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Suddenly, a person appeared in the thick smoke!!

Black Rose, Logan shoots at the same time!!

Thick smoke billowed into the smoke!

Rain of bullets!

However, what she exchanged was her endless ridicule, “You don’t even know where I am, I’m so disappointed. At your level, in Hudson, you can’t even enter the gate, you are so pitiful! Alright, stop playing!”

The words just fell!


A bullet went out!

Relentlessly reached Black Rose!


Ruthlessly pierced Black Rose’s arm!

She grabbed the sniper rifle in her hand!

However, she couldn’t catch it!

Has fallen to the ground!

Because this shot interrupted one of her hands!!


A face kicked against Black Rose’s chest!

This was an amazing speed!

How did it come out, how close?

The first killer, Black Rose couldn’t catch it!

Black Rose understood at this moment why this person could assassinate Karen Lee successfully!!


Black Rose was kicked out ten meters like a bag!


Black Rose vomited blood with her mouth open and three ribs broke!

Click, click!

She heard it clearly!


Black Rose had already climbed up on the ground. She spits out several times blood in a row, and she was weak!


A bullet came out!

Then the second and third!

Lexi Bell smiled slightly, her speed was fast, after evading, she avoided the bullet, and her finger pulled the gun in her hand!

She didn’t have a sniper rifle!

They were pistols!!

It was so accurate!


Bullets shot out!

Hit beside Logan!

Logan hid instinctively!

“Huh, miss? That’s no wonder you survived last time! Not bad, you!” Lexi Bell smiled slightly!


Pulled the trigger again with her finger!

Bullets shot out!

Ruthlessly shot into Logan’s shoulder!



This shot also made Logan’s arm weak with precision!

The gun fell to the ground!

There was a punch from Lexi Bell!

Logan resisted with a fist!!



Logan flew out!

With one punch, fly out five meters!

Spit blood!

She couldn’t get up anymore!

“You two are not qualified to use guns! Guns in your hands are a waste! Then I won’t waste bullets! One by one I will kill you!” Lexi Bell smiled slightly!

Step forward!

Logan kicked off!

Black Rose gritted her teeth!

She rushed coldly.

“Your strength is really bad, and I don’t know how you took the position of the first killer… but also, the strongest are basically in the hidden family. They are all selected by the hidden family. Regarding other people! It can also be called… trash!”

Lexi Bell simply punched!

Black Rose has already leapt!

The gap was too big!

Black Rose vomited blood from her mouth and she tried to get up.

Logan was also standing!

What about the pain?

What about death?

Also, die with dignity!

“It’s really a long breath, and so is Karen Lee, knowing that she’s going to die, so is it! Forget it, too lazy to play with you, because ah, you are not qualified to play with me!” Lexi Bell stepped forward!

She was walking briskly!

One punch hit Black Rose!


Black Rose fell out ten meters, and fell into the grass, no movement!

Logan’s eyes revealed sadness.

For Black Rose, they don’t know each other!

There was not much communication, but she can be a friend!

Neither of them said anything, they said nothing but words from inside the heart flow out.

“Sorry, I ended up hurting you!”

She thought, seizing the opportunity to let Black Rose leave!

However, Lexi Bell was too powerful, she has no strength to resist!

She knew that Lexi Bell already had the same strength as Karen Lee!

There was only one person who can deal with her in this world!

Chuck is not enough! He did not had enough time to improve!

Then only Karen Lee. However, Karen Lee has passed away…

Now, she is the real world’s first fighting master!

Unless Chuck is given enough time, otherwise, she will not have any opponents in the world!!

Logan felt sad!

She didn’t bring anything, don’t hurt her, don’t kill her, nothing.

Lexi Bell squinted, “Not moving? Dead? Logan, it’s your turn!”

She came closer step by step!

For Black Rose, if she hasn’t cut off her breath, she will make up! it’s nothing!

Her ultimate goal, but to kill Logan!

Kill Logan, and Chuck’s father, Joseph Cannon!

“Heidi Hudson, how many people she still want you to kill?” Logan was calm and cold.

“A lot of it! Tell you well, after killing you, my next goal to kill is Chuck’s father, Joseph Cannon!

Then the next one is Yvette Jordan.” Lexi Bell smiled slightly.

Step by step.

Logan was bitter, she knew that Yvette Jordan cannot escape!

Because Yvette Jordan is Chuck’s wife!

Heidi Hudson’s desire to control is so great, how can he tolerate such a thing?

“Then you can die!”


Lexi Bell smiled slightly, and already fought Logan!

She resisted with her hand, but it was useless!


Logan also fell into the grass, motionless…

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