Chapter 87: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

The Rise Of A Poor Husband – Chapter 87 Yeshi Company

John smiled and said, “It doesn’t matter. It’s our honor to do so.”

The two brothers smiled fawningly and nodded.

Belle stopped speaking. Felice on the side was fascinated by the “humility and low-key character” of the two brothers, and she kept winking at Belle.

Belle understood and said to Barr, “You’ve known each other. Felice is very beautiful, and has a very good family. Do you think she’s right for you?”

Barr almost spat out a sip of wine when he heard this. This stupid woman was his blind date!

Could he say that he didn’t like her?

John was also embarrassed, smiled, and asked Colin, “Mr. Ward, do you think they are right for each other?”

Belle frowned slightly…

Felice was even more puzzled and surprised. Why did John ask about Colin’s idea?

Colin raised his eyebrow slightly, thinking, Are they right for each other? Yes, they are a perfect match!

But he knew what kind of person Barr was. Although he was not very familiar with Felice, they were classmates after all. He couldn’t watch her get into trouble.

Colin took a sip of wine and said, “No.”

Felice and Belle were stunned.

John and Barr breathed a sigh of relief when they heard this, and nodded hurriedly, “Mr. Ward, you are right, then we will leave you to this.”

After that, John and Barr got up quickly and were about to leave.

Belle suddenly reacted, “John, you haven’t finished your meal!”

John looked back and said to Belle in a hurry, “Belle, there is an emergency in the company. I gotta go. I will contact you when I have time.”

After that, the two brothers walked out of the restaurant quickly.

Felice looked puzzled, “What’s going on?”

“I don’t know!” Belle was a little unhappy besides being puzzled.

Colin was a little surprised at the two brothers leaving in such a hurry. Were they dreadful monsters in the two brothers’ eyes?

He wasn’t in the mood to stay any longer, either. Therefore, he took a couple of mouthfuls at random, wiped his mouth, stood up, and said, “I’m full and leaving. Have a nice day.”

“Colin!” Felice looked at Colin who was about to leave, and she was immediately angry, “Stop! Why did you meddle in my business? What makes you think I’m not right for Barr?”

“Oh, I see, you have a bad life, so you don’t want to see others have happy lives, right? Colin! You make me feel sick!”

Although Belle was dissatisfied with Colin, Felice’s words were a little mean, “Felice, don’t say that.”

“Am I wrong?” Felice left her image aside, “He is such a person, and wants others to be useless losers like him!”

Hearing this, Colin stopped, and looked at Felice with a frown.

He regretted promising Belle to eat with her. If he didn’t come, he would not meet Felice!

Colin’s eyes grew cold as he looked at Felice.

“I was helping you. You should know how to appreciate favors.”

“Helping me? What do you mean?” Felice asked incredulously.

Colin snorted, “You tell me?”

After that, he looked at Belle and said, “I advise you to stay away from those two brothers. Neither of them is good man.”

Colin didn’t want to say anything more, and just left.

Felice and Belle were both stunned in situ.

After a while, Felice came out of her trance and said to Belle, “What did Colin mean?”

“I… don’t know…” Belle felt annoyed and wondered why Colin would say those words. Did he know anything negative about those two brothers?

Felice slapped the table angrily, and the plates and chopsticks scattered all over the floor.

On the way, Barr sat in the car, and looked overcast, “Damn it! Those two bitches!”

John turned his head and smiled, “Don’t be so angry. There are so many women. Why do you so mind? But, Felice is really ugly. Why did she have the nerve for a blind date?”

“She has so many freckles. Didn’t she ever look at herself in the mirror?” Barr snorted coldly, “She can’t compare with a toe of Doris!”

John’s eyes lit up and his heart felt itchy when he heard Doris’s name.

“All right, calm down. I will get rid of Colin for you soon.”

“Brother, how are you going to do that?” Hearing this, Barr was immediately interested.

John curved his mouth corner and smiled, “Recently, we have reached a consensus with the Fangshan Group, and we also have reached an agreement to cooperate with the Crystal Group. Can’t our three groups defeat the Marquis Group?”

After Colin returned to the office, Nina reported what she found to him.

“I just found out that the Martin Group is in contact with the Crystal Group recently.”

Hearing this, Colin raised his eyebrow, “What they are up to?”

Nina shook her head, “We haven’t figured it out yet, and the Yeshi Company has made an appointment to meet you at the Haitian Club tomorrow.”

Colin nodded, “I see. Make arrangements for tomorrow’s meeting, and put off other things for the time being.”

Then he continued, “Give me the information about the Yeshi Company.”

“Okay.” Nina turned around and went back to her office. She came back half an hour later with a stack of documents.

” Yeshi Company ranks sixth in the province. The group is involved in various industries. Its current heir is Heller Ye, who is also the project leader. He is 30 years old, arrogant, and not easy to get along with. He has an older sister and a younger one.”

Colin frowned slightly after reading it, “Arrogant? In what way?”

Nina paused, “It’s… hard to say.”

Maybe he had to figure it out by himself.

No matter how arrogant the other person was, he had to reach the cooperation with him. It was a project of billions of dollars. If it was a success, the Marquis Group would be among the top eight in the province, which was beneficial to him.

The next day, to discuss cooperation with the Yeshi Company, Colin took the company’s luxury car to the Haitian Club with Nina and Gerd.

It was the first time Colin came to the Haitian Club, and he couldn’t help being curious.

Haitian Club was the largest entertainment venue in Tianbei City, and it was also the most expensive one. It was not affordable for those who had no money and status.

At the door, Nina showed the invitation card, and the three of them were led to the hot spring garden by the waiter.

When they arrived at the hot spring garden, they all froze at the door.

On either side of them, there were more than a dozen young ladies in bikinis, all of whom were beautiful and hot.

They stooped down slightly and stretched out their right hand, beckoning them in.

And in the hot spring, there were three men and four women.

One of the men in his thirties was served by two beautiful women. The other two men were also each served by a beautiful woman.

Colin looked at them and estimated that the man in his thirties was the heir of the Yeshi Company, Heller Ye.

After they walked in, Colin hurriedly said to Heller with a smile, “Nice to meet you, Mr. Ye. I am Colin Ward from the Marquis Group.”

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