Chapter 833 – 834: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband (THE END)

Chapter 833: Kris is Back

“I’ve deleted the photo and it was just a prank at first. I’m not a good person, but I wouldn’t do such a shitty thing.”

Kris said, “I can guarantee you that what has happened will not be told and I will explain, for this is just a misunderstanding.”

“Explain? How? I have said that, so how? What will people think of me? A used machine?”

“This…” Kris was helpless and she was the one to be blamed for.

“I have already said that and there is no possibility of taking back. You clean me, or one of us should die. There is no room for maneuvering.”

“Why can’t you just understand?” Kris was also impatient, “it’s just a prank.”

“Then it was you who put your hands on me. Tell me, where did you put your hands? And what did you see?”

“This…” Kris was embarrassed.

“You are just a coward. A coward, a son of a bitch!”

“Maybe I’m a coward, but I’m not a son a bitch. Don’t you know how powerful I am?”

“Is that so? Then you do it now. Kill me. You jackass.”

“Hum, are you trying to provoke me? I won’t fall for it.”

“Provoke? A beautiful woman, without any strength to fight back, is lying beside you, but you have no reaction. Are you still a man?”

“You don’t like a fairy. I thought fairies are all cold and elegant, but I didn’t expect you to be so cruel.”

“The reason why I am cold is that I practice achievement methods. I am not so by nature and it is the temperament that comes with the achievement methods.”

Kris helplessly shook his head, “You are quite sincere.”


“Shit. Say it again!?”

“You’re just unable to fuck me. You loser.”

Kris couldn’t hold back any more. She didn’t respect him at all.

Bixiao, in the next yard, sighed and shook her head.

“Stop, will you?” “I won’t. How about stopping blocking me?”

“Why not?”

“Today, I will teach you a lesson.”

“Come and fight. You loser.”

Inside the Time Barrier, they fought for dozens of hours. Bingning Li was quite talented and was quite good at fight.

But Kris was better than her. Bingning could never be Kris’s opponent.


“No. You bullied me that day, and you do the same today.”

“Didn’t you ask for it? If you don’t mess with me, how will I bully you?”

“Obviously, you took advantage of everything. It seems to be my fault.”

“If it’s not your fault, is it mine? Not resign? How about another fight?”

Bingning was furious, but there was nothing she could do.

“I’m telling you, I’m going to go down to the realm in the next two days to pick up my wives and children. When the time comes, be kind. They are not as strong as you.”

“You can’t do anything to them. They are my babies and we’ve gone through a lot. Do you understand?”

“It depends on my mood.” “Mood?”

Kris was not happy about this, “I’m in a very bad mood right now, and I want to find someone to fight.”

Hearing this, Bingning turned pale, but before she could answer, Kris asked her to fight again.

After this fight, Bingning learned something, “I… I don’t want to be the concubine.”

“All my wives are all have their sequences. If you’re unwilling, you can choose not to marry me.” “And I’m telling you, everyone is the same. I treat them equally.”

Kris said to himself, “Gosh, this time when Miaomiao and the others came up and they saw that he had two more wives, What would they do?

Alas, men shouldn’t have so many women. What a big headache.

It took several days to deal with the humors. When Bingning and Kris walked out together, rumors came to an end.

And Bixiao, Kris didn’t forget her. He announced that both of them were his new wives.

Then he directly took them to the Daozi Palace.

These days, the three had been communicating. The result was not bad, and at least, they wouldn’t be hostile to each other.

“You’re lucky.” Bixiao poked Kris’ s head.

Kris lit a cigarette made of immortal divine medicine, “yes.”

Bingning wrung him fiercely, “when are you coming with me to the Cold Ice Immortal Palace. I will take you to see my master.”

“In a few days, until I pick them up.”

Now Kris was very respectable and he had all kinds of resources. Kris now did not have to worry about resources at all.

He threw all of them into the Inner Universe, and he also collected one hundred and eight palaces of achievement methods, all to Yuan Kris.

The Heaven Replenishment Technique of Dao Emperor was not that easy to make up, but Kris had plenty of time.

With the two pieces of Zhongmiao Door Kris Chen’s strength soared.

On this day, Kris went down.

At the time of the Upper World, Kris was transcending, and at the time of the Lower World, Kris was a Dao Emperor, and his actual battle power should be around Immortal Fifth Heaven.

