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“Chuck Cannon.” Heidi Hudson didn’t smile.

She wanted to laugh in her heart because she hadn’t seen Chuck Cannon for a while.

This time was the first time when Chuck Cannon came to find her!

However, Karen Lee is dead, how can she laugh at this time?

Chuck Cannon was silent!

He didn’t bring any person, Betty insisted on coming, Yvette, Logan also but Chuck Cannon denied, he came by himself!!

The three secret families, these three, have the power to assassinate their mother!

Chuck Cannon must find it!!

Chuck Cannon glanced at Lexi Bell, his brow furrowed, this woman’s smile was very pale, is she Heidi Hudson’s new bodyguard?

Lexi Bell knew Chuck Cannon was watching her.

Strong psychological quality, Lexi Bell keeps smiling!

She suddenly found it interesting!

He was the descendant of a person she killed, but she still appeared in front of him. The key is that he did not know that she was the murderer of her mother. This situation was particularly interesting.

Chuck Cannon didn’t look at her anymore, and Lexi Bell felt boring, didn’t he feel anything at all?

There was blood from his mother on her!

“I know your mother passed away, sorry, I didn’t pass,” Heidi Hudson sighed, looking sad.

Chuck Cannon stared at Heidi Hudson for a while, “I know my mother’s strength, she didn’t die by accident!!”

Lexi Bell smiled slightly, and it was still found.

“Well, I think so too!” Heidi Hudson agreed.

“Then, did you do this?” Chuck Cannon asked!

Heidi Hudson was stunned, “What did you say, Chuck Cannon? Why would I kill your mother? You came to me just to ask about this?”


“Ah, no! What reason do I have to do this?” Heidi Hudson sighed and became lonely.

Chuck Cannon also felt that the possibility of Heidi Hudson was very small.

What is her motive for doing this?


“You don’t believe me? Why should I kill her? I admire her, do you know?”

“I will find this person and make her regret everything she did!” Chuck Cannon said coldly.


Chuck Cannon’s eyes flickered and began to stare at Lexi Bell, “Who are you?”

“My name is Lexi Bell!” Lexi Bell smiled slightly.

“Your smile, I hate it! I don’t know why!” Chuck Cannon said bluntly.

This woman was too indifferent, this is the absolute top expert, the aura of talent!!

“Okay,” Lexi Bell shrugged indifferently.

“My mom, have you seen it?”

“Of course, I have seen it. I said I haven’t seen it. You don’t believe it.” Lexi Bell still smiled, and her psychological quality was too strong.

Chuck Cannon frowned, not seeing any flaws, and remained silent for three seconds!

Chuck Cannon turned and left!

The possibility of Heidi Hudson was still very low!

However, this Lexi Bell, Chuck Cannon remembered!

“Chuck Cannon, I have already asked someone to prepare something. You have to eat before you go!”

Heidi Hudson invited for the first time.

“No need!”

Chuck Cannon has already left!


Heidi Hudson grabbed the things and smashed them. She didn’t sit down until the things here were smashed and the ground was full of debris.

A pair of beautiful eyes were terribly cold!!

“Miss, this person Chuck Cannon, he don’t know what is good!” Lexi Bell said with a shrug.

“He doesn’t know what to do! It’s very bad not to know what to do! When did I do this? Chuck Cannon, don’t polish my patience. When the time comes, I will kill all the people around you, all!!!! Keeping you one alone!” Heidi Hudson was terrible!

Lexi Bell smiled slightly, “That’s interesting then. When his mother died, he was very boneless. I don’t know if he would be the same as her mother…”

She really wanted to see this day.

“That Miss! I will solve Joseph Cannon!” Lexi Bell asked.

“Go! Make it clean!”

“Relax, being found twice, I will not let this happen!” Lexi Bell smiled slightly.

Already downstairs!

“Right!” Heidi Hudson thought of something!

“Miss, what else to order!”

“Log an, this woman, you solve it too for me!”


