Chapter 85 – 86: My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 85

“Who is Chuck?”

For the three of Manny, this is a stranger, who is he? What are you looking for, Chuck for?

But for Zelda, she was stunned…

“I am Chuck,” Chuck said in a calm tone.

Yang Wenjie came over and looked at Chuck with his eyes turned, but he didn’t speak for a while.

It’s very quiet here.

The front desk has been stunned, what is your boss doing?

This strange atmosphere caused Manny and the three of them to look at each other, a little confused in their disappointed eyes.

Manny was wondering who this person is, and why should I look for Chuck?

The young woman in skinny jeans shook her head. Couldn’t it be the boss here? Annoyed by Chuck’s phone call, come here to nd Chuck trouble? Oh, Chuck, you have no abilities, what are you doing here? What are you doing on this call?

Now that you have hurt you so badly, won’t this boss add money?

Thinking this way, the young woman in tight jeans cried even harder.

“Yang Wenjie!” Yang Wenjie said suddenly.

“Hello,” Chuck said.

“Hello, I’m sorry for what happened today. Did this blue and white porcelain scare Mr. Chuck’s friend? I apologize to Mr. Chuck!” Yang Wenjie said politely.

This sentence shocked the jaws of several people present!

What? apologize? My boss actually apologized to this person? The front desk has been completely confused.

The three Manny and the others were already shocked. They were really stunned. They were wrong about this, but Yang Wenjie actually took the mistake to himself, and apologized for lowering his posture?

How is this going? The illusion that I was too desperate?

Is that square really Chuck’s?

Does Chuck really have two cars?

Is it true that Chuck can always spend money in that ve-star hotel without paying?

In such a moment, countless questions hit Manny and the three brains, making them dumbfounded and at a loss.

Even the mentally prepared Zelda was shocked, and Chuck said that he didn’t know the boss here. But after a phone call, why even the boss came to apologize in person?

The most shocking thing here belongs to the middle-aged man who couldn’t help but walked back again.

He understands Yang Wenjie, he doesn’t give face to anyone, he knows this clearly, not to mention that if someone else made a mistake and broke his blue and white porcelain vase, he would not get angry, and it would be good to nd someone to beat someone. Up.

But now everything is against common sense. It doesn’t matter if Yang Wenjie is not angry, but now he actually apologizes in reverse? And so polite…Is this Yang Wenjie?

This… the shock of the middle-aged man is at its extreme. Who is this young man? Chuck, he remembered it, he has to go back and check it out!

“You are polite…” Chuck was helpless. He made this call not to say whether to compensate, but whether to pay less. After all, Manny and the others did something wrong.

“No, you don’t need to be so polite. It was originally my hotel’s problem. I shouldn’t put this kind of thing here for decoration. It scared Mr. Chuck’s friends. In order to express their apologies, Mr. Chuck’s three friends can continue to stay in my hotel. Month, no fees!” Yang Wenjie said seriously.

what? Even if you admit your mistake, you can continue to live with others for free. This is millions, and the front desk has been shocked.

Manny and the others are even more stunned!

“Uh, no, these three aunts of mine are here to play, and they won’t live for a few days,” Chuck said.

“That’s okay. Anyway, Mr. Chuck’s friends can stay for a few days.” Yang Wenjie said, and then instructed the front desk, “Xiao Chen, these three distinguished guests are very entertaining!”

“Yes, yes…” The front desk nodded dumbfounded.
“Mr. Chuck, would you like to have a cup of tea?” Yang Wenjie invited with a smile.

“Yep.” Chuck nodded. It’s no good not to give others face when they are so good. He said to Zelda, “Sister Zelda, wait a minute, I will come.”

“En.” Zelda recovered, biting his lip.

“Please over here!”

Chuck followed Yang Wenjie inside. The middle-aged people envied him. Yang Wenjie didn’t invite him. Isn’t he qualified to have tea with this young man?

