“It is impossible.”

“That’s right, when we came to the monitoring room just now, there was a delay on the road. In four or five minutes. This Chuck Cannon walked through the snake pit in four or five minutes?”

“It must be impossible! We all know where the snake pit is. I think the poisonous snakes inside are terrifying. You must walk carefully. If you don’t make a mistake, it will take at least half a snake. From an hour to two hours! How does Chuck Cannon pass the snake pit in four or five minutes!”

“Ignore me! Chuck Cannon must have given up, I guess he must have been laughed at outside!”

Several coaches were denying!

It’s impossible to have this kind of speed. The snake pit is full of snakes, but it’s not a place to walk, and you can walk directly.

There were snakes on the ground. If you walk over, you will step on snakes. How can you go?

Step on the snake, some snakes will avoid, but some snakes that are not killed will bite back on the spot.

You can hide a snake, how many, dozens?

How to hide?

So what Coach Qiushui said, Chuck Cannon used four or five minutes to pass through the snake pit, how can they believe it?

How to believe in impossible things?

Coach Qiushui didn’t listen to the words of these coaches, and clicked the second level of the screen with the mouse!

For an instant, Coach Qiushui was astonished!


Coach Qiushui blurted out!

She saw that at the second level, someone had already walked in, Chuck Cannon!!

It’s really Chuck Cannon?

She was really right. When Coach Qiushui came to the monitoring room with a few coaches, he had already used four or five minutes to easily pass the first level, the snake pit!!

It’s incredible!!

Several coaches were shocked!

“I’m not mistaken, did I? Really has passed the first level without our knowledge?”

“Oh, I’m an eye-opener. Alas, a few of us just waited hard. I didn’t expect that people would have passed the first level long ago and were ready to pass the second level.”

“It’s really amazing! This snake pit, when I was there, it took three hours! How did he pass only in four or five minutes?”

A coach muttered to himself, the snake in the snake pit is really shocking!

“I heard that if there is no fluctuation in the heart and people who are not afraid will not secrete a smell. Snakes can’t smell it, and they won’t bite.”

“Oh my God, how can you not be afraid of so many snakes?”

“Hey, that can only show that Chuck Cannon’s psychological quality is too good!”

This was the stunned voice of the three coaches.

Who could have imagined that the first level is half a day for ordinary people, one day, two days, or even three or four days, and the first level is directly afraid of retreat, and some people actually pass in four or five minutes!

What is this gap?

There was a gap between heaven and earth!

If this is said to all new students, their jaws will be shocked!!

“Chuck Cannon, I was right. You really made me look at me again and again.” Coach Qiushui watched in admiration.

Because, Chuck Cannon, he has already started the second level!

This second level is a hundred-player battle!

This 100-man battle is not a hundred people, and what?

It’s the kind of wooden figure similar to the wooden figure in the wooden lane, one or two is fine, but one hundred at the same time, that is difficult.

These wooden men are controlled by machines, and each wooden man can only perform a few actions, but when a hundred wooden men do several actions at the same time, it is the same as the iron wall of Tongshan.

Many powerful students will be stuck in this level!

Can’t pass!

Chuck Cannon passed the level in five minutes just now. How long does it take?

Still, there is no such good luck anymore, can’t pass?

“Why doesn’t he move?”

“That’s right, what are you doing standing still? How about the speed of passing a level in five minutes just now?”

Several coaches were puzzled.

Chuck Cannon actually remained motionless in front of these hundred wooden men.

Isn’t this dumbfounded?

“He is observing! A master fighter must be good at observing the opponent’s rhythm. At this moment, Chuck Cannon, who is motionless, is observing!”

Coach Qiushui said.

Several coaches were suddenly astonished.

Half an hour has passed, and an hour has passed, and Chuck Cannon has not moved.

“What is he observing? It has been so long?”

“I think I should give it a try. At that time, I passed this level, but I kept trying and passed it in a day and a half. This speed is fast.”

But suddenly!!

“What? What is he doing!?”

“What is this operation?”

The jaws of several coaches were about to fall!

Chuck Cannon actually jumped up and ran on the wooden man’s head and shoulders as if on stilts.


Coach Qiushui was shocked, she also passed tough at that time, it was as difficult as going through the thorn forest!

She pondered the results for a long time.

At that time, or even now, she didn’t even think about it, why!!

Why do you want to fight one by one?

Isn’t it enough to pass a hundred-player battle anyway?

The same goes for running over!

“Is this a foul?”

Chuck Cannon was halfway there.

He observed the movements of the wooden man, and cleverly avoided all wooden man arm attacks!

This is the result of Chuck Cannon being motionless, one hour!!

The precision is extreme!

“Um, don’t count, the Hundred-player War did not say that defeating a hundred wooden talents is considered as passing, as long as it is not resisted and passing.” Coach Qiushui said.

Several coaches discussed it and thought it should be fine.

Just pass it?

“Unbelievable, pass the second level in one hour and seven minutes!”

“This is so fast! Who is going to go to the three levels this time! Three people, everyone sign up!”

“Count me one!” said Coach Qiushui!

She wants to test Chuck Cannon herself!!

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