Chapter 87 – 88: My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 87

After sending this message, Chuck went directly to buy water. Lara is busy now, she shouldn’t see the information so quickly. Soon Chuck bought water and saw Lara bend over looking for something. , This figure is no one.

“Look again?”

Lara looked up and saw Chuckzheng staring at her. She glared at Chuck angrily, stood up straight, and walked over with a light hum, “Look, see, see, you can only see…”

This is not necessarily true. Chuck smiled in his heart. To be honest, Lara’s figure is really comparable to Yvette. Yvette’s figure is hot, and Lara’s figure is the same.

Lara grabbed water from Chuck and muttered, “Buying water is so slow, what else can you do? Come on, cousin, drink water…”

Lara handed Charlotte a bottle. Charlotte saw that Chuck hadn’t bought it herself, so she shook her head and said that Chuck was ready to drink.

Lara was unhappy, “It’s not that he didn’t give him the money, he didn’t buy anyone to blame? Now he wants to drink someone else’s, how can there be such a thing? I still know peeping all day, huh!”

Charlotte’s helplessness was revealed by yourself.

Charlotte envied that if she had the size of Lara, she would have leaked more, but unfortunately not, she was too skinny. Obviously Chuck likes a more bumpy figure. Should she want to eat a little more fat? Go to the gym to sit in weight-bearing squats and practice buttocks?

Charlotte handed over the water, Chuck shook his head and said no, there was water in his car, and he had drunk it just now.

Charlotte lost her heart and Lara was upset, “Cousin, what are you doing so nice to him?”

Charlotte glared at her, Lara’s eyes rolled, knowing that she had said something wrong, and she continued to work after drinking the water.

“Don’t mind, Lara actually has a bad mouth, but her heart is actually pretty good,” Charlotte said.

Chuck glanced at Lara who was busy, whether his heart was good or not, at least he kept his promise, but his mouth was cheap, but his body was really good.

“Diaosi, are you looking at it again? Come here, help me move things, and show you up close,” Lara said.

Chuck was too lazy to care about her.

“What are you doing while standing? Come here! Show you that you haven’t seen it?”

“Lara, don’t tell him that.” Charlotte was really a little angry.

She felt that if Lara continued like this, Chuck might be angry with her, but she was super rich.

Chuck walked over to help, Lara snorted and raised the collar a bit, “I won’t show it to you.”

Chuck is funny inside

You are big and small, I know, what are you hiding?

However, the more Lara was like this, the more the scenery was exposed when he was doing things, the more feeling Chuck saw, wondering if he could do a little bit when he came out tonight?

Look, she must be taken care of today!

After a while, Lara found that the clothes she wore today couldn’t be concealed anymore, even though the neckline was too low, she didn’t bother to cover it up, she muttered in her heart.

How about showing you? Can you still meet?

I won’t let you touch it. I gave you a chance last time, but I have two more chances. I want me to give it to you. No way! Humph!

Chuck had been helping until noon, and he was too tired. Lara and Charlotte were also tired and sweaty. It was looming. This was really a temptation. Chuck felt that today’s work was not in vain.

“I’m so hungry, cousin, let’s go eat.” Lara washed her face with a faucet so that there were small crystal drops on her face.

Charlotte felt hungry too, so she nodded, but she walked up to Lara and said, “Call Chuck to be together.”

“I wonder now if you like Chuck, my cousin, have you only met a few times? He is a full- edged sling, he looks decent all over his body, and the others are not good,” Lara Curl your lips, the more you look at Chuck, the more upset Chuck is. XiaoBettylian, what’s so good?

My Lara will never like you forever.

Charlotte ushed when she was said so, did she really like him? Charlotte thinks so.

Chuck’s impressions are getting better every time, Charlotte thinks that when she ate together last time, she thought about sleeping with Chuck. She felt like a second-generation wealthy woman. She didn’t deny that she liked money, and Chuck sleeps for money.

