Chapter 86 – 90: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 86: A bronze dagger

Kris nodded. “There are plenty of good dresses, and we don’t have to buy this one.” Kris thought.

Just then, a man and a woman came in. Then the woman pointed to the dress and said, “Take the skirt off and let me try it on.”

Next to the woman with curly hair was a bald-headed man. He wore a gold chain about his thumb’s size around his neck, and the gold rings on his fingers were thick and wide. He is apparently a nouveau riche.

“Yes, madam, I’ll take it off right now.” The shop assistant nodded her head and said. With a smile on her face, she took the dress off the model.

How capricious the shop assistant was!

However, Kris didn’t bother to dispute with the shop assistant. It’s the first time that Mary Su invited him to go shopping, so he couldn’t ruin Mary’s good mood.

“There are so many superior shops in the pedestrian street and shops better than this one can be found everywhere. We can go somewhere else.” Kris thought.

“Let’s go,” Kris said.

After saying that, Kris turned and was about to leave.

No sooner had he stepped out than the clerk’s teasing voice came, “Why people now like to pretend they are rich. No wonder so many inexperienced girls are cheated. If you ask me, such people are scumbags. We have to be on our guard.”

Though the shop assistant didn’t name anyone, she looked at Kris and said that. Her voice was loud enough for customers to turn around and look at Kris with a trace of derision in their eyes.

“Did I mess with you?” Kris said.

Kris couldn’t bear it anymore and turned his head to look at the shop assistant coldly. “Does your superiority come from the fact that you are a shop assistant?”

“What did you say?” The shop assistant said.

After hearing what Kris said, the shop assistant could but help but sneer, “What’s the matter? Did I name names? Stop doing matching game here. Why don’t you piss a puddle to look at your true reflection? All your clothes are cheap, booth goods. How dare you buy clothes here? What should I do if the clothes here are dirty? If you can’t afford it, don’t pretend to be a rich man. It’s a waste of our time.”

“The shop assistant is right. It’s not easy for them to be shop assistants. Their wages will be deducted if the clothes are dirty. Don’t try it if you can’t afford it. There are several non-brand shops ahead. The clothes there would suit you better.” The woman with curly hair smiled and said.

“Kris, let’s go,” Mary said. Mary couldn’t bear it anymore and pulled Kris’s clothes.

Mary had no intention of buying it. She just wanted to try it on because it looked good.

It’s women’s nature to love beauty, and Mary is no exception.

Kris patted the back of her hand and mentioned for her to be silent. He turned to the shop assistant and said, “Can’t afford it? It’s nothing but a dress.”

The shop assistant couldn’t help laughing and folded her arms. “Keep pretending,” the shop assistant said.

Although the woman with curly hair didn’t speak, she looked at Kris with contempt.

Kris said with a smile, “Not only will I buy this dress, but all the styles in your store. Wrap up all the clothes that of my wife’s size.”

Kris threw his bank card over the shop assistant’s body while he was talking.

The shop assistant wanted to be angry, but she held the card in her hand on second thought. “That’s what you said. We just finished the inventory today. There are 100 styles, one for each style, and together with this dress, it’s exactly 2 million dollars,” the shop assistant said with a smile.

“If there is no so much money in your card, I will definitely call the police to arrest you.”

The shop assistant looked at the card in her hand when she was talking. She has never seen a card like that before, and she thought it might be a fake one.

The shop assistant sneered up to the counter. “What will you do if there is no so much money on the card?” The shop assistant thought.

The shop assistant was shocked when she heard a “click” of the pos machine and saw a receipt printed.

The payment succeeded. 2 million dollars were paid by the card.

Everyone was dumbfounded at that moment.

After the normal bank cards’ payment successes, the pos machine will automatically print out the receipt. But the Violet Gold Regal Card is different, which will show the balance on the receipt after consuming.

When the receipt came out, several shop assistants at the counter saw it.

One of the shop assistants said in a shaky voice, “The balance is 450 million dollars.”

“No, you read it wrong. It’s four and a half billion.” The numbers made the shop assistants’ knees get weak, and squatted down on the floor.

“I’m sorry, Sir. It’s my fault that I looked down upon you.” The shop assistant said. The shop assistant was so scared that tears came out of her eyes, and she repeatedly bowed to Kris to apologize. The store manager came out of the warehouse when she heard the crying.

When the store manager saw the numbers on the receipt, she startled first and then narrowed her eyes with a smile. “He is really a tycoon.” The shop manager thought.

“There is no need to apologize. I’m not gonna do anything to you.” Kris said with a smile. Then he pointed to the shop assistance next to her and said to the shop manager, “Give all the commission to this little girl. And send all the clothes to Su’s manor.”

After saying that, Kris hold Mary’s hand and strode away.

The woman with curly hair stood there with an embarrassing look on her face. Kris didn’t even look at her.

Oh my god, Su family?

No wonder they are rich. They are of the Su family.

“Are you crazy? How can I wear so many clothes?”

After getting out of the shop, Mary stopped and looked at Kris to ask.

