“So, haven’t your Cannon family been silent for a while?” Chuck Cannon said strangely.

“Homeowner, does he actually set you up?!” Fire Dragon was angry!

Cannon family head’s eyes were venomous, “I will let you die here!!!”

“Then you have lost a good opportunity to rise!” Chuck Cannon shrugged!

“Working with you can make my Cannon family rise? You think you are too worthy!”

“I know myself, but you don’t seem to have it!” Chuck Cannon smiled slightly.

Cannon family’s head’s eyes were extremely poisonous, “What are you talking about?”

At this moment, he wanted to kill Chuck Cannon who should not have been born!

“I know that after accepting my mother’s industry, there is still a big gap with the secret family because your secret family has passed on for thousands of years, and my mother has only been twenty years old, this is what I know! But you don’t I don’t know how dangerous your Cannon family is!”

“Danger? Are you joking?” Cannon family sneered.

“Yes, you Cannon family has been hiding behind, did nothing, but Heidi Hudson’s character, you should know that she will take over Hudson, you know?” Chuck Cannon asked.

“I know!” Cannon family owner knows!

His third secret family, wouldn’t he know this kind of thing?

The hidden family can hide everything!

But in the matter of homeowners, the three secret families are open to each other!

Even you can also invite two of them to participate in the inheritance ceremony!

“You just know, Heidi Hudson’s strong desire to control, what kind of gift will she prepare for her on this day? I think, to deal with your Cannon family, it should be her. Before inheriting Hudson, you should inspire Hudson, also give her one of the best gifts!” Chuck Cannon said with a shrug.

Fire Dragon’s eyes narrowed!

The head of Cannon family sneered, “Heidi Hudson, I know her character, but she won’t do it to me at this time!”

“Oh, you mean, you already know, she will still do it for you?” Chuck Cannon smiled slightly!

The head of the Cannon family stuck in his throat, his face was ugly!

Chuck Cannon has this kind of adaptability, he still underestimates Chuck Cannon!

Quick response, in this regard, it has still inherited Karen Lee a few per cent!

“What do you know? What do you don’t know? This is not your reason to persuade me!”

“I think you’ve made a mistake. I came here to cooperate with you. It was prepared! Do you think I came here in a vacuum?”

Chuck Cannon smiled slightly!

Smile lightly!

This smile was really annoying!

The Cannon family head hates, a hairy kid, in front of himself, laughing so much?

“Say, what did you bring?”

“My wedding invitation!”

“You? Huh, you will get married and persuade me?” Cannon family owner said coldly!

“Yes, you don’t want to know, who am I marrying?” Chuck Cannon still smiled.

The head of Cannon family snorted coldly, “If you come here to say this kind of unmarginal words. Then you can get away!!!”

“Oh, I am marrying Heidi Hudson, understood?” Chuck Cannon said.

Cannon family head caught trauma!

Fire Dragon was also stagnant!

“What are you talking about? Are you marrying to Heidi Hudson?” Cannon family head asked.

“Yes! As the owner of the Cannon family, the information is not very well informed. Don’t you know Heidi Hudson went out once and met me? Then she found me interesting?” Chuck Cannon said.

Cannon family’s face was cold, “Fire Dragon, what happened?”

“I’ll ask,” Fire Dragon went out to ask.

Chuck Cannon waits quietly!

In a minute, Huolong came back again and bowed his head and said, “There is this matter. When Brayden Stewart got married, Chuck Cannon brought by Heidi Hudson went to the home… There is also, when Chuck Cannon’s squint casino opened, from Heidi Hudson a lot of gold was sent, and the gold on the floor of his casino was also sent by Heidi Hudson…”

The owner of the Cannon family felt incredible.

“This kid?”

“I’m also wondering why Heidi Hudson likes him? But the facts show that Chuck Cannon didn’t lie!” Huolong said.

The owner of the Cannon family began to look at Chuck Cannon again.

“You will marry Heidi Hudson, you really will embarrass your mother, after you will enter the Hudson family, you will not be called by this name!”

“It doesn’t matter! I want to know, what should I do first thing after I marry Heidi Hudson?”

Chuck Cannon kept smiling.

The head of the Cannon family’s face went cold!!

“I hate people rejecting me the most, so I have this strength, for example, after hooking up with Heidi Hudson, I will let Heidi Hudson immediately deal with this person who rejected me. I think it should be very interesting… “Chuck Cannon grinned!”


The Head of the Cannon family was patting the table!

Fire Dragon was cold and ready to shoot!

“You little bastard, threatening me?” Cannon family head was angry!

After so many years, someone dares to talk to himself like this!

This was a situation that has not been encountered in many years!


He wanted to kill Chuck Cannon!

That’s it!!

“If you want to talk about threats, just threatening you. Anyway, the first family, against your third family, is not easy, it seems not too difficult, Cannon family head, do you say it?” Chuck Cannon smiled slightly.

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