Gracia Stewart didn’t respond for a long time.

The white-haired old man asked.

“Just do it!” Gracia Stewart sighed.

“I’m going to deal with the owner.”

“Go!” Gracia Stewart didn’t even listen.

The reason why she exercised recently is to be able to fight Karen Lee again in the future!!

Not as fast as last time!

However, this wish has not been made!

Karen Lee died so unexpectedly.

She suddenly felt that life was too impermanent…

The old man with white hair smiled slightly and turned around to deal with the matter!!

Without Karen Lee, Chuck is over!!


“I can only say, go all the way!” Gracia Stewart sighed and murmured.


In one of the hidden mountain!

Black Rose was training herself. The last time she was shot, all her wounds were healed by Karen Lee to complete the suture operation. This operation was very successful!

Did not leave any sequelae!

She trained herself to restore her strength!!


There was a phone call on her phone!

At first glance, it was called by the boss behind the killer organization!

She doesn’t want to pick it up!

Because she doesn’t want to be a killer!

Over the years, she has made enough money, and she suddenly wants to find a quiet place to spend the rest of her life.

The phone keeps ringing!

Black Rose finally picked up, “Hey…”

“Where are you?” The voice was heavy!

“I’m at home, is there something?”

“I know you are at home, so you have not received a message from anyone!”

“Yes, I’m at home, I haven’t paid attention to everything outside, so… who’s in trouble?”

Black Rose finally asked.

“The one person I don’t want to believe has an accident.” The voice was even heavier!!


“Karen Lee!”

“What’s wrong with her?” Black Rose was nervous for a moment!!

You know, her current life, Karen Lee let her live for the first time!

Last time, Karen Lee rescued her from surgery!

She was absolutely grateful to Karen Lee!!

Chuck drove her away last time, she was angry!

But from beginning to end, she was not angry with Karen Lee!

Not at all!

“She died in a car accident.” Here, the boss behind the killer organization sighed heavily!

When she got the news, she stayed for a long time!

She can’t believe this is true!


Behind the scenes, the boss heard the sound of the phone landing. This was Black Rose’s reaction to the news. The phone fell to the ground.

“Impossible! How did she have a car accident? Impossible!” Black Rose couldn’t accept it!!

“Nothing is impossible! Who said good and things don’t happen unexpectedly?”

Black Rose shed tears for the first time!

“Really? She just died like that?” Black Rose thanked Karen Lee, this was her benefactor and she died.

She sometimes thought that she could see Karen Lee.

So, is there no chance now?

“Ah, yes… Chuck, he would already have got the news,…”


Black Rose went sluggish.

“What did you say? Karen Lee died in a car accident?” Alice was stunned!

“Yes, the owner, this news has spread.”

Alice shivered, “Isn’t it possible? Karen Lee’s car is also specially customized, unless you encounter a dump truck or a big truck, otherwise you won’t die in a car accident!”

She is an arms fighter, and she definitely knows that Karen Lee has designed her own car!

Not to say that everything is indestructible!

But the ordinary car, Karen Lee’s kind of car, can be rammed!

“She fell into the river…”

Alice was more shocked.

Yvette’s mobile phone fell underground!

She was still in the United States!

When she was handling things herself, she suddenly received a call and someone told her a piece of shocking news!

Karen Lee is dead!

“You, you killed my dad, you should die in my hands, how can you die like this? No, no!”

Yvette once dreamed of killing Karen Lee.

She recently went out to exercise, and the hone is also to one day, can decide life and death with Karen Lee!!


She was dead!

Yvette couldn’t accept it!

She suddenly lost her goal and slumped on the ground. “How can you die like this?”

“Chuck, the film company has been established!” Yolanda Lane reported to Chuck.

The drug factory was in news, she was ready to launch another medicine!

At the same time, there was a film company!

This was Chuck’s ten-year plan!!

“En!” Chuck was busy with things here.

He felt that the establishment of film companies, pharmaceutical factories, and jewellery stores were all in full bloom.

Chuck needs to continue investing!

He wants to learn from his mother after he will go back from China.

Buy!! Buy!! Buy!!

“As you said, I have locked a hotel chain, I have agreed to talk to the owner of the hotel chain, and now it is over?”

“Come on!!”

Chuck got up and could not delay investment matters!

If you have a chance, just go!!

Suddenly with a snap, when Chuck got up, he touched something, the cup on the table fell to the ground, and the fragments shattered…

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