Kris smiled and said, “This is the first time I buy clothes for you. From now on, I want to see you wear different dresses every day.”

“You are so childish,” Mary said.

Mary gave Kris a mean look, but she was very happy. “By the way, where did you get all the money? Don’t tell me your friend gave it to you again. I don’t believe it.” Mary said.

Mary didn’t believe there was such a friend good enough to lend money to Kris over and over again.

“Oh, no. How could I forget this?” Kris thought.

Kris didn’t know how to answer.

At that moment, there was a commotion not far away, and many people were around there.

After seeing that, Kris knew what to do. Kris hurriedly steered the discussion away from that subject of money and said, “There seems to be something going on ahead. Let’s go and have a look.”

After saying that, Kris held Mary’s hand and walked there.

“Hey, slow down,” Mary said.

Mina Li quickened her pace and followed.

“Aye? Isn’t that Miss Xu? Why is she here?” Mary said. Mary saw the pretty and eye-catching figure in the crowd, and she’s sure that’s Xiaorou Xu.

After hearing what Mary said, Kris took a look at the crowd. He saw Xiaorou and wondered why she was here.

Kris squeezed into the crowd with Mary and Mina.

Then they saw a curio peddler with a rusty dagger in his hand. He waved it and said, “Let me tell you, the dagger in my hand is a unique dagger handed down from my ancestors. It’s said that it’s an antique of the Qin Dynasty. Look at the copper rust on it…”

People around him couldn’t help laughing when they heard his words.

“Ha, ha, you are bragging. The dagger of the Qin Dynasty has already oxidized to nothing.”

“Yeah, it’s a fake.”

When the peddler heard that, he couldn’t help arguing with them.

“Nonsense. My grandfather said it’s a dagger of the Qin Dynasty.” The peddler said.

Kris looked around with interest. He found that not only was Xiaorou here, the bosses of several antique stores next to the Treasure Court were also here.

There were still several people who stood beside them. They were whispering to each other. They seemed to be antiquarians.

Xiaorou also saw Kris. She nodded to him with a smile.

“What a coincidence! I didn’t expect to run into him here. But why is Kris shopping with Mary? Isn’t she always disgusted with him?” Xiaorou thought.

Kris also smiled at Xiaorou. Then he looked at the dagger in the peddler’s hand.


There’s something wrong with the dagger.

Kris looked at it carefully and found a faint flash of light in the place where there was no rust. And the edge seemed to be very sharp.

The dagger is not as simple as it looks.

“Boss, how much is the dagger?” Kris asked afterthought for a while.

“A million. No bargain,” The peddler said. The peddler held up a finger with a trace of guile in his eyes.


A million for this shabby dagger?

The people around couldn’t help but gasp when they heard that. The peddler fleeced too much. One million can buy a two-bedroom apartment in Westriver City.

“One million? Why don’t you go to rob the bank?”

“Are you crazy? All the things you aren’t worth ten thousand dollars. Haven’t you ever seen money before?”

Chapter 87: A forced transaction

Xiaorou Xu and the several antique shop owners shook their heads and laughed when they heard the peddler’s offer.

Wasn’t that an obvious scamming?

They won’t be fooled by the peddler.

At that moment, Kris Chen said suddenly, “One million? All right, I’ll take the dagger.”

Those present were stunned first and then burst into an uproar.

Oh my god, is this guy crazy?

Why he’d like to spend a million to buy a rusty and shabby dagger?

The antique shop owners shook their heads after seeing that.

They have been engaged in the antique trade for decades. The dagger in the peddler’s hand has nothing to do with antique. To put it bluntly, it’s just a lump of waste copper.

When everyone shook their heads and laughed, Xiaorou nodded thoughtfully.

Mary Su is a complete layman. She was afraid that Kris would be cheated when she saw the people’s reaction was so big.

But Mary thought it’s not good to scold Kris in front of so many people. So Mary couldn’t help but be hesitated when she thought of that.

“This man is of true wit and good taste!” the peddler said.

The peddler of the dagger was the most excited one among the crowd.

The dagger was dug out when he was digging the ground. He didn’t intend to sell it for a lot of money. He didn’t expect that there was a person to buy it when he gave a wild price.

The hands of the peddler had trembled when Kris transferred money to him.

Kris put the dagger away amidst the boos of everyone.

At that moment, Xiaorou stepped forward. She pointed to a cloisonné porcelain bowl in front of the paddler and asked softly, “Boss, how much you charge for this bowl?”

After Xiaorou said that, a few antique shop owners beside her brisked up.

They didn’t come here to do some shopping. They heard that a Ming Dynasty porcelain bowl was in a peddler’s stall in the pedestrian street, so they came here.

“Wow, this beauty has a good taste. My friend commissioned me to sell this porcelain bowl. He told me a thousand times that it’s a good thing. If you like it, you can have it with one hundred and fifty thousand dollars.” The peddler said with beaming eyes.

Xiaorou didn’t speak. She was in meditation.

