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Chapter 85: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

The Rise Of A Poor Husband – Chapter 85 Don’t embarrass me!
Gee, what a headache…

“Mr. Ward?” Nina called Colin in confusion.

“I’m okay.” Colin waved his hand and asked, “What else?”

Nina hurriedly said, “The Yeshi Company wants to cooperate with us on a project.”

“Yeshi Company?” Colin was slightly surprised.

Nina nodded, “Yes, and this project is worth tens of billions of dollars.”

Hearing this, Colin was more shocked, “Tens of billions of dollars?”

“Yes.” Nina nodded.

“But I remember that our group has never had any dealings with the Yeshi Company. Why would they want to cooperate with us?” Colin asked.

Nina shook her head, saying that she didn’t know.

Colin frowned slightly, “Keep an eye on the Yeshi Company. If you have any news, tell me in time.”

“Okay, Mr. Ward,” Nina answered.

Colin asked again, “How is the Martin Group?”

Nina replied, “Barr’s companies have basically gone bankrupt, and his shops have closed down…”

Colin nodded and was very satisfied.

In the office of the Martin Group.

Five people were sitting on the sofa.

They were headed by Alan, who was in a grey suit and high spirits. One of them was John, and the other three people were two men and a sexy woman.

The sexy woman said softly, “The Xinxi Group was acquired by the Crystal Group.”

“Are you sure?” Alan asked in a deep voice.

The woman nodded, “Yes.” Then she continued, “This Crystal Group is a new group. It was established not long ago.”

After hearing this, Alan pondered for a while, looked at John, and asked, “John, what’s your idea?”

John was excited. Barr was in desperation. The Martin Group would be his in the future!

Alan must be testing him by asking about his idea. He had to answer it beautifully.

John looked calm and said, “There are only two reasons why the newly established Crystal Group acquired the Xinxi Group and offended the Marquis Group.”

“One is that the Crystal Group is indeed strong, and even has a strong backing.”

“The other is that the chairman of the Crystal Group is ignorant and audacious.”

With that, the others nodded, except for Alan.

John continued, “However, since the owner of the Crystal Group could quietly establish it, he is not ignorant and audacious, but of great finesse.”

Hearing this, Alan nodded in satisfaction.

“That’s right!”

John was pleased with the praise from Alan and continued, “I will ask someone to investigate the Crystal Group to see if its owner holds any grudge against the Marquis Group. If possible, we can unite with the Crystal Group to deal with the Marquis Group.”

Alan was shocked when he heard this, “You are going to deal with the Marquis Group?”

“Yes.” John nodded firmly, “We have fallen out with the Marquis Group, and we have offended Colin thoroughly. I guess the Marquis Group will not let us off easily in the future. Why don’t we grasp the initiative in our own hands? in?”

Hearing this, Alan was silent.

What John said made sense. The Martin Group and the Marquis Group could no longer reconcile. Colin would not let go of the other companies of the Martin Group after destroying Barr’s companies. They might as well take the initiative to contend with the Marquis Group.

So with Alan’s acquiescence, John asked his men to investigate the Crystal Group.

At noon, Colin received a call from Belle.

“Hey, Colin, I’m around your company. Why don’t you come out and have lunch with me!”

Colin was a little confused. Although Belle was his ideal girlfriend when he was in college, they didn’t have many dealings with each other.

Later, he became the chairman of the Marquis Group, and acquired Belle’s company. But Belle did not know his true identity, so they should not be so familiar, right?

“Huh?” Colin didn’t know how to answer. It was not okay to decline, but if he didn’t decline, they were not familiar enough to eat together.

Belle was a little displeased when he heard Colin’s hesitant voice, “Are you coming or not?”

Colin had no choice but to reply, “Okay, where are you? I’ll come right away.”

Belle told him the address and hung up.

In fact, Belle was also baffled. Why did she have to ask Colin out to eat with her?

But she had called him. It was not a big deal to eat together.

At this moment, a woman who dressed slightly flamboyant next to Belle asked, “Belle, who did you call?”

“Oh, my classmate. He works nearby, and I asked him to eat with us.” Belle replied.

The woman nodded and didn’t ask anything else.

After a while, Colin arrived at the door of the restaurant Belle told him, and then stood there in shock.

Belle was not here alone. There was a brightly dressed woman with freckles on her face. This woman was their classmate, Felice Cook.

Colin put away his shock, and walked over calmly, “Sorry, I’m late.”

Hearing his voice, the two women were startled, and then turned around.

When Felice saw Colin, she was shocked, “Colin? Why are you here?”

Colin blinked innocently, “Belle asked me to eat with her.”

Felice looked at Belle, and Belle nodded.

Felice finally knew who Belle called a moment ago, but…

“Belle? Are you familiar with her? How can you call her Belle directly?”

Colin, “…”

Belle pulled Felice, “Felice, please stop.”

Colin didn’t want to argue with her. He smiled and said, “Why did you suddenly want to eat with me? You look good. How are you doing recently?”

“Of course she is doing good. She has a boyfriend who loves her very much!” Felice said proudly, “Do you know who her boyfriend is? He is the young master of a large company! Don’t try to hit on her, you loser!”

Belle was a little embarrassed, “Felice, Colin is married, and his wife is very beautiful.”

It was an indisputable fact that his wife was even more beautiful than her.

Felice did not attend the previous reunion for some reason, so she didn’t see Colin’s wife Doris.

Felice thought Colin married a woman casually, and Belle was modest and didn’t want to embarrass Colin.

“Belle, don’t be so modest. You are beautiful than most women! Could his wife be more beautiful than the stars on TV?”

Belle was embarrassed, and Colin felt speechless.

But speaking of Doris, Belle remembered what happened in the Martin Group. At that time, she saw Colin lead people in and then came out holding Doris. It seemed that what she guessed was right. Doris was indeed a wanton.

She felt sorry for Colin.

Facing the police, Colin was so calm and courageous at that time. He was really charming.

However, Colin was only the general manager of the Marquis Group, with no strong family background. He couldn’t compare with the young master of a large company. Otherwise, she may choose Colin rather than John who was ten years older than her.

Felice didn’t notice they were embarrassed and continued, “No matter how beautiful his wife is, she can’t be prettier than you.”

Belle hurriedly pulled Felice, and changed the topic, “Remember to behave well later. They are all young masters of large companies. Don’t embarrass me.”

Hearing this, Felice stopped talking and even looked a little bit shy.

Colin found it interesting, and then curiously asked, “Young masters of large companies?”

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