

“Kerry kicked you out for Xinyou Qiao. Why do you still want to go back to his house?”Hao asked.

What Hao had in mind was that the real reason Venus wanted to leave him was she wanted to come back to Kerry again.

When he finished speaking, Venus was surprise and asked in a daze, “How do you know that Kerry kicked me out for Xingyou?”

Suddenly, Hao was, for a lack of a better explanation, frozen, but soon he was calmed. He paused and said, “Don’t you remember that Kerry and I are good friends. It must have been him who told me.”

Hearing that, Venus’s doubts were gone. She also thought that this was the reason why Hao was able to find her by the street two days ago.

Venus suddenly felt that Hao was like the gentle prince in the cartoon who saved the damsel in distress, while Kerry was the mean wizard.

Seeing Venus was in a daze, Hao asked, “Venus, don’t you believe me?”

Venus came to herself, shook her head, and said gently, “Of course I believe you.”

Hearing her answer, Hao was relieved inside and said gently, “I’ve asked the maid to cook porridge and prepare a few dishes for us.”

Venus nodded gently at his warm invitation.

Sitting at the table, Venus noticed that today’s food was still light.

Hao wanted her to eat more, keeping serving her food. Looking at her pretty face, Hao asked tentatively, “Do you like Kerry?”


“Since you have married him, you must have feelings for him. My question is a bit silly.” Hao lowered his head and dined in silence, pretending not to care.

“He didn’t marry me for love. We just married but we don’t love each other.” Venus said with a calm look.

After such a long time of contact, she already considered Hao as a confidant. She was willing to tell him her thoughts.

Hao raised his head and asked softly, “Then you plan to live like this for the rest of your life? Venus, you are not happy.”

“I……” Vens said, “I’ve made up my mind to divorce him.”

Hearing that Hao was delighted, trying to control his feelings of joy. Only his voice sounded shaky, “You plan to divorce Kerry?”


“You don’t regret it?” Hao asked.

Venus shook her head and said quietly, “Our marriage is a mistake from the beginning.”

After hearing what he wanted to hear, Hao was very happy, and then he was silent.

Chapter 83: Our marriage is a mistake (2)

“As long as Venus is willing to divorce Kerry, I can help them get a quick divorce.” Hao Nangong thought to himself.

“Even if you want a divorce from Kerry, you need to talk to him. I don’t want either of you to get hurt.” Hao said gently.

“I know.” Venus nodded.

After finishing meal, Hao personally drove Venus to the Yehuang Building. After saying goodbye to him, Venus went straight upstairs.

Xinyou Qiao hadn’t fully recovered, so she was still recuperating in the hospital. Venus was glad that she didn’t have to see her in the office for a few days. Now Venus didn’t know how to get along with Xinyou in the short time since Venus knew her true face.

Venus opened her computer, intending to browse through something about design and planned to re-design a work.

Just at that moment, a cell phone rang from her bag. She furrowed her brow deeply when she saw the number. After thinking for a moment, she finally answered it.

“What’s up?” Venus asked.

“Come to my office right now.” Kerry’s low voice came out, and then he quickly hung up the phone.

Venus stared blankly at the phone and thought to herself, “He’s going to fire me?”

She was sad and suddenly she felt it would be nice if she was fired. Their marriage had finally come to an end.


Kerry Ye sat languidly on the sofa, with a lit cigarette in his hand. Smoke obscured his look.

“Did you find out where Venus stayed yesterday?”

Henry Zhang stood straight in front of him and said respectfully, “Miss Mu didn’t stay at the hotel for the past two days. She was taken away by Hao Nangong. The car that sent her away this morning is Hao Nangong’s Ferrari.”

After taking a deep puff of smoke, the smoke spread out before his eyes. Kerry whispered, “I know. You leave first.”

“Yes.” Henry bowed and left.

When he opened the office door, he saw Venus was coming. He greeted her, “Hello, Miss Mu.”

Venus nodded and walked straight into the room, and the door was closed behind her by Henry.

Looking at Kerry, who was smoking, Venus looked calm and asked lightly, “What do you want from me?”

Kerry gently stubbed out the cigarette butt and casually threw it into the ashtray. He asked coldly, “Where did you stay last night?”