At that moment, several antique shop owners beside her started to talk.

“How can you make a wild offer? Although the porcelain bowl is very good, it’s not worth this price.”

“That’s it. Although your copolymer copper enamel bowl is fine and it’s exquisitely made, it’s only a highly imitated handicraft product without the sign of aging.”

“That’s right. There are countless such things in Panjiayuan Market in Beijing. You can buy several of them with several thousand dollars. It isn’t worth one hundred and fifty thousand dollars.”

After hearing what the antique shop owners said, the peddler picked his ears. Then he said indifferently, “This bowl is my friend asked me to sell. No bargain. Take it or not.”

When the antique shop owners heard that, they all shook their heads secretly.

After hearing what they said, Xiaorou’s desire to buy was not strong. The reason she wanted to buy it was that it’s good-looking and she wanted to collect it.

Although this kind of highly imitated handicraft is not worth one hundred and fifty thousand dollars, it’s worth several thousand dollars. And as the price of cloisonné goes up, it can be sold for ten thousand to twenty thousand. It’s a good bargain. But one hundred and fifty thousand dollars is an exorbitant price.

Xiaorou put down the bowl in his hand and stood up. Then Kris said suddenly, “Boss, show me that bowl.”

The peddler has just made a million dollars from Kris, and he was grateful to Kris, a big-spending man. He handed the bowl to Kris without thinking.

He decided that if Kris really wanted it, he could make the charger less. He could sell it to him at the price of one hundred and forty thousand dollars as a discount. Kris took the bowl and looked at it carefully for a moment. Then he flicked it and said slowly, “This is a nice porcelain bowl. One hundred and fifty thousand dollars is well spent.”

He handed the cloisonné porcelain bowl in his hand to Xiaorou when he was talking. “In my experience, it’s a real cloisonné porcelain bowl. You can buy it,” Kris said.

After hearing Kris’s words, Mary was a little anxious. She didn’t think much and stepped forward. “Kris, don’t be ridiculous. Miss Xu herself is an expert on treasures. Aren’t you teaching fish how to swim?” Mary whispered to Kris.

Mary thought Xiaorou would be angry. But what Xiaorou said next shocked Mary.

Xiaorou smiled and said gently, “Don’t be nervous. I believe Kris.”


Believe Kris?

Kris and Mary have been married for almost three years, but Mary hasn’t heard that Kris is good at treasure evaluation.

Isn’t Xiaorou from a family of collectors of antiques? How could she listen to a layman?

When Mary was puzzled, Kris said again, “You see, the appearance of the porcelain bowl is glittering and glossy. The glaze color is symmetrical, and the decorative patterns are rich. It represents the pinnacle of cloisonné. If my guess is correct, it should be made in the reign of Ming Emperor Xuan De.”

“Besides, the cloisonné bowl was made in an unusual workshop. Do you see the bright yellow glaze? It is clearly for the imperial court, so the workshop that made it should be the imperial workshop.” Kris said, pointing to the bowl with a smile.


The imperial workshop?

Oh my god, the imperial workshop is better than an official kiln.

After hearing what Kris said, all those present bursts into an uproar again.

Several antique shop owners were surprised. If what Kris said is true, then the cloisonné bowl is for the royal court, so it costs much.

At that moment, those owners regretted secretly.

If they had known this, they would not have said that. They were very regretful.

But there is no remedy for regret.

“Boss, I’ll buy it with one hundred and fifty thousand dollars,” Xiaorou said. Then she took out her phone and transferred the money to the peddler.


A hundred and fifty thousand dollars was transferred to your account.

Oh my god!

The girl is really rich. She transferred one hundred and fifty thousand dollars without even blinking her eyes.

The peddler was dumbfounded. “Is this really a Ming Dynasty Antique? If what the guy said is right, it’s a great loss to sell it at the price of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars.” The peddler thought in his mind.

Then he kept his countenance and took the bowl back. “You heard me wrong. It’s not one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. How can I sell it for one hundred and fifty thousand dollars?” The peddler said.

Xiaorou changed her countenance and said, “Didn’t you say it’s one hundred and fifty thousand dollars? I have transferred the money to you.”

The peddler smiled, and there was a trace of betrayal in his eyes. “I’m sorry, beauty. One hundred and fifty thousand dollars is the deposit. My friend told me the price of it is 1.2 million dollars, so you need to pay me another one million and fifty thousand.”


Is there any business like this?

Isn’t that blackmail?

After hearing what the peddler said, Xiaorou said unpleasantly, “You can’t run your business like that.”

At that moment, the people around couldn’t bear it anymore. They heard the peddler said it’s one hundred and fifty thousand dollars, but in a twinkling, it became 1.2 million dollars. That’s a rip-off.

“Aren’t you contradicting yourself? No business is run like yours.”

“Yes, if you’re dishonest, who dares to buy things of you?”

In the face of everyone’s criticism, the peddler not only didn’t admit his mistake but also said deservedly, “It’s mine. I can sell it as I like. It’s 1.2 million dollars. Take it or not.”

