Chapter 87 – 88: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 87: Kerry’ s cruelty (1)

“Women are always too mean. As long as you’re Mrs. Ye, nothing can be a big deal? Men always love to look for fun, but they will finally go home when they’ve played enough, right? You just have to do your job as a wife and ignore what he has done.”

Venus Mu was filled with anger, and she really didn’t agree with her uncle’s ‘kind words’.

Why could a man find someone outside, but a woman could only deceive herself and pretend to know nothing?

But she wasn’t going to argue with him, for there was really no point.

“Venus, did you understand everything I’ve said?”

Venus looked at him with a look of sincerity and said, “Uncle, I have a question.”


“If Yiyao Mu gets married in the future and the man has this kind of problem, will you also say these to her?”

Changrui Mu hesitated for a moment, surprised at Venus’s change. She would never have said such words before.

Venus sneered and said indifferently, “Uncle, I still have things to do. I’ll go back first.”

Looking at her thin back, Changrui fell into contemplation.

Had she become suspicious?

Or was it really like what Venus said that she was stimulated by Kerry Ye?

No matter what had happened to her, he had to send someone to find out if what she said was true or not. This was about the future of Mu’ s Group and he had to handle it with care!

After leaving the café, Venus went straight back to Ye’ s Villa. She needed to rest and calm down.

Obviously, her uncle’s words could not be trusted. She now had lost all clues about her brother and she could only rely on herself.

When Changrui left, Xinyou Qiao carefully took out the wiretap in her bag, wearing a smug smile.

As long as this was delivered to Kerry, she didn’t believe that the two couldn’t divorce!

Xinyou walked out of the café and first went to the mall to buy a voice recorder and copy the conversation. Then she went to a express company, wrapping it up and writing down the email address.

The person in charge was a young man in his twenties, who noticed that her sender column was blank, so he kindly reminded her, “Lady, your sender column needs to be your real name.”

Xinyou smiled and said softly, “OK.”

She then wrote the information and handed it over to him.

The young guy looked at the address and asked, “The postage is 10 bucks. Pay in advance, or on delivery?”

“I’ll pay it now. How soon will it arrive, please?”

“Because it’s in the city, so you can get it in a day.”

“Okay, got it, thanks.”


Xinyou looked around to make sure there was no CCTV.

Yehuang International Group

Kerry was reading the documents with his head down. He suddenly heard a knock on the door, so he said, “Please come in.”

The door was open, and it was Secretary Liu, who walked to him with a steady pace and placed a delivery on his desk, saying with a respectful attitude, “Mr. Ye, I just received your delivery. Please sign for it.”

Kerry frowned, lightly glancing at sender’s address on it, feeling very strange, but he didn’t think much about it, and signed his name on the order.

After Secretary Liu left, Kerry stared at this delivery for a while and then he opened it and took out the thing from the paper bag.

He was slightly stunned. It was a… voice recorder.

Kerry then turned on it, so he heard the conversation.

“Venus, why come today?”

The voice was low and solemn, and Kerry felt it was familiar.

“Uncle, I would like to ask something about my brother.”

Kerry became sullen, with his blue icy eyes glowing. He was uncertain about the voice at the beginning, but he definitely knew this clear and gentle voice. It was Venus, his wife.

Chapter 87: Kerry’ s cruelty (2)

Kerry Ye held his breath and kept listening.

“Well, here is the thing. I can’t contact Tianye Mu for now.”

“Uncle, tell me. What happened to my brother?!”

The more Kerry listened, the colder he looked and the pen in his hand snapped because it couldn’t withstand his force. Kerry indifferently said, “How dare you, Venus! You do know where Tianye is!”

By hearing Venus call him ‘uncle’, Kerry was sure that the man was Changrui Mu!

So, this man also knew where Tianye was.

“Don’t worry, it’s actually no big deal. Your brother said that someone wanted to kill him, so he changed places to hide and told us not to contact him for now.”

“Venus, your brother asked me to tell you that he is still in need of money right now and he hopes that you can transfer some money to him agian.”

“Venus, you know, he was outside, so he must need money. Besides, your brother was seriously injured before, and the rehab is also a big expense!”

