“Hurry up! I can’t wait to see Chuck die! This spicy chicken!”

Brayden Stewart was excited!

“No hurry, no hurry! Chuck has no backer like Karen Lee, he will collapse! I want to see what his expression is, no hurry, no hurry!”

Ouyang Fei said fiercely.

“Haha! Yeah!”

Brayden Stewart laughed excitedly!

This news was great!!

“Wait a moment, our boss will come out immediately!”

The secretary of the hotel owner entertains Chuck and Yolanda Lane in the VIP room!

“It’s okay!”

Chuck shrugged!

He looked at the window. The sixth sense made him glance at the top floor of the opposite building. He silently drew the curtains!!

“Chuck, the person you just tracked is now here?” Yolanda Lane asked.

When Chuck drives, she feels a sense of security!

Because last time when they were returning after gambling on stones, Chuck killed dozens of people in her own face!!

That scene shocked her!

“Opposite! But you will be fine,” Chuck can guarantee Yolanda Lane’s safety!

“I, mainly because you are okay!” Yolanda Lane shook her head, the business became bigger, and the dangers followed.

She has already realized it!

Chuck was the second generation of super-rich, his life was more valuable than her own.

“What is this? You work for me, can’t I protect you yet?” Chuck smiled slightly.


Yolanda Lane felt more secure.

There was nothing wrong with Chuck.

“After the business talks are over, you are here waiting for me, I will solve them across the board!!!” Chuck said with a shrug.

“Me… can I go with you?”

Chuck smiled slightly, “Don’t go!”

“Am I a burden?”

“It doesn’t mean that! I just don’t want to hurt you!” if Yolanda Lane followed she may be injured!

Chuck doesn’t want to see it.

Yolanda Lane was stunned, he didn’t want to see her hurt?

Soon, the owner of the hotel chain came over!

“Manager Yolanda Lane! Hello, hello!”

The hotel owner smiled slightly!

Yolanda Lane recently became China’s celebrity!

The drug factory, the jewellery store and also she is all in her early days!

“Hello!” Yolanda Lane smiled slightly!

“This is this?” The hotel owner was quite surprised. Chuck, he had never seen it!

Who is this?

Yolanda Lane’s assistant?

“He…is my colleague!” Yolanda Lane knew that Chuck didn’t want to be too public!

“Oh! Sit, sit two!”

The hotel owner did not look at Chuck, it was Yolanda Lane’s assistant as he thought!

He started talking to Yolanda Lane about the acquisition.

The process was surprisingly smooth!

Because of what!

Chuck was rude!

Among the estimated value, there was no stingy!

After the chat acquisition was completed, Yolanda Lane and the hotel owner signed a contract!

The boss was very excited because the money is one-tenth on the spot!

The remaining money will be completely handed over tomorrow, and all will be given!

“Happy cooperation, by the way, manager Yolanda Lane, who is your boss? How come I haven’t seen such a big boss!” the hotel owner asked.

Too wealthy!

Could it be the four big families in China?

Didn’t you see it?

Yolanda Lane thought, “This one has a chance!”

“Okay, I’ll deal with the files now! Wait a minute!” The hotel owner trot out!

The hotel was acquired, he can also enjoy the blessing!

“Chuck, we will go back later!”

Yolanda Lane asked.

Chuck shrugged!


Suddenly his brow furrowed and Yolanda Lane aside!


A bullet penetrated the glass and fired in!

Hit the wall!!

Yolanda Lane was frightened!

However, she was in Chuck’s chest!

This was a sense of security and warmth!

Yolanda Lane was stunned so strange feeling!


Chuck’s cell phone called.

He answered!

“It’s me! The accident is not an accident!” This was Ouyang Fei’s call!

“No accident, I know it’s you!” Chuck accidentally found that Ouyang Fei also came back to China.

“Oh, what are you doing hiding from me? Would you please open the curtain a little bit? Let me see you. I haven’t seen you for a long time and miss you so much!!!” Ouyang Fei said abnormally.

“I miss you too? Then I’ll come and find you!”

Chuck’s eyes went cold!

“Sorry, you can’t walk away!”


Continuous bullets pass through!!

Rain of bullets!

The danger was extreme!!

“Come out, didn’t you plant it?” Ouyang Fei excited Chuck.

“Wait for me!”

Chuck hung up the phone, “Yolanda Lane, you stay behind the pillar, the bullet will not hit you! I will solve the matter opposite to us then I will come over and find you! You wait for me here!!!”

“Okay! Be careful!!” Yolanda Lane said obediently.

Chuck ran to the door and rushed out!


A voice stopped Chuck!


“Sister Bernard? Why are you here?” Chuck was stunned.

Isn’t Betty Bernard at the mother’s hotel?

Why did she suddenly come here?

She gasps!

Run up all the way!

“In a hurry?”


Betty’s eyes were red, she comes and hugs Chuck!

Chuck froze, “Sister Bernard, what are you crying for? Did you encounter something? Don’t cry, what’s wrong?”

Chuck saw Betty crying for the first time!

And for the first time, Betty took the initiative to embrace!

“Sister Bernard, why are you crying? Tell me what happened?” Chuck comforted Betty!

Betty was crying and was so sad, “Master, Master Lee…”

“My mother? What’s wrong with my mother?”

Chuck was shocked, “Sister Bernard, don’t cry, what’s wrong with my mom? Tell me soon!!”

“Master Lee, she died in a car accident…” Betty was already unable to control her tears!

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