Xiaorou frowned. In all her time in the antique business, she had never met such a person.

Rules are very important in the antique trade. If you sell a thing at a low price and let other people make huge profits, you can’t go back on your words, or you will ruin your reputation. It’s such a small circle. If what you did goes around, no one will buy anything from you in the future.

If what Kris said is true, it’s not a loss to buy it at the price of 1.2 million dollars. After all, a cloisonné is worth ten boxes of official kiln products.

But Xiaorou hasn’t been bullied like since she entered the antique trade, so she would rather not buy it.

“I don’t want it. Give my money back.” Xiaorou said.

“Yeah, give the money back.”

“Give the money back to the girl.” People around shouted. “Refund? There is no such good thing. I have a rule, you can buy things at full price or admit the bad luck. Don’t even think about returning the deposit.” The peddler said with a sneer.

His words immediately angered everyone.

Fuck, how he dared to make a forced transaction in broad daylight? Did he think the warm-hearted onlookers are easy to be bullied?

Xiaorou was angry, and her face turned red. “How can you do that? Give my money back.”

Kris’s face grew cold. He went to the peddler to seize him by the collar, and then he said coldly, “Give the money back to her.”

“Fuck, dare you to fight with me? Do you believe I’ll kill you?” The peddler said with a sneer undauntedly.

Chapter 88: Twin Lotus

Apparently, the vendor had a patron since he dared to be so rampant.

They were just the bystanders and didn’t dare to stand out, thus making trouble for themselves.

So, at that moment, the people who said to support Xiaorou Xu all kept quiet.

However, though the bystanders were scared, the several owners of the antique stores were not.

“Lad, do you know her? She is just the lady of the Xu Family. You’d better think about the outcome before playing rogue here.”

“The Xu Family?” The vendor laughed coldly and said: “So what? Can the Xu Family members buy things without paying?”

“Give me money, or I will kick you.” The vendor said again. One of the antique store’s owners who came along with Xiaorou Xu couldn’t stand with the vendor, thus gave him a kick.


Kris Chen released his hold-off the vendor’s collar, then he took a few steps back and squatted on the ground after being kicked by the owner.

While kneading his painful ass, the vendor said with gritting his teeth: “Do you want to bully me by the numerical advantage? OK, just wait and don’t try to escape.”

Then, the vendor took out his phone and made a hands-free call.

“Hello, Guobang, it’s me,” The vendor said on the phone.

At that moment, a sound came from the phone: “What’s the matter? Little cousin.”

The vendor said in a pretending aggrieved voice: “Guobang, please stand out for me. When I run the market stall, a gang came to bully me. Please come here quickly. They have also hit me.”

“What? Who is so madcap daring to bully my cousin?” Guobang Liu roared suddenly after hearing what the vendor had said.


“He says he is Guobang Liu?”

People were all stunned after hearing the words from the phone.

“How many people named Guobang Liu in Westriver City?”

“Jesus, is he the Guobang Liu of the Guobang Real Estate Company?”

“He is the big boss, but how could he have such a shortsighted cousin?”

Suddenly, all the people looked at him with quite different eyes for fearing his cousin.

The frightened expression appeared on their faces.

Especially the owner of the antique store who kicked the vendor just now walked into the crowd silently lest he attracted people’s attention.

Xiaorou Xu thought that the one hundred and fifty thousand dollars couldn’t be got back with sighing in the heart.

“President Xu, let’s leave here.” Mary Su also got heated and walked up to Xiaorou Xu and said to her.

“OK.” She said reluctantly since they couldn’t wait there for Guobang Liu’s arrival. And they couldn’t leave so easily when he arrived.

“Guobang, be quick. The scoundrels want to leave after bullying me.” The vendor suddenly shouted.

“What? They want to escape?” Guobang Liu became angry instantly. Though the vendor idled in daily life, he was still his cousin. Guobang Liu thought that who bullied his cousin then tried to leave really looked down on him.

Xiaorou Xu wanted to leave but couldn’t because she was hindered by the vendor and enclosed by the bystanders.

“Where are you?” Guobang Liu said furiously.

“Guobang, I am on the pedestrian…” When the vendor was about to say that he was running the stall on the pedestrian street, Kris Chen stretched his hand and grabbed the vendor’s cell phone.

“You should dare to grab my cell phone, give it to me.” The vendor said, then rushed toward Kris.

While Kris dodged, and the vendor fanned the air.

Then Kris Chen said coldly on the phone: “Guobang Liu.”

“Who are you? Why do you grab my cousin’s cell phone? I warn you that just give it back to him quickly.”

“Well, Guobang Liu, can’t you recognize my voice now?”


After taking a deep breath, Guobang Liu stuttered: “Is that you? Mr. Chen?”


“Guobang Liu should call him Mr. Chen?”

“My God, is there anything wrong with their ears?”

Mary Su thought and looked at Kris Chen speechlessly.