Venus was surprised, perhaps by his sudden seriousness, but she quickly adjusted her mood and replied coldly, “I stayed at a hotel.”

“Which hotel?” Kerry asked.

Venus was just saying that casually, not expecting him to continue his questioning, and she immediately said, “What does this have to do with you?”

Kerry stood up, walked towards her and lifted her chin with his fingers.

“If you stayed at a hotel, it’s none of my business. But why did you stay at Hao’s house? “said Kerry unhappily.

Venus stiffened and turned her face away. Her look was indifferent. She said coldly, “Wherever I stay is none of your business. All you need to care about now is Xinyou Qiao.”

Kerry didn’t expect that Venus had a sharp tongue after a few days.

“Venus, you and I are not divorced yet. You dare to cheat on me? Do you think of the consequences beforehand?” Kerry said gloomily.

Hearing his sharp words, Venus trembled with anger. With sarcastic smile on her face, she said, “You can have a lover, why can’t I?”

Kerry narrowed his eyes, sensing her intense anger, and asked, “Lover?”

Venus snorted and said indifferently, “I remember that Xinyou Qiao came out of your room the morning before last. If you think that I cheated on you, then I learned it from you.”

Kerry frowned. His look was complicated.

“So you’re angry with me. That’s why you pushed Xinyou down the stairs.” said Kerry. His voice was husky.

“If I said I didn’t, would you believe me?” Venus sneered and said indifferently,

“You didn’t?” A mocking smile appeared at the corners of Kerry’s mouth. He said coldly, “But you admitted it yourself the day before yesterday. And now you deny it.”

Venus knew she was being set up. She didn’t want to make any explanations. This man who was already deeply prejudiced against her would not believe anything she said, and of course she didn’t care if he believed her.

Chapter 83: Our marriage is a mistake (3)

“Whether it was me or not is irrelevant now, you have already believed that it was me anyway.” Venus Mu said indifferently, “But there is another thing must be solved.”

“What is it?”


Hearing this, Kerry Ye put on a poker face. His blue eyes burned darkly because of anger, and he fiercely squeezed Venus’s chin, asking in a cold, dead tone, “Venus Mu, you’ve mentioned divorce to me so many times, what is your real intention?!”

“I’m just making room for you and your lover.”

Venus endured the extreme pain on her jaw and said indifferently.

Kerry snorted, slowly moving his face to her ear, and said significantly, “You’d be that kind? I don’t believe you. I want to know your real purpose.”

Venus stiffened at Kerry’s warm, wet breath lingering in her ear, trying to ignore those influences brought by Kerry and said, “That’s my real purpose.”

She did want to get away from him and Xinyou Qiao. She was exhausted now, and was willing to quit as long as they would leave her alone, giving a peaceful and quiet life back to her.

“Really? I think it is because you want to be with Hao Nangong,” Kerry shouted. His hidden rage suddenly erupted, for her dishonesty, also for his tolerance!

He wanted to destroy everything right now!

“Nonsense!” Venus looked cold and said indifferently, “Nangong is not as dirty as you are!”

Besides, Hao had saved her several times, much better than this man who had been hurting her all this time! It was fair to say that there’s no comparison between the two of them!

However, Venus didn’t realize how dangerous it was to compare her husband to others in front of him. She even said that Kerry was inferior to Hao. The result of Kerry’s anger was not something she could endure.

Kerry glared at her murderously, as if he was about to ruin everything. He then pulled Venus into his arms and said grimly, ”You think I’m dirty? Should I then show you how dirty I can be as the reward for your great courage!”

Venus’s pupils contracted, feeling the coldness in his eyes, she suddenly regretted a bit, and softened her voice, “No, thanks. Since there is nothing else, I’ll go to work now.”

She quickly turned around. But before stepping out, her body suddenly soared into the air as she was picked up by Kerry. She was frightened and hurriedly hugged Kerry’s neck tightly, her voice was filled with panic and uneasiness, “Kerry Ye, what are you doing?! Put me down now!”

“What am I doing?! You’ll see in a minute!”

Kerry strode towards the lounge room, quickly opened the door. He threw Venus onto the narrow single bed, then turned over and locked the door of the room.