But last time, Chuck declined. To be honest, Charlotte was very disappointed and lost. She is not bad. She has been thinking about this all the time these days. She feels that Chuck’s position is indeed already in her heart, but she is not, so I like myself.

Charlotte sighed.

“Don’t speak? My mother, cousin, do you really like him? What is good about him?” Lara was surprised and even angrier

Chuck, what are you doing? Look at my breasts, I won’t talk about my ass, I don’t care about you, but actually seduce my cousin?

She was angry and wanted to question Chuck. Her cousin’s eyesight was too low. This is the second meeting, right? Love at first sight?

“Don’t make your voice so loud, no, I didn’t like him.” Charlotte was startled.

“Hmph, I didn’t like him, so what are you doing so nice to him? Drinking water and telling him to eat.”

“They have helped us all morning, shouldn’t they ask them to eat?”

Lara breathed a sigh of relief and felt reasonable. How could her cousin’s vision be so bad? impossible.

However, Lara curled her lips, “No, he is helping, but we have both breasts looked at by him all morning, and also, I just found out that he is looking at your ass, mine, it is probably also I’ve watched it for a long time. Last time, my classmates said he was staring at me. After all, the two of us have lost money, and we have suffered a lot. If you want to eat, he should invite us both.”

“Lara, what are you talking about?” Charlotte was helpless, and Chuck didn’t think much of it.

“Hmph, all right, ask him to eat together, it will be cheaper for him,” Lara said.

Helpless, Charlotte walked over to Chuck and told Chuck to have a meal together. Chuck was really hungry, so she agreed. After a busy morning, she must have a meal, right? This is necessary.

Lara and Charlotte packed up, Lara asked Charlotte to go to the square to see what to eat, Charlotte went out.

“Chuck, come and help me,” Lara said.

Chuck walked in, Lara immediately closed the rolling gate, and Chuck asked, “What are you going to do?”

“I warn you, don’t think too much of my sister! She won’t be interested in you, don’t be boring.” Lara said. Chuck stroked his nose.

“Speak.” Lara was annoyed.

Chuck just looked at her like this, Lara frowned, “Are you dumb? What else do you want to do? I didn’t have enough after watching it all morning, but I still want to do it, right?”

Chuck shook his head. He had been tired all morning, but he had no such thoughts, but Lara’s tone made him unhappy.

“I don’t like your cousin, don’t get me wrong.”

“Huh, you know you! It’s useless if you like it!” Lara turned to pull the rolling gate, Chuck suddenly smiled, Lara turned to stare at him in irritation, “You smile at you!”

“What’s up with you when I laugh?” Chuck shook his head.

Just thinking of Lara like this, Chuck was really looking forward to smiling. She kept looking down on herself. If she knew that the “Baller” was herself at night, would she scream?

Thinking about it, Chuck smiled happily.

“Sorry, are you?”

Lara touched her pants vigilantly with her hand. She was wearing hot denim pants, thinking that Chuck laughed so wretchedly. Did she run out of pants when she turned around? What did he see? It shouldn’t. She has a short personality, but she always pays attention to it strictly, and she will never wear out her pants.

Lara was even more angry after discovering that there was no such thing.

“You have a good body.” Chuck opened the rolling gate and walked out as soon as he wanted to.

Lara stomped her feet with anger. Chuck’s smile made her very upset. She felt a big loss. She was seen by Chuck just now. She was thinking that she is a “Baller” and she can’t show it to others.

“Hmph, die! Hang the silk, her mother will hang the silk forever!”

Lara murmured a few words, she felt better, came out from the inside, closed the rolling shutter, bent her body, and locked it, and she looked up and saw Chuck actually looking again. Lara was so angry that she walked angrily. Come over, “Are you a voyeur?”

This is wrong with Chuck. He was looking at the sign just now and accidentally saw it, but Lara said so, and Chuck said, “Isn’t it just for people to look at you when you dress like this?”

Chapter: 88

Lara was itchy with anger, glared at Chuck, disdainfully, “It’s for people to see, then look, show you, but can you touch you? You can only see it for a lifetime.”