“Is he still the Kris Chen I am familiar with? How many things of him are there unknown to me…”

Kris Chen snapped: “Guobang Liu, do you think that you are a success now and can look down your nose at everybody? Now you have learned to connive with your relatives to bully people and trade using coercion, you are really something.”

Lastly, Kris Chen said in a harsh voice.

At that time, Guobang Liu, on the other side, almost cried after hearing Kris Chen’s words and said: “Mr. Chen, what on earth is going? Why are there too…”

“Ask your cousin.”

Kris Chen didn’t want to say more and gave the phone to the vendor directly.

The vendor took the phone, trembling with fear in his eye when looking at Kris Chen, and said at once: “Guobang…”

“You fool, I am not your cousin. Tell me what the hell have you done. Did you trick and bluff there in the name of me?” Guobang Liu said with fury: “Do you want to die? You really dare to provoke anyone. Do you think you are really something?”

The vendor started feeling scared deep inside as his cousin had been good to him since he was a child and always dealt with the troubles he caused for so many years but never became so angry as that…

He swallowed the saliva and told his cousin what happened with a trembling voice.

“Idiot, is that how I have taught you to conduct yourself?” Guobang Liu was extremely angry after hearing how he ex torted and said: “You are such a fool. Do you know that Mr. Chen is my savior and the one I most respect in life? You should offend him. Just apologize to Mr. Chen quickly and give the money back, or don’t blame me for being not ignorant of brotherhood.”

Mary Su felt extremely shocked after hearing that.

The vendor couldn’t help trembling after hearing that and didn’t even dare to say no.

“Give the phone to Mr. Chen,” Guobang Liu ordered.

Kris Chen took over the phone and said: “Is there anything else?”

Guobang Liu swallowed the saliva and said cautiously: “Mr. Chen, it’s my fault that I haven’t disciplined him well. I will be there right now to apologize to Miss Xu…”

“No…that’s OK…”

Xiaorou Xu said, feeling extremely flattered. She never expected to let Guobang Liu apologize to her.

“Well, since Miss Xu has said that you need not come here. Discipline your followers well. You should feel lucky that it is handled by me, or it won’t be so easy for you.” Kris said in a relatively better voice.

“Yes, you are right, Mr. Chen, I will strengthen the management on them,” Guobang Liu replied hurriedly.

After hanging up, Kris Chen gave the phone to the vendor.

The vendor repeatedly bowed to apologize to Kris Chen after taking over the phone, saying: “Sorry, Mr. Chen, I am as blind as a bat and have offended you. As a great man, I hope you can forgive me as the base person for my wrongs. Please don’t care about that with me, and I won’t be like that anymore.”

Then, he handed the china bowl to Xiaorou Xu and said sincerely: “Miss Xu, it’s my dishonesty to do that, and this cloisonné bowl is for you as a gift for my apology, please take it.”

When speaking, he transferred the five hundred and fifty thousand dollars back to Xiaorou Xu’s account.


Seeing that Xiaorou Xu was a little doubtful, Kris Chen said: “Please take it, Miss Xu, you deserve it.”

“Right, Miss Xu, take it.”

Since they all advised her, Xiaorou Xu didn’t refuse any more and took over the china bowl.

The vendor felt relieved finally.

When Kris Chen solved the problems there and was about to leave, he saw a little flower in the corner of the stall.

The flower was special as its petal, stamen, and stem grew together.

“Gee, what kind of flower is it?” Kris Chen asked the vendor to point the flower curiously.

The vendor took the flower and handed it to Kris Chen and said: “Mr. Chen, I found it by accident on the mountain and took it back for its special shape. Later, I looked up the information, especially and found that it was named One-Stalk Twin Lotus.”

“One-Stalk Twin Lotus?”

“Er, why does it sound so familiar? I seem to have seen it somewhere.”

“Right, it is recorded in Thousand Golden Prescriptions (An ancient medicine book), which is used as the material of many elixirs.” Kris Chen looked at the flower heatedly after remembering that.

“How much do you want to sell it?” Kris Chen asked.

“Well, you must be joking. It is just a special flower. If you want it, I will give it to you!” The vendor flattered smilingly.

Chapter 89: The Yinyang Life-controlling Pill

Out of the pedestrian street, Mary Su couldn’t help looking at Kris Chen, “What is Guobang Liu to you? It seems that he was afraid of you when he talked to you on the phone. Why?”

“How can it be? We are friends.” Kris smiled with narcissism, “I’m too handsome to scare anyone. “

“Bah, what a cheeky man.”

Mary said with a blush. Seeing Kris turned silent, she didn’t ask any more while the expression in her eyes became a little more confused.

She seemed to have never known him since they married three years ago.

Everyone regarded him as a good-for-nothing gigolo, so did her.

These years Kris went to the market for groceries alone every day in time in all weathers. She had never heard that he had a friend.

But recently, his friends suddenly appeared one after another, almost each of them was in high status. Why did he hide his identity?

Xiaorou Xu looked at the time and said, “It’s time for dinner. Would you do me the honor of dining at my house?”

