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Chapter 85 – 86: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 85: I’ll take you to see the beautiful scenery (1)

When it was time to leave, Venus Mu cleaned up and went downstairs with her colleague. She could see Hao Nangong’ s white Ferrari from afar. When she was hesitating to go forward or not, her wrist was suddenly held by someone.

Looking back, it was Kerry Ye.

Venus frowned, and she looked indifferent, trying hard to break away from him and said in a cold voice, “What are you doing?”

Kerry glanced at her with a cold look, with his hand holding her tighter and asked, “You still want to go back to Hao’ s house?”

“Does this have anything to do with you?!”

She was actually hesitant just now. she had planned to ask Hao to take her to a hotel, but she didn’t expect to be pestered by Kerry.

“You’re my wife, so do you think it has anything to do with me?” Kerry looked at her dispersant look, the veins on his face rising.

Venus still looked cold and she disdainfully said, “So what? It has nothing to do with you anyway.”

Seeing she was stubborn, Kerry stopped talking and used his force to tug her into his arms and then shoved her directly towards the underground parking lot.

“Kerry! Let me go! How can you be so bossy…”

Venus struggled along the way, but she was still pulled in front of the Lamborghini by him in the end. The moment she opened the door, a familiar figure startled her.

Xinyou looked at Venus appearing in front of the car, and then being pulled by Kerry to the seat next to her.

A bizarre atmosphere immediately flowed in the small space.

Venus opened the window, feeling the cool breeze pounding on her face, as if a large stone was blocked her heart, making her uncomfortable but powerless to fight.

Xinyou was also in a bad mood.

Seeing Venus reappearing in front of her, she was annoyed. Venus was like a hateful chewing gum, sticking between Kerry and her.

How could she get rid of her completely?

Passing by the Red Rose Café midway, Xinyou remembered this afternoon’s appointment, so she immediately asked, “Kerry, can you pull over?”

Through the car’ s rearview mirror, Kerry was filled with confusion and asked, “What’ s wrong?”

“I want to get some coffee.”

Kerry parked the car at the side of the road, turning around to look at her and said, “Go. I’ll wait for you here for a while.”

Xinyou gently shook her head, smiling, “No need. I have to meet a friend here and I don’ t know how long I will stay, so there’ s no need to wait for me.”

Kerry nodded and said, “Alright, then be careful when you go back.”


Xinyou got out of the car and waved goodbye to him, making sure that the car had indeed left before taking a step into the café.

After she left, Venus felt much more comfortable inside. Ever since she knew Xinyou’ s true self, she felt very uncomfortable whenever she was near her.

She was like a poisonous snake hovering around you, and you can’ t guess when she’ll show her fangs to bite you.

The car soon arrived at Ye’ s villa. After getting out of the car, Venus entered her room. Before she could have a rest, a dark shadow appeared, scaring her and almost letting out a scream.

“Don’t make a sound. It’ s me, Xiaozi.” The man promptly reached out his hand to cover her mouth and his voice was low.

Seeing the familiar purple pupils, Venus relieved and rolled her eyes, saying helplessly, “Xiaozi, please don’ t suddenly appear, or I’ll be scared to death by you one day.”

He laughed, with his purple pupils glowing and said, “Why are you so cowardly? If people knew you were scared to death, they would laugh at you?”

Venus curled her lips and said with a speechless face, “Weren’t you scared to death too? How dare you laugh at me?”

Wasn’t he caught in his own trap?

He found an excuse to lie to her, but he didn’t expect that she would laugh at this. If he had known this, he would have made up a more mysterious and powerful reason. Wouldn’t it be better?

Chapter 85: I’ll take you to see the beautiful scenery (2)

“Maybe Xiaozi is an alien from other star? Or he is from a parallel world?” Venus thought.

Xiaozi lifted her chin up, looking at her pretty face and said in a low voice, “I’ve been so bored lately. Do you want to see my magical power?”

“Are you going to take me to the universe?” Venus was excited and said.

Xiaozi touched his forehead and said, “I’m not that powerful yet, but I can take you to some of the places you want to go.”

“Some places I want to go?” Venus asked. She was thrilled.

Xiaozi nodded. His handsome face was gentle and kind.

“I’d like to go to the beach, or the top of a mountain covered with plants.” Venus said with an excited look on her face.

Xiaozi patted her shoulder and said, “Only within the Ye family’s Villa. My power is limited.”

