Chapter 831 – 832: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 831: The Saintess Came For Kris

The latter thing came naturally, Bixiao knew that she couldn’t leave Kris Chen in this life. “It’s agreed, if I go out to travel in the future, you can’t restrict me, I don’t want to be a canary.”

Bixiao said with a rosy face.

“Don’t worry, I definitely won’t restrict you.”

Kris touched her nose.

This night, Kris did not dare to do a lot.

The next day, they were still sleeping when Da Niu’s voice came in, “Junior brother, junior brother… Where are you, there’s an ugly girl outside looking for you!”

“Junior brother, come out, there’s an ugly girl outside looking for you.”

The voices of his nine senior brothers spread throughout the backyard.

The Barrier was one-way, the outside could not hear the inside, but the inside could hear the outside.

Kris was soon woken up.

Hearing their voices, Kris was confused.

An ugly girl looking for me?

Bixiao also woke up and looked at Kris at the side, she hurriedly grabbed the quilt to cover herself with a red face.

“What’s going on? Senior brother said there is a beautiful girl looking for you, it’s not another woman you hooked up with outside, right?”

Their aesthetics should be reversed, when they say ugly, it is naturally an extremely beautiful woman.

When they say beautiful woman, then it must be extremely ugly woman.

Kris was dumbfounded, “Believe me, I have no women except for one maid.”

Bixiao looked at him with a intense gaze, Kris was so helpless, is it the same when a girl becomes a woman?.

“Get up and take a look.”

Kris hurriedly dressed, Bixiao also got up, Kris walked out in stride, but Bixiao put away the red-stained white bed sheet, and then followed out.

They walked out of the courtyard, “Senior brother, who is looking for me?”

“Junior brother, so you are here!”

“Huh, why did you get out of junior sister’s courtyard?”

Da said and didn’t think much of it, “Go, a very ugly girl came outside and said she wanted to settle a score with you. Tell me, did you mess with someone outside and do not intend to be responsible for her?”

“Hey, I’m not blaming you, your choice is too bad, that girl is ugly, skinny like a sack, she can’t give birth to a son.”

Kris knew that in the heart of Da, a tiger-backed fierce girl like Guifang Liu was a great beauty, so he didn’t care, “Where is she?”

“In the courtyard, there have been quite a few people come, by the way, that woman seems to be a fairy of the Ice Palace, you have to be careful, it is easy to cause misunderstanding between the sects.”

They had washed bellyband for hundreds years before.

“Ice Palace? Who is it?”

Kris was confused, and his waist was suddenly painful, Bixiao looked at him angrily, “Didn’t you say you didn’t do it? Now she is looking for you, Saintess, when did you provoke Saintess?”

Kris now could not explain clearly even he had eight mouths.

“Go, go and see who it is!”

Kris pulled Bixiao’s hand and headed outside.

His nine senior brothers also followed and went out to the Shaohua House’s martial arena, which was already surrounded by people outside.

Exterior Group disciples, Inner disciples, and Personal disciples all came out, and even some elders knew about this.

In the middle of the crowd, a beautiful woman with an icy temperament stood there, and she looked at the surrounding crowd with a faint trace of disdain in her eyes.

Her body carried a hint of natural nobility.

Many people were secretly amazed, “What a beautiful fairy, she’s really too beautiful.”

“Big Brother is really lucky that such a beautiful fairy came to his door.”

People said.

“Isn’t that Bingning Li?”

Bixiao recognized her, “How did you hook up with her?”

“Believe me, when did I hook up with her? You know that how bad this woman is!”

At those words, Bixiao’s face looked slightly better, she was present at the Shuhai Sect that day.

“What was that all about?”

Kris said in his heart, she must have come to seek revenge, he bullied her at Wandao Tower, and did not expect this moment she directly came here.

“Make way, Big Brother is coming.”

With the current status of Kris, he was the center.

The crowd directly parted a way, and Kris walked up, “Fairy Li, I don’t know what you came to see me for!”