It was not difficult to find the Cave World. Looking at the Cave World, which was like a tiny hole, Kris compressed his Stage and walked in.

“The Cave World, I, Kris, am back again.”

Countless lines of causality unfolded in front of Kris, and familiar auras intertwined between heaven and earth.

Ever since the Demon King’s army unified the Chaos World of the Other Realm, it had developed rapidly.

Mary Su and the others were either cultivating or traveling in various realms.

But this day, they all felt that familiar aura.

Everyone was excited, “He’s back, he’s back!”

Mary, Mu Quan, Yinyin, Lan Yu, Lan Xia, Lin Li, Xinying Bao, Xiaorou Xu, Qingyuan, Yi Fang, Xuefei Yuan, Yujie…

All of them were there, and when they saw the familiar figure in the sky, all of them got excited.

“Honey!” “Babe!” “Kris!” “Chen!”

Everyone called him different, but they were all very excited.

Mary, Mu Quan, Yinyin, Lan Yu, Lan Xia, Lin Li, Xinying Bao, Xiaorou Xu, Qingyuan, Yi Fang, Xuefei Yuan, Yujie…

Looking at all them, Kris was also excited.

They pounced on Kris and kissed him. In the blink of an eye, Kris’s face was full of lipsticks.

“You, it’s been more than 100,000 years since you went up there. Don’t you know to send us a letter? We all miss you very much.”

“Kris, have you found another wife in the Upper World. You have fun, so you don’t want to come down?”

While talking, Qingyuan sniffed, “sis, I smelled another woman on him, and there are two kinds. He must have found wives again.”

Kris was confused, thinking that women were too sensitive.

“Come on, isn’t it?”

Mary was the first to question him, “We are here as widows, helping you to educate your children. But what have you done? You have so much fun there, right? You must forget all of us.”

“Mary, I… It’s not true, I can explain to you all.”

Kris pretended to be anxious, but inside he was very calm, because they were everything for him.

His wives, his children, his parents, his brothers and friends, his disciples were all here.

“Sis, don’t listen to him. Let’s arrest him. hurry up. He needs to pay for this.”

They tied up Kris, and then put him into the Closing Door. They “tortured him” and inside the Time Barrier, several hundred years had passed.

They came out satisfied, but Kris was not. He didn’t have any energy left.

It was just too cruel, simply miserable.

If Kris did not cry out for mercy, they probably would have kept doing this.

After 100,000 years’ widow life, women had long been angry inside. Now Kris needed to pay for this.

When Kris came out and saw the bright sun, he cried out of happiness. He thought he wouldn’t be able to walk out.

Then Kris went to see his parents and his sons and daughters. His parents and his parent-in-law lived a happy life.

Kris did not say anything, and directly raised their cultivation to the Detachment Stage.

Mary and the others, because of hundreds of years in the Time Barrier, had reached the Later period.

The key was that Kris had too many resources. With the help of a large number of treasures, they naturally elevated.

His children had also grown up. Kris’s return was known by many people.

Looking at his many children and grandchildren kneeling on the ground and kowtowing to him, Kris felt that his life was fulfilled.

Chapter 834: The Butterfly (The End)

For the next thousand years, Kris Chen was in the Cave World.

These thousand years were also the most comfortable days for Kris, he didn’t cultivate, he just threw in all the resources he got and didn’t care.

The sun soul and his body were also nourished by the Zhongmiao Door and promoted to the Fulfilled period of Taoist King.

The mana also broke through to the second level of Infinite Universe with the large amount of resources, also in the Fulfilled period of Taoist King.

Kris took everyone into the Inner Universe, a world a hundred times larger than the Cave World.

Before leaving the Other Realm’s Chaos World, Kris sealed the world in this place, because the master of the Cave World was already unknown.

This way there would not be swallowed by the World Swallowing Beast, after all, this was his home, carrying a lot of memories.

As for the Earth Universe, it had long been refined by Kris.

They might never know that they lived in the control of Kris, and among the Ganges Universe, the Earth Universe was just an extremely small existence.

It could be said it was too humble.

Especially since Kris opened up the universe within his cells.

Sixty trillion Cellular Universes, the universe was not big, but the power was very frightening when hooked them up.

Kris did not know how strong he was now, the Immortal Sixth Heaven should not be his opponent.

Just as he was about to leave, a whistling wind sound came from behind him, he turned back and swung his hand!

It seemed like something had been slapped.