Venus was a little disappointed. She said unhappily, “I’m familiar with every part of the Ye family’s house. There’s nothing worth seeing here.”

Xiaozi pondered a little and suddenly thought of a place and said, “There’s one place you’ve never been.”

“Where?” Venus was surprised and asked happily.

“The roof. Have you been to the roof of this villa?” Xiaozi asked.

Venus shook his head and said, “No. I have never been there.”

Venus was looking forward to it. She suddenly thought it would be fun to lie on the roof and look at the sky, stars and moon.

Xiaozi walked forward her and hugged her waist, whispering in her ear, “Close your eyes.”

Venus immediately closed his eyes, and then felt the whistling of the wind in her ears. After about a few seconds, Xiaozi whispered softly in her ear, “Here we are. You can open your eyes.”

Then Venus slowly opened her eyes. She saw the sunset and felt the world open up. The gentle breeze was blowing in. Her mood became much more pleasant now.

“It’s beautiful.” she said happily.

Venus had never found the Ye family’s house so beautiful. It was surrounded by lush palm trees, adorned with large, rich peony flowers. There was a magnificent fountain. The two of them lay on the roof, watching the beautiful sunset.

Venus suddenly said mushily, “The setting sun is so beautiful, but it’s a pity that it is approaching dusk.”

Xiaozi looked at her and felt she was sentimental. He smiled, and said softly, “You are so young, you should enjoy the joys of youth. You don’t need to be so sentimental.”

“If I hadn’t come to the Ye family, I probably would have agreed with you.” Venus said lightly.

“It is meant to be.” Xiaozi said casually.

“Why do you say that?” Venus looked at the perfect side of his face. Suddenly, she felt his face looked like the mean Kerry.

“He and Kerry are just two people. Xiaozi’s smile is so gentle, and he doesn’t look at all like damned Kerry.” Venus thought.

Looking at her eyes, Xiaozi said softly, “Maybe it’s god’s will. It’s like you are able to come here, and I just happened to be here. Then we just meet.”

Hearing his words, Venus nodded. She looked at the vast sky again and suddenly sighed, “How I wish I had met you first.”

After hearing her words, Xiaozi looked at her face with some complexity in her eyes.

“Venus, if one day, you knew my true identity, would you still say that? Will you regret knowing me?” Xiaozi thought.

Chapter 85: I’ll take you to see the beautiful scenery (3)

Xinyou Qiao walked into the café and arrived at the pre-arranged seat. When she saw Hao Nangong who didn’t look too good, she was a little nervous.

Moving slightly, he sat across him, pondering for a little. She asked, “What happened?”

Hao looked very coldly at her, seeming he could see her caution, and asked with relief, “Did Venus Mu leave in Kerry Ye’ s car?”

Xinyou relieved, for he was concerned about this.

Xinyou, however, was a little annoyed. Venus again!

She really didn’t know why she could attract him! Obviously, Kerry hated her so much, but he didn’t want to divorce her.

Now Hao even passioned for her.

“Yes!” Xinyou looked full of worry, trying to restrain her anger. And she deliberately said, “During the day, Venus was called to the office by Kerry and when she came back, something was wrong with her.”

Hao frowned and asked coldly, “What’s wrong?”

Xinyou pinched her thighs and decided to give Hao a hard time. she didn’t want Hao to just give order and watch the show and she wanted him to do something as her.

“I saw… I saw that Venus’ s clothes were torn and her neck…” Xinyou said slowly on purpose, sensing Hao’s embarrassed appearance and snickering inwardly. Her voice was full of bitterness, “It’s all hickeys.”


He had played with so many women and he naturally knew what it meant.

“SHIT!” Hao angrily cursed, with fingers clenching, making the coffee cup shatter. Sticky brown coffee mixed with harsh red, startling Xinyou.

Xinyou looked at his angry look, she was gloating, but she pretended to be panicked and took out a handkerchief and handed it to him.

Receiving the handkerchief, Hao looked calm again, as if the scene just now was just an illusion. He slowly wiped the blood stains and asked, “Why ask me to come today?”

Xinyou was cautious and asked, “I learned from Kerry that his marrying Venus was to find Tianye Mu.”

Hao looked calm and didn’t answer immediately.

Xinyou was cautious and kept asking, “What happened to Kerry and Tianye? I plan to start from here.”