“Chuck Cannon should not have doubted me so much. His goal should be to suspect Gracia Stewart, but ah, I don’t want him to doubt Gracia Stewart, this is boring.” Heidi Hudson was lazy.

“Oh, I understand what Miss means, do you want Chuck Cannon to target the Cannon family?” Lexi Bell became interested and walked back.

Joseph Cannon was a member of the Cannon family, and Chuck Cannon is the son of Joseph Cannon. It is indeed more interesting to make Chuck Cannon angry at the Cannon family.

After all, Chuck Cannon is also a part of the Cannon family!

Cannon family and Chuck cannon would turn their faces?

Lexi Bell thought it interesting.

“Yes, what do you think?” Heidi Hudson asked.

“Me? Yes, there are, no, no.”

Heidi Hudson looked at her with a smile, “Go, you give me Joseph Cannon first? No, give me Logan then come back and tell me.”

“Okay! Why does Miss want to kill her by name?”

“Because, I once killed her. Her fortune! It’s not dead, now Karen Lee is dead, she will think of me, but, for the safety of Chuck Cannon, she didn’t say to Chuck Cannon that it might be I did it.”

Who is Heidi Hudson?

Will she keep this hidden danger?

Chuck Cannon’s performance just now means that Logan did not tell Chuck Cannon.

At this point, Logan is still a smart woman, knowing, telling Chuck Cannon what the consequences are.

“Okay, let me solve Logan first, then kill Joseph Cannon, and then come back?”


“Okay!” Lexi Bell swayed her long legs and went out.

“I see it! Lexi Bell’s thoughts are all right. You have been with me for so many years.” Heidi Hudson was lazy.

Her bodyguard bowed her head and dared not speak.

“Where are you going?” Chuck Cannon has been in the parking lot.

He found that Lexi Bell had gone downstairs.

“Go play, relax, are you coming?” For her, hunting and designing death is a relaxing thing.

Chuck Cannon stared at her for three seconds and drove away!

“Karen Lee, your so-called son is so stupid? He doesn’t even know that I did it in front of him now, huh, stupid cute.” Lexi Bell smiled slightly.

“If it’s not what the lady meant, I really wanted to see how far you are, and I want to send you and your mother to reunite, but unfortunately, the lady misses you, I can’t help it! Little guy, you are lucky Oh!”

Lexi Bell swayed her long legs and drove out.

The first goal is Logan?

Then go to Logan!!

Logan was in the room, her beauty has been keeping calm!

After she heard that Karen Lee was assassinated, she had already thought of who did it.

Heidi Hudson!

She has 90% certainty that it must be Heidi Hudson!

She wanted to tell Chuck Cannon very much, especially when Chuck Cannon said she was going to see Heidi Hudson.

However, she knew that listening to Heidi Hudson’s character Chuck Cannon would definitely turn against Heidi Hudson in public.

Heidi Hudson has the ability to kill Karen Lee, Chuck Cannon cannot bear it!

Chuck Cannon will die!

She dare not do this.

“Aunt Karen, you left like this, leaving no clues, no last words,” Logan shed tears when she remembered.

She is today here this is also because of Karen Lee’s training and support.

There was a decision in her mind, “Aunt Karen, I think I will come down to find you soon,”

She went to Yvette.

Yvette stunned Logan to find her.

“Do you still hate her now?”

“I don’t know. I tried to kill her until now! However, she died.” Yvette muttered to herself, no target.

“Ah! I tell you, I’m going out! You take good care of Chuck and let him improve his strength to the top, I will tell you what to do next.” Logan was ready to make his last words.

She knew that Heidi Hudson would send someone to kill her.

She has realized it!

However, this last word must have Chuck Cannon’s ability to contend with Heidi Hudson. If there is no life, then this last word should not be seen by Chuck Cannon forever!!

“Where are you going?” Yvette asked.

“Alas, going to a place, Yvette, you have to be careful!!” Logan knew that Heidi Hudson killed Karen Lee, her desire to control has been fully demonstrated!

She could not escape, and Yvette could also not escape!!

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