He saw again, it seemed like nothing!

He frowned, just now he heard someone shouting ‘take your life’.

Who is talking? Who is talking?

Kris took a look, no one was talking

After thinking about it, he tore through space and left the Cave World.

What Kris did not know was that the one who rushed up just now was the Supreme Lord, this guy waited him for more than a hundred years, thinking to get his two bones back from Kris’s hands.

He thought he could succeed, running the Cave World tablet, he could silently approach Kris.

But eventually, Kris’s palm directly beat him into mush, even the soul was only a trace of residual.

He was sad, this time his origin was gone, even to grab the flesh was no hope.

He thought about it and turned into the Cave World tablet, refining himself into a Demon Spirir, perhaps so that he could survive.

In the distant future, a teenager found a tablet and set out on a journey to cultivate.

He returned from the Cave World to the Eternity Realm in just a few days.

After arriving at the Upper World, Kris called Bixiao and Bingning Li over to introduce them tho other girls.

Both Bixiao and Bingning were a little nervous, but Mary Su and the others were also easy to talk.

They met with Kris long time ago, and followed Kris’s footsteps, from Earth, to the Devil Land, and then from the Devil Land to the Supreme Universe. Step by step.

“Bixiao, Bingning!”

It only took a few days for the women to get together, and what Kris feared in his heart did not happen after all.

Sleeping together was a good thing, Kris lived a happy life these days.

It was also during these days that Mary and others were known to the people of Lanting Immortal Palace.

His nine senior brothers said that Kris had a bad taste, each wife was so ugly.

Kris bitterly laughed, let Mary do not bother with these simple silly men.

But Bixiao couldn’t stand them, she was now Kris’s wife, was that to say that she was ugly?

Kris now taught her the complete Smelting Art, her combat power had be improved a lot,so she directly gave them a punch.

Then they were convinced.

Bingning also cultivated the Smelting Art, and when she practiced it, she realized what level of achievement methods it was.

It was many times better than the Ice Palace’s Achievement Methods.

It was too strong, and when paired with her physique, her combat power increased four hundred times.

And it was an all-round improvement, and she was now also God’s favored one, or even better.

However, that was nothing at all. What really shocked her was the series of industries such as the projector, which were all owned by Kris.

Now the projector, Huanshi mirrors, and so on had spread throughout the entire domain, and the daily benefits generated were unimaginable.

What she didn’t know was that Kris’s Tianjiao Program.

As long as there was a God’s favored one, he would be under his control, or under the control of Demon Kris.

The Gengu No.1 Sect, was also officially established in the ungoverned zones, but it was only a branch sect.

The real headquarters was in the sky.

Kris used a large number of Superstring Sacred Array to form the Heavenly Court.

But before that, Kris began to practice Taoist magic art alone.

He practiced the Taoist Emperor’s roots reversely, and his combat power improved once again.

The Time Barrier, which was originally limited, was also raised once again to one to three million.

After ten years of cultivation, Kris successfully broke through the Zongdongtian.

The skyrocketing mana had a qualitative improvement.

The Inner Universe was raised to the third level of Infinite Universe.

Infinite association, infinite space.

Qingdi Creation Technique and the Heavenly Emperor Empowering Spirit Sutra, also played a huge role.

Kris estimated that he should now be able to fight with an Immortal Eighth Heaven Practitioner, and if he hit with all his might, the Ninth Heaven was also possible.

This was because the accumulation of power had changed from quantitative to qualitative.

Kris made a breakthrough from Zongdongtian to Tuxingtian, which was the Immortal third Heaven, a hundred years passed the outside world, and a billion years passed in the Time Barrier.

Immortal aura emanated from the body of Kris, standing there, the starry sky was trembling for him.

He should have no problem fighting a Half-step of Eternity, although he had never fought an Eternity-level expert.

The day that Kris came out was the day that Heavenly Court was established.

The disciples of the original Gengu No.1 Sect and the Nahai Sect entered the Heavenly Court.

Kris was the supreme Emperor of Heaven, Mary was the Queen of Heaven, and Quan Mu, Lan Yu and others were the imperial concubines.

The Heavenly Court came into being and the world was shocked.

Demon Kris was the Violet Emperor of the Central Heaven, Yuan Kris was the Everlasting Emperor of the South, North Kris was the Heavenly Emperor of the Upper Palace of Gouchen, and Yang Buddha was the Sakya Emperor of the Western Heaven!