“I’m sorry, some of you can go back to the room,” the front desk said politely.

“Mom, two aunts, let’s go back to the room first!” Zelda said.

Manny and the others were at a loss. More than 30 million things were solved in just a few words? They feel dreaming.

Zelda took them back to the room, but the three of them were still dumbfounded.

The young woman in skinny jeans asked blankly, “Zelda, who is your boyfriend?”

Zelda couldn’t answer this question. Anyway, Chuck was becoming more and more mysterious in her heart.

“That square really belongs to him?”

“He wouldn’t be a super-rich second generation? Otherwise, why are the bosses here so polite to him? But why is he so low-key?”

“Zelda, you are a good boyfriend, so take it well!”

“Yes, don’t let him go. You must catch him tightly. Such a man is hard to nd.”

The two young women talked and talked, they suddenly felt that everything in the room was so high-end.

“The air is fresh, great!”

“Yes, look at this bed, it’s really comfortable, oh, there is a milk bath!”

The two young women were amazed and immediately took out their phones to take selfies.

At this time, there was a knock on the door. Zelda walked over and opened the door. Outside is the front desk, “Hello, it’s dinner time. How many of you need to eat? This is the menu!”

Zelda was surprised because the menu above was of very high quality, and there was no price, which meant that it was free.

“Mom, two, auntie, what do you want to eat, it’s free,” Zelda took back the menu.

Manny and the three are surprised, free?

The three of them immediately looked at the menu, and the two young women were surprised!

“Look, there are steamed lobsters!”

“Wow, there are also Australian steaks. They are all free. Oh my god, I knew what else to eat out?”

“Look at the bird’s nest porridge for breakfast. Alas, the crab buns that I had in the morning are really unpalatable!”

“I want this!”

“I want this!”

Manny and the three ordered ve dishes. The front desk smiled and said to wait a while, and then went out with the menu. The three of them looked forward to it.

“Zelda, do you usually do safety?” the young woman in tight jeans asked suddenly.

The young woman in hot pants also looked at Zelda, and Manny also looked forward to it. This boyfriend is really good.

Zelda was embarrassed. Of course she knew what it was asking, she could only nod her head and say yes.

“Don’t be safe next time, do you know if you are pregnant? Your boyfriend is so rich, you have to be pregnant and catch him!”

The two young women had ideas, and Manny was looking forward to it. What would her daughter and Chuck’s child look like?

Zelda also had a strange feeling in her heart, do you want to give it to him? How can I give it? He likes Yvette, should he give it to others? Zelda sighed, she didn’t know what to do.

“Daughter, don’t you object to the two of you? Take the opportunity, you are not young anymore.” Manny said.

After Zelda was silent, how could he seize the opportunity? The two have no relationship in that respect…

Chuck walked out of Yang Wenjie’s face. He was thinking of calling Zelda, but when he went out, he saw Zelda waiting in the car. Chuck walked over and opened the door, “How about auntie and them?”

“Very well, thank you for today,” Zelda said.

She really didn’t know what to say. Just now, the three Manny and the others gave their own ideas, and even the tight jeans young women and the three even taught women some methods to lock Chuck, but what is the relationship between them?

Just a pretend boyfriend and girlfriend, although I helped him last night, but…

Zelda’s heart was chaotic, and she felt that the gap with Chuck was getting bigger and bigger. She originally thought that the two were about the same, but…now it is much different.

“Let’s go back,” Zelda said, Chuck had no objection.

Zelda drove. There were few people on the road, and the car was very quiet. After Zelda hesitated, he suddenly stopped on the side of the road, and there was no one here.

Chuck was startled. What is Zelda doing?

Chapter: 86

The car was very quiet, and the atmosphere was a bit wrong. Chuck was surprised just now what Zelda was doing. Now he couldn’t help but look at Zelda’s face and found that there was a trace of complexity in her eyes. This was to…

Chuck understands.