After hearing her words, Hao asked indifferently, “Kerry didn’t tell you?”

Asked by him, Xinyou was a little frustrated. She lowered her voice, “No. He asked me not to ask too much.”

Hao snorted and said coldly, “It seems that you haven’t fully captured his heart.”

Xinyou was somewhat irritated. Obviously, she didn’t like him saying this, but she didn’t dare to show her anger, so she could only pretend not to care and asked, “So I can only ask you.”

Hao pondered and said, “There was something between Tianye and Kerry, but I can’t tell you more. However, he made Kerry’s brother, Kevin die. After that, Kerry wanted to find out Tianye at all costs to take revenge for Kevin.”

“Then do you know where Tianye is?” Xinyou asked with great expectations.

Hao shook his head, “No, even Kerry couldn’t find him. Tianye is an extremely tricky man, so it’s not easy to find him.”

Hao appreciated for Tianye.

Xinyou lowered her head in disappointment. It seemed that finding him was indeed not easy.

Listening carefully to Hao’s words, Xinyou gradually knew what to do next.

Tianye caused Kevin’s death, so Kerry wanted to take revenge for him. That’s why he was so desperate to find Tianye.

No wonder in the office, Kerry asked her if Venus had told her where Tianye was now.

It seems that Kerry wanted to use the marriage to find Tianye.

What a joke…

Xinyou snickered, a little excited. She couldn’t help but think, “If she helped Kerry to find out Tianye, then he would divorce Venus.

But with their current relationship, Venus would definitely not tell her. Who else would know about Tianye’ s situation?

After thinking for a moment, a name suddenly appeared in her mind.

Venus’s uncle, Changrui Mu…

Ye’ s Villa

Venus chatted with Xiaozi for a while. Since it was getting dark, Xiaozi suggested to send her back.

Looking at his figure, Venus hesitated and asked, “Will you stay here for the rest of your life?”

Xiaozi looked stunned and then nodded.

Venus lowered her head in disappointment, “Oh, I see.”

“Then I’ll leave first.”


As soon as she finished speaking, Xiaozi disappeared in an instant, as if he had never been here.

Lying on the soft bed, Venus was not sleepy at all and she couldn’t help but wonder if others knew about Xiaozi’ s existence as well.

Was Xiaozi real, or he was just her imagination?

She took out her phone and glanced through it. She then opened the photo album, and when she saw the picture, more and more tears gathered in her eyes.


Chapter 86: Kerry has a mistress? (1)

The photo was taken when she was in high school. At that time, she was still naïve and innocent, smiling like a flower. On the photo, she was relying on Tianye Mu’s broad and warm chest.

Venus Mu gently fondled his face. He was so handsome, with deep eyes and a high nose. His smile was warm and charming.

She burst into tears and she couldn’t stop herself. Her mouth was full of bitterness. This photo was the last one she took with her brother.

Just the next day, she got news from his uncle that his brother had suddenly disappeared and she could no longer contact him again…

She was in tears almost every day after that and she had no desire to study at all. She even wanted to drop out of school to look for him, but she finally calmed down and thought about what if her brother came back for her?

Besides, she didn’t have any clue.

“Where are you, brother? Do you know how much Venus misses you? Have you forgotten me? You must have your own difficulties?”

She stopped glancing at the album and stared at the ceiling. She was worried about him when she thought that he was badly injured.

She wondered how’s her brother’s condition now.

It had been a month since last time, so uncle should have some clues about him.

Thinking of this, Venus cheered up and planned to see her uncle again tomorrow.

Early in the morning, Venus came downstairs, looking at Kerry and Xinyou, who were eating, and said, “I’m taking a day off today.”

Kerry raised his head to look at her, coldly asking, “Reason.”

Venus pondered for a while, answering, “Last night, uncle called me and wanted me to come back to Mu family today.”

As soon as she said so, Kerry asked with some intention, “Do you need me to go with you?”

She was going to ask something about her brother, so naturally she couldn’t let him know about it!

Venus gently shook her head, casually making up a lie, “Today is my father’s Memorial Day and I’ve ageed with my uncle to go to visit his grave together.”

Kerry nodded, which was an approval.

Venus was relieved and sat at the table to have her breakfast. Then she took her bag and left.

Looking at Venus’s back, Xinyou was planning something as she suddenly spoke, “Kerry, can I take a day off?”