All the people were surprised, she really knew their Big Brother.

This time everyone’s eyes showed a strong light of gossip.

“Liangchen Ye?”

When Bingning saw Kris, her was happy at first, and then that hint of happiness turned into anger, she remembered that day she was variously humiliated by him at the Wandao Tower, and she just wanted to kill him!

“You shameless person, I finally found you.”

For the past hundred years, she could not quietly cultivate at all.

“Well, Fairy Li, words cannot be spoken carelessly, how did I become a shameless person?”

Kris sensed the dangerous look in Bixiao’s eyes and quickly said, “I’m telling you, if you keep doing that, I’m going to fight back.”

He had a projector in his hand and kept waving it in front of Bingning’s eyes.

Bingning knew what Kris meant.

This shameless man, at this time, how dare he threaten her!

“You… You are really shameless.”

BIngning was so angry but she wanted to make a move but didn’t dare to, Kris was very proud in his heart.

I have something about you in my hand, just come on.

It’s just a matter of time before we both lose.

“Fairy Li, I know that we did have dispute during the Shuhai Sect training, but we don’t have any deep hatred, right?”

Kris said, “It is common knowledge that those with virtue have the opportunity to take advantage of it, you can’t take advantage of everything, right?”

Listening to Kris’s words but she unable to refute him, Bingning was really angry.

At this time, she saw Kris holding Bixiao, she said, “Hum, I came to you not because of this matter!”

“Not this matter? Then what is it?”

Da stood out, “Fairy Li, you look so ugly, so don’t come out to hang out.”


Hearing this, Kris almost sprayed out, the other people also look confused, Bingning, looked ugly?

Are you having eye problems?

Bingning was also stunned, looking at Da’s face of disgust, her heart burst with anger.

Kris was helpless, “Big brother, are you helping, or here to provoke the anger of her?”

“Fairy Li, my senior brother didn’t mean that, don’t be ordinary with him.”

At this time, Bixiao stepped forward and said, “What happened that day in Shuhai Sect was just a misunderstanding, if my junior brother has offended you in any way, I am here to apologize to you.”

“Apologize? Why would I come to the door if an apology is useful?”

Bingning hummed: “You ask him, what did he do to me, this bastard, he really think I am easy to bully? After doing so, he ran away, I looked for him for a hundred years! He’s even gagging here now!”


Everyone was shocked.

All looked at Kris with dumbfounded eyes.

Doing that kind of thing and still running away, isn’t he a scumbag?

Oh god, Big Brother was too powerful, he abandoned such a beautiful woman like Fairy Li?

Many people thought to themselves, if such a beautiful woman could be his Taoist partner, he would be willing to live 100,000 years less.

Kris’s heart was also thumping, looking at Bingning, the woman’s eyes flashed a trace of cunning, “Hey, do not say nonsense, we have nothing, why you say nonsense like this?”

Bixiao was already on the verge of crushing his hand, and a fierce aura, emanated from her body.

Kris said secretly that he was finished, last night he swore that he did not fool around, but the next day there was a woman come to find him. He really did not do that.

She was the Saintess of the Ice Palace, how could she joke about such things?

So he couldn’t prove himself.

“Is that so? Is this the number one Rank of the Lanting Immortal Palace? I really feel ashamed for you, you did it but you don’t admit it, do you want me to tell everyone the details of what you did that day?”

Bingning stepped forward, “This heartless bastard, in vain I trusted you so much, you are really a bastard.”

“You shut up!”

Kris said fiercely, and then said to Bixiao, “Senior sister, I really didn’t do that, really, don’t listen to her nonsense!”

At this time, the fierce aura on Bixiao dissipated, and the hand that tightly squeezed Kris also released, she raised her head and looked at Bingning, “Fairy Li, I know my senior brother’s character, he said no, that means no, how did he offend you, you even don’t care about your dispute!”

Chapter 832: Convinced Her

Bingning Li looked at Bixiao, humming: “What he did, he knows in his own heart, you ask him!”