She looked at Kris, “You have helped me a lot recently. I guess you won’t refuse my thankful invitation, right?”

Kris smiled and looked at Mary, not speaking.

Startled, Mary eventually said with a smile, “Okay, let’s go.”

It’s said that Kris and Mary didn’t get along well. But now, their holding hands intimately told that they were in a harmonious conjugal relationship. What’s more, Kris even asked for Mary’s permission to accept her invitation, completely refuting the rumor.

To Mary, she was very satisfied with his reaction just now since she herself had long wanted to make the acquaintance of Xiaorou. At that time, she was not qualified to approach Xiaorou when the old lady headed the Su family. Now it was a good chance to make friends with her.

Three beauties got into his car, exuding a nice aura in the small space. They are especially beautiful ladies that were so charming.

Soon, the car stopped outside an elegant villa in the eastern areas of Westriver City.

At the end of the Alameda, there was an elegant mansion in front of them, every beam and tile of which had the quaint charm.

As soon as they entered the mansion, Kris was fascinated by its Feng Shui.

The mansion had a layout in the shape of 回. From the quadrangle in the center that was open to the sky, one could see the sky when looking up.

On rainy days, the rainwater fell down from the iron chain to the 回 shaped gutter, which grew the white lotus.

It was August, when the lotus is in full bloom, exuding a delicate fragrance. Under the lotus leaves, there was a group of ornamental fish.

The Feng Shui was so perfect to gather money and energy that one would be long-lived here.

No wonder it’s well known that the Xu family is an antique family. The mansion was obviously handed down from the ancestors, who must be influential officials.

“Please sit down for some tea. I’ll cook for you.” As the host, Xiaorou had to cook it herself.

Mary and Mina Li also followed her to give a hand. Then Kris was left alone sitting while drinking tea lazily.

Hearing the three women in the kitchen chatting and laughing, Kris couldn’t help smiling to enjoy such a visual feast.

Thinking of it, he suddenly felt the urgency and went to the bathroom.

At this time, there was a sharp knock on the door. Xiaorou said softly to the living room, “Kris, please open the door.”

No one responded. Xiaorou poked her head out of the kitchen to find that Kris was not in the living room.

“Where did he go?” Xiaorou murmured, going to open the door.

She thought it was her family back home. However, it turned out to be a group of strong men in black who rushed in irritably.

It was Changkong Yin heading.

“Here, tie her up!” Changkong said angrily.

“What do you want?”

Xiaorou exclaimed when she was bound by them with rope.

Her voice attracted the attention of Mary and Mina. Before they rushed out of the kitchen, they were both caught by these men.

“Kris, where are you? Get out!” Changkong roared in the hall.

Following the sound of a toilet flushing, the bathroom door suddenly opened with a loud bang.

“Changkong, how dare you!”

Kris pulled his waist belt, pretending to be the East Sword King.

Seeing him feigning confusion, Changkong burst into laughter, “East Sword King? Well, I’ll tear your mask now.”

As he clapped his hands, a dozen Sun-Moon Holy Cult followers pushed the women out and surrounded them.

Kris took a deep breath, trying to take fast reaction though he was very anxious to see the three women being caught. He knew clearly that only when he kept calm did they have a chance of surviving.

With the cold light shining in Changkong’s piercing eyes, he showed a cruel smile, “Follow me in.”

After glancing at them, Kris had no choice but to follow Changkong into a bedroom.

Changkong asked Kris alone with him because Kris had stolen the hierarch’s Sun-Moon Holy Code. No one knew this secret. If he interrogated Kris in public, others would know it, which was punishable by death.

Changkong said to him, “Close the door.”

Kris did so though he didn’t understand what Changkong wanted to do on earth.

“Hand over the scroll.”

“Scroll?” Kris finally reacted that Changkong met him alone because he didn’t want to let them know the Sun-Moon Holy Code.

“What scroll?” Kris pretended to be innocent.

Changkong took a deep breath and said seriously, “Kris, don’t try my patience.”

Kris still said innocently, “Anyway, I really don’t know what it is.”

After staring at him for a while, Changkong said, “If you hand over the Sun-Moon Holy Code, I will forget the incident that you pretend to be the East Sword King before. Otherwise, I don’t mind killing those beauties outside. “

“You must have deep relationships with those women. If you don’t hand over it, the beauties will be my buddies’ prey. They haven’t touched a woman for a long time.”

What the fuck!

Kris cursed in his heart. The Sun-Moon Holy Cult was a heresy that did whatever he could to achieve their goals.

However, since Changkong wanted the book so urgently, perhaps he could take advantage of it.

“Well, I admit, I do have the book. But…”

“But what?” Changkong grabbed his collar and said.

“Now, I don’t take it with me but put in another place.”

“Are you kidding me?” Changkong’s hand grabbed the collar more energetically, making Kris breathe more quickly.

“It’s true. You can frisk me. No one would carry it with him all the time.” Kris said helplessly.

