In a deep forest!

Logan walked alone!

She was going to design a trap here!

After that person comes, it is best to die with this person!!

At least, she can avenge Karen Lee and she can leave with peace of mind.

Suddenly, there was a movement behind her!

She instantly pointed her muzzle at this dynamic place!

The moment she pulled the trigger, she stopped, “How are you?”

A woman in black appeared with a perfect figure, it was Black Rose that was the number one killer!

She accidentally discovered Logan, so she followed her together!

Maybe, when she heard that Karen Lee was dead, she came out of the place where she hid after being retired!

Take a look and see what Chuck Cannon needs to help!

She didn’t want to see Chuck Cannon, so she turned around and happened to see Logan.

“It’s me, someone wants to kill you?” Black Rose asked.

Surrounded by terrible quiet, there was a feeling of beasts coming.

“En!” Logan stared!

“Uh, you suspect that I’m going to kill you?” Black Rose asked.

A little speechless!!

“The person who wants to kill me is Heidi Hudson!” Logan said.

“Hudson? Why would she kill you?” Black Rose was particularly surprised!

Hudson, the secret family!

“Because, I know, it was Heidi Hudson who started the assassination of Aunt Karen!”

Black Rose was shocked, and when she came, she also analyzed, who in the end has this ability!

She played with Karen Lee, knowing Karen Lee’s strength, how can ordinary people assassinate

Karen Lee?

People with a little ability will point the assassination of Karen Lee at the three secret families!!

Although it is the first family of ten thousand, Black Rose did not expect it!

“I don’t know this, you doubt me, I have to have this strength. I can assassinate you, maybe, but assassinating Karen Lee, do you think I will?” Black Rose smiled bitterly.

Logan thought for three seconds and took the pistol!

Yes, Black Rose is not Karen Lee’s opponent at all. What’s more, Black Rose has assassinated Karen Lee several times, without success, this time it is impossible!!

Therefore, she was determined that it was not a Black Rose.

She came by, just by chance.

“So, you mean, this person who assassinated Karen Lee will come to you?” Black Rose asked.

“Yes, I feel that the more dangerous it is, the calmer my heart is!” Logan said.

This was a feeling!

Sixth sense!

“So you leave here quickly,” Logan continued to arrange her trap!

“Forget it, it’s boring to leave, I’ll help you!” Black Rose went to help.

Logan shook her head, “So tell you that the two can’t assassinate Aunt Karen Lee, but that person can, explain…”

“Nine dead, right? I know.” How could Black Rose not know?

Before she retired, she was also the first killer!

“It’s not nine deaths and one life, but ten deaths and no life. I don’t want to involve you, so you leave.” Logan was careful!

She was ready to die here!

But even if she died, she wanted to pull that person back!

Can at least reduce Chuck Cannon’s burden!

Black Rose was silent for three seconds, “I also know that I see you now, and that person will find me through clues and kill me, so why both of us need to be broken by her one by one? Opportunity! Even if this opportunity is very small…”

Logan was helpless, “will die.”

“I know that from the day I became a killer, I have been prepared to die anytime!” Black Rose shook his head.

Logan stared, “Well, it will really die!!”

“I know, have you left the last word?” Black Rose looked calm.

This reminded Logan and she turned on the phone and called her person, “Tomorrow, transfer all the things, money, and company under my name to one person, Chuck Cannon! Yes…you can come tomorrow Niao Guo has found him!”

The phone hangs up!

Logan still has something to say, but there were some things that she will say in her next life!!

The Beauty Black Rose was surprised, gave Chuck Cannon all?

“You, you have no last words?” Logan asked.

“I… no, no one, no.” Black Rose looked calm.

Once dead, everything seems to be there.

If Chuck Cannon didn’t let her go at that time, she could have also given him the money she had saved as a killer for so many years.

According to the price of Black Rose, the money on this card is also an amazing number!

Because, Black Rose has no desire and no need, and from the money earned, she only spends a little and rest are saved.

However, Chuck Cannon sent her away from himself, then it means he does not want.

“Okay!” Logan knew that when she died, she would buy time for Black Rose.

How could she be involved in Black Rose’s personal matters?

The two of them collaborated to arrange traps!

Started the first cooperation!

Because the strength of the two people was similar, there was a lot of tacit understanding in cooperation.

“Okay, the layout is done. I feel this person is coming, because, my heart is very calm, very calm…”

Yes, Logan knew she was going to die, so she was calm.

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