Kris was in the Yuhuang Heaven, the four great emperors were in the four directions, and there were also various divine officials and masters below..

Super power chip created the Eternity Realm, the Superstring Sacred Array was into the air particles, every move was under the monitoring of Kris, and all these provided great help for him.

On this day when the Heavenly Court was opened, Kris sat on the top seat, he sat there, and the people below could not see the appearance of the Heavenly Emperor, and even if they could, it would be blurred again.

Countless God’s favored ones came to congratulate, and some had even joined the Heavenly Court.

All the three thousand Taoist Palaces were all talking about this Heavenly Court.

Located in the middle of the sky, wasn’t this sitting on the heads of all the people and shitting on them?

Many people came to make trouble, but were suppressed by the great gods.

The Heavenly Emperor issued an edict for the heavenly soldiers and all the gods and generals to go out and kill the people who dared to stand in the way.

Starting from the Taoist Palace, which was ranked the third thousandth, the fight was carried out.

The Eternity Realm was undergoing a great change that had not been seen in billions of years.

For the battle outside, Kris did not care, he just concentrated on cultivation, those God’s favored ones would solve everything for him.

The countless resources improved Kris’s cultivation step by step, the Forth Heaven, the Fifth Heaven, the Sixth Heaven …… In just three hundred years, Kris rushed up to the Seventh Heaven, and the infinite universe also broke through to the Ninth Heaven.

With the super power chip, deducting the bottom was naturally easy, Kris also replenished the foundation, the Eternity Stage, was not his opponent.

After three hundred years, the Heavenly Court had been ranked at fifteen hundred.

It was improved by the blood of the Heavenly Court , the Heavenly Court was so powerful that many sects had joined together to crusade it, the strongest was the Eternity Second Heaven expert.

Kris sat on top of the throne, gently pointed, the Eternity Second Heaven Practitioner was directly beaten to the verge of death.

Then with a palm, he slapped everyone to death.

This battle also spread out with the live broadcast.

Except the Eternity Realm, even the other Taoist realms had the power of Kris.

Under the Heavenly Court, the Spark was even stronger.

Another five hundred years past, Kris successfully advanced into the Eternity, and to Kris’s delight, he once again obtained a complete piece of the Zhongmiao Door.

That Zhongmiao Door was the same piece of the Five Elements Sect.

Through the big data deduction, Kris found it.

This piece of the Zhongmiao Door helped the universe inside Kris very much, so far, Kris did not lack resources of sun soul, mana and his physical body.

A thousand years later, the Heavenly Court had become the first major power in the Eternity Realm, countless immortal palace and sects were conquered, and those who did not listen to him had long been wiped out.

The Eternity Realm had become the backyard and home base of the Heavenly Court.

Countless god spirits were enthroned, the Tao of Heaven of the Superstring and the Tao of Heaven of the Eternity Realm collided, that day, Kris saw a butterfly.

It was the Eternity Butterfly. This butterfly carried the Eternity Realm and kept stirring its wings.

He expected he would accept a fierce counter-attack, however, the Eternity Butterfly was very docile and it was taken over more easily than expected.

At this moment, the feedback from the Eternity Butterfly came, and Kris broke through the Immortality smoothly.

He saw countless beasts, who were carrying the Taoist realms on their backs, constantly moving forward.

There were even some beasts with countless Taoist realms stuck on their backs.

Kris understood that under the radiant starry sky, he was just a tiny part.

Even if he controlled all the worlds and thousands of Taoist realms, so what?

Just like the universe inside him, for the living beings inside him, how was it not endless?

They couldn’t escape this fence even in their lifetime.

Kris laughed, no wonder the Eternity Butterfly was willing to be taken over and flied forward endlessly, never reaching the edge.

When would it end?

After achieving Immortality, Kris felt a place calling him.

The voice told him to go up and have more, stronger power.

Kris refused, embracing Mary , Quan, he was incomparably stable.

“Honey, you are the biggest treasure in my life, your husband, I, will never leave you in my life.”

The women laughed, and each of them left lipstick marks on Kris’s face.

A butterfly flied and flied, carrying countless people to the unknown.

Kris’s story continues, maybe someday in the future, if he is free and he will travel to more places.

As for the Zhongmiao Door, it depends on his mood, and when he is bored, it will all set.

(This is the end of the story)

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