Bixiao frowned and turned her head to look at Kris Chen, who also looked helpless, “Fairy Li, you do not want your own reputation but I still want it, we really do not have any too intimate contact.”

“Is that so?”

Bingning didn’t think about anything, she thought, if she annoyed Kris and he posted those photos, then she would also be finished, and she would certainly be laughed at.

The worst outcome was already like this, what could be worse than this?

She came to the Lanting Immortal Palace and said these words, in the eyes of others, she already had some kind of ulterior relationship with Kris, so just did it!

This person had outstanding talent, but also worthy of he.

Thinking this, her heartbeat steeply accelerated a lot.

“Well, you want fame, but I don’t want, I’m going to let everyone see your true face today, I’m the Saintess of the Ice Palace, but I’ve been abandoned by you!”


The people around were talking louder, and the disciples from other Taoist rites heard this matter and ran over to see what was going on.

Shit, what do you mean by abandoned?

Kris was confused.

When was the story? Why didn’t he know, what was this bitch trying to do?

“Liangchen Ye, you are a bastard, I ……”

Kris looked at Bixiao shrugging her shoulders, he thought he was finished, if Bingning said more, he really cannot prove himself.

He grabbed her wrist, and another hand grabbed Bixiao’s wrist, they were back to his house with a diversion.

People didn’t see clearly, they disappeared.

The three people were not here, everyone discussed it.

Da Niu and others skimmed their mouths, “What the hell, senior brother’s taste is really bad, he even dare to provoke such an ugly woman!”

“Yes, senior sister Liu is more beautiful.”


What happened outside, Kris could think with his toes, this matter must have be spread.

Coming to his courtyard, Kris set up a Barrier.

Bingning was just about to scream when Kris directly confined her with the Great Tao seal.

“Senior sister, listen to me, I really have nothing to do with her.”

“You talk nonsense, you cheated her, you made a move on me, not only that, you also forced me to ……”

“Shut up.”

Kris directly deprived her of the ability to speak.

“Senior sister, that day at the Wandao Tower, she badmouthed me, I was angry, so I forced her to take some pictures.”

Kris took out the projector and showed the photos he had forced her to take to Bixiao, “See for yourself!”

Bixiao looked at the comical photos in the album and couldn’t help but laugh.

The Bingning in it didn’t have any image.

“You like to tease people, no wonder she is looking for you, don’t you know, men and women cannot be so intimate?”

Bixiao was relieved in her heart and was not angry after knowing the truth of the matter.

Kris wiped away the tears at the corner of her eyes, “Okay, don’t be sad, I really didn’t lie to you.”

“Mm, I know.”

Bixiao sucked her nose and looked at the red-faced Bingning, “Fairy Li, this matter is my junior brother’s fault, we admit our mistake, I also asked my junior brother to delete these photos, after all, it’s about your reputation, this is not good for you either.”

Kris unblocked her mouth, Bingning could speak, “Delete those photos is enough? I want him to apologize to me on his knees in front of everyone.”

“Fairy Li, is that too much? After all, it was you who started the trouble, if that day, my junior brother had killed you at the Wandao Tower, how could there be today’s matter?”

“Just kill me, you let him kill me, today so many people saw me, if you are not afraid of causing a sect war, just kill me, I have already been humiliated by him, reputation has long been lost, death is also a choice.”

For more than a hundred years, she thought this was a trial, and the result?

Instead, she brought herself in.

Wanyou Divine Vessel is good, the Ice Immortal Method is good, but once there is a breach, and you can not walk out, you will certainly fall deeper and deeper.

“Are… Are you playing a scoundrel?”

Kris said: “I tell you, there is no way to blackmail me, although you look beautiful, I did not do anything to you, we are all Practitioners, don’t you contact with others when fighting?”

Bingning was angry and aggrieved, she was not ordinary girl, come here to be humiliated was okay, now Kris’s words made her feel like a shameless bitchy woman.

Especially in front of Bixiao.