He is not a fool. Of course, what does Zelda mean? She wants to solve it for herself like last night.

But Chuck is very a

If Zelda is grateful for today’s incident, then Chuck doesn’t want it. After all, Chuck has made Zelda a friend. How can friends help friends? Thank you? Then it has deteriorated, and Chuck thinks that there is no need to receive any thanks.

Zelda unfastened the seat belt buckle just like last night, and then stretched out his hand. The car was dark and looked down on her face, but her eyes could be seen clearly, clear and silent, the same as yesterday…

“Sister Zelda,” Chuck really wanted to think about it, because her hand was very powerful, but Chuck didn’t want Zelda to help herself in this way of gratitude. How can Chuck come over at this time and didn’t think about it.

Zelda was astonished, her hand stopped, and she bit her lip, “Don’t want to be today?”


Zelda was a little bit disappointed. After a fierce struggle in her heart, she took the initiative to help Chuck, but he didn’t want it. This is…

Sighing, she nodded, “Well, let’s go back!”

She sat upright again, buckled her seat belt, and drove, still silent in the car.

Chuck feels a little uncomfortable. This is not physical uncomfortable, but the lost look in Zelda’s eyes, which makes him uncomfortable.

Chuck didn’t know what he thought of Zelda. Zelda helped him yesterday. What he thought of when he went back tonight was whether he was Zelda’s partner now?

He was a little looking forward to it. To be honest, he was really looking forward to it. After all, Zelda had such a good figure, and he was so beautiful, and he felt very charming as a light mature woman.

It would be really good if she really became her night partner, but Chuck’s idea was that the two would not disturb each other… Then what happened to the lost eyes of Zelda just now?

Does Zelda feel about herself?

Shouldn’t it?

Chuck was puzzled and looked at Zelda secretly. Her face was calm. Chuck breathed a sigh of relief. She thought too much about how to say Zelda is single!

When he arrived at the community, Chuck hesitated, “Sister Zelda, I have let Yolanda pay attention to the store you want.”

Chuck brie y talked about this with Yolanda in the afternoon. Of course, Yolanda said that there was no problem, thinking that the opening of the Zelda store would drive the ow of people.


The two took the elevator upstairs, the elevator door opened, and Chuck said, “Sister Zelda, good night.”

“Good night,” Zelda said softly, then walked to the door of her house, took out the key, opened the door, and walked in.

Chuck regrets a bit, he should just…

Forget it, I solved it myself, Chuck went in and went to the bathroom by himself…

When he went to bed at night, Chuck actually dreamed of Zelda again. This is another spring dream…

Waking up in the morning, Chuck went out and asked Zelda how today is? Do you want to accompany you again? Zelda shook her head and said that it was no trouble. She took her mother and two aunts to get better.

Chuck was helpless. Was Zelda very lost last night?

The two got off the elevator together. Zelda said to send Chuck to the square.

Chuck shook his head and said that he would go to school today.

“Then, I’ll send you to school,” Zelda said, and suddenly fell silent. Isn’t there Yvette in the school?

Sure enough, Chuck said it was unnecessary.

“Well, study hard,” Zelda said softly and drove away.

Chuck shook his head and took the car to school. In the next few days, Chuck was in school every day. As long as Chuck didn’t go one day, Yvette would call, saying that he was going to take an exam and he had to come to class!

The tone is very serious!

Chuck thought that he had to start embracing the Buddha’s feet temporarily, so he went every day and went to Yvette’s of ce to ask her questions. Yvette actually patiently and carefully explained until Chuck fully understood it, which made Chuck really attered. .

“If you hang up in this department of mine, let’s see how I punish you,” Yvette said solemnly.

Chuck nodded helplessly, watching Yvette pack things, Chuck asked her to go to the company?

She exclaimed, “You are going to work part-time, then take my car.”

Chuck thought about shaking his head, and drove over by himself.

