In the ruin, the deformed car door was opened, and Karen Lee came out from inside.

She reached down and wiped her forehead. The car happened to be on the bridge pier. She controlled it. However, the car was seriously damaged and her forehead was bleeding.

Although there was no blood flow, she was not hurt so badly. She took out the paper towel and wiped it without showing any pain.

Her hands hung down!

The hand was just broken!

“Yes, still alive. In the situation just now, If you were changed to someone else it would have been rushed down to death! You wouldn’t have bothered me to come out!!” Lexi Bell came over.

For her, how could a person like Karen Lee die so easily?

This was just a design point!

Let Karen Lee stay!

She carefully observed Karen Lee’s movements over the past few days and learned that she would go to a technology company in a few days!

So she designed an explosion point under this bridge!

Just wait for Karen Lee to pass by!

You can let her stay!!

The facts now prove that her design was not wrong!

Karen Lee was very embarrassed at this time!

Head and hands were injured!!

“You are?”

Karen Lee’s eyes flickered, and she didn’t have any pain in her broken hand, just as if the broken hand did not happen.

She took out the syringe she carried with her and gave herself painkillers!

And came up with a special plaster!

Posted on the broken arm!

Treated the wound as soon as possible.

“Should I be fortunate! Now the number one fighting master is actually hurt by my design!”

Lexi Bell smiled slightly.

Karen Lee was silent for three seconds, “Are you a wanderer from Hudson?”

“Oh? Why are you so sure?”

“I generally understand the situation in the world, and there is no person like you! Then there is only the Hidden Family, Stewart, there should be no master like you! As for the Cannon family, the third Hidden Family, it should not be! Then there is only Hudson, Has Heidi Hudson let you come?”

Karen Lee said calmly!

“You know what it means?” Lexi Bell already smiled!

“So still Heidi Hudson?”

“Yes, Heidi Hudson is the future heir of the Hudson family! She dislikes you, how annoying you are, don’t you know it yourself?”

Karen Lee shrugged, “I really don’t know!”

“You don’t know it’s too late. The lady made a murderous attack on you, and you are destined to die!”

Lexi Bell smiled slightly!

Who is Heidi Hudson?

The heir of Hudson!

What is top-notch, offended the heirs of the first family, this is not less or more like what it is to find death?

“Maybe! Is she killing me simply, or is it for my son?” Karen Lee asked.

“This? Do you need to ask so clearly?” Lexi Bell said coldly.

“Some other reason, just killing me, that certainly doesn’t matter, but for my son, if she wants to kill me, then my son will be dangerous!” Karen Lee shook her head, her tone fluctuating.

“What’s the danger? You have to know that after so many years, the young lady didn’t like anyone! Now she is in love with your son, it is his luck! Your son follows the young lady, the woman who is the heir of the first family, is this bad?”

“Although I didn’t talk to my son directly but he knows, I don’t want him to eat soft rice!” Karen Lee shook her head and massaged her broken arm with more force.

“You said you, you don’t know how obnoxious you are? Is it obscurant now? You must die well! After you are dead, your son Chuck will be obedient!” Lexi Bell smiled slightly.

“Is she’s not afraid of my son getting it?”

“What is she afraid of? I will give you an accidental death this time. I won’t say it. The lady won’t say it. Will he think of the lady? You look too high on your son! He is only controlled by the lady until now! It’s just him, Don’t admit it! Well, it’s boring to say too much, it’s time to get you on the road!”

“It’s not that easy to kill me!” Karen Lee said.

Lexi Bell frowned, “You have a head injury, which is comparable to a concussion injury, a broken hand, a leg, can you say there is no injury. But in this case, you will not be my opponent! Then I will give you two Choice! Respect for you! After all, it is not easy for a woman like yours to appear among women!!!”

“What choice?” Karen Lee massaged her broken arm.

“First! You jump here obediently yourself! Below is the turbulent river, there get your whole body down, the second, I will help you down!” Lexi Bell said coldly!

Karen Lee looked back at the pier behind her and below was the turbulent river!

Very dangerous!

“I don’t like to do multiple-choice questions,” Karen Lee shook her head.

“Why? Jump down on your own with a little dignity! It is impossible for you now to win me!”

“This is hard to tell!”

“Okay! You don’t need dignity, what am I still thinking about for you? Only I will do it for you!”

Lexi Bell smiled slightly, her smile chilled!

She rushed to Karen Lee!

Unleashed the strength of her 10,000 masters!

She has not shot for a full five years!

This time!

She came for Karen Lee!

She specializes in Karen Lee’s broken arm, Karen Lee’s broken arm!

It will swell in a few moments. Fortunately, there will be something sticking, otherwise, it will break terribly!

Karen Lee responds!

“I said, you can’t win me! Now, I will send you down!!!” Lexi Bell smashed with her fist!

She really has the power of the first master!!

Aggressive to force Karen Lee to the pier!

Only one step and she was about to fall!

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