“And, did my brother say how much he needed?”

“A million.”

“How can I get so much money?”

“You are now the Young Lady of Ye family, so you can make good use of it. For Kerry, it’s just a case.”

Then the recording ended here, but it enraged Kerry!

Venus, that bitch! He didn’t know she was so calculating! It turned out a million she borrowed from him was sent to Tianye!

At the time, he wondered why she was so concerned about her uncle. She told him that her parents had died early and her uncle had become her only family, so she couldn’t just stand by, but it was all a lie!

“Venus, you liar! How dare you lie to me? I need to punish you!” After Kerry angrily spoke, he quickly stood up to pick up the car keys on his desk, and walked out.

On the streets of the city center, a luxurious Lamborghini was speeding past, leaving a blue shadow for the pedestrians on the roadside. The car ignored the traffic lights and skillfully passed through the streets.

Soon, the car came to Ye’ s villa and Kerry hurriedly got out of the car, just in time to see Uncle Wang was commanding workers to clean the courtyard. Seeing Kerry, he respectfully greeted, “Young Master, how did you come back so early today?”

Kerry looked sullen and asked, “Is Young Miss home?”

“What a coincidence. She has just returned and is now resting in her room.”

How dare she have a rest.

Kerry passed through the living room and went through the spiral stairs directly to Venus’s room. He kicked the door open rudely and he saw Venus, who was sitting on a chair, concentrating on drawing.

Perhaps it was too loud and Venus turned around at this point, frowning. She said with an unhappy face, “What are you doing?”

Kerry looked full of anger, stepping forward and grabbing Venus’s hair, his voice cruel and cold, “Tell me! Where the hell is Tianye? Say it!”

Venus was calm, but with some resistance. She said coldly, “Kerry, what are you mad about?! I don’t know where my brother is!”

If she had known it, why would she have stayed here to endure his torture! Her brother definitely wouldn’t see her suffering.

Kerry sneered and he had completely lost his mind. What he thought was in his mind was to find out Tianye!

Venus’s words became sophistry in his mind, as he pulled her hair hard and pushed her to the soft bed. He had completely lost his mind, “Don’t try to challenge my patience or I’ll make your live in the hell!”

Venus clenched her teeth, trying desperately to ignore the numbing sensation of her scalp. Then she took a deep breath and yelled word for word, “Are you crazy?! I’ve said I don’t know. What the hell do you want from me?”

Kerry was furious, with his whole body’s muscles tensing. He seemed to completely control Venus, as if he would push her into an abyss of doom!

“Do you want me to say it clearly?” Kerry’s voice was low, with some danger.

“Tell me! Say!” Venus looked up, eyes to eyes, as if there was a silent confrontation between them.

Chapter 87: Kerry’ s cruelty (3)

“Good!” Kerry Ye shouted, snorting, “In that case, I’ll show you the evidence!”

Kerry took out the voice recorder from his pocket and threw it to Venus Mu, not caring about the bruise it caused on her forehead, and said, “Listen to it. I’d like to see what’s your excuse.”

Venus no longer paid any attention to him, reaching out to pick it up and turned on the switch on it. When the voice came, she turned white and she was desperate after listening the whole content of it.

She had been too careless! Someone set her up.

What should do next?

Kerry would never let her go unless she told him something.

“Kerry! How despicable you are! Why ask someone to follow me?” Venus tried her best to hide her nervousness and wanted to divert his attention.

Obviously, Kerry was smart. He tightly grabbed her chin, his voice cold, “Hurry up! Tell me, where is he now?!”

She really didn’t know! But no matter what she said, Kerry wouldn’t believe her. In that case, Venus decided to admit it!

No matter Changrui Mu knew it or not, she absolutely couldn’t take that risk. She might just take everything on her shoulders.

Anyway, even if she denied it, Kerry wouldn’t believe it, and as for the punishment, she could just take it.

“Even if I knew, I’d never say anything! Kerry, give up!” Venus growled.


A vicious slap fell on to Venus’s face, making her numb and her ears were buzzing.

Venus glared at him, wanting to fight back, “I won’t tell you bastard, forever!”


Another slap. Kerry had lost his mind.

