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Zelda Maine has nothing to say!

She especially wanted to give Chuck a call to comfort for a while, but Chuck must be sad at this time!

“Unexpectedly, Chuck was so young and there would be no mother, alas!!!” Zelda Maine sighed!

She, Yolanda Lane and Lucy Parker have nothing to say!

The three were absent-minded and busy with their own affairs!

For them, this was a sudden accident!

There was only one idea in Yolanda Lane’s heart!

That was when Chuck returned to China with a sad heart, Huaxia’s business had already developed even more!

Lucy Parker also has the same idea as Yolanda Lane!

They worked hard!

Waiting for Chuck to return!

Zelda Maine was absent, and suddenly received a call from Kristen.

Kristen could not contact Chuck!

She can only find Zelda Maine to see if Chuck is on Zelda Maine’s side!

“Hello, is Chuck on your side?”

“No, he went back to the country!” Zelda Maine sighed.

“Returned to the country? Didn’t he just return from the country last month?”

“His mother met an accident, he is going back.” Zelda Maine said all of herself.


At this point, Kristen was shocked!

She did not expect her to be killed, even heard this news today!

“Chuck actually went back at the country?”

Heidi Hudson frowns!

“On the way to go, Chuck was abnormal if he doesn’t look back to the country! He looks back to the country too, Karen Lee is dead. As Karen Lee’s only son, won’t he go back?” Heidi Hudson bodyguard said.

“Yes! Well, I will give him a few days off! Take me to other places in Huaxia!” Heidi Hudson misses Chuck!

Haven’t seen Chuck yet, Chuck was already on his way to squint country!

“Okay, miss! But ah, I think the miss can go home again, and inherit the affairs of the head of the house, and the house will be arranged!”

“Okay! Go home for a trip!” Heidi Hudson shrugged!

Anyway, she was bored!!

“Master, President Lee had fallen over there!” Betty and Chuck have returned to the squinting country!

Chuck took the plane and looked down!

The river was so turbulent and scary!

Seeing this kind of river, Chuck’s only hope disappeared!

Humans are always humans, how can they survive under this kind of water?

Chuck’s tears came straight out, and suddenly, on the broken pier, he saw a familiar, lonely back!


“Master, your father, has been sitting alone for two days and two nights! The dripping has not entered!” Betty said.

Chuck’s nose was sore!

“Master, rest assured, this whole river, I have made people look for it!”

Chuck can see that there are many people by the river!

These were all his own moms!

All come out to find the mother’s body!

However, for two days and two nights, only the mother’s car was found!

It’s already distorted!

The possibility of people surviving in that impact force, Chuck himself does not want to believe!

Also, know that it is zero!!

“Dad!” Chuck’s tears could not stop!

Joseph Cannon trembling on the bridge pierced his body and turned his head back. Two days and two nights, he became much older and his temples had gray hair!

Chuck’s tears couldn’t stop!

Father and son hugged each other!

This was the dearest, silent comfort!

The two, fathers and son, sat on the bridge pier!

Chuck was in a trance. He wouldn’t receive his mother’s phone call in her life. Thinking of message that Chuck suddenly received from a strange number that morning, “My mother called you five million…” Chuck was crying and laughing!

The appearance of the mother changed Chuck’s decadence!

With the current Chuck!

However, his mother hasn’t enjoyed his blessing, she hasn’t seen him getting married, she has no grandchildren, she died unexpectedly!

Chuck’s nose was sore!!

The two, fathers and son, sat for a long time, it was dark and dawn!

“Dad, I’m going down to find my mom! If I don’t find my mom, I will never come up!” Chuck’s eyes turned red!

Joseph Cannon shook his head, “Let Betty come over!”

“Sister Bernard!” Chuck called Betty!

Betty ran over!

“Young Master! Cannon… total!” Betty couldn’t scream!

She was the confidant of Karen Lee, she and Karen Lee put forward, doubt Joseph Cannon!

“Don’t call me this way!” Joseph Cannon shook his head. “This road was designed by Karen herself and asked to be built by her own people. It suddenly collapsed. I don’t believe it!”

Chuck also thought about this problem, but who would say this kind of accident?

No one can know what will happen in the next second!

For his mom, he don’t know how normal it is!

“Mr. Cannon, do you mean?” Betty thought of the key point.

“This is me. I stayed here for two days and two nights, what I found!” Joseph Cannon took out a piece of stuff from his pocket!

Chuck couldn’t understand! However, Betty found out!

“This is!” Betty was very proficient, this kind of debris left by the explosion!

“I sneaked into the water before you came and found a big broken rock on the bottom of the water with traces of explosions on it! So I doubt that Karen was not killed by an accident, it was someone who deliberately murdered!!” Joseph Cannon instantly called it as murder!!

Chuck was furious!

“Dad, are you talking about it?”

Betty too was full of murderous opportunities!

“Really! It’s impossible for your mother to die in an accident. Her responsiveness, you haven’t really seen it! Even if the road suddenly collapses, she can still jump out of the car! However, there is no chance, this can explain to your mother, without this opportunity to jump!” Joseph Cannon said coldly!

Chuck clenched his fists!

The green muscles on the arm burst!!

“The way this person handled it was too clever. I think this person designed the explosion and let the road suddenly collapse. He wants your mother to rush down! However, your mother’s ability will control the car and will come out of the car! Just, Your mother came out, and she must have been injured. Maybe… her hands were broken, her head might be bleeding, anyway, it was definitely her injured strength weakened. In this case! She fought with the people who designed this! In the end, because seriously injured but not defeated! Pushed down by that person! Even the car was pushed down! Everything! So ruined, but the person did not expect that I would risk being washed away and sneaked into a depth of 30 meters In the river, I found the big stones that fell down and found these traces!” Joseph Cannon was already hoarse!

When he entered the water, he was almost washed away!

However, Karen Lee was still underwater, he does not worry about anything, Karen Lee will protect him!

He found these clues hard!!

“It is conceivable that your mother was so helpless at that time! She would not bow her head to anyone. I think she must have been very painful, tortured, and forced to jump down.”

Having said that, Joseph Cannon burst into tears!!

Chuck was furious, “Dad, who is this person you are talking about? Who is it in the end!!! I must smash this person to pieces!”

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