Seeing him shaking his head, Yvette was a little angry, “If you don’t sit, you won’t sit.”

After she finished speaking, she walked out. Chuck Zhengzheng, and had no choice but to leave the school. After arriving at the place where she parked, Chuck drove to the square. The square was quite busy recently! Chuck had to help.

When he arrived at the parking lot of the square, Chuck took the elevator to the first floor and went to see how the facilities have been added to the square recently. He wandered around on the first floor and felt good. Although there were no major changes, there were comfortable rest facilities. , Then people will definitely come slowly.

“Mr. Chuck…” As Chuck was walking around, he suddenly heard someone calling himself behind him. Chuck turned his head in doubt and found that it was Charlotte, a BMW salesperson.

She and Lara have opened a shop here, and it should be under renovation, so she will come over.

But today she is wearing a short denim skirt, a pair of straight and long legs is simply very charming, the upper body is a tight white T-shirt if looming, Chuck’s eyes lit up, her figure is not as bumpy as Yvette, but the skinny beauty is still There are different kinds of temptations.

Charlotte is nervous. She hasn’t contacted Chuck for a long time. After she took the initiative last time, Chuck didn’t ask for it. She was so disappointed that she didn’t want it. Thinking about buying the car, then the chance to meet might be

ne. I saw Chuck again here.

“Just call me Chuck,”

“Well, what are you doing here?”

“Just stroll around,” Chuck said.

At this time, Lara’s voice rang from behind, “Oh, cousin, come here, it’s so heavy…”

“Sorry, wait a minute.” Charlotte realized that she had bought something with Lara and was about to send it to the store.

Charlotte ran over to help. At this time, Lara was carrying a big box, panting and bending her body, Chuck’s eyes moved. In the past few days, Chuck continued to seduce Lara on WeChat and let her keep sending fruit photos. Coming here, Lara is very obedient, as long as is Chuck, she will post, but there is no lower body.

It is estimated that this is Lara’s bottom line, but these photos give Chuck a particularly clear understanding of Lara’s figure. You should know that when you see Lara, you can’t see it, you have to say, Chuck also sighed that Lara’s figure is particularly good.

Lara noticed Chuck staring at her chest, she glared at Chuck, “Enough? Come and help!”

Chuck was too lazy to pay attention to her, but Charlotte’s apologetic eyes made him walk over. The box was so big that the two girls should not be able to carry it. Chuck came over and squatted to help. The two of them looked up, bent their bodies, and Chuck was next to them. On the opposite side, this is really one, no, two scenery.

Charlotte was excited, and Chuck was looking at herself. She thought Chuck was not interested in her.

Lara is angry, hanging silk, give you a chance to see everything, don’t you watch it, watch it secretly now? interesting? Are you a voyeur? Really promising!

“Cousin, you pull your clothes up a bit, this hanging silk is watching you,” Lara said.

Charlotte had no choice but to look good, but she didn’t have so much foresight.

Chuck was surprised when he moved the things into the shop, because it looked like the decoration was good, and the design style was relatively good. It is estimated that in a few days, the signboard will be installed and other things will be put in. It should be good. Chuck said, “The decoration is good. “

“That was, I designed it myself.” Lara was proud, she was panting, she was too tired to move things, she took out twenty from her pocket and stuffed it to Chuck, “Go, buy three bottles of water, and give the others You tipped,”

Chuck was startled, Charlotte was annoyed, “Lara, what are you doing?”

“Nothing, thirsty, want to drink water, what else are you looking at? Isn’t there a tip for ten dollars? Go ahead…” Lara pushed Chuck out, walked in by herself, and started to open the box.

Chuck is helpless, this Lara! He stepped aside, and suddenly thought, should he let Lara come out? Let her come out to open the room, and then let her know that the “Baller” is herself, how will she react?

Chuck is ready now, and immediately took out his mobile phone and sent Lara a WeChat. Come out tonight!

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