Venus was shocked, she was no longer an ignorant young girl. Naturally, she realized what he was going to do.

Venus recoiled in horror until her back was pressed against the cold wall. She was desperate, crossing her arms in front of her chest and looking Kerry, she said in a trembling voice, “Kerry! Stay away from me! You can’t do this…”

Kerry, however, acted as if he hadn’t heard her begging. He grinned, and said in a deep and seductive, “Why can’t I?”

“No! Kerry Ye, you can’t force me!!! This is rape!”

Kerry approached her and pulled her arm heavily. Venus’s body pressed down onto his chest. Sniffing the fragrant lemon smell of her body, Kerry felt his lust for Venus was growing stronger and stronger.

What an attractive woman!

Kerry fiercely French kissed Venus, he was rude and terrific, biting Venus’s lips….

He hadn’t enjoyed Venus’s body for so long since Xinyou moved into the Ye family. Every time he tried to have sex with Venus, they were interrupted. He wanted to have sex with Venus very badly.

He couldn’t wait to possess her….


Venus bit her lip, she was unable to bear Kerry’s attack. Her nerves were on the edge, and suddenly a strange feeling spread throughout her body, making her moan involuntarily….

“Yes! That’s it! I want to hear your voice!”

Kerry seemed to be encouraged and became even more aggressive. Venus could do nothing but felt paralyzed and powerless…

Chapter 84: The secret between them (1)

Finally, he was done. Venus Mu lay on the bed, limo, looking angrily at Kerry, who was dressing.

This man was so damned, making her so painful, but he felt nothing had happened.

What the fuck.

Feeling her stare, Kerry ridiculed, “Not want to get up? Would you like me to get someone to serve you to change your clothes?”

Venus glared at him and she stood up with some difficulty. After she got dressed and was ready to leave, he held her wrist again.

“What do you want?” Venus was so angry that her tone was a bit punchy.

Kerry returned to his usual cold look, “Be back on time today.”

Venus was a little enraged by him. He let her fuck off when he wanted to and now, he told her to go back. Why? She’s not his pet!

“Is this an order? You’re the one who told me to fuck off. Who do you think you are? Do you think you tell me to go back, I’ll go back? What a joke!” Venus sneered and her tone was full of displeasure.

Kerry went forward to strangle her neck, watching her face turn from white to red, with no mercy inside. His tone was cold and piercing, “Do you think you are qualified enough to negotiate with me? Don’t forget that marrying you is to find Tianye Mu!”

Venus felt her breathing becoming more and more difficult. Her chest hurt for lack of oxygen. Her nails deadly pinched into her flesh, but she just stared at him as if it was a kind of silent contest.

Ever since being trapped by Xinyou and thinking of all the insults he had given her; she knew that this man had no humanity at all!

Even if she showed fear and vulnerability, he wouldn’t show any mercy!

Wasn’t now the perfect example? One minute ago, they were fucking with each other, but the next minute she was strangled by him!

Kerry frowned. Ever since Xinyou fell down, Venus had totally changed.

Just like now, he could feel her was suffering, but she still had the courage to confront him. Why?

This bitch…

Venus felt it was harder for her to breathe. When she thought she was going to meet God, Kerry instantly let her go. Venus was breathing so desperate that she retched.

With great difficulty to calm down, Venus looked indifferent as she passed him and walked out of the room without saying a word.

After leaving Kerry’s office, she returned to the design department and she saw Xinyou, who had already been discharged from the hospital.

The reason why Xinyou discharged was because she was worried that some changes would occur while she wasn’t here, so she had her discharge procedures done as early as possible. She just want keep a close eye on Venus, worrying that she might do something unfavorable to her grand plan.

What she had never expected was that there were clear hickeys on her neck!


She’s just not there and the two couldn’t wait to fuck.

She thought Kerry might kick Venus out of the company, so that she could tease her, but she herself was the joke.

Kerry, why were you doing this to me? Didn’t’ know how it hurt?

Xinyou was furious, but she couldn’t show it.

Her Fingernails pinched the table, emitting a sharp ‘buzz’ sound. Maybe it was so hard that the nails broke, red blood instantly staining the white tabletop.