Venus wiped away the blood stains on her mouth, said with indifference, “Is that all?!”

Kerry stared at her, raising a cruel smile, “Henry!”

As soon as he said, the door was open, and he came to his side and asked respectfully, “Young Master?”

“Call a few guys in.”

Henry looked surprised, but he immediately nodded and said, “Yes.”

Looking at Kerry’s cold expression, she felt uneasy, but she remained calm, looking at him fearlessly.

“You still have a chance! Or I’ll show you what hell is!” Looking at her clear face, he felt she was like an orchid standing proudly in a storm, with determination.

“Ever since I married you, I’ve been sent to hell!” Venus sneered, her tones revealing endless despair.

A dirty body, lost pride and a shady life… She had nothing left but her life!

“Oh… “Kerry turned around and sat on the sofa gracefully, with his legs crossed, revealing an incomparable noble elegance.

Venus didn’t know that the angrier he got, the calmer he would be. Now he was like an arrogant leopard, focusing on the prey in front of him.

The door was opened, and four tall and powerful men followed behind Henry, respectfully. They bowed to greet him, “Young Master.”

Kerry nodded, pouring a glass of red wine. Then he took a sip and pointed at Venus. His tone was calm as usual, as if he was saying the most normal words, “As long as she disobeys my orders, you strip off a piece of cloth on her body, and when the clothes are all off, you can fuck her.”

Venus looked stiff, with an incredulous look. How dare he!

Kerry, fuck you.

Venus’s pupils contracted, with great hatred. She clenched her teeth, sitting stiffly on the bed.

“Young Master, I’m afraid this isn’t right, is it? This will ruin the Young Lady’s reputation.” Though Henry was fearful, he still stepped forward to remind him.

Kerry didn’t lift his head, wearing a lazy smile, “Henry, have you forgotten all the rules?”

Kerry said plainly, but Henry couldn’t help but tremble. He had followed Kerry for so many years, so he naturally knew that what he hated most was hearing someone plead for others!

But that was the Young Lady! He always thought that Venus was special. Although the two often argued with each other, Young Master would never hurt her.

But now it seems that Young Master would never make an exception for anyone!

Henry’s words were ineffective, and the four men dared not disobey him. They walked forward with an indifferent look, standing beside the bed and forming a circle…

Chapter 88: The way of saving herself (1)

Kerry Ye gently shook the red wine cup with his right hand, looked indifferently at Venus on the bed, and said coldly, “Where is Tianye Mu?”

Venus Mu gritted her teeth desperately, trying to restrain her fear.

“I don’t know.” She said resolutely.

A wicked smile lifted a corner of Kerry’s lips. He ordered coldly, “Take off her clothes.”

“No!” Venus cried. She tugged tightly at the clothes on her body. Looking at the men who were coming to undress her, she roared angrily, “Kerry, you bastard. I curse you.”

At that moment, Kerry showed no sympathy for her. He waved to one of the men to undress her, and then the man rudely tore her shirt.

Her upper body was directly exposed to the air. Her heart ached.

It wasn’t her clothes that had just been torn off but her will. The only hope she had in her mind was also completely destroyed, and tears quickly crossed her cheeks.

Venus was utter despair. Her face was deathly pale.

Kerry suddenly felt pity for her inside, but when Shaoyan Ye’s face flashed in his mind, his heart was filled with deep hatred.

“Tell me quickly, where exactly is Tianye Mu? I don’t have much patience.”

Venus looked at him expressionlessly.

“You guys continue to undress her.” said Kerry.

Venus no longer resisted as she didn’t have the strength to fight them. Her skirt was torn apart as the men tugged at it.

Now all she was wearing was her underwear and her body was completely exposed to everyone’s sight. She felt desperate. A strong sense of shame overwhelmed her. She clenched her teeth tightly and tried her best to resist the urge in her heart.

“Venus, don’t be afraid. You must never give in to this bastard.” Venus thought.

Kerry admired her embarrassment calmly, and asked, “Now, are you going to tell me?”

“You just kill me!” Venus said coldly.

“Kill you?” Kerry sneered and said coldly, “I’m not interested in killing you. Tell me where is Tianye Mu?”

