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Chapter 86: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

The Rise Of A Poor Husband – Chapter 86 Young masters?
It turned out that there were other people who would eat with them.

Forget it, he was already here.

“Those men will be better than Xiao Rongtao, right?”

Colin was just asking, but Belle felt embarrassed and a little displeased.

Felice snorted, and said scornfully, “Sure! But what do you mean? Are you better than Xiao Rongtao? You are not!”

Belle glanced at Felice and said, “All right, we are here to eat not to argue. Stop it.”

Felice curled her lip dissatisfiedly, and stopped talking.

Colin shrugged, indicating that he didn’t want to talk, either.

The three of them walked to the restaurant together.

At first, Colin thought Belle would eat with him alone. Later when he saw Felice, he thought it was a simple gathering of a few nearby classmates, but in the end, he found that it was a blind date arranged by Belle.

He was interested in it.

He was curious who had won Belle’s heart, and who would have the blind date with Felice.

However, after they got to the reserved seats in the restaurant, Colin froze, and the corner of his mouth slightly twitched.

John and Barr who were in front of them were also speechless.

John saw Belle first, and he pulled Barr up to greet Belle. When he walked up to Belle, he saw Colin.

Then the five people stood at the table and looked at each other silently.

Belle and Felice were a little confused. What was going on?

Barr and John were also confused.

They never expected Belle to bring Colin over, and why did she know him?

Belle suddenly remembered that at the Martin Group’s anniversary party, Colin and Barr had a dispute, which meant that they knew each other!

But why was John also staring at Colin?

Belle asked in doubt, “You guys…know each other?”

Colin drew back his attention, smiling and shaking his head, “No.”

With that, John and Barr withdrew their gazes, glanced at each other tacitly, and then asked the three of them to sit down.

At this time, Felice ridiculed, “Belle, you shouldn’t have asked that. They are the young masters of the Martin Group. How can they know a nobody like Colin?”

The corners of Barr and John’s mouths slightly twitched. If the chairman of Marquis Group was a nobody, what were they?

John glanced at Felice with a displeased look. Was this woman a moron? Why was she so stupid?

Belle saw the look in John’s eyes, smiled embarrassedly, and introduced them to Felice, “Felice, these two gentlemen are the young masters of the Martin Group.”

“This is my friend, Felice Cook.” Belle continued introducing, glanced at Colin, and said, “Colin Ward, my classmate.”

Hearing this, John and Barr were no longer confused.

Felice looked at the two handsome men shyly and said, “Nice to see you. I’m Felice.”

“Nice to see you too.” John and Barr were well-educated and smiled at her gentlemanly.

Seeing the two men smiling at her, Felice was excited and happy.

Seeing this, Colin was speechless. He took the menu and prepared to order food.

Anyhow, Felice suddenly shouted at Colin, “Are you in a position to order food? Give the menu to Belle!”

Belle was embarrassed.

John and Barr were shocked.

Felice didn’t pay attention to them, but continued to say to Colin, “Are you deaf? Don’t you see that we don’t have tea? Hurry up, pour us tea!”

Barr almost shouted when he heard this. What was wrong with this woman?

After the last incident, Barr was afraid of Colin. Even Scar called him boss, and he was the chairman of the Marquis Group. What if he was angry with him again and wanted to kill him?

So Barr got up immediately, took the teapot respectfully, and filled Colin’s teacup.

“Enjoy your tea!”

Colin glanced at Barr, raised his eyebrow, then took two sips of the tea.

Seeing this, Felice and Belle were stunned.

Especially Felice, it was Colin whom she asked to pour tea for them, not Barr!

Barr was the young master of Martin Group. How could he pour tea for a nobody like Colin?

“Colin, are you deaf? I told you to pour tea! How dare you let Mr. Martin pour tea for you!” After saying this, Felice stretched out her foot and kick Colin’s calf.

Colin was expressionless.

But Barr and John broke into a cold sweat.

John snatched the teapot in Barr’s hand and filled Colin’s cup again, “Please.”

What was going on?

If Felice still didn’t understand, she was really a moron. She stammered, “Mr. Martin… he’s just an ordinary person with no status. How… how can you pour him tea? This…”

“No, no, we should do that.” John shook his head immediately.

Seeing this, Barr also nodded, “Yes, yes, that’s right.”

Compared with Belle and Felice who were bewildered, and John and Barr who were frightened, Colin was in a good mood.

Because he saw the attitude of John and Barr towards him.

Previously, John contemptuously asked him to apologize to Barr, and Barr humiliated him again and again, and even asked Scar to kill him!

But the situation was different at this time!

Colin was pleased!

He smiled and said, “I’m a nobody. I’m really flattered to have you, two gentlemen, to pour me tea!”

“Oh, you shouldn’t be. It’s our honor to do that for you.” John replied with a smile.

“Yes, yes.” Barr nodded to echo.

Colin smiled, and didn’t reply.

Felice asked Belle in a daze, “Rich people are really polite, but they don’t have to be so humble, right?”

Belle laughed softly, and she didn’t understand, either.

John respectfully gave Colin the menu, “Mr. Ward, please order.”

Colin waved his hand indifferently, “After you.”

“Ah, okay, okay.” John gave the menu to the two ladies.

After the food was served, John and Barr looked at Colin and held up their glasses together, “Mr. Ward, we’d like to toast you.”

Colin smiled and said, “Oh, okay.”

The two brothers didn’t dare to be pretentious again.

In the face of the Marquis Group, the Martin Group dare not act rashly, so they couldn’t upset Colin. They wanted to have a break!

Belle frowned slightly when she saw this, “Come on, you don’t have to do this.”

John and Barr were the sons of the Martin Group’s owner. It didn’t matter if they poured tea to Colin, but they actually toasted him?

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