“Just do it, kill me and get it over with, otherwise I will definitely pursue this matter to the end, either you are responsible for it, or you die, or I die, just these three ways to choose.”

Kris was about to kneel down to her, what kind of bullshit logic was this?

He should have killed her and once and for all.

Bixiao looked more complicated, “you know, he has a wife, even I… Can only be his lover, you are the Saintess of Ice Palace, are you willing to be his lover too?”

Kris opened his mouth, what was lover, in fact, they were the same, but this word, he could not say.

“If you can, why can’t I? If I see them, just kill them!”


This crazy woman.

At this moment, Kris wanted to kill her, he was about to go to the Cave World to bring his wives and children here, but she said she would kill them.

“Do you want to die?”

“When I came here, I didn’t want to go out alive, you’d better kill me now, when all people in the Ice Palace come out, do you think the Lanting Immortal Palace can stop them?”

The Ice Palace is one of the top 200 sects, and the Lanting Immortal Palace is ranked after 2,500, how can they fight?

They would definitely lose.

Although it is normal for sects to fight, but the identity of this woman is not ordinary.

She is the Saintess.

“Big sister, let’s have a talk, how about I compensate you?”

“Oh, you think I need that compensation?”

“Then what do you want?”

“According to what I just said, you choose any one.”

“Shit ……”

Bixiao said, “Fairy Li, if you are so determined, okay, I agree, junior brother, you have her now!”


Kris and Bingning shouted out in unison, “Senior sister, come on, it’s ……”

“I did not make a scene, Fairy Li said she wants to follow you, I agreed, she is the Saintess, it’s very good to take the Ice Palace as a backing in the future.”

The moment Kris heard it, he understood what his senior sister meant, “Okay, since senior sister has said so, then let’s do it, but I just have to condescend to Fairy Li.”

Saying that, Kris directly reached out to hug her.

Bingning exclaimed, “Don’t touch me, if you dare to touch me, you will die.”

“Well, if I touch you I will die, if don’t I will die too, why don’t touch you? Do you know the saying, dying in the shadows of the roses, a ghost will enjoy his romance!”

Kris laughed, wrapped his arms around her waist, although Bixiao’s expression was not very good, she did not say anything.

She knew Kris was excellent, an excellent man is easy to find a woman, just like the beauty around always entangled with a lot of flies,they are the same.

No wonder he had many wives, it was said that there were more than a dozen, such a good man, could she keep him for herself?

She could accept a dozen, so she didn’t care about one more.

Anyway, the Practitioner’s life was long, Kris also promised her that he would not stop her from going out to travel, one trip would spend her a few thousand years or tens of thousands of years, she couldn’t ask Kris to be an ascetic monk.

Putting Bingning on the bed, and soon, tears oozed out of the corners of her eyes, but she didn’t speak but bit her lips, as if she had resigned herself to fate.

Kris was dumbfounded, what would he do?

Looked at Bixiao, was he going to fake it for real?

Bixiao said, “I go back to my courtyard and you do it yourself!”

She said she was going to leave, Kris was confused, he pulled her, “Senior sister, what should I do?”

“You can’t kill her, if you send her away, she will come back to haunt you, she is so focused on you that she don’t even want her reputation, what are you waiting for?”

Bixiao said: “Fairy Li has identity, appearance and talent, are you not happy to be your lover?”

“Senior sister, I don’t like her, she is beautiful, but there are many beautiful women, I like them all?”

Hearing that, Bixiao was very happy, “Decide by yourself, the best way is to convince her, otherwise if she is like this every day, you can stand her?”

After saying that, Bixiao left.

Kris stood there, smiled bitterly. He walked to the bed, looking at the Bingning’s pale face, “you just heard what my senior sister said, I really do not have any feelings with you, although you are beautiful, and not ordinary girl, I don’t care, I am not a good person. It’s not a good thing if I am a bit off with you.”

“I also have many wives and children, I may have billions of grandchildren, so you needn’t to be with me!”

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