“No, you will never know it.” Venus said without hesitation.

“It seems that you haven’t learned a lesson yet! You guys continue to take off her clothes. I want to know how much longer she is gonna be able to stay stubborn.” Kerry commanded cruelly. Now in his eyes, Venus seemed to be the humble creature.

Venus’s back was against the cold wall as she watched the four men slowly approach her, her expression cold and fearless. She had made up her mind and knew how she was going to get out of this.

Kerry watched her coldly, and the anger rose in his heart, “Now, she is still so stubborn. Why doesn’t she beg me to let her go? “Kerry thought.

When these men’s hands touched her skin, Kerry’s face darkened. He was about to stop them. At this moment, Venus suddenly turned her head and hit hard against the wall.

Kerry’s pupils shrank suddenly, and he was about to stop her, but it was too late.

Venus collapsed suddenly, lying weakly on the bed. The blood ran down her forehead rapidly and instantly dyed the white sheets.

Kerry stepped forward quickly and put his arms around her.

“Go get the medicine kit.” He shouted at the others in the room.

“Yes, sir” These men answered.

“Henry, call Dr. Han.”

When Henry Zhang heard, he quickly took a step forward and said, “Yes, Mr. Ye.”

Henry glanced at the lifeless Venus and swiftly walked out, sighing inwardly.

“Mr. Ye really cares about Venus. But why does he hurt her again and again?” Henry thought

Then he remembered Shaoyan Ye and murmured, “This is their fate.”

Chapter 88: The way of saving herself (2)

When Henry Zhang went to find Dr. Han, Kerry bandaged her wound. Although he helped her stop the bleeding temporarily, she still did not wake up.

Xinyou Qiao’s attention was drawn to the noise of the house. She walked out of her room and saw Henry Zhang hurried out of Venus’s room

“Where are you going in such a hurry?” Xinyou asked him.

Henry stopped. He thought Kerry was very kind to her and she was Venus’s good friend, so he told her truthfully, “Mr. Ye and Miss Mu just quarreled, but Miss Mu was injured, so Mr. Ye asked me to call Dr. Han immediately.”

“Miss Qiao, I won’t talk to you yet. I’m going to get Dr. Han immediately.” said Henry.

Looking towards Venus’s room, Xinyou wore a smug smile.

“Since Venus needs Doctor Han. She must be seriously injured.” Xinyou thought.

Now Xinyou just regretted not seeing them quarrel.

Then she went straight to Venus’ room, and through the half-closed door, she saw Venus lying on the bed with her eyes closed.

At this moment, a deep and loud shout came from inside, “Who is standing outside?”

Xinyou was startled by his voice. She pinched her arm hard. Then she opened the door gently and noticed Kerry who was leaning against the wall.

“Kerry, what’s wrong with Venus?” Xinyou pretended to be worried about Venus and tears fell down her checks quickly.

She walked to the bed, facing Venus who was completely unconscious, and said with concern, “Venus, what’s wrong with you? Please wake up soon.”

Seeing Xinyou’s sad look, Kerry was very upset. He walked toward her, put his hands on her shoulders and calmly said, “Doctor Han will be here soon. Don’t worry.”

Xinyou nodded. Looking at Venus’ haggard face, she was very happy inside.

“Venus, I told you that you would end up being miserable.”Xinyou thought.

Kerry lowered his head, looking at Venus’s deathly pale face. There was a deep fear in his heart.

“What if she never wakes up?” Kerry thought.

Her desperate look always appeared in his mind. Kerry clenched his hands tightly, his muscles tightened.

“Venus, please wake up. Don’t you want to retaliate against me?”

Soon Dr. Han came to Ye’s house.

When he looked at Venus, who was lying on the bed at the moment, he felt sorry for her.

Since she came to Ye family, she had always been injured, and she even almost died. He didn’t understand why Kerry treated a woman like this. “Is there any hatred between them?” Doctor Han thought in his heart.

Of course he also knew that he can’t help Venus. He can only express his emotions in his heart.

Dr. Han performed a full body examination for her. When he checked the wound on her head, he sighed.

“Doctor Han, how is she?” Xinyou asked. She pretended to be very worry about Venus.