“I never expect to see you here again!” The muscles on Xinyou’ s face were extremely stiff, whose tone was mean.

Venus didn’t pay the slightest attention to her. Since she was already a stranger, it all depended on herself to greet her or not.

“Are you dumb?! Or afraid to speak?” Xinyou took a deep breath. A raging fire had ignited in her heart, as if it would burn away her sanity.

Venus still ignored her, keeping searching for the information.

She understood that the real revenge was not an aggressive retort, but an indifference.

Xinyou wanted to slap her, but she could only endure. There were not only two of them here, also many colleagues. She had to learn to be patient. She had to wear her mask of kindness in front of these people!

Xinyou forced herself to turn her head and no longer paid attention to her.

Instead, at this moment, Venus snorted, as if she intended to enrage her, “Not only am I still in the company, also Kerry promised me that he would let me go back to Ye family.”

“What?!” Xinyou said fiercely. Then she sensed the strange look of his colleagues, so she could only lower her voice, “Stop. You expect me to believe that?!”

“Oh!” Venus sneered, “All up to you.”

Chapter 84: The secret between them (2)

What Venus said completely enraged Xinyou Qiao, who was going to lose her mind. Her tone was gloomy and arrogant, “Didn’t you agree to divorce him? And now you want to go back on your word?!”

Venus glanced at her indifferently and deliberately elongated her voice, “It’s not that I don’t want to. Just a moment ago, I mentioned that I’m not the one who doesn’t want a divorce.”

Looking at Xinyou’ s unhappy face, Venus continued to say leisurely, “It’s no use for you to be so mean to me. You need to convince Kerry. After all, he has the initiative.”

“Xinyou, did you think I was still the idiot you used to know?” Venus said to herself.

Even if she couldn’t be as vile as you, she would never hurt her again!

When it was time for lunch, Xinyou went for Kerry as usual. She tried to suppress all her bad mood. Looking at Kerry’s perfectly handsome face, she raised a bright smile and said, “Kerry, it’s time for lunch.”

Kerry raised his head in response and he put down his pen. He took her hand to the lounge and helped her to sit down on the sofa, saying in a gentle tone, “Why don’t you stay in the hospital for a few more days?”

Xinyou’ s face turned pale and her chest felt as if it had been cut into pieces by a sharp pair of scissors. The enclosed place floated with some kind of smell, making people know that someone must just fuck here. Thinking of what she had just seen, the bruise hickeys on Venus’s neck, she was so jealous!

“What happened to you?” Sensing that she was not as usual, Kerry asked in confusion.

Xinyou tried to resist the urge to question him, so she exhaled deeply and said, “It’s a bit stuffy here. Shall we eat outside?”

Kerry looked at her thoughtfully and finally nodded.

When she returned to the office, Xinyou’ s annoyance lessened quite a bit, and she kept putting food in Kerry’s bowl, saying with a gentle tone, “Kerry, you work so hard. Eat more.”

“Good.” Kerry answered.

Looking at the well-bred Xinyou, he did have some feelings for her. He even started to get used to her gentleness and thoughtfulness.

Even he felt that Xinyou was more suitable to be his wife, because she knew what men needed.

Xinyou felt his gaze, so she flushed. She could feel this man’s feeling for her. He definitely had some feelings for her, although she didn’t know how much, there was always something.

There was no reason to rise a wave of satisfaction in her heart, dissolving the resentment just now. She must steady her mind and not panic. What she just had to believe was that the final victory would be hers!

Xinyou blushed and asked, “Why are you looking at me?”

Kerry reached out to touch her smooth face, smiling and said softly, “I wonder, what kind of great parents are able to raise such a well-behaved and lovely daughter?”

Xinyou was shier and her face was like two watery peach. Kerry kept looking at her and then got close to her cheek, dropping a kiss.

Xinyou was just about to leave, but she was stopped by Kerry, whose kiss was overwhelming, with the smell of tobacco, making her whole body weak to hang on him, letting out a moan.

Would he want to fuck with her?

Xinyou’ s body was hot and there was only one thought left—fuck with him.

‘Ringing…’ an urgent cell phone came, breaking the atmosphere of the moment.