Kerry frowned as he asked, “What happened to you?”

Xinyou suddenly came up with a reason, her tone with some helplessness, “By coincidence, my father called me yesterday and said… that he apologized to my stepmother for me and told me to come home if I’m convenient today.”

Kerry pondered and said indifferently, “Go. I’ll have Uncle Wang prepare some gifts for you to bring back to your father later.”

Xinyou was moved, for she didn’t expect Kerry to care about her family. She answered, “Thank you, Kerry. My father will be happy.”

“It’s okay.”

Venus directly asked the driver to send her to Mu’s company and told him not to wait for her. Then the driver left.

The reason she came in Ye’ s car was because she didn’t want Kerry to be suspicious.

Turning around and just about to go upstairs, she didn’t expect to meet someone she knew. Venus frowned and just wanted to turn around and leave, but she was stopped by one of them.

“Whew, isn’t this my cousin? Why do you turn around and leave without saying hello to your sister?” The one who spoke was Yiyao Mu, who was dressed up gorgeously, but her disgusting expression spoiled it.

Venus was expressionless, saying indifferently, “Yiyao, it’s you! I’m sorry that I didn’t recognize you.”

“You!” Yiyao glared at her, and then smiled. She waved Zihang Lu beside her, and said in an intimate manner, “Zihang, why don’t you say hello to your sister?”

Zihang stepped forward and looked at Venus with a complicated look, and spoke, “Hi, Venus.”

Venus noticed that Yiyao looked embarrassed, so she sneered, “Mr. Lu, now you should call me ‘sister’, right?”

Zihang was stunned. Looking at her expression without any emotion, he was lost.

Seeing Zihang’ s hesitation, Yiyao unhappily curled her lips. Her voice somewhat raised a bit, “Zihang, didn’t you hear what she said? If she wants you to greet her so, just say it!”

Zihang looked up at Venus, looking incredulous, and said in a low tone, “Venus, you’ve changed. You weren’t like this before!”

Venus scoffed, before? Didn’t they forget that they were the reason?

Venus was still indifferent, “People always change!”

Chapter 86: Kerry has a mistress? (2)

Zihang Lu looked as if it was out of his expectation, saying with some jealousy, “Do you think that you’re someone after marrying to Kerry Ye? So, for you, there’s no need to consider other people’s feelings!”

“Well, I don’t mind you think of me in this way.” Venus no longer wanted to waste any time on them, so she turned around to walk towards the hall.

“Venus, stop!”

Here came Yiyao Mu’s voice.

Venus turned around slowly and asked, “What?”

“What are you doing here? Are you planning something!” Yiyao angrily walked up to her and coldly questioned her.

Venus sneered, whose tone was full of disdain, “What do you think? Do you think I’ll tell you?!”

Yiyao was enraged, staring at her and she really wanted to slap her, saying angrily, “You! I’ll never let you in!”

Venus felt funny about what she said. She thought of Xinyou Qiao. Though the two belonged to the same world, their difference was obvious.

Compared to Xinyou’ s scheming, she suddenly felt that Yiyao was like a bad-tempered puppy, with all her emotions showing on her face, so Venus didn’t have to be afraid of her traps.

Looking at the mad Yiyao, Mu Venus then turned around and walked towards the street outside.

“Hey! Venus, where are you going?!”

Venus didn’t look back and just walked away.

Venus found a nearby café and she had planned to go straight upstairs to find Changrui Mu, but she didn’t expect to be pestered by Yiyao. She really didn’t want to stay there anymore.

As such, she could only ask Changrui out to meet her.

Pulling out her phone from her bag, she dialed a familiar number and waited for him to answer.

“Hello?” Changrui’ s voice came from the phone.

Venus was looking at the busy street and said calmly, “Uncle, it’s me.”

“Venus, why call me today?”

“I want to ask you about something. Can you come out to meet me?”

Changrui pondered for a while and said, “Sure. I just have something to tell you. Where are you now?”

“Champs Elysees Café.”

“Well, wait for me. I’ll be right there.”


Taking advantage of her free time, Venus pulled out a pen and a piece of paper to finish her work. She didn’t notice in the slightest that all her actions were being constantly monitored by someone.

Just 1 meter away from her back, someone was standing there, but she was not noticeable because she was hidden by the huge potted plants in the store.

