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Chapter 83: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

The Rise Of A Poor Husband – Chapter 83 Not to miss the opportunity at hand
“Do you know how much losses the Martin Group will suffer because of you? You moron!” Alan even wanted to strangle him.

Then, he walked away without looking back.

The others also left, except for John.

John stepped forward and comforted Barr, “Brother, you indeed messed up this time. It’s normal for dad to be so angry. He’ll come down in a few days.”

“Brother, my companies…” This was what Barr was most worried about.

John’s eyes flickered and he sighed, “We are not the Marquis Group’s opponent…”

Colin got out of the building. Gerd sat in the driving seat. When Colin was about to get in the car, Scar came over.

“Boss, I…”

Colin knew what Scar was going to say. He said while opening the car door, “I will ask someone to transfer six million dollars to your account as soon as possible.”

“Okay, thank you, boss.” Scar nodded and bowed.

Colin got in the car. Gerd started the car and left.

Seeing the car going far, one of Scar’s men came over in puzzlement, “Brother Scar, we can actually make more money…”

If they killed Colin just now, they could ask for 10 million, or even 20 million dollars.

Scar glanced at the man and explained patiently, “Do you think it’s better to kill someone and get 20 million dollars, or to do nothing and get 6 million dollars?”

The man was stunned.

Scar continued, “What’s more, if we kill someone, we are murderers. We can only keep hiding for the rest of our lives, and we might even be controlled by the Martin family and become their knife. However, if we don’t kill anyone, we can live aboveboard.”

“Besides, Mr. Ward is far outstanding than those people from the Martin Group. Although he is young, he is sophisticated and scheming. He does not restrain us and draws a clear line with us. There are only deals between us and him, but we are willing to be used by them.”

After the man heard these words, it instantly dawned on him. In the meanwhile, he praised Scar in shock.

“You are really wise.”

According to the locator, Colin found Doris in the villa of Lanbo port.

Gerd got out of the car and left by himself.

Colin stood in the doorway, looking at Doris in front of him, and hesitated.

Doris also hesitated. She was not sure whether she should go in or not.

She didn’t know how to face the battle between the Xinxi Group and Lishi Company in the future, and she didn’t know how to face Baker and Eva.

Seeing her hesitating so much, Colin felt a great deal of heartache. She must have been wandering here for a long time, but she didn’t get in.

At the same time, on the top floor of the villa, Baker had stood there for a long time, and he had been watching Doris.

Eva put her tea aside, looked at Doris who was standing below, and sighed, “I’ll call her in!”

“No,” Baker said in a flat tone.

Eva was puzzled, and said with heartache, “She has been standing there for so long…”

Baker sighed softly, “Let her be!”

Eva kept silent after hearing this.

Since the last incident, Eva’s attitude towards Baker had changed. Although what Baker said to her was not very pleasant, he didn’t snub her. What else could she complain about?

So Eva would decide on small things and leave big things to Baker at the time.

“This silly girl…” Eva muttered.

Baker smiled and said, “She has grown up. Many things need to be dealt with by herself. She has to make her own choices. Moreover, it is not that we stop her from coming in. Don’t worry, she’ll figure it out.”

Eva sighed and went to make dinner.

Outside, Doris was still hesitating.

Suddenly, a big warm hand wrapped her little hand. She turned her head in surprise.


Colin smiled and said, “Let’s go in!”

Hearing this, Doris was motionless in situ.

Colin said, “Doris, those things are not your fault. No matter what, they are still your parents. You are a family. Don’t overthink it.”

Doris was pulled in by Colin in a daze, and she was very puzzled.

Colin seemed to have known something? Did he know about what dad did? What would he think?

When they entered the door, Baker and Eva were warm as the same as before, which made Doris breathe a sigh of relief, and her expression relaxed.

“Dad, Mom,” Doris called.

Eva smiled and said, “You finally came back. I miss you so much.”

Doris smiled and walked over to her.

Baker also smiled, “Your mother is always thinking about you two!”

“No, I only miss my daughter.” Eva immediately retorted, and cast a sullen glance at Colin, “No greetings?”

Colin originally thought that his mother-in-law would begin to complain about him. Unexpectedly, she was dissatisfied because Colin didn’t greet her. With this in mind, Colin was suddenly amused.

“Dad, Mom,” Colin called them with a smile.

Eva snorted and took Doris upstairs.

Only Baker and Colin stayed in the living room.

For some reason, Colin felt that there was something wrong with the atmosphere, and he was a little embarrassed.

Baker smiled, “Sit down!”

Colin sat down with a smile, not daring to speak.

Baker took the initiative to speak, “Although Lishi Company is small, you will still benefit.”

Colin was shocked, then put away his shock, and asked puzzledly, “Huh? What?”

Baker glanced at Colin, as if he could see through Colin. Colin thought that he had been seen through by Baker and Baker had even known his identity.

“I just want to remind you not to miss the opportunity at hand,” Baker said slowly, and took a sip of tea.

Colin was shocked, but he looked calm.

At noon, they had a harmonious dinner, but the atmosphere at the dinner table was a little different.

It seemed that Eva no longer disliked Colin so much, and had accepted him.

After lunch and staying in the villa until the afternoon, Doris pulled Colin out.

“Why don’t you eat with us before leaving?” Eva asked puzzledly.

Colin smiled, “We’ll eat outside.”

“Eating out is expensive and unhygienic…”

Eva wanted to nag, but Baker interrupted, “Don’t worry. Let them be!”

Outside the door, Doris took Colin to her villa.

Colin was puzzled, “Doris, let’s go out to eat! Why are you going back?”

Doris cast a glance at Colin, “Why? Isn’t it warm enough to eat with me at my house?”

“Yeah… Yes, I’m looking forward to it.” Colin laughed.

On the way, both of them kept silent.

Doris was thinking about the company.

While Colin was thinking about what Baker said.

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