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Chapter 84: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

The Rise Of A Poor Husband – Chapter 84 Come to my room!
Although the Lishi Company was small, you would still benefit.

I wanted to remind you not to miss the opportunity at hand.

Why did Baker say these things to him? Did he want him to annex the Lishi Company? Did he know something?

With these in mind, Colin was shocked. If Baker knew that he was the chairman of the Marquis Group, then he was… too terrifying!

When Colin was thinking about this, Doris made her decision and said, “I’ll quit. I’m not going to work in the company anymore.”

“Huh?” Colin was distracted and didn’t notice what Doris said.

Doris’s eyes were dim, and she said in a flat tone, “Nothing, forget it.”

Colin panicked, “Doris, I…”

Doris cast a glance at him sulkily, and quickened her steps.

Colin had no choice but to keep up quickly.

After they got home, Doris put on her apron and made dinner in the kitchen.

Seeing this scene, Colin felt warm and smiled, “It’s nice to be married.”

Entering the kitchen, he said, “I’ll help you.”

After eating and washing the dishes, Doris said to him, “Come to my room after you finish cleaning.”

After saying this, Doris went back to the room.

Colin was stunned in an instant.

Come to my room!

Come to my room!

Come to my room!

This sentence echoed in his mind over and over again. He even breathed faster.

He was excited and wanted to shout, but he couldn’t.

In the end, he could only resist his excitement and quickly cleaned up the kitchen. Then, he ran back to his bedroom.

He washed his hair, took a bath, and brushed his teeth three times. Then he got out of the bathroom, blowing hair, and styled himself.

After he was well-prepared, he knocked on Doris’s door with excitement.

Doris was wearing a loose silk nightgown, and her snow-white skin was thoroughly revealed, which made Colin swallow immediately.

“Come in!” Doris finished speaking and walked back.

Colin followed in, closing the door.

This day finally came!

He waited for this day for two years!

However, he was too excited and too nervous, which made his brain trip out.

“Well, where is the extra quilt? I’ll make a bed on the floor.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he wanted to slap himself. Why did he say this?

Why did he take the initiative to make a bed on the floor?

He should directly sleep on the bed!

While he was being regretted, Doris spoke, “No, you can sleep on the bed!”

Colin’s eyes lit up, and his heartbeat suddenly accelerated.

They sat in the bed, and neither of them looked at each other, nor spoke.

Colin’s thoughts were complicated, and he was nervous and hesitant.

This was his first night. How should he start?

Should they kiss first or undress first? Or talk and flirt first?

Would they only chat in bed all night?

What a shame!

At this moment, Doris suddenly said, “I will resign tomorrow.”

Colin was stunned, “Huh? Oh, okay.”

Colin respected her choice.

“Sleep!” Doris said in a flat tone and then lay down.

Colin, “…”

Sleep? Was this her hint?

Thinking about it, Colin turned off the light and lay down.

After being hesitated for a while, Colin slowly stretched out his hand, but when he was about to touch Doris’s shoulder, Doris said softly, “There’s been too much going on in the past two days. I’m very tired. I just want to sleep.”

Colin froze and then whispered, “Okay.”

But after that, Colin felt reluctant and said, “Can I hold you? I won’t do anything else.”

Doris was silent.

Colin thought Doris would refuse. When he sighed and was about to take his hand back, he heard Doris say, “Yes.”

Colin was excited and slowly stretched his hand to wrap Doris’s waist.

At the moment when they touched each other, they both trembled almost imperceptibly, and a touch of warmth passed through their hearts.

Doris said in a flat tone, “Good night!”

“Good night,” Colin replied.

They had a peaceful night.

In the morning, Doris woke up in Colin’s arms.

She was a little embarrassed but also felt at ease.

Colin didn’t wake up, so she quietly got out of bed to make breakfast.

After breakfast, Doris went to the company to resign.

Colin went to the Marquis Group.

In the office, Nina reported what she found.

“It is the Crystal Group that acquired the Xinxi Group.”

Hearing this, Colin slightly raised his eyebrow, “Crystal Group?”

Nina was a little puzzled, “It is a company that emerged recently, and…”

“And what?” Colin asked.

Nina put the information in her hand in front of Colin and said, “You know the chairman of this company.”

Colin flipped through the information and was surprised after reading it.

Back then because of the typhoon, he and Lenard made a total of two billion dollars. Later, Colin acquired those companies and factories and asked Lenard to register a new company in his name. His new company turned out to be the Crystal Group.

However, seeing that it was Lenard who acquired the Xinxi Group, he was also a little relieved that the opponent was not an enemy.

Colin frowned slightly, thinking that Baker’s guess about him might derive from this. Maybe Baker knew something more about him.

But there was another thing that he didn’t understand. Before the Crystal Group acquired the Xinxi Group, Baker seemed to have decided to give the Xinxi Group to it. Why?

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