Lara glanced at Chuck contemptuously and hummed, just in time to see her cousin Charlotte coming over, she walked over.

Chuck smiled, you might not know that I am your “Baller”!

What do you do tonight!

Charlotte came over and said that he should eat hot pot. It’s cheaper for three people to eat. There is a lot of food in the square. Chuck didn’t have any comments. He thought that he would pack a portion for Yvette first. I ordered.

But when I looked up, I saw Yvette just coming out of a wooden barrel meal alone, with sweat on his forehead. Gu guessed it was some spicy food just now.

After she had eaten, Yvette didn’t find Chuck, and went directly to her company by the elevator. She was very busy recently and should be anxious about company affairs. Chuck recently discovered that Yvette is very concerned about company affairs. Basically, I didn’t go back until very late, and Chuck felt distressed.


“I’m starving to death, come on, I’m still trying to eat a meal, and I won’t let you pay.” Lara’s unhappy voice came.

Chuck came over.

Charlotte gave Lara a hand, and Lara was even more unhappy, “It was originally, cousin, let me tell you, this guy cheated you for more than 6,000 yuan last time!!!”

Charlotte was surprised, Chuck is so rich, he would cheat you for 6,000 yuan?

Charlotte asked in a low voice what’s going on? Lara rolled her lips and said, Charlotte gave her a white look, “Are you stupid?”

“What? He himself agreed to let me call a friend over, and he didn’t give me any money. I hate him to death.” Lara said.

“Don’t talk about you, you were the one who was wrong. People don’t lack you for 6,000 yuan.” Charlotte really has no choice but to use her cousin.

“There’s no shortage, he is poor. If you ask him to take out 6,000 yuan now, he will definitely not be able to take it out,” Lara said.

Charlotte had no choice but to bring out thousands of thousands of 6,000, but it was a pity you Lara didn’t know.

Chuck came over, and Charlotte hurriedly told Lara not to say anything. She just wanted to have a good meal.

Three people took the elevator upstairs, went to the fourth floor where they were dedicated to eating, and entered a hot pot restaurant. Three people sat down. After ordering, three people started eating.

In fact, how should I put it, Lara has a good figure. She likes to eat meat, and it is all kinds of meat. Charlotte eats more vegetables. No wonder she is so thin.

Chuck ate everything. This meal was not bad. Three people ate less than two hundred yuan, and Charlotte went to checkout.

“Give you back,” Lara said.

“What gave me back?”

“Last time you invited me to dinner, I gave it back to you this time.”

Chuck was speechless. It took more than 7,000 last time. This is only more than 200. How can it compare? But Chuck didn’t think much, nodded and said okay.

“You still feel that you are losing, don’t you? My cousin and I have been watched by you all morning before we lost.” Lara is unhappy, the more I think about it, the more unhappy, this bastard is really embarrassed to let the woman pay? No wonder being single.

Chuck was too lazy to care about her. He drank the rest of the drink. He didn’t want to waste it. This action fell in Lara’s eyes and made her mutter even more.

It seems that he has never drunk a drink. For such a person, the cousin still said that he is not short of 6,000 yuan? Is it possible?

But at this time, a surprised and unexpected voice came into Chuck’s ears, “Chuck,…”

As soon as Chuck moved, he turned around and saw a few people coming out of it just after eating. It was Zelda and Manny.

It was Manny who called Chuck. She thought she was wrong, after all, there was a young beauty opposite Chuck.

In the morning, why didn’t the three of them accidentally come over Chuck? Zelda said that Chuck was busy at work, and she didn’t think much about it, but because of her busy work, she was actually eating with her daughter?

Manny was angry. The other two young women were old fried dough sticks. They were a little annoyed by what they saw immediately. They thought Chuck was Zelda’s husband!

Going out to eat with other women?

Zelda was embarrassed. She really didn’t know what to do. Her mother insisted on coming over to eat here and asked to see how big the square of her son-in-law was. She couldn’t tell, but the three women forced her to come over, saying that the square was good.