Looking at his upright figure as he answered the phone on the balcony, Xinyou felt a loss in her heart, somewhat resenting this ill-timed call.

This damn phone call. She felt like she was about to get him, for she could feel that Kerry was already in love with her, but she didn’t expect…

Hanging up the phone, Kerry came to Xinyou. After this call, they both felt awkward and no one mentioned the scene just now.

Eating in silence, Xinyou suddenly remembered something and asked, “Kerry, Venus mentioned to me that you married her for other reasons. What were they?”

Kerry looked sullen, his tone mixed with a hint of imperceptible anger, “She said that to you?”

She immediately nodded and said in a clear tone, “She told me that she wanted to divorce you, but you didn’t agree. Maybe she didn’t tell me the truth…”

Venus, how dare you.

“Did you feel proud of yourself, for I didn’t agree your divorce?” Kerry thought to himself.

Kerry looked very cold, “Then did she say the real reason why I refused to divorce her?”

Chapter 84: The secret between them (3)

Xinyou Qiao suddenly thought about something and and she was gloating. She remembered what Hao Nangong had said last night. Find out the reason and do something effective.

“Venus said that you don’t want to do what she wants, and the more she wants to do, the more you wanted to stop her.” Xinyou said while watching his appearance.

These words were all her own thoughts. Her aim was not only to get the information she wanted from Kerry, but to provoke the relationship between the two of them!

“How dare she?” Kerry clacked his teeth, his tone full of sarcasm.

“And what’s the reason?”

Kerry pondered and when he was about to say, he saw Xinyou gazing at him with a gentle smile, so he stopped.

“I don’t have any connection with Venus, I married her because I want to find Tianye Mu.” Kerry said in a low voice.

Xinyou pretended to be surprised, “Because of her brother?”

Kerry raised his eyebrows and he asked, “You know her brother?”

Xinyou shook her head and said softly, “I’ve never met him. I used to be with Venus when we were in school, so I always heard her mention how much she missed her brother, and I’ve heard that name occasionally.”

Kerry nodded thoughtfully, pondering for a moment and asked, “Did Venus mention to you how his brother is doing these days?”

Xinyou didn’t notice his glaring, still immersing in joy. “The reason that Kerry married her was because of her brother.”

So, this would be favorable to her plan.

Xinyou thought for a moment and she gently shook her head and said, “Venus only said that his brother has been missing for a long time and she’s trying her best to find him.”

Kerry looked a bit disappointed when he heard that.

The reason he had mentioned this to Xinyou was to get some news of Tianye and it seemed that Venus really didn’t know his brother’s situation.

Tianye, why still hiding? I would find you no matter where you were in the world!

Xinyou pretended to be carelessly, taking a sip of her coffee, Kerry, what exactly is your connection with Venus’s brother? Does Venus know?”

Kerry said in a low tone, “Xinyou, there are some things you don’t need to know. Knowing more something is not a good thing, right?”

He sensed that Xinyou is probing and he always hated it when people asked too much about his privacy.

Xinyou was inwardly shaken. She was so proud of herself that she almost forgot her senses.

She recalled what she had read in the newspapers about how cruel he had been with those who tried to pry into his privacy to make profits. Her whole body couldn’t help but feel cold.

“Kerry… I didn’t mean it…” Xinyou tried to apologize.

Seeing her frightened appearance, Kerry’s appearance softened a lot. He comforted her, “Don’t be nervous. I won’t do anything to you.”

This little fool. He was only intentionally scaring her, but he didn’t expect her to be so timid.

What he didn’t know was that Xinyou did have another purpose in saying that. She was already a bit guilty, but now that she was so scared that she might reveal his purpose, so she would definitely be nervous.

It was just a pity that he didn’t think of this at the moment.

After finishing lunch, Xinyou returned to her position with satisfaction. She was thinking about what she needed to do next.

What exactly did Kerry have to do with Tianye?

While confused, she suddenly thought of Hao Nangong, who had such a good relationship with Kerry. Maybe he knew the truth.

Thinking so, she picked up the phone on the table and cautiously looked at Venus, finding that she was designing drawings, so she sent a text message to Hao.

“I have something for you. The same place.”

In less than 5 minutes, a new text message immediately came in, with only one short word,


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