Changkong snorted and let it go, saying coldly, “Now you have half an hour to bring the book. Otherwise, you will witness my buddies’ live broadcasts with these women.”

“Now, I had no choice but to give him the book.” Kris thought. Fortunately, he had already mastered all the skills in the Sun-Moon Holy Code.

Before he turned around to leave, he heard a thud from behind.

It turned out to be Changkong falling to the ground somehow, who went into convulsions. His face contorted in pain, foaming at the mouth.

What the hell? Did he have epilepsy?

Kris was startled by him.

Changkong was in terrible pain at this time. He had never expected the Yinyang Life-controlling Sign would take effect now.

Each follower of the Sun-Moon Holy Cult should take Yinyang Life-controlling Pill.

The Pill was a poison refined by the hierarchy of the Sun-Moon Holy Cult.

Once taking the highly toxic Pill one must take the antidote on time every year. Otherwise, the blood in veins would flow backward or eventually broke, causing a tragic death.

And there was only one person who had the antidote. It’s a hierarch.

This was the means for the hierarch to control the cult so that no one in the Sun-Moon Holy Cult dares rebel against him.

If one was careless to rile him, he would not provide the antidote, letting him or her die.

While today was time for Changkong to take the antidote!

Chapter 90: Pay a formal visit to the Branch Leader

“Shit!” Changkong Yin roared in his heart. It’s all because of this damn Kris Chen! If he hadn’t stolen the secret book, he would have put it back in the General Temple’s forbidden area by now.

At that time, without anyone knowing, the Bishop of the holy cult will also grant the antidote, which is simply seamless.

But he didn’t have the antidote now, so what awaited him would only be death.

Changkong’s hatred for Kris could not be quenched by tossing all the lakes and seas’ water.

At this moment, Kris smiled and spoke, “Branch Leader, you should be suffering from the toxicity of the Yin Yang Life and Death Pill, right?”


How did he know about the Yin Yang Life and Death Pill?

Changkong’s eyes were filled with shock, and, moreover, he was able to see it at a glance.

With his heart lost, he subconsciously nodded his head.

What was recorded in the medicine book was correct. He had also seen the same signs when Changkong had a toxic attack as when he had taken the Pill, which was why he had asked more questions.

He recalled the records about the Pill in the medicine book Thousand. He found that the antidote to this Pill wasn’t too difficult to make. The twin lotus flower he had obtained from the peddler today was the main medicine used to make the antidote.

Kris’s thoughts spun rapidly, and smiled, “How about this, I’ll make a deal with you, you release the three women outside, and I’ll give you the How about an antidote to the pill?”


This fellow said he had the antidote to the Yin Yang Life and Death Pill?

How is this… How is this possible?

This Yin Yang Life and Death Pill was the Patriarch’s unique poison, and even the Patriarch’s wife didn’t know how to make it.

Where did he, a mere door-to-door son-in-law, get the antidote?

However, the longer he had a toxic attack now, the stronger the medicine would be, and the toxicity would flow down his limbs and eventually into his strange meridians! In the middle of the day, it was impossible not to promise, he endured the pain, and his voice trembled as he said, “Okay… I, I promise you, if only you, if only you can save me!”

He didn’t want anything else now, women were great, but you had to have a life to enjoy. If you lose your life, you lose anything!

However, Kris was still a little unsure about Changkong. He asked once again, “I’ll ask you again if I give you the antidote, will you release the three of them?”

“I will…will…please…save me…” Changkong began to spasm all over his body. The toxicity had begun to spread to his limbs.

“Fine, then I’ll trust you once, remember, I can give you the antidote or the poison.”

Kris was a little unsure, so he added a sentence afterward.

“Got…got it…”

Kris nodded, “It means your fate as untimely; I happen to have the main medicine for this antidote of Yin Yang Life and Death Pill, otherwise you’ll just wait for death.”

Saying that, Kris pushed open the door and walked towards the kitchen.

This antidote requires the use of twin lotus flowers in addition to the lotus flowers, lotus leaves, and lotus hearts, and it just so happens that all three of these things are found in the Xu family’s gutters.

Amidst their dumbfounded gazes, Kris quickly ran over to pinch a lotus leaf as well as a lotus heart, then quickly returned to the kitchen and began to refine the Pill.

As Changkong lay in his bedroom living and dying, he gradually felt his hands and feet begin to grow cold, and his consciousness grows fuzzy, and he knew that it was the result of the toxicity penetrating the veins and meridians.

At this moment, the bedroom door was pushed open, and Kris took a pill and stuffed it into Changkong’s mouth.

Kris wiped the beads of sweat from his forehead and sat on the side, waiting for Changkong to recover.

At this time, Yin Changkong’s consciousness was blurred, followed by a coolness that began to spread from the small abdomen to the limbs, and Changkong couldn’t help but moan comfortably in confusion.

But in ten minutes, Changkong’s trembling body stopped, and a trace of blood returned to his pale face.

It seemed that the antidote had worked.

Kris’s heart that had been hanging in the air was also relieved. The pills recorded on the medicine book Thousand were truly miraculous, and now he had managed to refine all but two kinds of pills now.