Zelda was really helpless, thinking about leaving soon after eating. After all, she told Manny that Chuck was not in the square, otherwise Manny must have asked her to call Chuck, wouldn’t it be embarrassing?

At first, she was very nervous when she ate. She thought that she wouldn’t be able to meet Chuck after eating. She didn’t expect to see it. She also saw Chuck having a meal with a girl. She knew this girl. The one who made trouble in her restaurant last time. The girl also said to let Chuck sleep for one night, and now he has eaten together. Has he already slept?

Zelda sighed, so when he wanted to help him in the car last night, he didn’t want it. He wanted to leave it to this girl?

Chuck was surprised and immediately stood up and called auntie.

Lara knew Zelda. She was slapped by Zelda last time. She was instinctively afraid of Zelda, and she subconsciously didn’t dare to look at Zelda, her eyes dodge. But this expression fell in the eyes of a young woman in tight jeans, this is a guilty conscience! Okay, you girl, actually seduce Zelda’s husband?

She rushed over in annoyance, raised her hand, and slapped Lara, with a slap, many people heard the sound and immediately looked over.

Lara held her hot cheeks in her hand, and the grievances in her heart came out, and tears in her eyes suddenly rolled, “Why are you hitting me?”

She dared not speak much, because Zelda was also there.

“Why? It’s up to you to be cheap!” The young woman in tight jeans glared at Lara.

Lara’s aggrieved tears came out, what’s wrong? I just came over to eat and didn’t do anything!

The gazes of the people eating around made Lara feel ashamed, and she cried out.

Zelda was also shocked. He hurried to pull the young woman in tight jeans and said not to mess around. Chuck was also shocked. He did not expect that the young woman in tight jeans would suddenly slap Lara!

This was so sudden, Chuck thought that it must be the young woman in tight jeans who thought Lara was the third party between him and Zelda, so she beat Lara in anger.

Charlotte, who had settled the bill, ran over and saw that her cousin had been beaten. She hugged Lara and became angry. “What are you doing?”

“What are you doing? At a young age, you don’t learn well, you’re stubborn all day long! Shouldn’t you fight it?” The hot pants young woman also said coldly, and Manny frowned. Who is actually hooking up with her son-in-law?

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Charlotte was annoyed and said that she was about to fight with the young woman in tight jeans. She had a good relationship with Lara. When she saw Lara being beaten, she would rush to vent her anger even if she was thin.

“Woo…” Lara ran out crying, Charlotte was anxious, “Lara,…”

She glanced at Chuck with a complicated expression, worrying that something would happen to Lara, she immediately chased it out.

The waiter at the restaurant came to ask what was going on, Zelda sighed and said it was all right.

“It’s okay? A little girl, thinking that you are young, you can be a mistress?

Shameless!” said the young woman in hot pants.

“That’s it, it looks like that, and you still learn to seduce people, learn how to get involved? Go and get your dad’s feet.” The young woman in tight jeans also disdains.

Zelda was helpless, and Chuck sighed. Lara had encountered two nemesis.

“Chuck, what’s the matter?” Manny is serious, is it worth it? I stepped on two boats before getting married, but after getting married? Don’t abandon your wife or son?

“I…” Chuck really can’t say anything. First of all, nothing happened to him and Lara, but Manny and the three are angry. It’s useless to say so, and they won’t believe it.

What’s more, he is pretending to be a boyfriend of Zelda, which is really wrong. If he hides his “girlfriend” from eating with other women, everyone will be hot, so it’s best not to talk now.

“Mom, don’t say anything,…” Zelda shook her head.

“Why don’t you tell me?” Manny was serious, and she had to talk about it today.

This son-in-law felt good, but she couldn’t let other people run away.

Zelda was helpless.

Manny said to Chuck again, “At a young age, we come here to understand if there is a need, but can my daughter not meet your requirements or what? Looking for a woman outside?”

“Forget it, this is how young people can’t stand the temptation. I think it’s time for the two of them to discuss marriage.”

“Yes, get married! It will be fine after marriage!”

The two young women also had ideas.

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