Doctor Han shook his head and said, “She has a slight concussion on the head.”

Xinyou took a sigh of relief and asked, “When will she wake up?”

Dr. Han frowned and said in a heavy tone, “This is hard to say, maybe three days, a week, or longer.”

After hearing what he said, Kerry’s face darkened and he said gloomily, “Is she hurt so badly?”

“I’m just guessing. It depends on her recovery.”

Kerry nodded and looked at Venus on the bed, silent.

“I’ll go back and prescribe some medicine for her. You send someone to take care of her.”

After Dr. Han left, Xinyou walked to Kerry, gently held his hand, and said, “Don’t worry. Venus will wake up soon.”

Kerry nodded with an evident mixture of feeling.

Chapter 88: The way of saving herself (3)

After Xinyou Qiao left, Kerry closed his eyes tiredly.

“Henry, go to the study and bring my laptop over. I won’t go to the office for the next two days. Just do my work remotely” said he.

“Yes, sir.” Henry answered.

As Henry walked out of the room, he looked back at Kerry with a complicate face and sighed in his heart again.

For the next few days, Kerry was always by Venus’s side. Even when he ate and slept, he didn’t leave the room.

Xinyou looked at his haggard face and was very jealous of Venus. She could even notice Kerry’s growing indifference towards her. She knew that this must be related to Venus’s coma.

Finally one day at noon, when she went to Venus’s room to look for Kerry with the lunch prepared by Mrs Qin, she heard the conversation inside through the door.

“It’s been three days, why hasn’t she woken up yet?” Kerry shouted.

Even through the door, Xinyou could still feel his anger.

It seemed that Kerry’s heart was not as calm as he showed it to be.

It seemed that Dr. Han on the other end of the phone said something that made Kerry angry.

“You’re a doctor. Why don’t you even know when a patient will be awake?” He said angrily.

Kerry’s attention was so focused on his conversation with Dr. Han that he didn’t notice Xingyou eavesdropping outside the door.

“You tell me when she’ll wake up.” Kerry said with a gloomy look.

Dr. Han on the phone was silent for a moment, then continued, “I reviewed her latest brain CT and found that she’s recovering well. She should wake up soon.”

“Then how do you explain this situation now?”

Dr. Han stroked his chin, and then replied, “There’s only one possibility.”

“What possibility?”

Dr. Han quite couldn’t understand Kerry. “He hurt Venus many times, and now that she’s in a coma, he’s worried about her. I don’t know why he’s doing this.” He thought.

“Unless she doesn’t want to wake up, so she actively closes her consciousness.” Dr. Han said seriously.

“What?! Is there such a thing?” Kerry asked, puzzled.

Kerry’s brow furrowed deeply as he looked at Venus and asked, “She didn’t want to wake up?”

“She’s probably so desperate inside that she doesn’t want to wake up.”

Dr. Han explained, combining years of clinical experience with Venus’s usual life.

Kerry clenched his hands angrily and asked in a very low voice, “What else can you do?”

“Unless you can stimulate her nerves and forces her to wake up.” said Dr. Han.

“How to stimulate her?” asked Kerry.

Dr. Han paused, and then said, “You could mention someone or something she cares about, or do something that normally makes her angry.”

After hearing the advice he gave, Kerry thought of ways to get her to wake up.

All Venus cared about was her brother and the Mu Group.

With that in mind, Kerry stepped forward and shook her hard by the shoulders, saying in a gloomy tone, “Venus, if you don’t wake up soon, I’m going to kill your brother, Tianye Mu. Don’t you care about him the most?”

After Kerry threatened her loudly, Venus, who was lying on the bed, didn’t react at all.

“Don’t you care about your family’s company? If you don’t wake up, I’ll destroy it immediately.”


No matter how much he threatened her, Venus, who was lying on the bed, showed no sign of waking up. Kerry smashed his fist into the wall, only to hear a ‘bang’. Outside the door, Xinyou Qiao’s heart was beating faster suddenly.

Then Xinyu took a deep breath. She turned away and left quickly.

Venus still had her eyes closed. It was as if she was the Sleeping Beauty from a fairy tale, waiting for her prince to wake her up.

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