“Coach Qiushui, are you sure?”

Several coaches were puzzled.

Logically speaking, it is not possible, because Chuck Cannon is a trainee of Coach Qiushui. If the coaches are used as the last hurdle, would it be possible for the trainees to be released?

This must not work!!

“Yes, a few coaches don’t worry. The reason why they brought it up is to see his strength better. I will do my best!” Coach Qiushui said in a determined tone.

It only took one and a half for the two levels. How amazing is this speed?

This may be the beginning of a new record!

Coach Qiushui, let’s see how far Chuck Cannon has grown under your own guidance.

Several coaches discussed and finally agreed.

How should they put it, Coach Qiushui has always been selfless.

This shows that coach Qiushui will not release water on purpose.

“Well, now that Coach Qiushui has said it, who else will come? After all, the last level requires three people!!”

“Let me come! I haven’t seen a student who surprised me so much for a long time! I want to see if he really has real materials! It’s speculation in the two levels just now.” A grey-haired man said.

“Count me too!” The other was a short, but very strong man.

“Well, you three go in!”

Coach Qiushui, and the two coaches, went to the third level.


Seeing that there were more and more people, new students who have only been in for thirteen days will enter and breakthrough. This is big news for Wumen!

Many people will pay attention!

“Oh, let me see, I’d better come over tomorrow. It’s not a day or two to go through the barriers. It’s a waste of time to stay here and watch it boringly!”

“I also think that I’ll go back too. I won’t come tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow. I think Chuck Cannon will stay inside for at least four or five days.”

They all think that Chuck Cannon will have no results for a few days.

So it’s a waste of time, what are you waiting for here?

It’s boring!!

Many people started to go back in groups.

Ashley Whitney kept watching.

“Ashley Whitney, let’s go back too, today and tomorrow, there will be no result.”

“Yes, I think it will take three days at the earliest. You have to know that Chuck Cannon’s mother spent two days in it to pass. Chuck Cannon will definitely not be able to break the record that has been kept for so long. “

Ashley Whitney didn’t want to leave, “You go back first, I’ll wait,”


They left.

Ashley Whitney keeps waiting.

“Brother, should we also go back? There can be no results today,” Liu Li said.

Liu Ge also felt that it was impossible.

Can you come out in just one day? Can this happen?

Don’t waste time here.

They also left. Outside the barrier, the number of people left has gradually decreased. Their departure represents the feeling that Chuck Cannon will be inactive and would be trapped in the past two days alive.

After three days, let’s see the results again!

Chuck Cannon breathed a sigh of relief. There were a hundred wooden men. If Chuck Cannon fights hard, it will definitely not be possible for a while.

So, Chuck Cannon thought of a way. Like parkour, he jumped on the shoulder of the wooden man and quickly passed by stepping on their shoulder.

Fortunately, there were no accidents when running.


In the darkness, the third door opened!!

In the third pass, Coach Qiushui said, it will be the three most powerful coaches in Wumen to check it!

This is the hardest!

Because of the three most powerful coaches, this represents the best level of Wumen.


An empty room, the lights are on!

Three figures appeared!!

Chuck Cannon was surprised, “Coach Qiushui, is it you?”

“Yes, it’s me. You did a good job in the two stages just now. In the third stage, it depends on whether you have this ability. I will try my best!” Coach Qiushui said.

You know, she had the first two levels at that time, but it took three days to reach the third level!

Where is Chuck Cannon?

Less than one and a half hour!

At this speed, Coach Qiushui is ashamed of herself!

Not only Coach Qiushui, but the two coaches who came together were ashamed!

This is amazing!

“Well, I will too! Three coaches, let’s get started!” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

“It seems that you are quite sure. Usually, the third level is that the three of us deal with you alone at the same time. Do you know?” a coach asked.

“I know.” Chuck Cannon knew, and he didn’t expect a wheel fight!!

“That’s good! The three of us! Let’s work hard and go all out. It is possible to respectfully witness this new record of martial arts breakthrough!!”

The three of them are on!

Coach Qiushui tells the truth, she will go all out!

This is responsible for Chuck Cannon, and also for Karen Lee, and even more responsible for his own teaching for a few days!!


The three of them besieged Chuck Cannon. At this moment, they were caught in a fierce fight!

This is a real battle of strength!!

“Betty Bernard, what are you talking about? Chuck went in and broke through? It only took one and a half hours for the two levels?” Karen Lee was surprised.

This was Betty Bernard’s call to Karen Lee.

When Coach Qiushui went to the third level, she received a call from Betty Bernard. Coach Qiushui knew that Betty Bernard was Karen Lee’s person, and she also talked about Chuck Cannon’s situation.

Betty Bernard was stunned and immediately called to give the news to Karen Lee.


“What did Chuck do?” Karen Lee was anxious.

Betty Bernard said everything, Karen Lee’s first expression was dumbfounding, and then she was very pleased, “Thinking that when I was 20, I went in and went through the barrier, the first level, the snake pit, I just walked back and forth for 30 minutes. I adjusted the state and passed. I spent a day and a half on the second level! I broke all of the hundreds of wooden figures!! How come I didn’t expect to run over at that time? It seems that Chuck is still much smarter.”

She was really relieved!!

“Yes, Coach Qiushui just praised the young master for being smart! Calm! You know, Snakepit, he has passed in four or five minutes, and now the young master’s psychological quality is very strong.” Betty Bernard sighed.

Chuck Cannon’s growth was so fast!

She didn’t even react, and Chuck Cannon stayed on for a long time, to the point where she couldn’t catch up now.

You know, at that time she also taught Chuck Cannon a bit of fighting!

Now, she can’t teach anymore.

The strength gap is wide.

Chuck Cannon has completely surpassed Betty Bernard!

Betty Bernard was also happy.

“It’s the third level. I don’t know how long will the Young Master take!” Betty Bernard wanted to know the current situation of Chuck Cannon.

“At this rate, Chuck will break my time record. I estimate that in less than an hour, he will pass the level successfully!!”

People will laugh when they hear this because they want to pass the third level in an hour?

It’s just kidding!

But, Karen Lee believes in Chuck Cannon!

Because of what?


Because Chuck Cannon is Karen Lee’s son!

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