“Homeowner, do you need to follow the young master?? He just seemed…” The woman who brought Joseph Cannon asked.
When Joseph Cannon heard the news from the Cannon family, he silently closed his eyes for three seconds and went out without saying a word.
Master Cannon shook his head, “He still doesn’t understand this truth. If one piece is gone, it’s not that there will be no more. The more pieces are available…”
“This is the character of the young master! But ah, that Karen Lee is really dead?” the woman couldn’t help asking.
“There’s nothing wrong. She fell into the river from such a high place. There was only one path that is the path to death! Unexpectedly, a chess piece I fancy from twenty years ago, thinking she could do something, but it was so.” The Cannon family’s head looked like a crocodile weeping, so a little regret!”
“It’s a pity!” The woman was indifferent.
“Go, pick up things for Joseph, he will return to China!” Cannon family head ordered this matter.
The woman going to prepare.

Joseph Cannon drove to the side of a ruined bridge. He looked at the turbulent river below.
When he came over, the luck in his heart was completely lost!
At this height, hit by a car accident!!
Without a trace, one point of survival is possible!
He didn’t admit it, Karen Lee died here…
He was silent for a long time, his final expression was full of hope, anger and regret all at once, he muttered to himself…
“I’m sorry… for so many years, I have been using you… sorry.”
Joseph Cannon crouched on the bridge, telling the same things.
“I remember when I first met you, at school, it was my grandfather who asked me to meet you. I originally refused it, and I particularly refused it. What do I think a girl who would fight will have?”
“I was shocked to see you! At that moment, there was only one idea, that is, to marry you. At first glance, I was like this.”
“I forgot about my grandfather’s task. Later, after you gave birth to Chuck, I remembered it. Why did I contact you?”
“Remember to leave your home for the first time. I didn’t fall asleep all night. I don’t know if you fell asleep that night. I didn’t…”
“I started to distance myself from you…”
“You don’t understand.”
“I don’t understand what I mean, I have never helped you, nor helped you in business, but when I ask for money, you always give me at the first time…”
“Oh, actually I don’t lack money, I just want you to alienate me,”
“However, you still don’t understand. Twenty years later, I have asked for a lot of money from you every year, and you never asked a question…”
“Sometimes I think you are stupid. I ask you for money one at a time. You give it to me. But now, I understand that it is me who is stupid. I have been estranged from you for so many years.”
“It is me who is stupid…”
“Recently, I know you are beginning to doubt me. This is what I always wanted! However…”
“It’s really time for me to panic. I’m afraid to let you find out that I have used you for so many years, so I dare not talk to you more,”
“I understand, it’s me who is stupid.”
Joseph Cannon sat alone on the bridge. The river below was rushing. He told what was in his heart. He kept smiling, silent, and sad. He had mixed tastes, and finally, his eyes were blood-red…
“I should, how can I tell Chuck that you have…”

“Homeowner! Homeowner!!!”
Gracia Stewart was dealing with her family’s affairs.
The old man with white hair hurried in.
“You don’t have to rush me, after a month, I will agree to man to touch me!”
Gracia Stewart thought that it means why the white-haired old man came in.
“No, I am not here to say this, Karen Lee is dead!!” The old man with white hair said excitedly!
The cup in Gracia Stewart’s hands fell to the ground and shattered into pieces!
She was stunned!
“What are you talking about? Karen Lee is dead? How did she die? I didn’t let you stop doing it first? I didn’t say it, I want to deal with her personally?” Gracia Stewart was indifferent to the extreme!
“It wasn’t our hands, it was her driving to her technology company. The road collapsed and she drove into the river.”
“You said, that dangerous river?”
“Yes! That’s the river! She was also unlucky, so she died like that.” The old man with white hair didn’t want to let Karen Lee die like this!
Because Karen Lee went to Stewart that night!
But they were terrified!!
Let Karen Lee die so cheap?
How can he tolerate it?
“How could this be?” Gracia Stewart was dumbfounded.
“It’s not a good thing that Karen Lee is dead? Isn’t it the owner?” The old man with white hair smiled slightly.
Just die anyway!
“Dead, but why is it so dead?”
“What’s the matter? No matter how high Kung Fu she knows, she’s also afraid of kitchen knives. She has no luck. It’s useless to encounter that kind of thing!!”
“You’re dead, actually…” Gracia Stewart muttered to herself, she remembered the time Karen Lee let her go.
Suddenly, she sighed!
“Then there is no Karen Lee, that Chuck doesn’t matter at all, and the owner doesn’t have to wait any longer, just destroy Chuck!” The white-haired old man came up with an idea.
Gracia Stewart fell into a sigh, this is a pity for a fighting master!
Who could have thought that Karen Lee was so dead?
“Chuck’s dad is a soft guy, and he can’t do anything. Now that Karen Lee is dead, Chuck is equivalent to an orphan. He can’t survive anymore. Master, this is a great time!” The white-haired old man smiled slightly and said.

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