Xinyou was wearing a heavy makeup and a pair of oversized black sunglasses.

She occasionally looked at the bag, smiling wryly. She was waiting for the show.

In less than 10 minutes, Changrui showed up in the café. Venus put away her design and gently sipped her coffee.

Changrui came directly in front of her and sat down, looking meaningless, and said softly, “Venus, why come today?”

Venus looked at him with a calm look, and asked frankly, “I want to know my brother’s situation.”

Changrui looked nervous and coughed twice. He was a little helplessness and his tone was somewhat low, “Well, there’s a problem. I can’t reach him for now.”

Venus looked stunned, asked with panic, “Uncle, please tell me, how is my brother now?”

Changrui pretended to be sad and he deliberately said in a low voice, “Don’t worry. That’s actually no a big deal. Your brother said that someone wanted to kill him, so he changed places to hide and told us not to contact him for now.”

After hearing his words, Venus frowned. She deliberately lowered her head, but she was carefully scrutinizing him. When she suddenly found he was smiling, she was depressed.

He was lying to her.

This was Venus’s first thought.

Chapter 86: Kerry has a mistress? (3)

Perhaps it was because she had encountered too many things recently, Venus Mu was no longer as innocent as she usually was. She no longer believed people easily, even if the person was her relative.

His uncle was clearly stalling for time. Whenever Venus mentioned his brother, he always changed the subject.

If that was the case, there were only two possibilities. One was that her uncle didn’t know her brother’s whereabouts, and the other was that he was doing it with other intentions.

“Venus, your brother wants me to tell you that he’s a little short on cash and wants you to remit another sum of money to him.” Changrui Mu said.

Venus pretended to be very surprised and asked in confusion, “Has he already spent the one million I remitted to him before?”

Changrui Mu let out a deep sigh, and then said, “Venus, there must be a lot of spending outside. Besides, your brother was seriously injured before; even the rehabilitation is vast expense.”

Venus held the coffee cup with both hands, gently touching the pattern on it, pretending to be ignorant and asked, “Then how much money did my brother say he needed?”

Changrui Mu pondered a little, and said, “He said that he needs a million dollars.”

“A million dollars?”Venus sighed and said helplessly, “Where would I get so much money?”

“Venus, you don’t understand what I mean.” Changrui said in a low voice, “You are now Kerry Ye’s wife. You have to learn to make good use of your status. A million dollars is nothing for Kerry.”

Venus laughed bitterly inside. People didn’t know Kerry’s true purpose for marrying her. Maybe they all thought that it was lucky for her to marry Kerry, but they didn’t know the real story.

“Things aren’t as simple as you think. Kerry and I have some problems recently. There’s no way he’s going to lend me money.”

Changrui looked stunned. His brows furrowed, and asked anxiously, “What’s going on? What’s the problem between you and Kerry?”

Venus lowered her head, thinking about making up a reason.

But Changrui thought she didn’t want to say. The expression on his face became more and more serious, and he, “Kerry has to manage his company, so he must be very busy. You as a wife have to be more tolerant of him.”

Changrui spoke meaningfully, but Venus thought his words were ridiculous.

When he finished, she said implicitly, “Our relationship is in trouble, and there seems to be no way to fix it.”

At least in Venus’s eyes, their marriage had come to an end.

“Could it be that Kerry…….” Changrui suddenly paused. He observed the surroundings to see if anyone was watching him and then he whispered, “Kerry has a mistress?”

Venus nodded, confirming his guess.

In Venus’s eyes, Kerry had an affair with Xinyou Qiao, and also Xinyou Qiao had admitted it.

Changrui’s look was much more serious. He didn’t care about Venus’s marriage. He just needed to use Venus to make a connection with Kerry.

Since Venus married Kerry, many companies were willing to work with the Mu Group. Due to Kerry’s company, the amount of profits of the Mu Group had skyrocketed

Changrui had used the funds to expand Mu Group, and all of this was just the beginning, and now the company’s biggest fear was the shortage of funds. Once Kerry and Venus divorce, Mu Group’s situation would become difficult if those partners asked for divestment. This was something Changrui didn’t dare to think about.

He blamed Venus, but he didn’t dare to speak it out.

“It’s normal for a man to make mistakes once in a while, you should never divorce him.” said he.

“I don’t quite understand. If we don’t love each other, why will we have to stay together?” Venus snorted and asked deliberately.

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