One was the Barrier Breaker Pill that could help cultivators break through their bottlenecks, and the other was the antidote to the Yin Yang Life and Death Pill that Changkong had just taken.

As Changkong leisurely woke up, he sat up from the ground, spinning his legs and kneeling straight down towards Kris.

“Thank you, thank you for saving me!” Changkong rattled and kowtowed three times to Kris, begging, “Please, Kris, please save my brothers, they also took the Pill, and they took it only a day later than me, if there’s no antidote, they’ll all die… Please, I’m begging you to save them!”

Kris sat on the edge of the bed, looking at Changkong, who couldn’t stop kowtowing. His heart was filled with emotion.

Life is full of ups and downs, just now, the two of them were fighting, and now the other party is kneeling on the ground, kowtowing and begging for help. Fate is really unpredictable.

Speaking from the heart, the Sun-Moon Holy Cult was an evil cult, everyone shouted at it, and it could be said that Kris’s impression of the Sun-Moon Holy Cult was poor to the extreme!

Not to mention whether the Sun-Moon Holy Cult is good or bad, but the fact that this Changkong is willing to kneel and kowtow for his brothers can show that this person is right about the brothers were definitely compassionate.

Every time Changkong kowtowed, it was very hard, and soon, the floor was stained with rainwater blood.

“Alright, don’t kowtow.” Kris stopped him from this self-inflicted act and said with some difficulty, “Branch Leader, I can promise you to save these brothers of yours, but just now, The most important main medicine has already been used by me when I was refining the antidote.”

Hearing Kris’s words, Changkong’s face was pleased, “you tell me what the main medicine is, I will definitely help you find it.”

Kris wasn’t worried about revealing the recipe. After all, there were some other ingredients besides this main medicine.

“I don’t know if you know about the twin lotus flower.” Kris said, “Double petals, double stamens, double paths.”

Hearing Kris’s description, Changkong pondered for a moment and frowned, “This concurrent flower is rare, but I know of a place. That’s where a lot of twin lotus flowers grow. But it’s a dangerous environment there, and it’s often infested with fierce beasts.”

“However, I can have my brothers go and pick them up, or I can just bring you over there.”

Kris was delighted after hearing this.

This twin lotus flower was an essential ingredient for many pills. If he could obtain a large amount of it, he would be able to refine other pills.

This had a great appeal to Kris.

However, although Kris was delighted in his heart, there was no trace of joy on his face and instead, he frowned.

When Changkong saw Kris frowning, he even said, “Don’t worry, Kris, I’ll call my brothers and go pick the twin lotus flower.”

He cursed himself for being a fool. How could he let Kris wade through such a dangerous thing, if Kris was injured, how would he still be able to give them the refining the antidote?

Changkong said with a respectful bow towards Kris: “Kris, I have troubled you many times, and you not only don’t hold a grudge but also to repay my grievances with virtue and save my life, I admire that.”

Saying that his face became serious, he said, “I’ve decided, from today onward, you’re your lackeys, what you want me to do, I’ll just do it!”


How could he surrender to me?

Kris was a bit confused; however, the words that made him even more confused were still behind him.

“Kris, why don’t you come and be the head of our branch, I’ll assist you, and I’ll definitely be able to control the underground power of the entire Westriver City.”

What the hell?

Is this to make him join the Sun-Moon Holy Cult?

This can’t be; this Sun-Moon Holy Cult is an evil cult that everyone cries out for. If he joined, Lan Yu would be the first to let him go.

Thinking about it, Kris said with a bitter smile, “You are joking, how can I go to be this branch leader, besides, with this identity of yours. Wasn’t it appointed by your Patriarch?”

“So, that’s what young Chen is worried about.” Changkong smiled and said, “you’re unaware of this, our Sun-Moon Holy Cult, apart from the Sun and Moon Two Ambassadors, the Four Great Star Lords are personally appointed by the Patriarch! The rest are competed for by the disciples of the church themselves, and if a disciple wishes to become a branch leader, he can do so as long as he has the approval of the brothers in the hall, and then the Just report to the Lord above.”

Saying that, he paused and continued, “Our branch in Westriver City is under the jurisdiction of the White Tiger Star-Lord, as long as you agree, wait until brother Once our poison is removed, I’ll immediately report to the Star-Lord, what do you think?”


Kris laughed bitterly in his heart. Why did he have to be the branch leader after all this beating around the bush?

Changkong’s face flashed with a hint of loneliness: “It seems that Kris thinks that we are a bunch of evil devils, so it’s normal that you don’t want to be with us! “

“Just know it, why do you have to say it?” Kris has a feeling of riding a tiger, but through these two kidnappings, Kris also understood the truth that how can there be a thousand days of defense against a thief.

He thought about it, gritted his teeth, and said, “Okay, I promise you!”

“That’s great!”

Changkong was delighted and gritted his teeth, “Your subordinate Changkong Yin, pay my respects to the Branch Leader!”

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